The Development Of Latvia’s Objectives – Part 2

laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_6168A letter I received: Thank you for answering my question and for your proposal to help with the development of Latvia’s objectives. I would be very pleased to receive your assistance with this.

Submissions are being accepted until November 18th, 2009. We have time to develop the objectives and a plan. I believe that a “plan aimed at goodness ” will receive the support of other people as well.

How do you think we can proceed with this?

My Answer: I have been receiving many requests for advice from people all over the world on how to come out of the crisis. I have also been discussing this topic with well-known politicians, economists, scientists and cultural leaders. Over the last few weeks, I had many meetings in the United States on this topic, and I have other meetings planned in the near future.

We at Bnei Baruch are currently working on a short statement that will outline our recommendations on the development of a harmonious society that will be in line with Nature’s laws of development, and on the resolution of problems arising from the crisis which will also follow these same guidelines.

In the meantime, I recommend reviewing the following materials listed below.

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