Let’s Stop Wandering Around With Our Eyes Closed

global-crisis-2nd-waveA question I received: How can people grasp the connection between the unfolding crisis and the solution, which is Kabbalah? It may take a lot of tragedies for them to understand.

My Answer: We are trying to shorten their path. It all depends on us, and Baal HaSulam writes that mass circulation of Kabbalah is called the “Messiah’s Horn“. The emerging desires will lead humanity through thick and thin and will go through myriads of states in search of the answer, including Nazi regimes and wars. People still want to cover up the crisis, wishing to make it “disappear.” Humanity, like a small child, closes its eyes and says: “I see no trouble, it doesn’t exist.” It’s our first natural reaction.

The suffering will intensify as we see the decline in industrial growth and the freezing of assets by financial institutions. Prior to that time, we have to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah everywhere to prevent humanity from stepping onto the path that surely leads into an abyss – and only after that, towards the goal.

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