It’s All About The Intention

why-didnt-the-monkeys-come-down-from-the-trees1A question I received: Are you saying that any utilization of science disturbs the balance with nature? For instance, naturopathy is based on harmony with nature, on using natural remedies, – so how can it hurt nature?

My Answer: The point is not whether or not we use helpful or harmful substances. After all, all medicinal remedies are essentially poisons. The symbol of medicine is a poisonous snake, i.e. the most harmful creature in Nature. But while poison is deadly for a healthy body, it turns into medicine for an ailing body. It’s all about how we use what we take from Nature. Even the most helpful substances cause harm when used egoistically.

Therefore, it’s the intention of our actions that counts: for the benefit of humanity (Nature) or for one’s own benefit. You cannot simultaneously have both. It all depends on what lies at the foundation of your actions: egoism or love of others.

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