It’s All A Factor Of Society’s Appreciation

children3A question I received: Can you explain to a person logically, before the blows come, that equality, which may seem so dangerous and threatening is in fact not such a bad thing after all? Perhaps, one may even benefit from it?

My Answer: Every person wants to be above the rest, control others, and to use everyone. If he became equal with the rest, he would have nothing with which to fill his desire.

Equality is not a means to create a perfect human society, but it’s purpose is to adhere to the highest force of Nature, the Creator, and to be filled with the sensation of bestowal. A person needs to see that bestowal fills him. If people treat one another like that, they will see that even if they perform acts of bestowal egoistically, they enjoy it nonetheless. Each one feels that he is great, powerful and bestowing – more than anyone else! Clearly, it’s an egoistic sensation. Why do people make good deeds in the first place? Because there’s a value in them: in the form of appreciation and honor from society.

For instance, what good does a million dollar bank account do for you? What will happen to this sum tomorrow? Just think of the positive attitude you would receive if you were to use it to assist others! What sensations of greatness and honor! Your family, your kids, everyone around you would praise and respect you. That’s worth something. If social opinion changes accordingly, people will then value such fulfillment above anything else, since society dictates their behavior through its system of values.

Today above all else, social opinion makes us value money and its quantity. One has a million dollars in his account, the other, ten million! You look at the latter as if he is healthier, smarter and more handsome than the rest. If someone has a billion, he is simply an angel! Not a man of flesh and blood anymore, something unimaginable! Such is our inner nature. You can hate a person, but at the same time honor, respect and aspire to be close to him – it all depends on society’s appreciation!

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