A Proposed Fine For Politicians And Bureaucrats Who Use The Word “Crisis”

laitman_2008-11-14_7040Artūras Zuokas, the former mayor of Vilnius and current leader of the Liberal Union, has proposed to penalize politicians for using the word “crisis” in their public speeches.

“Today the main crisis lies in the heads of government politicians and bureaucrats. The crisis is proof positive of our own helplessness and hopelessness. That is why we must change the term ‘crisis’ to ‘challenge.’”

My Comment: He is absolutely right – it is a challenge for us, to our egoism and reason. We must understand the reason for this “challenge” and remove it by correcting our connection with Nature and expressing it in our attitude toward one another. The crisis or the “challenge” is a demonstration of our imbalance with the general law of Nature, of which we are integral parts and with which we must act in complete accord and harmony.

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