Printed Newspapers Are An “Endangered Species,” Says Senator John Kerry

article-in-the-newspaper-yedioth-aharonotIn the News (from CNN ):Kerry: newspapers an ‘endangered species’” Sen. John Kerry said that newspapers are “becoming an endangered species” as more people turn to the “power, efficiency and technological elegance” of Internet news.

In the News (from Yahoo News):No bailout for newspaper industry“ White House spokesman Robert Gibbs: US newspapers have been grappling with a steep drop in print advertising revenue, steadily declining circulation and the migration of readers to free news online. The Senate subcommittee on communications, technology, and the Internet announced plans meanwhile to hold a hearing on “The Future of Journalism.”

My Comment: There’s no doubt that all information will soon be “online,” because the egoism that is now developing is “virtual.” Therefore, it’s pointless to resist these changes.

However, the content of the new type of information will have to answer the new types of desires that people have, because people’s egoism is becoming global and integral. And this can only be accomplished by understanding the system of our new relationships. Those who understand this will eventually come out on top.

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