A Peek Into The Backstage Of The Show Called “Life”

playingWe have to understand the roots of the things taking place. These roots are described in the books of Kabbalah. Those who wrote these books, the Kabbalists, were not bounded by the limitations of the terrestrial globe. Rather, Kabbalists see the souls and the connections between them. The changes in these connections determine our lives, individually and together.

The Kabbalists wish to tell us about what is happening to our souls, at the roots of everything. They have nothing to say about our world, since our world is the world of actions, while all the decisions descend to it from the world of souls. Kabbalists use the “language of branches” to explain the happenings in the world of souls, but we usually do not understand them. In order to understand, one must exist in both worlds at once, just as they do.

Therefore, if we wish to understand their words and to learn about the forces that influence us, the forces that control all the events in our world, we have to rise to the level of these forces – the level where the decisions are made. We have to shift our focus from the game that is occurring in our world, and instead try to see the inner force, the Hand that acts within every person, animal, or plant. It doesn’t matter what object or event you are looking at, as the most important thing is the inner force.

This is the only thing of importance. Whatever happens to the bodies in this world is of no importance. The main question is: what happens to the souls, which determine everything that happens to the bodies – their obedient puppets?

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