Ask Me Anything You Like On The New English Language Show, “Ask The Kabbalist”

Audio Newspaper "Kabbalah Today"Dear readers,

I am happy to announce that a new English-language show is about to be aired on called, “Ask the Kabbalist,” where I will be answering questions from people in the English speaking world. Questions that have been asked in the past include:

Does money have a spiritual meaning? Why does love end up hurting us? Should we be “buddies” with our kids? How do you cope with anger? Do we have to love bad people? What will the world be like in 10,000 years? Does the soul have memory? Why did my business go bankrupt? What does the soul feel when it’s not in the body? How can we teach a child to be “a human being”?

But it’s more than just questions and answers, because people aren’t asking questions out of mere curiosity. Rather, they want to find out more about the things they hold most dear, to understand the things that are most important to them. Every question contains a small part of the world, and when I answer it, I guide that part toward its place in the context of our entire life. Thus, gradually, through your own examples, you’ll begin to see the general picture – the one great whole.

I invite you to send me questions about anything that interests you through this blog. US residents can also ask questions over the phone at 1-800-540-3234 (select option 3 and leave a message for the show). Hopefully, we will soon provide a phone number for residents of other countries to ask questions as well.

Further details about the show will be provided here as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

(The pictures shown above are of the Hebrew version of the “Ask the Kabbalist” show)

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  1. Hello,

    I asked a question before a couple of weeks ago and never found the answer.

    The question was like: do we come from stone then plant, then animal, then humans or

    from Adam and Eve or

    from an Ape?

    Thank you,


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