“God Will Help” Is Not Our Remedy

study-kabbalah-and-spritual-worries-will-outweigh-your-current-onesA question I received: Gordon Brown said almost the same thing as we are saying: that people have to achieve love for their neighbor. So what’s the difference?

My Answer: But is he able to implement this? No. “God will help” is not our remedy. We don’t “believe” in anything, but rather, we know that we have to make it come true. Everything is given to us on purpose: the heavens are for the Creator, and the earth (the desire) is given to man. We have to change our desire, and in order to do this, we have to study.

We have to bring everyone back to their workplaces and set up television screens at all the work stations. And everyone should spend a quarter, a third or even half of their work day studying, depending on the demands of their job. People today have too much time on their hands. We don’t need to produce more of anything since humanity doesn’t need anything more. We just don’t know how to interact and distribute what we currently produce. Therefore, everyone should sit at work and study. And this plan should be in effect for the whole world!

A family should not receive benefits to provide for its living expenses and a mother should not receive public assistance if they don’t study. They have to study! Right now we must treat all people like small children who have to go through nursery school, then school, and then high school in order to receive a diploma in the new world.

This is precisely what Baal HaSulam says. He says, “Guys, this is a new world where we have to be connected to each other.” (From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

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