Study The Creator’s Actions On You

the-upper-lights-influence-is-of-a-higher-order-than-any-earthly-influenceA question I received: I have been studying Kabbalah for over a year. Since I began, I have felt mental and inner changes happening within me. On the mental level, I experience problems in coordinating my movements when I walk outside. Sometimes I don’t even feel that I am walking. I had tests done and the results are normal. On the inner level, I experience mood swings: I feel wonderful for a couple of days (and there are no words to describe this state!), and then over the next few days I don’t feel anything at all.

Tell me, did these changes occur as a consequence of studying Kabbalah? Is it possible to feel the Light while one is still below the Machsom? If not, please advise me on what I should do to advance.

My Answer: You are going through new states because a new, sixth sense is being formed inside you, which you did not have from birth. With this sense, you will eventually feel the Creator, when it will broaden enough to become capable of revealing the Creator inside. Patience, composure and endurance will enable you to achieve quick results. Look at yourself from afar and study the Creator’s work on you. Remember: these are His actions!

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