Kabbalah Gives Us The Complete Template For Creating An “Incubator” For Humanity

what-do-villains-and-prophets-have-to-do-with-bnei-baruchs-virtual-groupA question I received: In your opinion, will the global world definitely come to communism, seeing as Marx is in style again, or is there a possibility it will return to earlier social orders, starting from the primordial time and on?

My Answer: The development of society has brought us to the realization that we are interconnected, and in the future it will make us realize that we have to live like one family, according to the rule, “from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs.”

Marx recognized that this is possible only under the condition that people will see work itself as a vital need, an expression of their feeling of love, rather than a necessary means of existence (also see Baal HaSulam’s newspaper, “HaUma (The Nation”). When people’s attitudes change in this way and every individual’s egoism will be corrected, our productive forces will bloom and we will reveal all of Nature’s abundance through similarity to Its laws.

Marx explains that first a negative force destroys the former state, and then a positive force forms a better state, to the degree that the positive force becomes revealed in full. However, development under the influence of the negative force is lengthy and full of suffering. But if a person knows the path of development, he can elude the control of the negative force and take his development into his own hands. The benefit is that the time and the suffering are reduced.

In order to go through this path instead of the natural path of suffering, we need an artificial mechanism to help us develop, which can be controlled like an incubator that permits chickens to breed quickly and reliably, for example. But first we need to study Nature in order to construct this artificial mechanism according to Its principle.

Kabbalah gives us the complete template for creating such an “incubator” for all of humanity. This “incubator” is an organized, correctly structured environment or society. It’s an environment that influences every person in it, directing him toward the purpose and compelling him and all of society to change and take on the necessary form. See Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom.”

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