Bruce Lipton, “We Are One Whole”

The famous American biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton said, “We will not become humanity until we realize that we are one whole, that all people should unite.”


The main ideas discussed are:
1. People are the cells of a large society, which unite in order to share their knowledge and create a single living organism – humanity. We are not human beings until we create the humanity. However, we will only create humanity when we understand that we are all cells of one living organism and we must work harmoniously. Then we will create the next level of evolution.

2. The internet is an evolutionary stage, a system of communication enabling all the “cells” of the body of humanity to communicate with each other and exchange information. This is why we have become united.

3. A human being is in fact a replication of a cell. The essence is quite simple: Irrespective of how complex a person is, there are no new human functions present in him which are not present in a single cell. A human being is a replication of a cell.

4. A community of people is a multi-celled structure which comes into agreement and creates unity, like one cell. This constitutes the community’s self-actualization. Once humanity will be complete, then the earth, as an organism, will complete its evolution. We will then achieve unity.

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