The Evolution Of Ecosystems Submits To The “Law Of The Weakest,” And So Should We

munichIn the News (from LMU):The Law of the Weakest” LMU (University of Munich) researchers have now simulated the progression of a cyclic competition of three species. “In this kind of cyclical concurrence, the weakest species proves the winner almost without exception,” reports Professor Erwin Frey, who headed the study. This “law of the weakest” even held true when the difference between the competing species was slight. “Incidentally, in experiments that were conducted a couple of years ago on bacterial colonies, there was one clear result: The weakest of the three species emerged victorious from the competition,” said Prof. Frey.

My Comment: With these examples, nature shows us that the real power lies in the entire system, and the system’s priority is the survival of the weakest. The main objective in the struggle for survival that takes place in all of creation is to take care of every part of creation. So until we begin to care for everyone, equally and in inverse proportion to one’s ability to survive, we will remain “losers” in our development. By thinking and acting as if we’re above nature, we end up being stupid.

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