The US Market – A Chance for Recovery

recoveryTwo questions I received on resolving the financial crisis:

Question: What do you think of the US Market which seems to be on the rebound? Is it over? People who I meet are not very pessimistic and very hopeful that we have passed the bottom and all will return to normal soon.

My Answer: Things will improve if the government, the banks, and the people will act to create a greater connection with one another, as Baal HaSulam writes in the articles “The Peace,” “Peace in the World,” and “The Future Generation.”

Question: We think that it is necessary to exchange opinions about the systematic crisis on the international level among all social groups: government, enterprises, churches, science, culture, and social organizations. The initiative must come from the Kabbalists and go to organizations similar to them in their spirit, and the UN must assume the responsibility to organize this kind of forum.

Obviously, this will not produce immediate results, but what’s important is that the elite of the world will hear the ideas of Kabbalah. Fresh ideas and a growing need will do their job. Do you think it is possible to implement this?

My Answer: This is what we are striving to. I am waiting for your suggestions.

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