Friends, Let’s Join Hands!

Friends, let’s join hands
So each of us won’t perish on his own:


We are living in a global, interconnected world, where everyone depends on everyone, and on “the flap of a butterfly’s wings” in a “small village.” We have to join hands!

We have to make the world round, instead of polar. We have to become friends and relatives, instead of enemies and competitors.

We have to follow the law of Nature or the Creator – “Love they neighbor as thyself.”

We must only decide that there is no other way to live, and desire to live in this new world. Then – from above – we will receive the mind and forces to do this. This is what Kabbalists have done for centuries.

If we don’t, then the crises will grow worse, and through them the Creator or Nature will force us to observe His laws of Globality, Harmony, Unity, and Adhesion with Him.

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