The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Sixth Commandment”

The Book of Zohar.The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Sixth Commandment” (abridged)

219. The sixth Commandment (general correction) is to procreate and multiply (to correct new desires though the intention to bestow), for he who does so turns the stream (of Light with regard to Malchut), called Yesod de ZA (of the world of Atzilut), into an inexhaustible fountain (of Light into Malchut). And the sea, Malchut, shall be filled (with the Light from ZA) from all directions (in all of its corrected desires), and new souls shall come forth (will be born, will develop) from that tree (ZA, the source of Light), and a multitude of forces shall appear together with those souls, to guard them (so that they won’t yield to their yet uncorrected desires). Hence, it is written: “LET THE WATERS SWARM (Malchut will develop in the qualities of Bina) WITH SWARMS OF LIVING CREATURES.” This is the mark of the holy Covenant (ZA and Malchut, the Creator and Creature). The stream (of Light from ZA) grows stronger, turns into a river (because Malchut continues to correct itself more and more), and thus brings more and more new souls to life (bestowal).

220. A number of birds (angels) that soar above the whole world (qualities of Bina in Malchut) enter Malchut along with those souls. When a soul comes into this world (into the spiritual world), the bird that came from that tree (system of Sefirot) along with that soul accompanies it. How many angels leave with each soul (onto the next degree)? Two: one on the right (the force of bestowal, the Light), and one on the left (the force of reception, desires). If one so merits (if the soul merits its correction), then these angels guard him (they act together), as it is written: “FOR HE WILL GIVE HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER YOU” (in the ascent, along the degrees of the ladder). Yet, if he does not merit (to correct himself), they report and accuse him (of this, and turn against him, compelling him to become corrected). Rabbi Pinchas said: “There are three angels that guard man, if he so merits, as it is written, ‘IF THERE BE AN ANGEL OVER HIM, A DEFENDER, ONE AMONG A THOUSAND THAT WARNS MAN.’ ‘If there be an ANGEL’ – is the first; ‘A DEFENDER’—is the second; ‘one among a thousand THAT WARNS man’ – is the third (this refers to the soul’s correction according to the method of the three lines – Gimel Kavim).

221. Rabbi Shimon said: “In all, there are five angels (the forces of man’s soul), for the verse continues: ‘there is one after the giver and two more, so in all there are five.’” He replied: “This is not so. ‘The giver’ refers solely to the Creator Himself, and not to an angel, for only the Creator is permitted to give, but no one else.”

222. And he who abstains from procreating and multiplying (correcting his soul) as though belittles the form that includes all other forms, the form of man, causes the waters (forces of Bina) of that stream, Yesod of ZA, to dry out, and harms the holy Covenant (Yesod of ZA) from all sides. It is written of such a man, “Go forth and look upon the corpses of the people (uncorrected desires) that have transgressed against the Creator.” Of course, those who transgress against Me. This is said about the body (desires), as the soul never even enters the screen, i.e., the Creator’s domain. And such a man shall be banished from the (spiritual) world (into our world).

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