The Book of Zohar. Chapter “Who Has Created These, of Eliyahu”

The Book of Zohar, Chapter \"Who Has Created This, by Eliyahu\"The Book of Zohar. Chapter, “Who Has Created These, of Eliyahu” (abridged)

11. Rabbi Shimon said: “Elazar, my son (the continuation of the present state, the next degree), reveal to us the supernal secret (law), which the people of the world know nothing of (which they cannot observe in their properties).” Rabbi Elazar was silent (unable to reveal this to the lower ones). Rabbi Shimon wept (entered the state of Katnut, descended to a lower degree on the spiritual ladder), was silent and then said: “Elazar, what is THIS? If THIS was the stars and the signs of the zodiac (destinies), they would have been visible the whole time and located in Malchut, i.e. created, as it is said, “by the word of the Creator were the heavens made.” Meaning, by Malchut, called the “Word of the Creator,” were the heavens made. And if THIS refers to the concealed secrets, then it wouldn’t be written THIS, for the stars and the signs of destinies are visible to all (“THIS” indicates that the object is understood).

12. But this secret was revealed on the day when I was at the seashore (the edge of wisdom). Eliyahu the prophet (the revelation of the degree of wisdom) came and told me: “Rabbi, do you know what WHO HAS CREATED THESE means?” I told him: “These are the heavens and their hosts, the works of the Creator, that man can look at them and bless them, as it is written, ‘When I behold Your heavens, the work of Your hands! Our Master! How glorious Your name is throughout all the earth!’”

13. Eliyahu told me: “The Creator revealed the concealed to the Supernal Assembly: When the ‘concealed of all the concealed’ desired to reveal himself, he first made one single point (Malchut), and this point ascended into his thought (Malchut ascended and joined Bina). With it he drew all the forms and with it engraved all the images.”

14. He engraved inside a concealed, sacred candle (inside Malchut that joined Bina) one concealed image of the holy of holies, a secret structure that has emerged from the thought called WHO, which is the inception of the structure. It is great and is concealed deep inside the name (Bina) ELOKIM = ELOKIM = THIS-WHO. Initially WHO senses the absence of THIS, strives to the name ELOKIM. He desired to be revealed and be called the full name ELOKIM – hence He clothed Himself in a precious, radiant garment (the Light of Hassadim). He created THIS. The letters THIS of the name ELOKIM ascended and joined the letters WHO, thereby forming the full name ELOKIM. And until He created THIS, ELOKIM did not ascend (rise) to the name ELOKIM (to the level of Bina). That is why those who sinned in worshipping the golden calf (those who fell from the property of bestowal into the property of receiving for oneself), they pointed their finger at this secret, saying: “THIS is your Lord, Israel!” (they wanted to use only the lower part of Bina, which passes the Light of Hochma to the lower ones, without comparing itself with the properties of the upper part of Bina, the properties of bestowal).

15. Just as WHO joins with THIS to form one name ELOKIM (when Hochma clothes in Hassadim), so does the name join by this beautiful radiant garment. On this secret (the ability to receive for the sake of bestowal) stands the world (the fulfillment of souls), as it is said: “The world was created by mercy.” And Eliyahu flew away (ascended to the degree higher than mine), and I could no longer see him (could not reveal him on my own). But it is from him (from this revelation he made) that I attained the touch of the secret of revelation and of the secret of concealment (how to conceal the uncorrected desires and how to reveal the desires that have been corrected by the Light of Hassadim). Rabbi Elazar and all the disciples drew near (equalized their properties), bowed down (bowed their heads, descended to the same level as the body), wept (lowered their degree) and said (only then did they reveal): “If we had come into this world (attained this degree), but only to hear (attain this property of bestowal, Bina = hearing = ears), it would have been enough for us!” (we desire nothing more than to bestow).

Who Has Created These, of Eliyahu” – full commentary.

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