The Book of Zohar. Chapter, “Who Has Created These?”

The Book of ZoharThe Book of Zohar, Chapter, “Who Has Created These?” (abridged)

7. Rabbi Elazar (the son of Rashbi, his next degree) opened (the Light of Wisdom) and said (revealed): “Raise your eyes (the corrected desire to receive) and see (receive the Light of Hochma) WHO HAS CREATED THESE. Raise your eyes to what place? To the place (degree) where the eyes (revelations) of all depend on Him (wherefrom the Light of Hochma comes). Who is He? He is one who opens eyes (corrects the desires of man), Malchut of Rosh (head) of Arich Anpin (the system of the source of the Light of Hochma, wisdom). And you will see that Atik (a higher Partzuf than Arich Anpin) is concealed, and therein lies the answer to the question, “WHO HAS CREATED THESE?”

WHO is ZAT of Bina of the World of Atzilut, the upper edge of heaven. Everything depends to Him. As there is a question (the desire to bestow) in Him, and He is concealed (because the lower ones are not stimulating Him to correct them), He is called WHO – questioningly. There is no question above Him (there’s perfection). Only at the upper edge of heaven is there a question (anticipation on behalf of the lower ones).

8. But there is another question below (in ZON of the World of Atzilut), called WHAT. What is the difference between them? WHO – is concealed, so that man would ask and investigate from degree to degree until the end of all the degrees, until Malchut. And that will be WHAT – what have you learned? What have you seen? What have you investigated? After all, everything is still concealed, just as it was before (and it depends on the lower ones’ stimulus to reveal the Upper Ones).

9. This secret is contained in the word WHAT: “WHAT do you testify? WHAT can be compared to you?” When the Temple was destroyed (when the souls lost the screen and the Inner Light), a voice sounded (the breaking of the bond between the souls was revealed): “WHAT can I point out to you, WHAT can I compare you to?” But in the type of WHAT: “WHAT is the covenant, WHAT can be compared to you?”

“WHAT is the covenant?” – Because the days of past (the descending degrees) are a testimony to you (to the Thought of Creation) each day, as it is written in the Torah (the method of correction): “I call to witness heaven (the force of bestowal) and earth (the force of reception).”

“WHAT can be compared to you (to your force of bestowal)?” – As it is written, “I adorned you with holy ornaments (of love) and made you ruler over the world (ruler of its correction). “Is this the city that was called the quintessence of beauty (when the Light of Wisdom clothes in the Light of Mercy)?” I have called you, “Jerusalem (Malchut, the egoistic desire made similar to Bina, bestowal), a city rebuilt by me.”

“WHAT could be compared to you?” – Just as you (Jerusalem = Ira Shlema = complete property of Bina) are below, so is He (the Creator, ELOKIM) above, in the Upper Jerusalem (the Upper Bina of the World of Atzilut). Just as now the holy nation (the corrected souls) does not enter into you, so I (the Upper Light) swear to you (have set forth the “Law of the souls’ similarity to the Light” as a law of nature) that I will not enter above until I enter into you down below (until the desire to become similar to the Upper Bina, to complete love and bestowal, is revealed below). And your consolation is that I shall equalize you with the Upper Jerusalem, with the Upper Malchut, which reigns in all things (Malchut means “kingdom”).

And while you are here: “Your misery is great, like the sea.” But if you claim that there is no existence or remedy for you, then “WHO shall heal you” (WHO is not a question, but the name of the force that will heal you). Meaning, that concealed supernal degree, called WHO, Bina, which animates all things; it shall heal and reanimate you.

10. WHO is the upper edge of heaven (Partzuf Ishsut), WHAT is the lower edge of heaven (Partzuf ZON = ZA and Malchut). This was inherited by Yaakov, for he is ZA, who shines from edge to edge. From the first edge, WHO, until the last edge, WHAT (from Ishsut to Malchut). It is therefore said: “WHO has created THESE”: Bina has created Malchut.

Who Has Created These?” – full commentary

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