The Book of Zohar, Chapter “The Mother Lends Her Clothes To Her Daughter”

The Book of Zohar.The Book of Zohar. Chapter, “The Mother Lends Her Clothes To Her Daughter” (abridged)

16. The heavens, the earth and their hosts were created by MA, which is Malchut, as it is written: “When I behold your heavens, the work of Your hands.” Before this, it is written, “MA, i.e. HOW glorious is Your name in all the earth, which You set above the heavens!” After all, the heavens were created by the name (property) of MA (Malchut). “Written in the heavens” refers to Bina, which is called MI, the heavens that are above ZA. The explanation of this lies in the name of Elokim. MA (Malchut) rises up, incorporates itself into Bina, and receives its properties. Bina is called Elokim. After He CREATED A LIGHT FOR THE LIGHT, meaning the Light of Hassadim, called “precious garment,” for Ohr Hochma, Ohr Hassadim dresses Ohr Hochma, and this is the meaning of the phrase, “He created a Light for the Light.” With the help of the supernal name Elokim, called Bina, Malchut rises, joins Bina, and receives all of its properties. That is why the phrase, “BERESHEET BARAH ELOKIM” (IN THE BEGINNING THE CREATOR CREATED) refers to the upper Elokim, which is Bina and not Malchut. This is because MA (Malchut) is not created by MI and ELEH.

17. But when the letters ELEH descend from above, from Bina, downward to Malchut, because a mother lends her clothes to her daughter (Bina gives Malchut the force of bestowal, the Light of Hassadim), the name of Elokim descends from Bina (mother) to Malchut (daughter). And when does she adorn her? When the male essence appears before her. It is then written about her, “Three times in the year shall all your males appear before the face of the Creator” (Elokim, Bina). This because then Malchut is called by the name “Lord” in the male gender, because it received the properties called “clothes” and the Light called “adornments” from its mother Bina. The letter Hey (A) then leaves MA (Mem + Hey) and is replaced by the letter Yud (I), and, just like Bina, Malchut assumes the name MI. And then she is adorned with male clothes, namely the clothes of Bina (the Light of Hassadim, the presence of a Screen), to accept all the males of Israel (IsraEl – those who strive to similarity to the Creator).

18. ELEH is received from above, from Bina, in Malchut, which is now called MI, just like Bina. I utter the letters ELEH (reveal these properties within myself) and shed tears of my soul (enter “Katnut” – the small state) to receive these letters ELEH from Bina in the house of the Creator (Elokim, Malchut). So that MalchutElokim would be called , just as Bina is called Elokim (it would equalize with the Creator through the properties of bestowal, and then be able to correct its desires to “receive for the sake of bestowal”). How can I receive these properties of Bina? With the voice of joy and praise – by raising MAN (and receiving from above the correcting Light of Ohr Makif, called the “Light of the Torah”).

19. Rabbi Shimon said (opened), “These are two levels (governance from above and attainment from below), and each one has to be recorded: MA is the lower one and MI is the upper one. The upper level registers (Reshimot) and speaks (reveals) of MI. And of MA. For they are both Malchut (Malchut at its own place and Malchut that rose to Bina). But the upper one is MI of Malchut and the lower one is MA of Malchut. They bring out the number 600,000 – the number of stars that stand together and bring forth the innumerable hosts (the original number of souls in the whole system of souls of Adam).

20. All 600,000 (primary souls) and all their innumerable hosts (other souls) shall be called (by Bina) by the name (defining their form and degree) – because the letters ELEH (the lower part of Bina that corrects the souls) were created and dressed in the precious garment of the Light of Hassadim (bestowal), due to which ELEH (lower part of Bina) join MI (the upper part of Bina), and are called Elokim (together they are called by the Creator’s name). And by the power of this name (by the full force of the property of Bina) He brings them forth (reveals them) in all perfection (in the property of bestowal, above our world), i.e. CALLS THEM BY THE NAME (of the souls), by the name Elokim (of the Creator).

21. The head of the level (concealed from the lower souls, the system of Arich Anpin of the world of Atzilut, which governs all creation, and is upper with regard to Bina of the world of Atzilut) – is where all desires rise up to, and all remain there, concealed. The strong one rose up in the name ELOKIM – this is the secret of the Upper World, called MI. No man (soul) is missing of the 600,000 that were created by the power of this name. And as no one is missing from these 600,000 above, so no one was ever missing from this number below (all the souls will attain their corrected state).

The Mother Lends Her Clothes To Her Daughter” – full commentary

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