The Book of Zohar, Chapter “Rose,” Items 1-3

The Book of Zohar, Chapter \"Rose\"The Book of Zohar, Chapter “Rose” (abridged):

1. In the Torah it is written: In the beginning created ELOKIM ET THE HEAVEN, AND-THE, EARTH, AND-THE EARTH, WAS, EMPTY, AND-CHAOTIC, AND-THE DARKNESS, OVER, THE FACE, OF THE ABYSS, AND-THE SPIRIT ELOKIM soars over the surface of the waters and-Elokim said: “Let there be light.”

Rabbi Hizkiyah opened (the path for the Light): “It is written in ‘Song of Songs,’ ‘as a rose among thorns.’ That a rose is the assembly of souls aspiring to the Creator. Just as a rose is tinged with red and white, so do the souls aspiring to the Creator contain the attributes of judgment (red) and mercy (white). Just as a rose has thirteen petals, so are the souls surrounded on all sides by the thirteen attributes of mercy.

It is written in the Torah: “In the beginning Elokim (the Creator’s name) initially created 13 words (attributes of mercy) for the protection (from egoistic attributes) of the souls aspiring to him.

These 13 attributes of mercy are designated by the words contained in the first sentence of the Torah, between the words ELOKIM: ET, THE HEAVEN, AND-ET, THE EARTH, AND-THE EARTH, WAS, EMPTY, AND-CHAOTIC, AND-THE DARKNESS, OVER, THE FACE, OF THE ABYSS, AND-THE SPIRIT.

2. The second time the name Elokim is mentioned in the Torah as “Elokim Parit” – so that there would appear 5 rigid leaves that surround a rose, called the “Five gates of salvation.” They are like the cup of blessing. During the blessing the cup must rest on 5 fingers, just as a rose rests on 5 rigid leaves. And a rose, just as the cup of blessing, is from the second word ELOKIM to the third word ELOKIM, between which there are five words: SOARS, OVER, THE SURFACE, OF THE WATERS, AND-SAID – corresponding to the five leaves.

Further it is said in the Torah: “And the Creator said: ‘Let there be light’ – this light was created, however, it was concealed and enclosed within the covenant of the souls, entered the rose and fructified it.

3. Just as the covenant is fructified in 42 Zivugim (unions) of the creature and the Creator, from that seed, so the secret name of the Creator fills and inseminates all 42 letters of the initial act of creation.

See the full commentary on the chapter “Rose”

My Comment: I will now be publishing selections from the most important part of The Book of Zohar – the Introduction, which is a concentrated version of the entire Book of Zohar. This is how the Introduction was conceived by the Zohar’s author – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi). The Introduction is like Keter, which incorporates the entire idea of the Book.

The chapters I will be publishing here will be abridged and I will add brief commentary in parentheses. If you want to understand these chapters more in depth, I suggest reading my book The Book of Zohar. It contains the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar” along with my full commentary on Rashbi’s text, based on my own personal studies with my teacher, Rabbi Baruch Shalom Halevi Ashlag (Rabash) in Tiberius and Miron – the places where The Book of Zohar was written by Rashbi 20 centuries ago.

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  1. I have no words to express my gratitude for this post; and to hear about the ones to come witth selections of the “zohar”  with your commentary.

    I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks on whether or not to send you an email, pleading with you to start teaching  the zohar to students outside of Israel. (I remember you mentioned in one of your daily lessons that you only teach to the students in Israel.)

    I realized as soon as I was led to BB that I have found the missing piece that would eventually complete me. Yet as I advance in my spiritual path, and especially in the last few weeks or so; the pain from the urgency for the rest of humanity to realize in this has become agonizingly unbearable.
    On the whole I can sense the rapid acceleration in the development of humanity. I mean the events that have already begun to unfold, and those which will soon reveal themselves are incredibly awesome. How can I not be excited, huge things are happening in this world! But on an individual level I can not express this without sounding either crazy or frightening.
    The lowliness started taking its toll. I think the most difficult aspect out of all of this is seeing the difficulties that “friends in the same path” face in deciphering between the spiritual and corporeal worlds.
    Confusion set in. On one hand who am I to merit any type of attainment over anyone else; on the other hand the amount of suffering I endured prior to my arrival I would never wish on anyone. In fact this was my main drive:
    To do whatever it takes in order never to descend to the level of this world. ever agiain.  Even though Iit wil not be myself & I will have no memory of this, I would not subject another soul someonelse                                                                                                     

  2. even for those not studying the zohar. things are being revealed we just know. love and understanding are gained through faith

  3. even for those not studying the zohar. things are being revealed we just know. love and understanding are gained through faith
    this is not for the individual but for those linked together with love. our combined souls of love are the creator

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