There’s No Sex Here!

There\'s No Sex Here!A question I received: What do you mean by saying that sex is the root of all our desires? What does Kabbalah have to say about everything that’s going on today surrounding sex, like pornography, prostitution, and so on?

My Answer: In Soviet times, there was a popular slogan that stated, “There’s no sex here!” It was meant to poke fun at people, because all pleasures are based on sex – that’s how nature has made us.

The reason for this is that in the spiritual world, sex represents a union of opposite desires with a mutual intention of pleasing one another. It’s when the soul receives for the sake of pleasing the Light, and the Light fulfills or pleases the soul. This union is called Zivug de Hakaa, an explosive union, where by means of an explosion the soul nullifies its egoistic use of egoism, and instead uses it to bestow or mate (Zivug). It does this to enable the birth of a new Partzuf – an act of fulfilling the Creator and uniting with Him. The way to tell whether an action is correct or not is to check whether a new Partzuf was born.

In relation to this, it’s written that after the destruction of the Temple, Kabbalists were the only people who could still enjoy sex. Why? It’s because they always develop greater desires as well as greater pleasures, but they do so in order to rise above them, that is, to receive for the sake of bestowal. There are many articles by different Kabbalists on this subject.

And I’ll tell you one more thing: Even on the lowest spiritual degree, a person is fulfilled billions times more than by anything he can experience in this world…


  1. dear Rav,
    how can an kabbalist (or a person) recognise, that a new Parzuf is born and that an action was correct? 

  2. Rav
             thank you for bringing “the real tradition” back for the goodness of the confused masses. Now… 1) being not familiar with  hebrew vocabulary how would you explain the top question to a layman ? 
    2) What would be –“The way to tell whether an action is correct or not is to check whether a new Partzuf  was born” -explained in practical terms familiar to anyone so we can use or practice ?
    3) At the same time and very important if you can give me your oppinion about this… : I understand sex is the most powerfull energy a human has, and it has to be used wisely to advance spiritually ; if you are married, is correct to have sexual union (…erotic but not lustful) with your partener without reaching orgasm, in order to transmute that powerful energy for spiritual purpose and advancement ?
    I thank you very much for your gidance.

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