Where’s that Boy Nipper Pipper When You Need Him!?

Where’s that Boy Nipper Pipper When You Need Him!?A question I received from an attendee of the Israel Kabbalah Congress: The Kabbalah Congress in Israel was a great success in uniting so many people from so many different backgrounds, but after going back to our respective countries, why are we letting distance separate us so much?

My Answer: Because we are weaklings! Where’s that Boy Nipper Pipper who would give us wimps a good smacking, and make us furiously run into battle?

Boy Nipper Pipper“Hey, get up everyone! Or are we boys only good for playing sticks and skipping rope?” (A. Gaidar, A Tale about a War Secret, about the Boy Nipper Pipper, and his Word of Honor). To guide us into this battle, Kabbalists have given us “The Ten Rules of Spiritual Work.” Three of these rules can be learned from an infant and seven of them can be learned from a thief:

The infant:
1. is happy for no reason,
2. does not rest even for a minute,
3. demands what he wants with all his might.

The thief:
1. works at night,
2. attempts to gain this night what has not been gained the previous night,
3. is loyal to his friends,
4. risks his life to gain even the most insignificant things,
5. does not value that which was stolen, and sells it for pennies,
6. is beaten, but does not turn from his path,
7. sees the advantages of his occupation and does not wish to change it.

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