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A Butterfly On Mt. Sinai

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The disintegration of society that we are now witnessing in Israel and all over the world reminds us of the birth of a butterfly. First there is the caterpillar, which lives for a while, eats plants, and is happy.

But at a certain point the caterpillar reaches the end and cannot fill itself anymore. Then it turns into a chrysalis and enters a state of darkness closing itself inside a cocoon where its body begins to disintegrate.

The caterpillar ceases to be what it was before. Scientists have discovered that the genes that will later turn it into a totally different creature are already in the caterpillar. After a period of chaos and disintegration, a beautiful butterfly suddenly emerges from the cocoon; a winged creature that is much more developed.

Could it be that we are in the period of the cocoon now and therefore see how everything around us is out of balance and falling apart?

Answer: It is indeed so, but in order to become a beautiful butterfly, we have to change. We can reach these changes either in a pleasant, easy, and short way by the connection between us, or by war and terrible problems that will force us to unite. This means that we can go through this process passively or actively.

Comment: So in the end we will connect with or without war.

Answer: Yes, but there is a huge difference. After all, it will not be just another war, but a nuclear war.

Question: And if we don’t connect?

Answer: It cannot be. It is already in our genes, just like the caterpillar is supposed to become a beautiful butterfly in the end. We also have the genes according to which we have to bring the whole world to correction and are already imprinted in the genes of human society, in our internal program. We only have to carry it out.

We have two options, which are good or bad. The bad option is through wars and sufferings and the good option is by reaching the fulfillment of the wisdom of Kabbalah by ourselves, attaining the force of connection by it to draw the force, the Light that Reforms unto ourselves. It says: “I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice, since the Light in it reforms.”

Question: You speak about the Torah, so is it about religion?

Answer: No. The Torah is light, the force we discover inside the circle, which welds us together. The force that reforms is called the Torah. It is not a religious concept at all. It isn’t a book or a parchment that has words written on it, but an inner force.

The egoistic inclination doesn’t let us connect, while the Torah is the Upper Light, the means to correct the evil inclination, which is felt only by those who sense that they have to connect with others and cannot do so. It is as if our whole nation sat in one big circle of eight million people and everyone thought only about the fact that they cannot unite. It is a fact that if there is no external pressure, the society remains separated and detached.

Our mission is to move from state one to state two. State one is our current state of insecurity and of no future as a result of the lack of connections between us because of our egoistic nature.

There are two ways of achieving state two. The right way is the way that Kabbalists tell us about. They say that if we want to advance, we have to connect. If we sit in circles and begin to discuss the issue of how to be “as one man in one heart,” we will discover how much we are against this idea. This resistance we feel towards connection is called the evil inclination.

The evil inclination is not revealed to a person in his ordinary life, when he disrespects everyone, but only when he wishes to connect to others. Only then does he see that he doesn’t want this connection and is repelled by it, although he understands that he must reach unity despite his natural repulsion.

We felt it during the last military operation “Enduring Rock,” since we could unite only under external pressure. The moment the pressure was gone, we immediately returned to our initial state and began to quarrel and fight. So what can we do? After all we need to connect!

What is actually lacking at the moment is the recognition that we need connection. We need to widely publicize and explain that our good future depends on the unity of the nation and that otherwise we are facing disaster.

If we discover that we cannot unite, although we want to, we need the Torah as a means for attaining unity. This means that we are at the foot of Mt. Sinai which is a mountain of hatred. We want to reach unity, but we cannot do so since a high mountain of mutual hatred separates us.

Then we are worthy of the receiving of the Torah, which is the revelation of the force of connection that should come and connect us. This means that the light of the Torah reforms. It is a force of unity, a force of light and love. When it is revealed, we suddenly begin to feel closeness, dependence, and a mutual connection between us.

Question: Where can we find this force?

Answer: This force is hidden in nature. Now too, it is among us, but we discover it only to the extent that we yearn to connect. This is what the whole Torah is about. Thus every time Kabbalists connect into a group, they discovered the Creator, the upper force of connection.

Question: Is this circle also suitable for people who are not religious?

Answer: The circle is suitable for everyone, not only people who are not religious, but also for women and people from every nation. After all, the Israeli nation has to be a light unto the nations, teach everyone the wisdom of connection, and reveal to everyone that the Creator is the upper nature. During the last war, it was actually the women and the mothers who voiced the call for unity of the nation.
From the program “A New Life” 9/02/14

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Playing With Community Life To Form Mutual Connections

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In today’s modern world, the greatest payoff for independence is loneliness. So how can I, on the one hand, keep my independence, and together with this gradually add elements to this life that will connect me with other people?

Answer: A person doesn’t have to give up anything in order to be included in the life of the community. On the one hand, this life is more developed, corrected, and warm, and on the other hand, you are included in it to the degree that you want, to the extent that is beneficial to you. You don’t give up anything in this.

As a general rule, we think that we need to give up our independence, our freedom, and our decisions. Come, let’s try to play with the life of the community, with agreement between us, with such a connection from a distance so that we reach a particular equality in all kinds of forms of connection. We open circles for children; we help each other mutually, and we disseminate new forms of learning in circles.

Come, let’s begin classes in organizations, workplaces, and various places where people meet, organizing meetings that look like a community, but external in the beginning. This could be a roundtable, a picnic, or a festival. Come, let’s begin to talk about the importance of such an approach to life.

With this, we begin to resemble the global nature that compresses and mixes humanity such that people are constantly moving from place to place, from nation to nation. It is no longer possible to say where the place of one group of people or another is to be found because borders have become blurred and cancelled.

Come, let’s start talking about this and clarify together how much a mutual connection of equality can be beneficial to a person as an addition to his life. In fact, we awaken in a person an additional form of thinking that doesn’t obligate anyone. It is just external participation. If we begin to work in this direction, then a person will almost immediately begin to feel additional benefit, so much so that it will be attractive to him, whereas the previous way of life will lose its value.

You want to keep your former life and add to it? Please! There is no compulsion! But gradually, thanks to this social influence, this softening, without pressure and obligation, changes will take place within you. It will also be felt in your children and your partner, and through this means of communication, everyone will begin to feel the benefit of this situation; in the meantime we are only playing, for after all all of us are egoists, and we aren’t even trying to hide this fact.

We only want to examine the validity of good connections and not the influence of the community on the life, wellbeing, the way of life at home, or anything else. Come, let’s try to feel its relevance to our region, city, and neighborhood in the relationships between us. It is not important what level of measurement we choose. With this we build a softer and more secure environment, reducing the tension in the air.

In the end, we see that growth in the general welfare of the population is worthwhile for us. In addition to this, the inner sensation of people becomes more pleasant, freer, and sweeter. Specifically a person wants this pleasantness, and specifically this is what everyone is missing, even the most independent and wealthy person.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/8/14

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Unity Is The Guarantee Of Victory, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of a schism was happening among the people of Israel in the time of the Maccabees, to which the holiday of Chanukah is connected?

Answer: This was a very difficult period. Our ego was growing all the time and we were compelled to overcome it. At the same time and in several stages, we didn’t succeed in overcoming our ego, and so the Greek sensation arrived. This was the sensation that it was not worthwhile to always manage this inner struggle and connect with the upper force, but rather it was possible to live a simple materialistic life, which is convenient for the body and is what is done by all the rest of the nations.

This is called the Greek approach. The Greek within a person says to him: “The main thing is physical life! We build nice houses, celebrate and enjoy life. Join us!”

The Greeks didn’t intend to enslave the people of Israel, they only wanted this formerly great and strong people to become like the rest of humanity. The Greeks were the whole of humanity in those times, its most advanced part.

But the moment that the Jews broke their connection, they caused all kinds of troubles for themselves, also including those that came from the Greeks. If we belong to the people of Israel, we cannot tear the connection between us and the connection with the higher power and begin to live like the Greeks. This is not possible for us and inevitably something will happen.

The world suddenly will feel that its inner energy, its inner Light, has become exhausted. This feeling will appear in all the nations of the world, not just in the people of Israel for everyone will stop receiving the unique power through it. So all kinds of problems and troubles will come, and the nations of the world will blame them on the people of Israel.

This will obligate the people of Israel to connect and unite again, to join together like sheep that are surrounded by wolves. The moment that we unite, the Upper Light will again begin to stream through us into the world and everything will calm down.

Everything will be calm, the pressure on Israel will disappear, the tension within Israel will decrease, and once again, controversies will again return. We will again stop being concerned about our connection and unity, will separate and invite a new wave of troubles.

That is how these waves come one after the other. We are united and connected for a particular period, we do good things for ourselves and the whole world. But after that, we drift apart from each other again, which will be bad both for us and for the rest of the world. And so the disgruntled world comes to us and adds to our suffering, forcing us once again to connect.

We complain that history has repeated itself for the entire length of our way, for all of these thousands of years and throughout the generations. But, the reason for this lies hidden within ourselves. War flares up because of a clash between the two approaches: the former approach of the people of Israel and the approach of the rest of the peoples represented by the Greeks in the story of Chanukah.

When this Greek approach penetrates the people of Israel, it creates a schism. This is the same situation we are found in today! Apparently the people of Israel are in the land of Israel, but they are not a nation because if connection doesn’t exist between us, we are simply a bunch of exiles, an ingathering of exiles.

So it is not just that we cannot bring the Light to ourselves, which is the inner energy, the security, the health, the Light, through which everything in our lives is determined. Rather, we also don’t move this Light through us to the world in order to illuminate the rest of humanity.

Today we don’t have power because there is no unity between us. And so we cannot attract the Light to ourselves or disseminate it to the whole world through us. That Light that we must distribute to other peoples is not within us, so they blame us for all their troubles and disasters.

All the sufferings that they experience are derived from that same feeling that they must get something good from the people of Israel but are not receiving it. It is necessary to hear what they are saying. There are no people in the world that will not come with accusations against the people of Israel, from the nations in Latin America to Japan, from Australia to Iceland. And we see how forcefully they make this demand. And the worse it gets in the world, the stronger these demands will be towards Israel.
From the program “A New Life” 12/11/14

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Spiritual Troopers

laitman_547_06Question: Today there is a terrible conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Lugansk and Donetsk residents have to face a question whether to defend their land to the end by suffering the enormous losses or to take some other action. How does Kabbalah see this problem?

Answer: Unfortunately, all the conflicts in the world are tied to us. And as a rule, they accumulate and turn against us because we do not do anything, even though we are the only force able to balance all the negative and positive in the world.

Therefore, Lugansk, Donetsk, and the Gaza Strip, and any internal family conflicts wherever they may be, are all tied in a single knot.

Everything is tied into one system starting from small conflicts that arise within our body as different diseases, and ending with a turmoil in human society at all levels: economic, political, spiritual, and family. Only the Jewish people can balance it if they start to unite properly with each other according to the method of Kabbalah.

So I cannot say anything good about Donetsk and Lugansk as long as we do not take the matter up ourselves.

Comment: It could be understood that there is a necessity for an Israeli assault force which will bring order there.

Answer: No, we do not need any assault force! We just need the Jewish people coming to a mutual agreement among themselves, to the correct relationship with each other, which is what the real Torah requires of us. And that is first and foremost. We are the Jewish people, and the whole world is on the verge of such critical events that I cannot hold myself back by confusing people in the hope that somehow it will be all right.

Our Academy consists of students who are not just Jewish. Hence, they can be the carriers of the spirit of the Kabbalah. This means that the peace will be brought to the Ukrainian territory not only by the Jewish people, but also by the Ukrainian people studying Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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If Young People Only Knew

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur world is divided into four categories: the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels, not in material form, but in the spiritual realm. After all, what makes us different from animals? It is our inner essence, our internal development. However physiologically, we belong to the same animal world.

We need to get beyond the concepts of time, motion, and space that are inherent to the first three levels, the still, vegetative, animate, and live on the level of man. We do not comprehend this level as yet, but it is waiting for us.

Question: Looking at the past, at the end of their life, the elderly regret the time wasted in the futile race for material enjoyment. They begin to feel that the force that fills the world is the power of bestowal and love, and regret that they worked too hard and did not give enough time for children, family, and friends.

What do old people feel looking back and what is not disclosed to young people who still have their whole lives in front of them? What kind of practical wisdom do mature people acquire and therefore regret for time lost and which young people do not know about at the beginning of their lives?

Answer: Elders and young ones have a difference in the means of enjoyment and sources of pleasure. Young people think that the sources of pleasure are food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge, and everyone wants to achieve them. And the older people already understand that there is no real fulfillment in all of this.

There is a material fulfillment by food, sex, family, wealth, fame, knowledge, but the real fulfillment is only in good communication between people, in love and sincere relationships. They regret that they have not invested enough in order to achieve such an interconnection, and to enjoy it and delight others by it.

Therefore, integral education should provide people, not only with knowledge of this, but also with the proof, because young people do not want to listen. For them, their whole life now is to get as much enjoyment from those things programmed internally, such as food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge. In actuality, true pleasure does not depend on time and is not limited by space, but rather it depends on sincere relationships between people and love for others.

One feels a genuine fulfillment only when connected to other people, and the connection between them starts to reveal a sincere relationship and mutual bestowal.

Then they reveal a sense of eternal life in this context, and this is related to the level of man, which is above the animal level. This step is not in our world and we need to recognize it, build it, form it, and dwell therein. After all, it is not connected with our body, but is connected to a new awareness, a new matrix of perception.

Question: What do you advise a young man who wants to manage his time? What is the best thing he should do in life?

Answer: Take care of all necessities in material life and then dedicate the rest of the time towards the implementation of the spiritual level, the level of Man (Adam), which is bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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Uncontrollable Assimilations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Jewish people begin to implement the Kabbalistic method, what will happen in the world? How will it affect anti-Semitism in the world?

Answer: Instead of feeling anti-Semitism, people will begin to treat us with sympathy, respect, and love. The nations of the world will carry us in their arms because we will provide them with the method for a perfect eternal life.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how we should correctly work with our ego so that it will not be just an evil force but a help against us, a help that stems from its oppositeness. When we fulfill this work, we will attain the peak of our evolution.

Question: There are people who offer different solutions to the problem of anti-Semitism, like suggesting that all the Jews should come to Israel or on the contrary, assimilate among the nations. What can you say about that?

Answer: Nonsense. Such plans will not work. It is because nature itself is managing the whole process. Sooner or later we will have to discover the potential hidden in each of us and become teachers for all of humanity.

We will have to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah by which we will be able to restrain the ego so that we will be able to use it correctly. It is very powerful and can be very helpful when used correctly. Thus we will reach the good cause.

As for assimilation, it is useless, and we are incapable of it. On the contrary, we are yet to reunite with the ten lost tribes and we will see that they haven’t assimilated either. They will come from every corner of the world and will proclaim their Judaism.

Question: Do Jews really have a kind of a protective shield that guards them from complete assimilation?

Answer: Yes. It is because of the profound basic difference that is concealed in nature itself, in the inner Reshimot (reminiscences) that operate the Jews and the non-Jews. The Jewish Reshimo is actually found in the nations of the world as well, but it hasn’t as yet been revealed, and hasn’t started to speak with them as yet.

It isn’t by chance that Abraham turned to all the people in Babel and said, “Let’s live differently and base our relations on a new principle.” But those who followed him were those in whom this Reshimo, this inner element of unity, was already revealed. Those who didn’t hear the message were those in whom unity hadn’t yet awoken, and thus they remained in their ego.

Today however, we are very close to the revelation and recognition of the seriousness of the crisis we are in and the uniqueness of this abnormal global world. People will feel that they have to unite and that they cannot keep on living any other life but the life that is based on mutual unity into one whole.

Question: Can we say that anti-Semitism is a call and a demand coming from the world “to teach us how to keep on living?”

Answer: Of course. This is the real reason for it. The nations of the world are actually telling us openly that we have the key for a good life. We may ask how it is possible to blame us for all the troubles in the world, but this is what they feel and they cannot get rid of this feeling.

The nations of the world are totally dependent on us. Only we have the solutions to the current situation by showing them how to organize and cooperate amongst themselves.

Question: Suppose I agree with you, what should I do now?

Answer: You should join the method of integral education and learn what it means to be a Jew. It makes no difference whether a person is religious or not, whether he is politically inclined to the left or to the right. We should understand what it really means to be Jewish (Yechudi), which stems from the Hebrew word “Yichud” – unity, mutual love, and how to attain it.

Then this wisdom and method should be passed on to your family and to others within your environment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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The Right to Choose, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I would like to know your opinion about the unstable political situation in Israel, which led to early elections. It has become a tradition that the Israeli government does not keep its assumed term. Egoistical play and intrigue are at fault, leading to the collapse of the government coalition.

I would like to understand this phenomenon, because it affects all aspects of our lives and affects everyone’s pocket, forcing us to come up with a few more billion for early elections.

Every government during the election promises to bring our common ship to a wonderful shore, drawing in front of us a wonderful life. But in the end, we feel that this ship is constructed with many separate blocks, where each block draws to itself.

It faces many conflicting interests, and the ropes tying the whole structure together become torn. Such feelings arise in people by causing a sense of insecurity and instability in us.

And this is not a new phenomenon; it accompanies us from the very inception of the state of Israel. Already so many governments have broken down, each time by bringing us to early elections long before they are due.

According to statistics over the 68 years of Israel’s existence, 33 governments and 19 Knesset assemblies have been replaced. The average time spent in power by the Israeli government is less than two years. This is the ruthless display of statistics.

But we do not want to open any political debates here, which are now well underway on all media channels. We just would like to understand the reason for this phenomenon and how we can fix it. How do we provide a captain for our ship who will lead the ship to the sacred shore? What was the cause for such instability in our government?

Answer: The answer is very simple. In the past there was a king put above all of society and the state government. Even though the king had many ministers, they all obeyed him. It was impossible to challenge the decisions of the king since everything he said was sacred.

How did the king make the right decisions?  He got them from heaven. People believed that the king was placed by a higher power and had a direct link with this power. This is how humanity progressed throughout its history, developing society, technology, science, religion, and education. All countries developed according to some program, with some countries becoming more developed than others. The king stood at the head of society, and under him there was the hierarchy of his assistants and courtiers.

Nature moved us along without asking for anything, yet sent everyone all the necessary thoughts and desires. Of course, we were accompanied by problems and wars, but it was all planned by nature and was supposed to happen. All we had to do was to learn from the experience and gradually move towards an understanding of how to make this a more balanced life.

The force of nature sent the king in the direction in which he lead his people and the people followed him. That was the case in all countries, and the people of Israel also went through many tests, all thanks to the higher power. Everything was planned in advance.

We see that in the days of the prophets, the entire process we had gone through was described by them. For hundreds of years before the destruction of the Temple and the people of Israel going into exile, the prophets knew and wrote about it. The Talmud says that even 70 years before the destruction of the Temple, there were signs of its destruction.

Question: Back then, did the rulers of Israel know that what was going to happen?

Answer: Of course, they knew because it was written in the Talmud and in the books of the prophets.

Among other people, the monarchy remained until recently. For example, a king ruled Russia at the beginning of the last century. People were very religious, no matter what group they belonged to within the society. Everything was organized so that humanity existed and acted at the will of the higher power.

This was ongoing until the time came to exercise freedom of will. Freedom lies in the fact that I myself get involved in the program of nature, study it, and realize how I need to change myself, the entire human society, everyone of us, and most importantly, our relationships with each other.

Now it is the duty of every person. Monarchies began to crumble and eventually we come to the fact that today everyone is king! Everyone is involved in a life of society as a separate, independent person that makes decisions.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/9/14

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The Uniqueness Of The Plan Of Evolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our planet has been through many phases and crises during its evolution. Its history is a sequence of different periods: the creation of the solid crust, volcanic activity, ice ages, and extinction of different species, etc.

When we look at this process, there is a feeling that our planet has prepared itself for billions of years for the creation of human life, just like a woman prepares herself to give birth when an embryo develops inside her.

What can we learn from the evolutionary process of the earth? Is it true that its long evolution was meant for us, for mankind?

Answer: It is true that the earth has been through long geological periods and a cooling process that lasted billions of years. The accumulation of the heat and pressures inside it erupted again and again until a crust was formed that trapped them in the depths of the planet. This very thin crust and the burning fire underneath it has become the basis for the creation of life, which means that we live on a barrel of explosive matter. At the same time, the atmosphere was created above it, without which living creatures wouldn’t be able to exist.

It is in such extreme and special conditions that life was formed and developed on this planet. The immense opposing forces eventually created harmony, balance, and adaptation according to many parameters, which billions of years ago enabled the development of the first life forms on the level of the inanimate.



The actual process is very interesting and is about a special new software that operates in matter and activates its parts to reunite, divide, get closer, then draw further apart, and form new creatures that are increasingly more developed.

We are facing a problem as to which approach we should support: the scientific or the religious approach and whether this program operates from Above or whether it is imprinted in matter that looks for optimal solutions in every state and at every moment of its existence.

The truth is that there is no real difference between the two approaches and it is only about a political struggle between them. Today we see that it makes no difference which definitions we use and it makes no difference whether we speak about nature or God. It is clear that it all exists according to a program typical of the forces of nature that operate in matter.

Everything happens for a reason; nothing happens suddenly and develops by itself. On the other hand, nature doesn’t look for the right evolutionary objects and the right direction of cooperation among the billions of specimens. Such assumptions do not stand the test of time.

And so it should be recognized that there is a plan of nature dictating the process of our evolution from the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, man, and whatever follows him, because we haven’t reached the end of our evolution and each of us has to develop into something. Today we seem to be facing problems and hopelessness, but we still have to keep on evolving.

We see the evolution of matter in the still, vegetative, and animate in the form of desires, thoughts, intentions, and the mental forces in matter, in the creations that are part of our evolution and which lead matter to more and more sophisticated forms: from simple microorganisms to bigger and more sophisticated creatures.

The cells divide according to their function and form different organs in the process of multiplying. This takes many years of evolution, of course, but as a result of this evolution, the vegetative level began to develop. Then a special program began to operate and gave birth to life forms on the animate level.

Accordingly, there are transitions between the still and vegetative, the vegetative and animate, and between the animate and human levels.

All these processes took millions of years. Evolution has always been in the direction of connection between more and more parts and their division according to their functions, their attributes, and their different roles. Thus the cells that built up the different organs of the body, the brain, heart, liver, bones, tendons, flesh, skin, etc., are different parts within the whole.

They make up more complex systems that are connected in different manners; it is all in order to sustain life within a body. In addition, man is also conscious and has feelings and a mind that allow him to experience deep feelings and to discover the world.

The question is why is all this necessary? What is the purpose of this wonderful creature in which all the processes that take part in him are still a mystery? Why has nature created such complex creatures?

There is no answer to that for the time being because we don’t see the goal of creation and its purpose. However, all four levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking are right before our eyes in the form of the universe, the Earth, and life on Earth.

What is more, man belongs to the animate world physiologically, but the one difference is that he develops from one generation to the next and changes his environment accordingly.

In the future, we will probably become familiar with the program that is imprinted in nature as it is fulfilled in man and brings him to the next phase. In the meantime, we don’t see the reason for this whole evolutionary process that has made the creation of the universe worthwhile.

In any case, as much as we understand the findings of our studies, we cannot attribute this process to blind nature. On the contrary, we gradually understand that it is all under the meticulous control of the general program of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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What Are We Expecting From World Hegemony?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can you say about American unity?

Answer: America is a nation in which nobody is ashamed of showing his ego in a framework determined by social law.

The United States is the dominant power, pressuring and guiding the world, pushing it in the direction that it thinks is correct. Certainly, in playing the role of a hegemon (leader or dominance), the American people first and foremost require unity, for absolute separation dwells there now. The main thing is not to touch each other: This is yours and that is mine.

So from the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the present state of this nation in our global world is first of all a threat to America itself. This is because we are under the control of an encompassing natural system that manages us. In the present situation, America is completely opposite to the system of collective integral leadership that is now being revealed.

The Americans are very great individualists and the fall, which is liable to happen, threatens not only them but the whole world as well. So I would want to see America in particular, more than any other nation (certainly other than Israel), use of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which will make it possible to cushion this fall.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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The Useless Services Of The Jews

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Jews have been persecuted throughout history. However, the charges against them are always different: the death of Jesus, the economy, politics, and world dominance. It seems illogical, since the reasons change all the time while the hatred remains.

The world is evolving and internalizing new values, such as tolerance and human rights. In the West, the religious hostility from the past no longer exists, but the hatred towards the Jews has not lost its fervor.

In the background facts are distorted, sometimes completely unrealistically. They blame us for things that have no relationship with reality and even such things that cause real damage to us. Our footprints are found in a wide range of disasters and there are an endless number of fabrications.

Disproportionate reactions to the Jewish question have become a tradition. Thirty-five percent of the decisions of the UN Human Rights Council condemn Israel, 60% of the emergency meetings of the UN General Assembly are convened against Israel and 70% of the current decisions are devoted to Israel.

In the past year, a UN translator forgot to turn off her microphone and expressed herself regarding the strange obsession of the world community in connection to Israel while other nations are encountering innumerable problems.

In brief, Israel focuses the attention of the world upon itself as a negative factor that invites general revulsion and hatred.

It is even more surprising considering the background of the investment of Jews in many different areas of world development.

As we have previously indicated, the nations of the world feel a fundamental and internal opposition towards the Jewish people in whose possession are two forces—bestowal and reception—while they themselves only hold onto the egoistic force of reception.

So our acts of kindness and charity don’t interest anyone. Unconsciously we are waiting for the world to recognize our service, “Look at how much benefit we have brought.” However, this benefit is not taken into account and is irrelevant, and nobody is even asking us for these favors. Instead and on the contrary, people feel that we are the bearers of evil. They really feel this.

It would seem that everything is clear: Our Nobel Prizes and the rest of the awards present as irrefutable proof, whereas our harm is dished out in the form of baseless libel and slander. And even so, everyone believes in the negativity and doesn’t take the positive into account.

The time has come for us to understand this approach of the nations and understand that they demand something else from us. They demand that we make their lives better.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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