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Planned Conflict Between The United States And Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From the first day of Obama’s tenure it was clear that he seeks to change US policy in the Middle East, moving closer to the Islamic world in general, to the Arab nations in particular, and improving relations with Iran.

The violence and crises that have come one after another in the Middle East have forced Obama to deviate slightly from the direction that he has chosen. But both regarding the Palestinian question and in the repeated attempts to get closer to Iran at the expense of traditional allies of the United States in the region, we see that his line of conduct has remained as it was. How can we and will we be able to oppose this?

Answer: It was precisely when Pharaoh was bad that we left Egypt. One cannot say unequivocally that Obama is bad for us—his hatred of Jews and Israel in particular holds potential for our development.

His hatred and policies only accelerate our waking and influence on our fate through the Upper Light, as it is written in Proverbs 21:1: “The hearts of princes and kings are in the hands of the Creator.” So, we determine our fate, not Obama.

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Memory Of The Past And The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On Memorial Day we honor the fallen and say in the memorial prayer, “May they be imprinted in the heart of Israel from generation to generation.” What exactly do we need to remember? What lessons should be learned from these losses?

Answer: Remember—and then make a calculation for the future. And regardless of kinship, because everyone, either close or distant, belongs to the same people.

We need to be aware of why they fell. What caused these troubles? What does the world want from us? Why are we unable to arrange our lives so that peace and tranquility reigns in our relationships between us and other nations?

We come to realize that we lack only one thing: to balance and compensate for the evil inclination that burns between us, constantly causing friction and conflict. If we normalize to appease relations within the country, we will open this umbrella of peace above all the others.

What happens to the people of Israel is definitely going to happen to the world. This is stated in the Torah.

Since everyone hates us, that in itself is proof of our particular role. After all, the world does not harbor such a strong collective hatred toward anyone else. Is it difficult to see this as a sign of a special force, a special attitude?

It is time to think about what happens to these people. Throughout history we run from misery, trying to be like everyone else, and in return, we are told, “No, you are not like us. Stay back and check yourself. We blame you for being special and bringing us all evil and suffering.”

From where would it seem that this slander comes? After all, we want to give the world only good things. They say, “No, we do not need all that seems to be good to you. We want from you what will really make peace in the world.”

The nations demand unity from us, which will be a good example for everyone.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/16/15

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From Babylon To South America

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the European group of Bnei Baruch also to blame if the world experiences a disaster because of a lack of connection within Israel?

Answer: Today, everyone is responsible for this, meaning each one who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah and feels a connection inside Israel. When I refer to Israel, I am referring to all of our friends and groups all over the world.

All of us have received an awakening from the Creator, just as the group of Abraham received it in ancient Babylon. And so we are found today in the same situation of Israel (Yashar-El – straight to the Creator).

It is not important that one received an awakening 3,500 years ago in Babylon, came with it to this day, and another received this awakening in South America only a few months or years ago. According to the spiritual world, there is no meaning to these physical years.

All of us are already related to Yashar-El , directly connected to the Creator, and so must convey the Light through us to the world. If we do this, it will be good; and if not, it will be very bad. I hope that we will succeed.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/14, Chosen Topics on: Holocaust Memorial Day

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The Idleness Of The European Parliament

Dr, Michael LaitmanI read in the article “Russian Germany,” that in 2015, only a few dozen laws were dealt with in the European parliament, which is made up of 751 representatives.

Maintaining this creative legislative army costs the taxpayer 1.7 billion Euros every year. According to this year’s prospects, the representatives will readily accept this decrease in their activities and will go on about their own business without any sense of there being a problem.

My Comment: I believe that this is how the composition (of the EU ) is gradually making itself obsolete and irrelevant. However, this may be quite beneficial, since many people have learned from this project, which was a failure from the start. The only reason for its failure was that it was not based on any form of integration but on simple, egoistic calculations. Because all of this is taking place in an era of true integration of nature any form of artificial integration is doomed to fall apart. On the whole, this project will eventually have  to be shut down completely.

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The Situation In Europe Is Reminiscent Of The Days Of Hitler

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (riafan.ru):The Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the tolerance shown by the West regarding the appearance of anti-Semitism, Nazism and xenophobia has become the reason for the renewed departure of the Jews from the European nations today.

“The situation is developing on a large scale and is already close to a critical situation. Human rights activists warn specifically that anti-Semitism has become the reason for the flight of the Jews from the nations of the European Union to Israel. The West, together with neo-Nazism, is reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany during the last century.

“During the time of Hitler and the Nazi regime, the Jews had nowhere to flee, while the tolerance to the appearance of xenophobia and Nazism of the governments and many Western powers led to the deaths of millions of people. The politicians of the European Union and the United States must remember the lessons of history and not help in falsifying history for lying scientists and the rest of the extremists.”

My Comment: I think that everything is happening according to the plan of the general egoistic development of humanity, which must bring a wave of anti-Semitism and general mutual hatred. The people of Israel will be the focus of this universal hatred. This appearance of egoism as total evil is necessary for activating pressure on the Jews, forcing them to implement the method of uniting humanity and in this unity, the discovery of the Creator.

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Modern Babylon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Jewish nation has gone through a special transformation, the transition from slavery to freedom, to which the feast of Pesach (Passover) is dedicated. What is the meaning of this transformation?

Answer: The meaning of liberation from slavery is acquiring the power of love due to exiting from one’s egoism. We are under the control of the system that advances us, especially given under the power of our egoism, which is called Pharaoh.

First, we feel good in this bondage, but then realize that we are in exile and are slaves to the egoism that rules over us absolutely. We do not agree with this authority and wish to escape from it, from the bad attitudes towards each other, because we see that in this form, it is impossible to move on and exist.

After many failed attempts, we become convinced that nothing can be done and only a miracle can save us. Indeed, egoism is killing us to the extent that we do not see success in anything in our lives in any way. In this way, Pharaoh’s rule between us is manifested.

That is the situation we see today in Israel. There are 23 political parties in a little country, huge gaps between different layers of the population, crisis in the education system, an increasing divorce rate, and growing use of drugs. Half of the citizens would be willing to move to another country if given the chance.

Our unkind attitude to each other can be seen from the behavior on the roads and elsewhere. We are divided by indifference to others and pride. Egoism reigns within us and makes us act in this way. It is not our fault, but it is our nature that plays with us.

One must realize that our nature is the evil inclination, which enslaves us. If we do not get out of it, then our lives will be over and we will not leave behind anything good for our children. Life will become worse and they will not have even those crumbs of happiness that we once had.

This is slavery, and the Passover Haggadah tells us how to escape it to reach freedom. But above all, we need to understand that we are in slavery. After all, while you see yourself in the darkness of egoism that separates us through mutual hatred, it is impossible to understand the reality of freedom from this angel of death.

We have to desire to become a free people in our own country, independent of our desire. We need to wish to achieve love, connection, mutual guarantee, and unity between everyone above our egoistic nature.

The people of Israel once escaped its egoism and rose to a height of unity and love, which is called the building of the Temple. But then we were not able to remain at that height and fell from it.

Rabbi Akiva taught that you cannot leave the principle of love for others as oneself; otherwise, we will again fall back to unfounded hatred. Egypt is the state of causeless hatred between us. After the destruction of the Second Temple 2,000 year ago, we returned to this state of hatred, which is called Egypt.

After thousands of years of living in unity and connection, the Jewish people again went to Egypt, to unfounded hatred. But today the whole world must realize that we are in Egypt.

Once, a small group led by Abraham left Babylon and became united into the people of Israel. But then it went back to Babylon and mingled with all the Babylonians. Today, we again find ourselves facing the same Tower of Babel and are confronted with hatred towards each other and the unwillingness to know and understand others. This is called a confusion of the tongues.

Once again, we have to make the same action as was once performed in ancient Babylon. It is said that acts of the fathers are an example for their sons. Today, we once more need to exit from Egypt, but this will be the last exile before the final liberation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/22/15

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The Thought Of Creation Is A Precondition For Pesach

Dr. Michael LaitmanPesach (Passoever) is a holiday that is always with us, because on the spiritual path we always have to be in a state of transition (from the Hebrew word “pe’sach“- skipping over, selecting), that is, constantly moving forward.

Pesach is not an historical story or a point on the evolutionary timeline, but a day to day development, from one hour to the next, every second. It is about the development of the created being in all his parts on the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature. If we want to understand the essence of this holiday, we must look globally at the history of the created being’s development.

A Created Being Free From the Creator

Man was created the opposite of the Creator. The Creator is the attribute of goodness, love, and bestowal, and therefore He can create, expand, unite, and revive. It is a thought or a force whose role is to create the created being who resembles Him.

However, the difference between the two must be determined so that the created being will be able to exist in unity with the Creator. If the created being were like the Creator, he simply would merge with Him.

So what is it to be opposite and at the same time similar to the Creator? This is the only way he can feel himself, feel the Creator, attain Him, and be in adhesion with Him. These are very complex concepts that will be more clear later on.

The created being must exit the Creator, draw away from Him and not feel His influence so that he can develop. He must feel that he is free. How can he be free of the one great force in creation? After all, there is none else besides Him, and everything is included in Him. He doesn’t take up any volume, and there is nothing external to that volume. In our world, there are limitations of time, space, and motion, while in the spiritual world, there is no such thing. There is only one, unique force, which is limitless and rules beyond time, motion and place.

How can the created being appear, have a place, have his own freewill, understanding, feeling, desire, action, influence, a beginning and an end? There is a problem: How can the created being be taken out of the Creator? Another created being that is different from the Creator and opposite Him must be created. There is no other way! You are either totally adhered to Him, and you don’t exist; or you are totally detached from Him, and then you exist.

However in that case, you are completely opposite from him and don’t feel Him at all, since you have no similar attributes, thoughts, or feelings. You are on two different dimensions, and you don’t connect. This is actually the state the created being should be brought to. The created being who initially was created is constantly with the Creator, under His domination, and so all the attributes that are opposite from the Creator are not revealed. Then, the Creator conceals and restricts Himself and the created being begins to feel that he is free of Him, as if he were the only one who exists in nature, in his desire to enjoy.

If the Creator is the attribute of love and bestowal, the created being becomes the opposite, the attribute of receiving and hatred, in order to feel independent. In that case, he is torn to pieces, and each of them is opposite the other. This happens similar to the way that the internal energy of huge masses of celestial objects explode in space. On the whole, this is exactly how the Big Bang in our universe occurred. This is where the evolution of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking natures begins: through the differences between them as one swallows the other in a struggle of opposites.

The Essence of Man – The Struggle of Opposites

With each generation, people discover that they are becoming increasingly more egoistic and opposite one another. Although they understand that they should cooperate with one another, they cannot do so because they are made of two polar forces. One of them stems from the Creator and the other is opposite the Creator. The struggle between these two opposites is the basis of mankind and distinguishes him from the still, vegetative, and animate natures, because the two forces develop in parallel within him, complementing one another. Although they are in constant oppositeness, they still exist in a certain symbiosis.

We are like kids who cannot play together amicably. We must take something from the other: I will not give to him and will not play by myself. In other words, we cannot overcome our egoistic nature.

We were not created equal in these characteristic attributes. We were not made clever so that we could restrain our egoistic impulses with our minds. We can begin to understand that it isn’t about us, but as soon as we engage with others, we begin to work with our egoistic instincts, which are more powerful than our mind.

When we speak about friendship and unity, we truly believe that we must be together, but the moment that we must fulfill that, we forget about it. If I work only according to my mind, I can imagine that the entire world is filled with pleasure, delight, unity, and love. However, the moment I touch my egoistic desire a bit, everything immediately disappears and I want to erase the others from the surface of the earth so that I will not have to see them at all.

We were made that way and our desire cannot be balanced by our minds. It is impossible to naturally attain what all the philosophers and humanists dream of.

In the Cruel Grip of the Ego

Man’s nature is evil, and the more we advance, the more repelled we are from goodness and everything that has to do with good relationships between us. Mutual oppositeness develops inside us and we cannot get along with one another, not in the family, at work, or in daily life—not anywhere and not in any way.

When we expand in our ego, we draw away from one another and reach a state in which space suddenly collapses and becomes limited. We have developed in different directions for many years and suddenly have discovered that there is nowhere else to which we can escape. It is as if we are in an huge building, unable to get out.

However, the ego makes us feel repulsed by one another, and we want to escape as far away as we can from others because we feel the greatest comfort when we don’t depend on others, when we have no relationships with others and actually don’t care about anyone. It makes no difference if we suppress others because we don’t want anyone or anything to begin with. We want to be alone!

On the whole, everything advances toward the state in which a person remains alone. At the same time, there is the growing feeling that we are all in one building, in one limited space, that we depend on each other, and cannot escape anywhere.

What should we do so that a person will feel good and comfortable in this world? If we learn the plan of our evolution, we will see that we were created that way on purpose so that having developed our egoistic desires, we will begin working on connection and unity. This is where we reach a state that we don’t understand at all. How can we join our egoistic efforts, impulses, attributes, and motions?

In Europe, for example, there are more than 30 countries. They are all egoistic and all have huge problems. These problems may be solved together, but not one can overcome its ego and connect with others. They hold different committee meetings and summits, discuss different issues and make decisions, but nothing works out. Nothing! They don’t have a method that can overcome the overall separation. We don’t need to find a centrifugal force but need a centripetal force that will focus us on the point of unity between us. We see that our minds can recognize this problem only partially, but it cannot overcome our nature since it wasn’t made for that.

We are like small, miserable creatures who lead themselves to slaughter. Notice that now we are speaking in a totally calm manner about a third world war, as if it is inevitable and near. We don’t want to have children, and if we do, it is only because it gives us a pleasure, something to worry about, a fulfillment, because we need something in life. There are, however, many people who believe that it is also pointless. They give up having children and we accept that. On the other hand, why do we need so many people on this planet? There is no point in that. Let’s not have children, and that’s it. We usually suffer when someone dies, but if he were never born, there would be no need to suffer.

The Force that Can Unite Us

The current state of humanity brings us to a very interesting point in our evolution. We must discover the force that ties us together above our ego. Otherwise, we will not be able to exist as a civilization. What is more, this force must unite us despite our egoistic nature, which we cannot change and that will continue to develop the way it always has: internally, instinctively, and naturally. Today, it pushes us to perform different new actions, arranging us in our places in our mutual problems and relationships. We must find another force.

Can we attain that by using our mind? I doubt it. I see that even philosophers, scientists, economists, politologists, and sociologists don’t understand that. Although they see that we have reached a dead end, subconsciously they feel that there is nowhere we can find this force, so why deal with fantasies? They don’t understand that there is no other nature but evil, human nature, which we cannot control. We try to establish different organizations, circles, G88, G20, and so forth, but we see that nothing helps and aggressiveness breaks out in different places each time.

These unite against those, on all levels: against oil, for oil, and so on. Different religions are involved here, and historical problems and old relationships are covered by different layers, especially in Europe.

This is why it is so difficult for us. We simply must acknowledge that humanity has no other way because there is no other way in our corporeal frameworks and capabilities. Suddenly, for the first time in human history, and quite unexpectedly, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes forth, claiming that this method can change our reality. It explains that there is no other way but to ascend above our ego and that the ego will develop since we cannot dictate the conditions and the speed of its development. We cannot suppress it because it is against nature, and we must act according to it. We must only produce another force from it, a positive force that will cover the ego. We will then be able to use it properly in order to build the connection between us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us what this force is, how to produce it from nature, and how it covers the ego and tames it. Then, we will begin to work in accordance with the second, altruistic force. This whole method stems from the state called Pesach.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Passover” 3/18/15

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Pesach Is An Example To All

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have a means that can help the whole world. When we come out of Egypt, from loathing and mutual hatred, we will see that the true human mutual connection solves all the problems.

Therefore today, Abraham’s method is needed everywhere. It is the present need and if we, the Israeli nation, do not fulfill and present it to humanity, the pressure that is put on us will grow. It is because the world subconsciously feels that we are hiding the key to happiness from it.

But if we do what we have to do and set a good example, the world will receive it with gratitude and respect. On the whole, this is exactly what the world expects of us.

I wish a holiday of unity and connection to all my friends!

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A Holiday Of Freedom From The Shackles Of Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanNot long ago we celebrated Purim and now the Pesach holiday is already approaching. All of the holidays of the people of Israel symbolize the joining and connection that must exist between us; they are just indicated on its different levels, its different intensity.

The strongest link in the entire history of Israel is attained on Purim. And the first time we reach connection between us is on Pesach, the holiday of freedom from slavery in Egypt.

Freedom is known as liberation from our ego, from unfounded hatred towards others, from rejection, from those ugly attitudes that are discovered among us when we cut each other off on the street or in any other instance where our interests collide.

When we succeed in reigning in our bad nature and attain oneness, we discover that we can correct our entire lives. We can lower the price of apartments and of food, get along in familial relationships, transform our cities into clean ones, and stop violence in our schools.

This is called the exodus from Egypt, the exodus from exile. We drown in our ego and don’t want to hear anything more. But, suddenly we understand that it is possible to build good relationships between us, to come closer. Not only is this possible, but simply necessary, because it is impossible to continue like this anymore.

Before the last election, all the parties promised to take care of our lives in all areas. But in fact, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, nobody will succeed in this unless he rises above all the differences and we all become connected above them. It is written in Proverbs 10:12: …love covereth all transgressions. As we begin to unite, without paying attention to personal benefit, then this new form of unity will begin to influence our lives.

The Pesach holiday and the story of the exodus from Egypt are metaphors that indicate the departure from the egoistic attitudes between people and the formation of higher attitudes. This is freedom from our inner Pharaoh, from the ego that dominates us. If we go out from under its control and can love others, this is called freedom, redemption. And after the exodus from Egypt and wandering in the desert, the people of Israel reach Mount Sinai and receive the Torah. They are asked if they are ready to become like one person with one heart, to live in Arvut (mutual guarantee), in oneness, in “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” This is called salvation, for within our connection and unity we discover a unique force that is hidden in nature.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 3/15/15

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Developing A Second Wind For Our Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must be concerned about fuel for advancement and the quality of the work, and not just run after the quantity. Otherwise, this will lead to a great fall. We must sit together and think about a method for approaching people. The moment you seriously begin to take care of the general public, you will get a second wind. Now, you feel tired after a long run. Even though you had great success, this no longer excites you and doesn’t give you the same vigor as you had before. You have gotten used to being successful and there is nothing new about it. Everything comes to an end and you have begun to get sick and tired of it.

It is like the four phases of Ohr Yashar (Direct Light). Why can’t the first phase go on forever? This is because, after it (Aleph-Lamed-Peh) finishes, the second phase (Bet-Yod-Tav) begins. After that finishes, the third phase begins.

The Light influences the desire and constantly changes it. Eventually, it becomes qualitatively new from reception to bestowal, from Hochma to Bina. So, the same thing will happen in our work as well. It is impossible to play the same game until the end of life.

When people fall in love, they swear that they will love each other until the end of their lives, but it is clear that love will fade before we die, for we evolve quickly. In our day, development is very rapid, so people marry and divorce a number of times in their lives.

It means that each state will end and we shouldn’t wait for it to happen. Already, in advance, we should understand that even though our dissemination work is productive, correct, and good, and we cant diminish its importance, it already requires additions. It is up to us to think about the quality of the work, for every new level is attained by improving the quality.

It means that the connection with people must be more qualitative. The next stage is precisely the same as the previous one, but with a greater level of connection. We need to meet with the same people we already have contacted and begin to teach them the method of correction. It is necessary to send explanatory material to them, to have workshops and unification evenings with them, and to teach them through the television channels and the Internet to continually keep them interested. It is as if we enrolled them in a school, and now it is up to us to begin the first grade.

As a result of this, we will become a conduit that connects people with the Creator. We are not yet this conduit, rather, we have only reached the first point of contact.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/14, The Book of Zohar

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