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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 13

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory.”

Researchers of the past and present are unanimous.

The human being is a creature that emerged in a group, is developing and evolving in a collective.

Moreover, his social nature is inherent even in the very word “man.”

Literally, a man is a member of a tribe or family.

So, human beings, as well as animals, are creatures which are social, public, and one might even say, collective. The question is what is the difference between them?

In contrast to the “animal collective,” human society does not stand still. It is constantly evolving. In what ways?  An example is in the change in social formations.

A socio-economic formation, in the words of Marx, is a historically determined state in the development of human society.

What formation didn’t humanity endure?! Below are listed the brief definitions of basic social structures and systems.

  • The primitive communal society is a primary archaic formation characterized by common ownership of the means of production, collective labor and consumption, and the low level of productive forces.
  • The slave society is a formation characterized by private ownership of the means of production and direct producers; the main classes of slave society are slaves and masters.
  • Feudalism is a socio-economic formation, which replaced slavery, and was based on feudal ownership of land and the exploitation of peasants, who were in a condition of bondage.
  • Capitalism is the type of socio-economic system that emerged in the late Middle Ages, and is currently prevailing in most industrialized countries. The common features of capitalism are generally considered private ownership of the means of production and competition.
  • In the words of Karl Marx, socialism is the first phase of communism, a social system which replaces capitalism and is based on public ownership of the instruments of labor and means of production.
  • Fascism (Italian “fascismo,” from “fascio” – beam, bunch, association) is a form of movements and political dictatorship, characterized by violence against the masses through a comprehensive political mechanism.

Throughout history, humankind related differently to the change in the social scenery. In any case, many believe that the Jews have something to do with it.

Romans and their empire seem no more than a bubble compared to the Jews. They (the Jews) have given religion to three-quarters of humanity and have influenced historical events to a greater degree than any other nation, ancient or modern.

However, it doesn’t really matter whether or not Jews have influenced historical processes. What’s more important is that humanity is evolving and evolving continuously. The question is what awaits us? Abraham was sure that the endpoint is unity and an interdependent humanity. Sooner or later we will learn whether Abraham was right or not. However, today, looking back, we see an obvious increase of collective tendencies.

In the beginning, a person was associated only with his family. Then he “became connected” with the master, then the feudal lord, his country, and today with the whole world. The problem is that these processes occurred and occur unconsciously, under the influence of external conditions.

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Armistice Between The People Of Israel, Not Outside Of Them

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are you trying to say that rockets will not cease until I begin to love every Israeli like my own child? This means that this situation is absolutely hopeless because there is no chance that this condition can be carried out.

Answer: What if you suddenly discover that all the people of Israel are as close to you as your own children, that they are that closely connected to you and you to them? Suddenly, your vision would expand to such an extent that you would feel that they are a part of you and far more inseparable than your own children. If a miracle happens and a perception of this connection suddenly appears within you, would it be hard for you to love them?

Now, you love your children so much that they are more dear to you than your own life. However, suddenly, a feeling appears in you that you begin to feel other people, all the Jews living in Israel, like your own dear children. You would feel that they are closely connected to you, and depend on you and you on them.

It would be impossible to break this connection because they became closer to you than your own children. Also, you would always worry about them like they were your children. You would want to always be connected to them with your entire heart and soul. This situation simply would force you always to think about them and care for the love and connection so that everyone would be happy.

Today, you are driven by your love for your children, which was given to you by nature. Similarly, nature will beget a love for your entire nation within you, and you will care for every one of them and want to do well by everyone. At the same time, you will receive an opportunity to help everyone, and you will relax.

Every person will feel this way toward everyone else because they will perceive the others as a part of them. The fact that everyone is in his own body will not matter. Your children also have physical bodies, but you still care for them like for yourself. You want them to be happy and you will perceive everyone else the same way, in other words, to feel like they are even closer than that.

No one expects that you will make this happen immediately, but do not think that it is impossible. If our connection suddenly becomes revealed, this will become possible.

Question: However, human nature dictates that there is no one closer to a person than himself!

Answer: This is exactly why you will care for them once you feel like they are an inseparable part of you. Obviously, this is not a natural state, but it can happen just like when a woman births a child and begins to care constantly for him since he becomes her most dear part and more important than her own life.

Nature makes it happen, and it can make us love everyone else like our own self. This definitely will happen one day.

We must understand that the only way to end the Qassams is though the connection between us. Our unity will relax our neighbors and even turn them from enemies into our most loyal and closest friends, and the entire world, which is now standing behind them and will not allow anyone to touch them.

You soon will see how we will be required to cease fire and stop in the middle of this operation. We will not be able to complete it. The threat will remain, and tens of thousands of rockets will be aimed constantly at us.

However, if we unite, the entire world will change and say that they feel that we are their closest friends and that they want to be with us and will connect to us with their heart and soul. Through unity, we become the Light to the nations. We show them how to rise above their egoism, which never stops ruling over everyone and does not let go of entire nations and countries, this entire planet.

We can show everyone an example through our unity and teach them how to rise above their egoism. Then, our life will become peaceful and happy, and we hold the key to this life.

The nations of the world understand this subconsciously, and they blame Israel for bringing harm to the entire world and are to blame for all the world’s problems. The people of Israel do not see the connection, but other nations feel that this connection exists. To them, it is clear that Israel is the source of evil. This is their way of saying that Israel can be the source of all goodness, but is not carrying out its responsibilities.

The only way to disarm Hamas is by uniting between us within the nation of Israel. This way, we will stop supplying the world with an evil force. The entire world is blaming us for causing them harm. We are the channel through which bad energy flows out into the world.

People who have had no connection to Israel, who are on the opposite side of the world and do not share any borders with Israel, insist on this. They feel this subconsciously. This is their way of saying that Israel can be a source of good energy. If you want the wars to stop, to become the source of goodness, do good to the entire world.

The world only lacks connection, a friendly attitude toward other people: love. At least, do not do the things that you hate to others, and only Israel can bring this attitude to the world, under the condition that they follow it first. Let us begin with not wishing bad things to our neighbors!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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Unite Or Die

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Today there is a war; rockets are falling and Israelis are looking for shelter. This catastrophic situation is forcing many people, even those who are secular, to pray for salvation. This is happening on its own, naturally.

Answer: This is regular animalistic fear. A person wants to escape the threat, to save himself from misery, i.e., the lack of fulfillment, and the negativity that has been revealed. Essentially, if a person does not pray for unity, then he is no different from an animal, to whom it is also natural to strive to keep safe from disaster.

The addition of the human level is the ability to understand the cause of evil, ask for correction and a desire for unity with others. This approach is opposite to the usual egoistic state, and this will allow man to save himself from disaster. It can only be done through unity.

Question: The Creator says that He actually wins our wars, not us. What does this mean?

Answer: We do not have the strength to prevail over the current conditions and use them for the good. We only have enough strength to conquer, defy, and kill those who were assigned from Above to play the part of our enemies. However, this does not solve the problem or correct anything. If we succeed, it can raise our opinion of ourselves, make us more proud, and distance us further from the goal, which is self-correction. In this way, our success in a corporeal war does not lead to goodness.

But if after the combat, we use the lulls to “return to the source,” that is, to form the correct system of relationships between the people of Israel, as well as between them and all the nations of the Diaspora, then we will really use the war as intended.

But if we do not do this, then victory makes us live in a fantasy world and think that we are better than others. This will result in even greater disaster for us in the future, which will promptly follow.

Comment: The nations of the world blatantly criticize Israel for protecting their citizens from terror.

Answer: And this is just the beginning. Everyone in the world, including the Jews of the Diaspora, will eventually be against us. Everyone abroad fiercely despises those who live in Israel. And the people of Israel will divide.

Where does this kind of hatred lead? First of all, they will break all ties with us, and without them, it is impossible to exist in the modern world.

Then, they will demand that we do not touch the Arabs, and they will support them. And what will we do then? The global mass media do not forgive us for defending ourselves and they blame us for the death of innocent people. But when rockets fly at our civilians, terrorists are getting away with it.

Why is this? Because the world does not see us as innocent. They see us as guilty, even without any connection to the war. In essence, this is their message: “Either you correct the world or die. Otherwise, get out of here.” Moreover, I am not sure there will be a country willing to accept us. Who needs the Jews if they only bring misery to the world? Let them drown in the sea.

Comment: This looks like a war for survival.

Answer: This is a natural state, there is nothing new here. These laws were described to us a long time ago and we finally need to acknowledge them. Yes, we are die-hard stubborn and cannot be “broken,” but to what degree?

Question: Is there anything new about the current war? Does it attest to a new stage of development?

Answer: This new degree of development is in people beginning to feel helpless. Even if the current campaign gives us a break, there is no actual solution. The entire world is against us, all our neighbors are against us, and we will not even be allowed to fight them. There is no hope for a way out.

The Arabs, who lived here before our return, demand their land back, they disagree with this land becoming the home for Israel and ask, “What right did you have to kick us out of here 66 years ago? We disagree. This is our land.” Each of them can say this and will be right.

On what basis did we come here and exile them? Only doing it for their good can justify this action. And only the Upper Force gives us the basis to do this, because we must bring the entire world to correction. In this case, the situation is different because we act for the benefit of all the people, including those who lived here.

When we step on this path, we will see that they also see that we are right and will agree with it. And then,as the prophet Joshua said, the nations of the world will lift the sons of Israel onto their shoulders and carry them to Jerusalem. They will help us do everything.
Excerpt from “The Writings of Kabbalists. The Wars of Israel,” part 2, 07.18.2014

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Turning On The Light For The Whole World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are talking with people, they agree that the whole problem is lack of unity and lack of connection. But they don’t believe that it is possible to attain connection and reach peace. What can be done with this remarkable lack of faith?

Answer: Everything is attained in the form of “from your deeds we shall know you.” If during a discussion in a circle, a feeling of warmth, closeness, a new feeling that was never felt before, is awakened, then we see a new force being born here. So why can’t it warm the person at least for a few hours or days, obliging him to relate differently to other people, to the reality that surrounds him?

This is called, “from your deeds we shall know you.” The Creator shows us his presence, even though in the meantime this is concealed and limited. But we already feel that He exists within our circle: born and revealed.

People don’t believe that this is possible, whereas we prove this is possible by moving them through these feelings. Come, let’s make an exercise and prove with this how this force begins to act. It must be like a laboratory experiment leading to this discovery.

That is how every scientific discovery is achieved. Before, this phenomenon was unknown to us, and now we discover that it is known, and thus we see it. With the help of a unique instrument called a “circle,” we discover a new phenomenon in nature. And if we use this new force correctly, then we can succeed in everything, correct everything.

This is to the way that electrical power was discovered: First they discovered that amber can be electro-statically charged by rubbing it with wool, and then small objects would be attracted to it. But look at what kind of results we have reached through rubbing some amber? Electricity is around us everywhere now.

Such advancement was attained through the discovery of a force that a few hundred years ago was unknown, and after that we began to work with it. Today, it is already impossible to live without electricity.

But we don’t see this force itself, rather only the results of its activity. The same thing happens with the Creator. Don’t call this force “Creator” if it confuses you. This is simply a force that appears within the connection between people. This is called a true Creator (Boreh), meaning Bo ve Reh (come and see). As with electricity, there is no mysticism in this. The Creator is concealed like electricity, nothing more.

The difference is only in that to discover the force of the Creator, the emotional participation of the person is required. In the meantime we can become emotional only about troubles, negative pressure, and through force. So let’s invite positive emotions into us. If one evening the entire nation were to sit in unification circles, then we could create such a power station for the higher power, that tomorrow all of life would be different.

Come, let’s try it! We would have such an intense power station like one that gives electricity. Through this force we could change the whole world: We would turn on the light all over the world. This is in our power, in our hands, and we don’t have the right not to use possibilities like this.

This succeeded with Abraham, also with Moses, so why wouldn’t it succeed with us? It is said, “When will my deeds reach the level of the deeds of my ancestors?” Well, then, we simply need to realize it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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Scientists Have Recognized The Inevitability Of WWIII

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Adelaide Sigidov, journalist): “Historians have compared the current situation in the world with the events of a century ago and came to the conclusion that the beginning of a new world cannot be avoided. Today, no one wants war, but no country ever wanted a war; nevertheless it occurs – this is a paradox of history. Ambitions are higher than political expediency.

“Starting a war was the idea of punishing a neighboring country. All the countries were sure that they would do very little fighting – that it was in the local interest.

“The USA entered the war after everyone else – and lost only a hundred people, and Europe – 10 million.

“The war led to the destruction of four monarchies, replaced one technological way of life with another.

“The goal of the US is to break up the European Union; with it we are heading toward the third world war. Russia is in a situation similar to that of Germany after its defeat in World War I: a third of its territory has been annexed; it is morally humiliated, penance is being imposed on it; Russia must regain the territories, zones of influence, money. To prevent the onset of World War III, other countries should give it this voluntarily.”

My Comment: Baal HaSulam writes about the third and fourth world wars, which will occur if Jews and Kabbalists cannot cause a positive change in the world by bringing people and nations closer together.

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The Way To Peace

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We in Israel want peace so much and it doesn’t come. What is peace in general?  And how do we bring peace to Israel?

Answer: First of all, peace (Shalom - שלום) is wholeness (Shlemut - שלמות). And wholeness for Israel has always been inner completion (Hashlama  - השלמה).

The forefather Abraham took his supporters out of Babylon and called for them to be a “people,” meaning a group of people who live according to the laws of the property of mercy in mutual love and unity. And around 5,000 people followed him, according to Maimonides. A small group of Babylonians were attracted to bestowal around 3,500 years ago.

Abraham taught them how they needed to connect between them. After that, Isaac and Jacob continued on this mission, and ultimately our ancestors truly became a nation. This happened because they truly took upon themselves the requirements: “Don’t do to your friend what is hateful to you,” “You shall love your friend as yourself,” and “All of Israel are guarantors for each other.”

And you shall love your friend as yourself” is called the “great general rule in the Torah.” This is the basis of the nation, its constitution, and the fundamental law according to which it exists. The group of Abraham separated from the whole world specifically to unite and live according to this general rule.

How many pursued this small number people and why didn’t they try to? The ten tribes disappeared and those who remained were scattered all over the world. They went through countless troubles and were persecuted again and again, until we returned to the land of Israel.

So what was wrong with this return?

During the period of the exile, the hatred of the nations of the world somehow connected us externally. Because of it, we were connected together, supported each other, and helped one another.

But in the land of Israel, we don’t feel the dominance of the nations of the world upon us, and now it is as if we lack this animosity and our own inner hatred took its place.

In principle, after we are released from the constant pressure, we will need to live here as a true people of Israel in the land of Israel and according to the law of love and oneness. But nothing is happening and nobody is even thinking about this, no sector is calling for this. Once unfounded hatred led to the destruction of the temple and scattered us all over the world,. Now there are the same troubles and the same hatred accompanying us on our return to the land.

Because of the gap in the connection between us, we are not a people. We become a people only if we are united by the power of mutual love. This is the condition, and as long as there is no love between us, the nation of Israel don’t exist.

Other nations arose in different places in the world according to local conditions, on the basis of local tribes, villagers, etc. The creation of every nation is based upon a common history and geography, i.e., earthly foundations.

We were not born this way. We were created on an ideological basis and were separated from the whole world according to an idea that is the opposite to the others, to the whole world. This is the fundamental difference, our original characteristic.

As a result of this, we developed and lived differently. All of our history is different from the usual template. All those around us always related to us as a foreign body, as a strange addition that was “not of this world.” There were even theories that we came from another planet.

How did this happen that today we have “gone crazy” to such an extent that we dream about peace without uniting as the people of Israel on their own soil?

Indeed, separation and division dwell among us, and always in circumstances like these, we are surrounded by “wolves” who want to prey upon the “sheep” that quarrell among themselves. That is how it always has been. So why do we hope? If we look at the present state among the people in the nation of Israel and at what happened two thousand years ago, we see the same picture.

The history is known, the causes are defined, and everything is laid out before us. But we are waiting for something from the Palestinians, maneuvering between political interests of nations near and far, and for what? All of this is most certainly not in our interests.

The moment we unite among us, we will reach wholeness in the relationships between us and will educate the people on the basis of those fundamental principles. As a result of this, we will reach peace.

Indeed, we are a people of the idea, and we must implement it. When we fell from the level of the temple, meaning from love and unity between us, everything was destroyed and we were thrown into exile. This means that only love will make it possible for us to rise again to the level of the temple, the level of peace and well-being.

In fact, these are the foundations of our history that are well known to us. Therefore, calls for peace and attempts to come to terms with the Palestinians are pointless. When we act like this, we are taking the usual approach of the nations of the world, using external means to solve problems of an internal nature. This has never worked and it never will work. After all, the nations of the world are always trying to annihilate us.  

But we can become many times stronger than they are and win over all of our haters only if we unite and are truly united. We must not be like nuts packed in a sack by our neighbors who press upon us from all directions and remind us about unity, even if it is artificial. Otherwise they will simply tear us apart.

So there is nothing more important than educating the people. We must explain to people that their good future depends upon them. The only requirement for peace for the people of Israel is unity within itself.

If we focus upon relationships between us and learn how to cultivate and improve them, everyone around us will relax. The riots will stop because everyone will be waiting for the time when we will finally come to peace among us. Subconsciously, this is what the nations of the world are waiting for.

Moreover, they are waiting for us to show them how to do this and how it is possible to reach wholeness of the self. What they want from us is an example of national unity resulting from mutual love, an example of an economic and national structure based upon this principle. They want us to build the country on the basis of love and bestowal, not based on competition, strife, and hatred.

After we show all of this to the world, we will become a “light to the nations.” Then they will want to receive this and copy this from us.

This is what the world is expecting during the global and integral crisis affecting everyone. There is simply no other choice for the world, as it is hoping for a means and an example that will show what must be done. We specifically can provide the world with this example.

Question: What must the nation of Israel do when the world is constantly chastising it? “Your neighbors also want to live,” they say. “Give them the opportunity to proclaim a state of their own and then sign a peace treaty with them.”

Answer: The subtext is different: “You have ships in the ports. Get on them and float away far from our land. We will bring you to someplace in the middle of the ocean, if you don’t sink on the way, of course. We will let you off on some nice island and you will live there in peace.”

In fact, something similar has already happened. This is specifically what they want and this is what they mean. We will yet see how things progress rapidly in this direction if we don’t begin the process of connection from our side.The people of Israel must initiate the correction of the world and give everyone the example of how the human society of tomorrow must look.

Question: And what if they isolate us in the international arena? In the modern era, a boycott is a serious weapon.

Answer: This will not help them if we act according to a new nature, the quality of bestowal. In this case no egoistic boycott will succeed. It will only make it possible for us to be quietly concerned about essential things and we will not feel a lack of anything.

Don’t be concerned about the economy, especially since up until today nobody knows according to what laws it operates. I am not afraid of anyone. I am only afraid about the people of Israel returning to the land of Israel: When will it finally want to be a nation in the full sense of the word?

Question: So everyone is against us. There is no reason to look at the others; come, let’s take care of our internal problems.

Answer: Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should defiantly run away from everyone, deny what they say and sever all connections. First of all, it is up to us to be concerned about our people. It is necessary to take care of the politics, but above all, 99% of our efforts must be focused upon educating people. Indeed the truth is not power, not money, and not an army that dominates the world.

Question: We always thought that in order to live in peace we had to make peace with our neighbors. And we say that peace begins from us, from what is latent in us.

Answer: This is understood. In fact, we don’t need to search for ways of making peace with our neighbors at all. It is enough for us to make peace among ourselves . All of humanity will look at us with amazement: “Wow! We also want this!” People will suddenly feel a yearning for this.

Indeed, the nations of the world will want to learn from us; but in the meantime, there is nothing to learn. On the contrary, we are trying to take an example from them instead of serving as an example for them. This is the reason that they hate us.

Our mission is to show what the Light is, which is a life of true serenity, mutual bestowal, and love, that is said to be the necessary basis for our existence.

If the world is perfection, then the Light is the power of bestowal and love that brings us this perfection.

Question: How do we nurture love among a people that is divided into thousands of factions?

Answer: Begin to teach them until they understand that separation and fragmentation harms them all along any axis. People will connect among themselves above all the differences. That is how parents love their children. It makes no difference how different they are from each other. All of them are different and all are equal, as one person with one heart.
From the program “A New Life” 4/10/2014

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Do What Baal HaSulam Did Not Succeed In Doing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Baal HaSulam wrote in the newspaper The Nation about the threat of the Holocaust almost eighty years ago. Is our situation today better than it was then, or does it only seem that way to us since hatred and anti-Semitism have just kept going and growing everywhere?

Answer: The situation today is much worse than what it was before the Second World War. This is because the threatening situation that is being created today is everywhere and not just for one nation and some of its allies.

This was a small area in relation to the entire world, and the Jews could rely on the help of other people and nations. Today, there is nobody and nothing to rely upon. Even the United Nations, which is the representative of all the nations, is against Israel. So, we have nowhere to flee.

Besides this, the situation today is much worse than before because it was founded on and has grown on the basis of a general breakdown, the global crisis, in everything and in all aspects. Humanity is going to lose all rational direction and lose everything. When it finds itself in such a bad state, it will blame the Jews for all of its problems and failures. We hear about these accusations from everyone because the crisis is global.

This is such a terrible situation that in comparison Hitler will seem like a little child playing pranks in his backyard. The present Holocaust could spread around the entire globe.

Question: We see that many European nations who supported us before are now united with our enemies, and so we need to mobilize all of our forces, and it could be that we are doing this, but I don’t see true understanding among the public. Everyone is more concerned about money and property, and doesn’t want to hear us that much. How do we awaken people and explain that the situation today is similar to the situation that existed before the Holocaust?

Answer: Try to bring this to people. Baal HaSulam didn’t succeed, but we must succeed in doing this. He did everything possible, and he published a newspaper when everyone was afraid of saying a word. The haters broke his windows with stones many times.

We are facing dissemination operations that are broad and powerful in scope, but we must prepare ourselves for them by searching and finding points of contact with people and influential points both in Israel and the entire world. We are succeeding every day in making our explanations more accessible. It might also be worthwhile for us to publish a newspaper and distribute it both on the street and on the Internet.

It is necessary to try to do everything possible. I am looking at the future optimistically. I see the great rate with which we now have begun dissemination. The main thing is not to reduce the rate or pressure and to organize workshops in circles and  roundtables. Then we surely will succeed and can advance people towards the goal of creation more rapidly than the troubles that come at us and overtake us from behind.

If we advance even more rapidly, then these troubles will become helpful and will serve us as a support. In the beginning, we only run away from them, and after that, we completely turn them around. We yearn for a state of “bestowal for the sake of bestowal,” and after that, a state of “reception for the sake of bestowal,” and then we use the troubles and problems for our own good.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/20/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Force Of Connection Will Disarm The Terrorists

Dr. MIchael LaitmanQuestion: What advice would you give to all the people who are looking for a way to release the kidnapped teenagers now?

Answer: The advice is for just one thing: to connect, to unite. No other action is demanded from us. Connection is the foundation of the nation of Israel that was designated to be as one man with one heart, united in Arvut (mutual guarantee) and love.

As it is written, “All Israel are friends” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is only about connection and unity.

We recommend holding workshops and discussions in circles, which we have already tested and work well. If we carry out an action of this kind, which leads to connection and unity, and make even a small step toward greater unity and connection, then we will immediately see how everything works out in the nation, family, hospitals, old age homes, and of course, with these wonderful teenagers that everyone is so worried about at present.

The entire situation will change for better; it is in our hands. I am very worried about this tragic event. After all, I have three children of my own. But we know that from antiquity until the present day, the nation of Israel has been targeted by all the nations of the world. And it doesn’t stop. We see how the tension around us keeps growing more and more.

Through our connection, we don’t need to become stronger in order to stand and survive against the enemy and to defeat it with the force of the fist. We won’t need force at all. Only the nation of Israel is able to bring the Upper Light closer to this world, and in this way “He makes peace in His high places, He makes peace for us.”

Thus my prayer at this moment is only for the unity of the nation of Israel. Then we will see the best results.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/15/14

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Hoping For The Return Of The Youths Unharmed

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: These days all of Israel is concerned about the fate of the three kidnapped youths. Certainly the security forces are making great efforts to bring them home. Many are praying for them to be saved.

Discussions have been organized about how it would be possible to warn them and what precautions can be taken to avoid trouble like this. But is it possible to change something through one particular individual or must one be involved in correction of the general state of society that led to such results, that is, influencing the collective?

Answer: Improving any situation is possible only through becoming a truly collective society. This means bringing connection and unity. It is necessary to transform the people of Israel, in the land of Israel, into one collective body by means of organizing workshops everywhere, discussion circles, joint discussions, and by approaching each other.

People will begin to discover what form our lives should have. Thus, they will begin to reach a connection that will attract the Light that Reforms that will raise them to another level of existence. The Light will begin to enter them, change and create a new society of one connected whole, instead of the former society that was split into pieces and distant from each other.

Through this connection, they will become closer to the nature of the Light, which is one, integral, global, and singular. And when this entire shattered world with the egoism that divides us will rise a bit above the egoistic separation and become more connected, then the Light that acts and influences us will heal all the wounds in our relationships. In this case, without a doubt, we will merit good results, including the return of the kidnapped youths unharmed.

Question: Can we change reality with this method: one picture to another picture?

Answer: Without any doubt, we can change reality from this moment on in any direction, wherever we want. This is in our power. And there is just such an opportunity for the people of Israel.

If we connect more strongly, then the Light will approach us according to the law of equivalence of form, will enter the shattered desires, and begin to correct them. As a result, everyone will feel closer to each other, and from this, the world will be changed. Our relationships and the connections between us will be changed.

Thanks to the influence of the Light, we see ourselves connected differently to the extent that we will want to bestow to each other, to come closer, to bring goodness. This indicates that we are in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is bestowal.

We recommend that workshops and discussion circles be conducted everywhere. And if through shared exercises like these we truly begin to better relate to each other, even in the most minimal way, without causing harm to each other, and at least not doing to others what we hate, then evil will no longer remain in the world.

In this way we nullify and exterminate all of the evil in the world. Can you imagine what kind of a world we would live in if we were to attract the Light that will correct the world in this way? Nobody would want to harm anyone else! This would simply be the Garden of Eden (heaven).

This offers us a miracle to practice the wisdom of connection, the wisdom of Kabbalah, here and now. We have reached such a period in history where this has become our top priority. And so we feel crises that will grow more and more as long as we do not realize this method.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/15/14

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A Simple Understanding Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou should know that now the whole world is a group and we must teach this group, every person and everyone together, how to behave correctly according to the rules of the group. So we have begun widespread dissemination, but in a form compatible with the world, called integral education or the wisdom of connection.

It is impossible to go out to the world under the name Kabbalah. But in the end, we must really teach everyone the essence of the network of connection between us.

To the degree that we enter and integrate into this network, we feel our interconnection with everyone and discover that these connections between us are governed by the same rules that operate between the Sefirot, between the Partzufim and the worlds in Kabbalah.

Where does the spiritual world come from? The whole spiritual world is the altruistic connection between us. If we transform the one-sided egoistic, severed, non-global connections into a corrected global network, then we see this network as a spiritual system and the whole world as one Malchut de Ein Sof (Infinity).

The different levels of connection between us are the higher worlds: Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira,  Assiya, and this world. In the end, we correct all of these connections such that the Olam Ein Sof  (world of infinity) is among us, without any borders. All of us are connected together in one place, with one desire, which is called Malchut de Ein Sof.

It follows that there is no difference between the wisdom of Kabbalah and integral education. Integral education is the same as the wisdom of Kabbalah, only with simple explanations that are adapted for children. When the children mature, we will no longer teach them through simple explanations with colorful pictures, but in a more serious form.

That is how they teach in a medical school; first they dissect rabbits and after that they go on to humans. So we first go out to the wider world with an initial simple explanation, called integral education or the wisdom of connection, but after that we combine this with some knowledge from Kabbalah.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/16/14, Preparation for the Convention in America

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