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The Secret Plan Of The Jewish People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In general, how do you see the situation that the Jewish people find themselves in today?

Answer: We must understand the current development of mankind, understand why we are so hated in the eyes of the world, why we are, at best, pushed into a corner, and in the worst case, mankind wants to annihilate us.

All of this has been determined by the historical role of the people of Israel, and especially in our time we must be an example of the correct unification for humanity, making it possible to move to the next stage of our development.

Today, the dead end of human development has been revealed, the dead end in familial relationships and in different areas. This exists on the scale of individual nations and also the entire world. The time has come to ascend to the next level, but we still don’t understand this. In the meantime there is no solution in our world, so everyone is suffering from not having found it.

Philosophical outlooks are collapsing, plans are upset, and everything is coming to an end. In the past, humanity aspired to something, but today parents no longer have hope for a better future for their children.

An Alternative Possibility

And here the Jewish people should understand their purpose: Specifically now, we must show and provide an example of the method of connection and unification to humanity. For it is precisely through this that humanity will connect according to our example. It will unite in a good way through which we will come into line with nature, its general law and its evolution. And then we will develop further, not just to survive but to ascend to a new level.

The key for this is latent in the Jewish people. This is the secret of the people of Israel, that secret plan that they attribute to us. And we must finally reveal it to ourselves and to the whole world. This is the order of the day.

I hope the Jews will understand that the time has come to implement the stimulus program that has been waiting for thousands of years, to apply it to ourselves, and in this way to provide an example to everyone. We must transform into a “Light unto the nations,” as it is called.

If we don’t do this, the general course of things will press upon us so much that in the end, we will need to act in spite of it all.

And conversely, if, for a start, the Jews will at least discover and know why they are hated by the world and what their destiny is. This will make their lot much easier. After all, this knowledge itself is a rudimentary, albeit passive, participation in the general process derived from the thought of creation.

Even though people still don’t understand its general meaning, even a first contact with the truth, the beginning of a familiarity with the real state of affairs, can change the situation for the better. And the contact itself opens channels to a new power and new management of the world.

There Are No Accidents

The main thing is to explain to every Jew what their mission is in this life, in the world, and why humanity displays such a negative attitude towards them. The reason is that they are not carrying out their role.

It is not by chance that they attribute bad intentions to us and explain that all troubles come from us. We must examine and analyze these eternal slanders. We are talking about a natural phenomenon, not about spontaneous unconnected outbursts. Even those peoples with whom we were never actually in contact are experiencing this same real feeling. We must understand that there are sources and a basis for this natural phenomenon.

The wisdom of Kabbalah describes the inner mechanisms of what is happening and explains to us how we can actively implement our role.

First of all, the people are right in their hatred towards us. For we have really turned off the faucet to the abundance that must come into the entire world. Of course, I am not justifying the haters, but I am saying to the Jews, “Come, let’s implement what has been imposed upon us by nature itself. Come, let’s do this as quickly as possible.”
 From KabTV’s “Like a Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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It’s Time To Roll The Stone From The Well’s Mouth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Genesis,” 29:7- 29:8: And he said, “The day is yet long; it is not the time to take in the livestock. Water the sheep and go, pasture.”

And they said, “We cannot do that, until all the flocks are gathered together, and they will roll the rock off the mouth of the well, and we shall then water the sheep.” 

There are better times and there are less pleasant times in the history of humanity. Therefore the time that “all the flocks are gathered together” hasn’t come yet.

There were times in the history of humanity and the Jewish nation when we were very close to attaining the goal. There were several breakthroughs in the time of ancient Babylon, during the exodus from Egypt, and during the days of King David’s wars, until we finally have reached our time, which is exactly the time that “all the flocks are gathered together.” We have to reach connection because this is the only way we can influence the upper force and begin to change our reality.

The problem is in convincing ourselves and others and in actually realizing and feeling that fulfillment is only through connection. There is nothing but that. We reach a form that resembles the Surrounding Light only to the extent that we connect, and only then can we influence it, work with it, and direct it.

We begin to perform independent actions because we awaken the Upper Light and oblige it to operate in a special way. It is because we discover the need to unite in our connection and thus convey a perfect, ripe deficiency for the Light. Then the Light performs the last action and connects us.

We must convince ourselves that at this point our goal is to gather all the flocks together and to connect the people in the world in whom the desire to fulfill the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah has ripened. This is the reason we were given the wisdom of Kabbalah, since we will discover everything else along the way when the Upper Light begins to operate in the connection among us. Then we will realize what the Light is, how it operates, discover its effect on us, and begin to ascend the spiritual ladder.

All of humanity has to go through this path but in an easier manner. Israel has to go through it first and then the whole world. People should understand that there is nothing but the connection between us that awakens the Light that Reforms to change humanity. To the extent that humanity changes, it will begin to discover a new world through its new senses that were corrected by the Light that Reforms.

It is because the reality that we feel is totally dependent on our perception. If our desires are egoistic and separated, we feel a shattered world in that shattered vessel, just as we see the world as it appears now. It is not surprising that the situation is growing worse to hasten us to reach connection.

To the extent that we begin to work in correcting our senses, we will feel a new reality. Just as we feel the shattering now in our corrupt vessels, we will feel a perfect world in our corrected desires that are governed by one force, by the Light that operates in our desires, connects, corrects, and fills them.

Therefore, everyone speaks about connection and mutual guarantee these days. It is because it is the only action we have to perform from now until the end of correction, and it must be performed by both the nation of Israel and the nations of the world. The sooner we do this, the sooner we will reveal the Light to humanity and thus fulfill the goal of creation.

It all depends only on the connection between us. We consistently and persistently have to work on this and constantly convince ourselves that this is our only goal. No matter how much a person knows, it has nothing to do with the true reality. The only truth is his yearning to connection and bringing others closer to connection.

“Every man shall help his friend!” We have to explain to everyone the importance of this action and that our future depends on it. Many years go by until a person begins to understand that his ego is doing everything to deceive him and divert his attention from this, as if it is a trivial matter.

Therefore a person listens, but doesn’t hear; so  one rejects and forgets this idea time and time again. But the time comes when we all have to start acting and telling ourselves and the Upper Light that we must reach connection no matter what. Then the passage for the revelation of the soul will open.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/08/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Roots Of Anti-Semitism, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the world today, we feel a very negative attitude toward Jews, but it is not related to anti-Semitism, nor to the hatred that appears naturally in the other nations toward the Jews. Rather it is related to politics, the fight between Arabs and Jews, and to anti-Zionism. These seem like understandable reasons.

Answer: A Jew born and raised in Israel can’t understand what anti-Semitism is.

Question: In America there are even Jews that act against Jews and repeat the accusations of the anti-Semites.

Answer: It has always existed and especially today. The survival instinct obliges them to act like that and to distance themselves from the sufferings by identifying with the anti-Semites. It has always happened to the nation of Israel.

It’s also because in our spiritual work, there is a constant struggle when we try to enforce the force of bestowal and love over the force of receiving and hate. This struggle exists inside every Jew in order to elevate to the top, where only one force rules, the force of love and unity.

But in order to reach this top, we constantly need to fight. Therefore, inside man, the forces of rejection, hatred, and egoism constantly grow more and more. And each time, he must cover the increased ego with love and connection.

Therefore, a Jew always feels that his ego grows. He is searching for all kinds of inventions that allows using this ego in a more comfortable way. He feels that he is closer to the nations of the world and is willing to adhere to them and blame Israel and other Jews, and so he becomes anti-Semitic.

Examples like this are known from the Middle Ages, from the period of the inquisition. The chief inquisitor in Spain was a Jew. And there are many like this throughout history. Even Hitler had Jewish advisors. He tolerated them because he needed them.

That’s how it was and will be, but I don’t want to go too deeply into it. Our mission is to investigate the root of anti-Semitism because it does not change. It is eternal and will remain so until final correction of the whole of Creation.

Therefore, I don’t wonder about those Jews that identify with the nations of the world and their hatred toward Jews. In addition, if we investigate those that are the organizers of terrorist organizations, we will be surprised to find many Jews.

If you examine the Pashtuns in Afghanistan, who form the basis of the terrorist Taliban, it turns out that they are Jews and part of the lost ten tribes. To this day, they keep Shabbat, light the candles, and at the same time, hate Israel. Throughout history, in the absence of proper care, their customs have become distorted, but they are still Jews.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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Humanity Has No Solutions To The Problems Of the 21st Century

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Igor S. Ivanov, Russian politician, former Russian Foreign Minister): “In connection with the Ukrainian crisis, the world started talking about a return to the times of the Cold War. But the return to the Cold War of the 20th century is impossible. The world has changed dramatically.

“In those years, international relations were developing within the world order, established as a result of WWII. We lived in fear of a worldwide nuclear catastrophe, and this fear forced the Soviet Union and the United States to negotiate the reduction of nuclear capabilities and control over them.

“Today, the old world order has ceased to exist, but the new one has not yet been established. International institutions, led by the UN, are becoming less effective, and the norms of international law are violated for the sake of political interests.

“On the eve of the new year of 2015, many began again to wish each other ‘may there be no war.’ This premonition of war should prompt politicians to put aside their ambitions and resentments and start a serious dialogue about the new world order. Otherwise, instead of the Cold War, we will get a real, big war.”

My Comment: The problem is not in starting a dialogue, but in the fact that no one has a solution, an idea. A Kabbalistic solution to lead the world to unity without borders is not attractive to politicians. After all, for this it is necessary to correct human nature. Kabbalah promises to do this, but people have no desire as yet. Do we really need great threats?

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Anti-Israel Hysterics In The ICC

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (The Huffington Post): “The State of Palestine’s strategy of joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a qualitatively new approach to the bilateral negotiations with Israel and the US brokerage of the “peace process.” This strategy does not undermine the pursuit of a two-state solution, which is the title of the international consensus for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Rather, the strategy puts everyone before the test of choosing between the earnest implementation of the two-state solution, or putting the Israeli occupation and settlements on trial before international courts.

“What is new is that the Palestinian side, which is traditionally considered weak and has been forced to submit to dictates, today has the right to go to the ICC to sue Israel for war crimes and other practices related to occupying another country, from building illegal settlements to forcibly deporting Palestinians.”

My Comment: Appealing to reason, justice, and independent investigation is useless. Everything is planned in advance by the Creator from above because we do not prevent the inclusion of the negative forces of our development. We anticipate them by our desire to unite, and this desire can cancel out all our enemies, changing them into our friends!

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Europe Under Extremist Attacks

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do the latest terror activities in France signify for Israel?

Answer: I don’t believe that any world event can bring something good for us. That is my initial position. Even if they begin to speak about some kind of solidarity, it lasts for only a few days, then later everything will return to how it was before, and again we will see a negative attitude toward Israel, including open anti-Semitism, recognition of Hamas, and the like.

France is one of those nations that stands at the head of this process. It is convinced that only ISIS and Al Qaeda are the bad boys. If terrorists go against Israel and see this as the main target, it doesn’t bother France to give them legitimacy.

As a result, I suppose that tragic events like the latest ones will repeat themselves. This is only the beginning because the goal of extreme Islam is to show Europe that it is old, tired, and unable to oppose the pressure of the young revolutionary Islamic movement.

Actually, this is the case. I see this in my conversations and interviews in Europe. For example, when we talked with the mayor of Vienna, he admitted that nowadays Europe is not able to awaken and encourage people to do things. It is tired, exhausted, and is experiencing the sunset of its days.

Comment: Today we are reminded that Jews took part in the formation of the republic, and if they leave, then France will no longer be as before.

Answer: That is correct. According to my information, in spite of its attitude to the Jewish community, which is far from good, about a thousand Jews in France are supporting its infrastructure. If they leave, the nation will not be able to recover. Since the matter here is not quantity, but the same weight of influence that the Jews acquired in industry, banking, science, and the like, France will not be able to manage without them.
From KabTV”s “Like the Bundle of Reeds” 1/11/15

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A World Of Two Forces

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the spiritual world connected with our lives? Is it relevant to us?

Answer: The spiritual world is connected with us because it manages us. It is found on a higher level, which Einstein and other physicists wanted to penetrate but couldn’t because this is impossible. Only Kabbalists can attain it.

From this higher, spiritual world, a force that manages us acts and influences us and we obey its management. In the spiritual world there are only two forces, the force of reception and the force of bestowal, which connect in various ways. The force of reception is the desire to attract everything to itself and swallow it. The force of bestowal is the desire to give outwardly.

In our world these two forces produce all phenomena on all the various levels because they are at work within matter and the desire to receive, which is the desire to receive pleasure.

By acting within matter, within the desire to receive, these two forces create all kinds of new characteristics and feelings within matter. It follows that this matter, under the influence of these two forces, receives a new form and begins either to be similar to them or opposed to them. All kinds of changes happen with this matter.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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The Force Of Good And The Force Of Evil, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere Is No Evil in the World

Question: Can a person protect himself from all evil?

Answer: A person can be shielded from evil if he learns from past mistakes or if his parents, teachers, and society teach him from the start.

We pass this education from generation to generation: how to live so that a person will not make a mistake. He must know that there are no good and evil forces, rather there are two opposing forces: reception and bestowal. He must know how to balance them.

There is no evil in the world; rather, there are always possibilities for doing good and maintaining balance. We would not see any evil if we were sources of balance throughout the world and perceived it as one whole system. Only because of our view, our incorrect approach, do we see the world damaged and evil.

However, we have damaged it ourselves by not creating balance anywhere, especially not in human society! And so it seems to us that this world is cruel and that everything in it is evil. It seems to us as if we were given this tiny planet as a toy so that we could break it and throw it away. People behaves on this earth as foolish children.

But the time has come to begin to behave logically and understand the right approach to nature, that there is no evil or good in it, but two opposing force: plus and minus, electron and proton. Between them, we must organize our lives. So let’s organize! Life could be wonderful if it were to flow harmoniously between these two forces!

Good is not found on any single side; rather, it is in the middle, in a balanced state. And the two opposing forces simply operate from the sides. The positive force is called this, not because it is good, but simply because it emits, gives, bestows, and moves outward. The second force is called negative because it receives, and attracts to itself.

These simply are two opposing forces, and if we balance them correctly, we can create a connection between them that is called life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/03/14

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Choose Discovery Of The Creator And Concern For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does belonging to the chosen people, besides the heavy obligations, give the Jews any advantages, benefits or dispensations? What is good about being the chosen people?

Answer: We simply cannot refuse or reject our mission, neither those who belong to the Jewish people today, nor the twelve tribes that were lost 2,500 years ago. We cannot hide from our task; we must carry it out.

Being chosen or not does not depend upon us. We only need to look for where it is possible to add our own participation. Thanks to that, we will come to a good and peaceful life that all of us understand and appreciate. This is not in the sense that we will be higher than others, rather they will aspire to the same goal and will be included in the same process.

We will not succeed by fleeing, as we must carry out our role in any case. We must realize our mission, and nothing will help us, neither hiding nor death.

Question: In other words, being chosen indicates the discovery of the program of development of life, and acting accordingly makes it possible to achieve success in everything? How will daily life be different for a person who discovers the program of development?

Answer: A person such as this will understand where he is, how to connect with people correctly, and how to build an even greater and stable basis for even greater discovery of the higher power.

He is constantly advancing towards the disclosure of the upper force within himself and this will fill him with higher knowledge and feelings. All of his desires and thoughts will be directed only towards this.

Even today, we unconsciously yearn and aspire only to discover the upper force. It seems to us that we supposedly want only food, sex, family, well-being, money, respect, and knowledge, but in fact, through all of this, we are seeking the unique taste of the upper force.

And now, thanks to this, we are alive and sense the taste of the Creator in all of this. Everything, every object, that brings us pleasure contains a microscopic discovery of the Creator. If we want to feel this discovery fully so that it will fill all of our desires and thoughts and reveal the entire future perspective to us, we must prepare ourselves by correctly connecting with the environment.

Question: Throughout the generations in the history of the Jewish people, there were many sages who sought and investigated the upper force. This was the lot of the greatest minds of the generation, the elite. But is it possible that now every person on the face of the earth will be able to attain the Creator, all seven billion people?

Answer: First, the seven million Jews in Israel must discover the Creator and show everyone that they have this power. All people will feel this. At the very moment that the people of Israel begin to advance toward discovery of the Creator, all of humanity will freeze in suspenseful anticipation, understanding that after the Jews attain this, it will pass to all of the people.

Question: So who are these chosen people?

Answer: The chosen people are a people who choose the discovery of the Creator and care of all of humanity for the goal of revealing, the upper force, the general power of nature. to all people. This is our obligation, and then everyone will truly be happy, rising above the concept of time, motion, and space, entering into another dimension.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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Spiritual Concepts As Perceived By Ordinary People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You use terms like a soul, the upper world, or spirituality that are also used by many religions and different spiritual methods. But I feel that they give these concepts a different meaning.

Can you explain more accurately what the wisdom of Kabbalah refers to by concepts like the upper world, a soul, or reincarnation?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah was founded 5,774 years ago. The first Kabbalist was called Adam.

He wasn’t the first human being on earth, because humans had existed and developed tens of thousands of years before he appeared. The only thing special about Adam was that he discovered the system of forces we are living in and described it in his book The Angel Raziel.

An angel is not a winged creature that can fly, but a force. Adam called it a hidden force because we cannot perceive this force in our corporeal senses but only can perceive the implications of its consequences. Adam was the first to attain this force that manages the whole world and he was the founder of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Modern science can discover many forces by means of research in physics, chemistry and other sciences. But there are forces that we cannot discover because we don’t have the tools to do so. These are basically forces related to thoughts, the mind, and desires. These forces exist, but we cannot perceive them.

We can identify, with the help of measuring brainwaves how a person concentrates thoughts, but we cannot examine the quality of the thought, especially if these are ideas that relate to humanity and are part of nature. Today, physicists say that our world and the whole universe seems to them like a thought and that we exist in the universe in a thought. This thought is the thought of creation.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to feel this thought, this force, the thought that existed before the creation of the universe and which created the universe through the Big Bang and leads it to its final definite form. There are no coincidences in nature. Everything is accurately connected and defined.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us develop additional senses through which we can feel the forces and the attributes that our body doesn’t feel. In order to do so, we must exit our body and connect to other people, be incorporated in one another, and create a kind of a collective emotional, energetic, mental platform that is not in each of us, but among us.

Thus, by the cooperation between us, we can begin to perceive the force that exists around us, the thought of creation, the thought of our evolution. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is called attaining the Creator because this force created and develops us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah revealed this long before religions appeared. People began to read Kabbalah books, but at the same time they didn’t engage in practical fulfillment by way of self-correction, development of the connection between them, and in ascending above their egos. They couldn’t understand what the books said exactly, and all religions stemmed from this as a result of this lack of understanding.

They took the names of the forces that exist in nature (spirits, angels, demons, etc.) and began to embody them in different images. Kabbalah books speak only about forces, but because people perceive these concepts through their corporeal senses, they began to imagine reality through these concepts.

The point is that everything we see and feel inside us are only forces that are perceived by our mind and are depicted in our minds like electromagnetic forces depict different images on a computer screen. In fact, nothing really exists.

By putting together a picture of the different forces and placing electrodes in a person’s brain, we can change this picture and do practically anything. But does all that really exist externally to us? No. It is only a fictitious reality that we perceive in that way.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells a person how to correct his perception of the world and feel it, not with his body, but by using totally different senses. We are gradually approaching this level.

As for the spiritual concepts, they were really taken from the wisdom of Kabbalah by different spiritual methods. Many people use them without any reference to the wisdom of Kabbalah and this is very confusing for a person who demands correction. The right perception of reality requires a great deal of work on myself.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson #4

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