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More Religious Wars?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (elpais.com): “In the Judeo-Christian traditional imagery is chronicled the murder of Abel by Cain. …  From the moment Cain killed Abel, violence has become an inseparable part of human history. …

“The obvious question is whether religions are the source of violence or the way to peace. Is violence actually embedded in monotheistic religions? …When we thought religious wars were phenomena of the past, they have resurfaced particularly harshly and radically… carrying black flags and destroying everything in their path, from human life to cultural symbols that are the heritage to humanity. …

“In the absence of rational arguments to justify these wars, they rely on God and in His name, they aggressively kill others, thus making God Himself a murderer. The philosopher Martin Buber said: ‘”God” is the word most vilified of all human words. None has been so tarnished, so manipulated…Human generations, with their religious partisanship, have torn the word.  They have killed and are willing to die for it. This word carries fingerprints and blood. People draw a stick figure below and write the word “God.” They murder each other and say, “we do this in the name of God.”‘”

My Comment: Indeed, religions do indeed only divides, separate, and incite us against one another. Because all the religions in the world are based on human nature: egoism.

And only the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a person how to ascend above his egoism and reach unity to reveal the upper world inside us. This is the next level of our existence. In this, Kabbalah differs from Judaism and other religions. We have to reveal to the world, the way of ascending to the next level of our evolution as soon as possible, not along the path of suffering, but along the path of path of connection and unity.

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Compulsory Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (eadaily.com/news): “Soon the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris will become the largest mosque in Europe. It is not in the power of barbed wire and the military to stop the hundreds of thousands who are suffering. Ninety-eight percent of the refugees are young men, apparently from ISIS, which threatens to flood the infidel nations through them.

“The residents of Munich held a demonstration supporting the immigration policy of the government. As a result of this, the European communications media activated a propaganda virus transforming the population into zombies. People are gradually losing the capacity for independent investigation of what is happening. For some time now, It has been no secret that the instructions and money for the journey of refugees to Europe has been granted by American companies. They organize and direct them according to required paths; otherwise the migrants would not have reached the borders of the European Union.

“They give each refugee a one-time stipend of 2,800 Euros, a furnished and equipped room (or an apartment to those with a family), an allowance of 399 Euros per month, payment for medical services and language schools for the entire period (until the language is learned). In the schools, they cancelled religion classes and removed the crucifixes from the walls. The Imam of the city of Hereford is demanding the introduction of lessons in Islam for all the students in schools, and the Minister of Education is ready to agree. In the city of Eschweiler they banned the ringing of church bells upon the request of the residents, because it disturbs the immigrants. Now they hear only the Muezzin there, and they call the Christmas holiday the ‘Winter Holiday.’ In the month of Ramadan they suggest to the workers in many companies not to eat or to drink so as not to embarrass the Muslims.”

My Comment: The Creator will do whatever it takes for us to implement the program of creation. if we don’t proceed consciously towards connection and unity, this will happen through compulsion from above.

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Refugees: What Will Happen To Europe? Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Tsunami Will Continue

We shouldn’t sit and wait for a “bright future.” We have to help Europe right now. It is already overwhelmed with refugees. This is not just an accidental tsunami, but a series of consequential blows from nature that are meant to trigger changes in humanity as a whole.

It is time to change our nature from egoism to loving our neighbors as ourselves. It involves everyone, but the people of Israel have to be the first in this process.  

If we procrastinate in this stage and don’t work to help the Europeans by explaining to them what is happening, if we don’t explain the essence of the problem and the method for the solution to this disaster, the European tsunami will spread to us as well. The was stated by the prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah.  

One way or the other, the Europeans are at an impasse and until they understand what the true solution is, their troubles will continue. They face a long process full of threats and despair until they realize that only changing their individualistic nature can help them survive and resolve the situation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/27/15

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Refugees: What Will Happen To Europe? Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanConsenting To Changes

At this time, we are witnesses of the very beginning of the process: Europeans have recognized that they cannot leave refugees to fend for themselves, but at the same time, they don’t know how to take them in.

Those same Europeans, who for thousands of years, if not more, murdered each other and in which executions were an everyday “theater” for the common people, no longer live as in the past; they are unable to resist the invasion of refugees.

The question is, “Why?” The failure to act is fraught with serious danger.

We see that nature obligates us to change our internal structure. We will eventually understand and acknowledge that we really need this change. We will consent to this state of affairs and will wish for these modifications to our nature. Only then, will we gradually start changing.  

The situation will reach a degree at which we will suddenly sense that we are unwilling to go back to our egoism. On the contrary, we will continue our path towards correction and eventually we will break the boundaries that separate us. This is a global process and it will last until we all merge into one family and become as one indivisible whole.

It will happen under financial and economic blows, numerous threats, and a series of natural disasters. Nature is unbalanced because of us, so, it will push us around.   

So far, we haven’t started building the equilibrium and unity, which we should have already realized according to evolutionary development. That’s why nature will force us to understand the situation we are in and to want change.

As a result of numerous disasters, the people of the world will eventually realize and feel that it is the people of Israel who know the solution to this problem. Then, they will appeal to the people of Israel and put this requirement forth. This is the time when Israelis will disclose the methodology of correction, called the wisdom of Kabbalah, to all nations. In essence, the wisdom of Kabbalah is the art and science of connecting people.

When this happens, Israel will turn into the “Light for the nations.”
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/27/15

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The Russian Economy: Cold And Dark

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (forbes.ru): “The moment in which people will break convention and begin the struggle for life is still ahead for us! A nation without means (oil at $40 per barrel), state-owned companies that become capitalist and greedy, private business that tries to adapt to the convulsions of a collapsing economy – it is not understood how they would be able to survive!

Even the citizens will change: A year within a recession without any chance of maintaining an income will make them greedy, searching for discounts and clearance sales. This is the ground level in the economic and sociological sense of the word, towards which we are slowly deteriorating. The point at which people break all convention and begin the ground level struggle for life will appear in another year.”

My Comment: This will also begin in the Western nations, not as a result of economic impoverishment, but as a result of a lack of accommodation between the existing socio-economic system and the system of global, human connection that is being revealed. And this will be the turning point in human consciousness towards a paradigm for a new life.

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The End Of A World Without Borders

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Wall Street Journal): “This was supposed to be the Era of No Fences. No walls between blocs. No borders between countries. No barriers to trade. Visa-free tourism. The single market. A global Internet. Frictionless transactions and seamless exchanges. …

“We built a fenceless world on the wrong set of assumptions about the future. We wanted a new liberal order—one with a lot of liberalism and not a lot of order. We wanted to be a generous civilization without doing the things required to be a prosperous one. …

“The result is our metastasizing global disorder. It’s only going to get worse. The graciousness that Germans have shown the first wave of refugees is a tribute to the country’s sense of humanity and history. But just as the warm welcome is destined to create an irresistible magnet for future migrants, it is also bound to lead to a backlash among Germans. …

“Suddenly, there’s talk in Europe about using military power to establish safe zones in Syria to contain the exodus of refugees. …

“The alternative is to hasten the return to the era of fences. Openness is a virtue purchased through strength.”

My Comment: An open world can only be between those who are open to one another. It is impossible to bring a person into your home or your country without reeducating him from being an egoist to a friend, and especially not masses of foreigners who refuse to accept the owners’ rules. Europe is nearing the realization that in the global world there is a need for getting closer to one another by the reeducation of both themselves and the immigrants.  The Creator (the general law of nature) will force all of us to bring the new global world to one religion: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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The Approaching Storm

Dr. Michael LaitmabnOpinion (livejournal): “A series of steps are being taken in the world economy to return the dollars that are roaming the world to the United States. The collapse of the Chinese stock index is the way to be released from surpluses of the dollar mass itself, and the matter is correct even in Europe.

“After that the American indices will begin to dive. The moment that the speculative money market goes (meaning that it has the ability to move), it will be possible to approach the elimination of the debt market of the United States.

“And so we have arranged some brief summaries:

  1. The beginning of the disintegration of the global financial system based upon the dollar has begun.
  2. All money is returning to its place of origin.
  3. Money that returns to the United States will be lost along with the debt market.
  4. Money that returns to Japan will cover the loans.
  5. Money that returns to Europe will be lost with the banks.
  6. The debt market of Europe will collapse.

“The storm will begin when following stock indices the debt markets will collapse, then the value of gold and silver will soar.”

My Comment: It is not important, in principle, on what scenario the reorganization of the world will happen. We need to clarify our knowledge so that people will begin to understand the program of nature (the Creator), and in what manner we must follow it. It is not like in the past where we focused on commercial and financial relationships, rather we must specifically prepare new social relationships and connections as in one unified society. After that, from them we must build new connections in all the other areas of our activities.

That is, first must be a change in the person, and only after that can we build a new society. And we must not repeat the mistakes of the Bolsheviks who forcibly commanded people into communal apartments and collective farms.

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In The Shadow Of The Asteroid Cloud

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the impression created that Adam HaRishon (the first man) Adam was much more advanced than we are because he felt the upper force we don’t feel?

Answer: There is no doubt about it! Spiritual development doesn’t proceed parallel to physical development. On the contrary, the first Kabbalists were much closer to the upper force and the upper worlds than we are. If we now had the luck to meet with our father Abraham, it would be possible to ask him many questions. In the spiritual sense, a constant decline happens more and more with each generation. And accordingly, our ego and technological advancement, along with financial and economic development, have grown more and more..

Ultimately we have reached maximal technological advancement and minimal spiritual development in this world. And so the global crisis develops and breaks out, which is moving and felt all over the world in our time. It is possible to solve this crisis only through the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah to all of humanity. If all of us are united, we will reach discovery of the upper force and this world will ascend to the height of the upper worlds.

Question: We scarcely make any money to live in this world, but you want us to be involved with higher worlds?

Answer: The present crisis is only the beginning. Terrible blows are expected for the world. I don’t want to scare you, but unfortunately that is how it is. We already see clear symptoms now of a future Holocaust all over the world that nobody can stop.

The idea is that the world is becoming round. The higher spiritual forces are approaching our world like an asteroid cloud or a comet. The higher forces that are linked in a single network compress in an increasingly dense ring around our world, which is not connected into a single network. Rather, everything is divided, separate, crushed and torn apart by internal struggles. Our world and the network of higher forces that are approaching it are in opposition and contradiction with each other, so very unpleasant and negative phenomena are revealed in our world. They will grow more and more until we begin to connect and unite to be more and more adjusted to the one and only integral force. Only in this manner can we be saved.

Question: Are all the problems of the modern world sent to us as a punishment?

Answer: There are no punishments! It is only people who perceive what is happening in this way. In fact the law of nature is simply acting on us. More and worsening negative forces are awakening within us as we see the ego has grown from generation to generation. But higher spiritual forces are approaching us more and more like a single network. The opposition between these two systems is increasing: On the one hand, there is the evil human ego, and on the other hand, there is a higher network of good forces. Between them appear the potential differences and tension that we endure.

We cannot change the higher network; we need to only correct ourselves and unite. And you shall love your friend as yourself is the great general rule in the Torah. (Yerushalmi Nedarim 30b), which if not for its existence, we wouldn’t survive. The whole world is becoming global and integral, linked like a single small village. And as such, the world demands from humanity an identical good connection between them. But we are not ready to create a connection like this, so we suffer.

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah can bring all of humanity to good and wonderful relations, so it is being revealed in our time. Further, The Book of Zohar, which was written 2,000 years ago, pointed to our time when humanity would reach a state where it would be compelled to use the method of Kabbalah to connect itself and live in happiness. So I wish for a good and sweet year for everyone, meaning a year in which we have a chance to reach the good life.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 9/6/15

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A Global Economic Crisis Is Knocking At The Door

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (gazeta.ru): “The collapse of stock indices and the fall of prices of raw materials has led to hysteria and shock. Exports and imports are falling, the stock market bubble is deflating, the next is the real estate sector.

“The era of the consumer economy has ended in Europe and the United States. Demand that has been accelerated by providing loans has ceased to grow. For the world economy there is no need for metals or the current volumes of energy carriers. The Middle Eastern nations are adding problems to the oil market by needlessly inflating the oil market only to crush the competitors from the United States producing shale oil. In the United States there is a reduction in jobs in the petroleum and gas industry, and the threat of non-repayment of loans taken for the shale oil project is only growing.”

My Comment: There is no reason to panic. This is a gradual transition to a new form of existence, from one that is egoistic, beastly, and private, to one that is altruistic, humane, and social. Everything depends on awareness and on our form of participation in this transition, each person and all of us together.

An integral global system unites and forces us, both the person and the society, to be like it. Nature abhors, not just a vacuum, but also the lack of accommodation with it. To the degree of the lack of accommodation, it influences and works on the incompatible object through forces that return it to accommodation, resemblance, and balance with the general system of nature. We call these forces that correct a person and society a crisis.

In Greek: “κρίσις” is from the verb “κρίων” that means “to establish, to define, to choose.” The meaning of the word “crisis” is a solution, a turning point, meaning the point of correction, not destruction.

In Chinese, “Crisis” (危机 wei ji)—“wei” is danger, ji” is an activating mechanism, an incentive, a creative force (of nature). In Hebrew “Rashi”—The place for the midwife is found on the birthing stones, which are also called a Mashber” (crisis) instead of “stones.”

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A New Year Or A Movie About The End Of The Universe?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How many more times will we celebrate Rosh Hashanah?

Answer: A total of 6,000 times, after which the closure of this universe will take place; just as it once opened, so it will close. Even the physicists say that the universe is finite.

Its spherical character will gradually begin to disappear; it will stop being distorted by its three-dimensional character. It will first become two-dimensional and then contract to a single point. Just as a television signal is developed when it enters a television, the same thing will also happen here, but with the opposite effect: the universe will fold and collapse, because the characteristics that develop its picture for us will disappear. I hope that we will be witness to how the universe will collapse, along with all of our bodies and this entire world. Only the loftiest characteristics will be left, which in the meantime, don’t exist today within our substance, those being the characteristics of bestowal, love, and unity. And that is how we will move to a higher dimension.

The idea is that everything that is happening within us is the internal perception of ourselves and of the substance of the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels. The whole world is within us. So we cannot talk about it objectively having existed outside of us for billions of years. On the contrary, it doesn’t exist! What does it mean that our universe folds, the earth, humanity, and society? Within me, the entire program according to which I work today, folds back, everything disappears and contracts within me into a single state of unity. With this, our mundane stage of existence ends, and we go out to a new level.

Comment: Which means that I have been shown a film that now is ending.

Answer: But you need to realize it! The end of the world is the end of the incorrect perception of a person. It is necessary to understand that this is a movie and to stop projecting it inside yourself. Instead of this, it is necessary to project the next stage, and always be present, knowing that our world is only one continuous film, and that in reality, all of this doesn’t exist. In In the meantime, all the worlds are incomplete images of our most natural, highest state, which is called the world of Ein Sof (Infinity).

So Rosh Hashanah is a festival that includes within it absolutely everything. From it emerge all the rest of the holidays and the entire history of humanity. It is the beginning of everything. It is the head! And so in Hebrew it is called Rosh Hashanah (the head of the year). Let’s hope that we will have a good beginning for the next stage!
From KabTV’s “Holidays. Rosh Hashanah” 8/6/15

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