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The Truth About The Three Religions, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why has Islamic religious fanaticism become so strong in recent years? Islam began its journey to the West and is gradually conquering Europe and the United States. Today in Europe there are 54 million Muslims; 7 million Muslims are living in France alone.

The trend towards Islamization is gaining momentum, but worst of all is that it is amplified in the radical, extremist movements. In today’s Europe there are “Muslim ghettos” into which both residents and the police are afraid to enter. They conduct their closed lives in these places together with the Mosques and a legal system according to the laws of Islam.

This phenomenon has grown to threatening dimensions and has gradually gone beyond governmental control. The culture war began in central Europe, which had been an example of freedom, democracy, equal rights, and pluralism.

Suddenly a foreign body is beginning to develop within it that is opposed to all of its basic principles—radical Islam—bringing us back to the distant past regarding the equality of women and additional modern achievements.

The Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, founder of the “Freedom” party, made a speech warning of the great danger that threatens Europe. In his opinion, we are in the last stages of the process of the Islamization of Europe that threatens not only its existence but also the United States and all of Western civilization because it is leading to extremism, violence, and intifada.

Why has the popularity of radical Islam grown so much, in particular among the young?

Answer: The idea is that we have reached the last stage of the process of human development that has been happening for thousands of years. Human civilization emerged from ancient Babylon and developed in two directions: Part of the people followed Abraham and the other part were scattered all over the world. After that, the doctrine of Abraham became the foundation of the three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

These religions developed in that order, one after the other. Judaism developed directly from Abraham. Christianity was founded around 2,000 years ago when the first Christian communities appeared. And Islam only appeared in the 7th century.

A relative flowering and decline of every religion happens according to these stages. Judaism flourished in its true form until the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (temple). After the destruction, the Jewish people neglected the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” that was the foundation of the doctrine of Abraham, and so it went into exile. This was a spiritual exile from the altruistic state, a fall from brotherly love into hatred.

Christianity flourished until the Middle Ages, and after that it began to decline, change, and split with the formation of the Protestant movement.

Islam was in a long dormancy and didn’t express itself in its full power. And only lately, when Judaism and Christianity became so weakened that they stopped determining the form of society, then it began to become stronger. And indeed, it is written in the Torah that in the end of days, in the last stage of human development, Islam would accumulate great power, as was written about Ishmael, (Genesis 16:12) “…his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him… ,” meaning that this religion would ascend above all.

Judaism flowered for the first 2,000 years after the departure of Abraham from ancient Babylon, meaning approximately until the beginning of the common era. This was a period when Judaism existed in its true spiritual form and in its full power. Yet after that the Jewish people fell from their spiritual level and began to sink into physical desires. Therefore they went into exile. Every generation sank deeper than its predecessor.

After the burst of Judaism, the Christian surge began. Christianity developed in a storm until it squeezed itself out. Today we are in the period of the decline of Christianity, which has lost its former power. In Europe, to be a Christian, nothing is required except for a necklace with a cross around the neck.

In some places Christian fanatics still remain, but these are not people who were Christians from the start, these accepted Christianity in a more recent period, as in South America, for example. For them, Christianity is still a relatively new religion. It had already existed for 2,000 years and it reached America through the missionaries only after it was discovered by Columbus 500 years ago. So there are still devout Christians in America..

Islam in our day is truly beginning to be awakened. Until now, it was in its incubation period. After 2,000 years of the blossoming of Judaism and after that the 2,000 years of the flourishing of Christianity, Islam’s turn has arrived.
From the program “A New Life” 8/31/14

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Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 2

Dr. Michael Laitman

This Old, Old World

Question: Europe has already had bitter experiences; it has known so many wars. Why doesn’t it try to break the present trend of xenophobia?

Answer: We live in different times. Contemporary modern Europe is not prepared to fight. For example, when I was in Germany I talked with politicians, mayors, and public figures; they admitted to me that people are simply exhausted, subconsciously exhausted. Clearly, it is possible to go out and protest with loud voices, but basically, the Europeans are not prepared to resist what is happening.

What is it that apparently prevents the leaders or others who appear to be unanimously against ideas that bankrupt multiculturalism, against disturbances to the “non-indigenous” sectors,  from taking to street demonstration? But no, people are not prepared to protest. The time of battles has passed, and today they are not ready to fight.

Basically nothing serious stands behind even the neo-Nazi proclamations. These are not the fascists who led the torchlight parades of the 20th century.

Question: And yet people are voting for the extreme right-wingers, adding political weight to them.

Answer: It is political, but no more than this. They are not ready and are not prepared for a true war within Europe. The Europeans have no power and no incentive. They have aged, and this is very noticeable. Even though people disagree somewhat with what is happening, and even though the young still go out into the streets here and there, in general the old world has aged and weakened and put up its hands.
From the program “A New Life” 9/09/14

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The Jews Were, Are And Will Be Blamed For Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom M. Brushtein:

During those recent hot days, the Hamas missiles, accompanied by alarms, regularly visited the entire territory of the nation of Israel. In the meantime, the anti-missile system, the Iron Dome, was successful in intercepting those uninvited guests. Then the IDF initiated a ground operation.

Along with this, deep within our hearts, everyone understood that there was no military, political or other rational solution to this problem. It was possible to try to diminish the problem on the agenda, to confuse everyone or pretend that it didn’t exist, but there was no true solution, and there won’t be.

Why is it impossible to convince, relax, or ultimately annihilate those who hate Israel? It is because everyone feels, or at least assumes, that Israel/Jews always are to blame for everything.

The Jews were, are, and will be to blame for everything. They all are to blame, even those who are only about to be born. The Jews are to blame for establishing the Soviet police, and they also are to blame for destroying this police. The Jews who leave are to blame for leaving, and the Jews who stay are to blame for staying. (V. Boinovich, Russian author, poet and playwright)

There are those who think that people learned a lesson from the Holocaust. Certainly now, everyone in the world hates the Zionists and not the Jews. They hate Israel and everything related to it.

A little while ago, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) published a statistical report on the level of anti-Semitism. According to their data, more than a quarter of the population of the globe feels great hostility towards the Jews. In simple words, they are anti-Semites. The statistics are wrong because there are many more anti-Semites. Simply, some admit it and some still don’t.

All of the people among which we live, all of them together and each one separately are anti-Semites, expressed or implied. (Chaim Weitzmann, first president of the nation of Israel).

Both the Jews and those who are not Jews ultimately must recognize that the source of this attitude toward the Jews is beyond all rational understanding.

Who, for example, at the end of the forties, would seriously and openly preach that hatred of the Jews would be similar to what is happening today in Germany? (Historical Literary Collection).

Guess when these lines were published. Was it in the year 2014? Maybe it was in 1980, but no, it was in the year 1880. Also, a hundred years ago and a thousand years ago, the attitude toward Jews has not changed. In the best of circumstances, people tolerated them, and, at worst, they would annihilate them. Behind all of our attempts to find a logical reason for hatred toward the Jews is concealed the hope of finding a rational solution to this problem.

It is worthwhile to stop searching for logical solutions and, on the contrary, try to search for something illogical.

Anti-Semitism is irrational and is not subject to the dictates of reason”(George Orwell, English author and journalist).

In the year 1940, the first (and evidently the last) edition of the newspaper, The Nation, was published. An excerpt from the article:

“This newspaper The Nation is a new creation. It is a type of creature that is born in distress, in difficult and terrible birth pangs: from the poison of hatred that empowered the nations of the world to annihilate us from the face of the earth, the threat of extinction of millions of our brothers, and still their hands are outstretched—this sadistic creation in them knows no satisfaction. And further, the disaster doubles; we cannot delude ourselves that all of this is only a temporary passing phenomenon.” (Baal HaSulam).

And this is what this author writes about the solution to the problem:

“So, I said that we need to arrange a unique education for ourselves through a widespread campaign, to insert into each one of us feelings of a national love touching from one individual to another and from these individuals to the whole, to restore and reveal the national love that was implanted among us when we were on our land as a nation among nations. And this work comes before anything else, for besides its being fundamental—it also gives stature and success to all kinds of activities that we want to do in this field.” (Baal HaSulam).

A solution like this will confuse every normal person. What is the connection between what happened to European Jewry and the education for national love among the Jews who live in the land of Israel? It is true that we don’t see a direct connection, and, on the other hand, we say that there is no direct and rational connection to the Jewish problem.

The person who suggested this illogical solution Baal HaSulam (Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag, 1884-1954), was the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th century. He wrote the commentary on The Book of Zohar. It is interesting that a similar solution to the problem has been suggested not only by Kabbalists, but by anti-Semites.

“An obligation is imposed upon the Jewish people to fulfill the ancient prophecies that establish that all of the nations of the world will be blessed through them, and for this, they are obligated to begin to carry out this new service.” (Henry Ford, American automobile manufacturer, printed and distributed the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”)

And so we are obliged to clarify which prophecies he is talking about.

“For I will take you from among the nations, and gather you out of all the countries, and will bring you into your own land. And I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean; from all your uncleannesses, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you. A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:24-26.).

Whatever it may be, our historical experience proves that the problem of anti-Semitism has existed and still exists. Not only our neighbors, but all the nations of the world will not leave us alone. The rational solution is peace for the territory in exchange for something else which we won’t accept, which everybody knows. Is it perhaps worthwhile to try and solve this problem irrationally, as Baal HaSulam writes? If others believe it, why shouldn’t we believe it?

“I believe that a wonderful future will be revealed for the Jews, not as a nation managed by someone, but as the realization of the great ideals of our civilization.” (Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States).

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In The New York Times: “What Jews Owe The World”

2014-10-11_ny_times_october_11_2014-009-009_600My second article, “What Jews Owe the World, ” published in The New York Times on October 10, 2014: 

What Jews Owe the World

By: Michael Laitman

Buying Our Way to Heaven

The holiest day of the year for Jews is Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), when they fast and pray. A key part of the prayer is reading the book of Jonah the Prophet. Interestingly, many observant Jews believe that buying the privilege to read the book will make them successful for the rest of the year.

Naturally, only the wealthiest in the community can afford to compete for it. The sums vary according to the affluence of the community, and in some cases, the privilege is sold for well over half a million dollars.

Cracking the Code

What people are not aware of, however, is the real reason why the book of Jonah is so important. Kabbalists determined that this reading is the most important in the year because it details the code for saving humanity, and this, in the eyes of Kabbalists, is more important than anything.

Jonah’s story is special because it speaks of a prophet who first tried to dodge his mission, but finally repented. Another special aspect of Jonah’s story is that his mission was not to admonish the people of Israel, but to save the city of Nineveh, whose residents were not Jewish. In light of today’s precarious state of the world, we should take a closer look at this story and its meaning for each of us.

Shape Up or Ship Out

G-d orders Jonah to tell the people of Nineveh, who became very mean to one another, to correct the relationships among them if they wanted to survive. However, Jonah bailed out of his mission and took to the sea in an effort to escape G-d’s command.

Like Jonah, we Jews have been evading our mission for the past 2,000 years. And yet, we cannot afford to keep evading it. We have a task that was passed on to us when Abraham united us into a nation based on love of others, and it is our duty to set an example of unity for the rest of the world. Abraham wanted to unite all of humanity, but back then he only managed to establish a small group. (For more on that, see my article,  “Who Are You, People of Israel”, published September 20, 2014 in The New York Times.)

That group, namely the people of Israel, must still become a role model to the world. Rav Avraham Itzhak HaCohen Kook (the Raiah), the first Chief Rabbi of Israel, put it poetically in his book, Orot Kodesh (Sacred Lights), “Since we were ruined by unfounded hatred, and the world was ruined with us, we will be rebuilt by unfounded love, and the world will be rebuilt with us.”

Sleeping through the Storm

In the story, Jonah’s escape from his mission by ship caused the sea to roar and nearly sank the vessel. At the height of the storm, Jonah went to sleep, detaching himself from the turmoil and leaving the sailors to fend for themselves. Gradually, they began to suspect that someone among them was the cause of the storm. They cast a lot and discovered that it was Jonah, the only Jew on board.

In many ways, today’s world is similar to Jonah’s ship: It has become a global village, as though we’re all in one boat, and the sea around us is raging. And the sailors—all of humanity—are blaming the Jew on board for all their troubles.

Like Jonah, we are sound asleep. Though we are beginning to wake up to the existence of hatred towards us, we have yet to realize that not carrying out our mission, just like Jonah, is the reason for the hatred. If we do not wake up soon, the sailors will throw us overboard, as they did with Jonah. In the words of Rav Yehuda Ashlag, author of the Sulam (Ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar: “It is incumbent upon the Israeli nation to qualify itself and the rest of the people in the world… to evolve into assuming this sublime work of “love of others” (“The Arvut” [Mutual Guarantee]).

The Wake Up Call

The sailors on Jonah’s boat make a desperate attempt to calm the sea, and by Jonah’s order, they throw him overboard. Once he is in the water, the storm calms, but a whale comes along and swallows Jonah. For three days and three nights he introspects in its abdomen. He begs for his life and promises to carry out his mission.

Like Jonah, each of us carries within, something that is stirring up the world. We, the people of Israel, carry a method for achieving peace through connection. Unity is the very root of our being. This DNA is what makes us a people, and today we must rekindle it because wherever we go, this untapped power is destabilizing the world around us in order to compel us to unite.

The unity between us will inspire, even compel, the rest of the nations to follow suit, just as the current separation among us projects separation to the whole of humanity. This is the reason for all our troubles, including anti-Semitism. When we unite, it will endow humanity with the energy required to achieve worldwide unity, where all people live “as one man with one heart.” So the only question is whether we assume our responsibility, or prefer to be thrown overboard, only to subsequently agree to carry out our task.

Indeed, if we want to end our troubles and be rid of anti-Semitism, if we desire to turn judgment into mercy and have a safe and happy life, we must unite and thus set an example of unity for all the nations. This is how we will bring peace and quiet to the world. Otherwise the nations’ hatred toward us will keep growing. Now we can see why people are willing to pay so much for the privilege of reading the book of Jonah on Yom Kippur.

I’d like to conclude this essay with another quote from Rav Kook (the Raiah): “Any turmoil in the world comes only for Israel. Now we are called upon to carry out a great task willingly and mindfully: to build ourselves and the entire ruined world along with us” (Igrot [Letters]).

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The Secondary Growth Of Terror, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A new threat looms over the world. The threat unifies us with a sense of common danger. Its name is ISIS, the Islamic state that is rapidly gaining ground.

The outstanding cruelty of this organization includes terrible executions of western journalists and proves the organization’s great efficiency.

This organization has financial resources, good technological abilities, and an excellent organizational skills that allow it to quickly establish their control.  One gets the feeling that we are witnessing the evolution of an epidemic that will take over the world if we don’t stop it.

This concern fills the hearts of leaders and citizens who are looking for a solution. In the last two weeks, the world has been trying to unite in its struggle against the organization. The UN published an announcement denouncing the organization’s actions and both the Western world and the Arab world are calling to unite forces. The last NATO convention also raised this issue. As a result, they have agreed to establish a coalition of ten countries including Turkey, with massive support. A declaration regarding military, diplomatic, intelligence, and political cooperation against ISIS has been made, hoping that the Arab states will be the next to join.

The UN secretary, the president of the United States, the British prime minister, the king of Saudi Arabia, and others have joined this initiative, as the common threat brings everyone together to fight the common enemy.

Many suggestions have been made, including changing the law that would prevent the return of ISIS warriors who have a Western citizenship to their homes, tighter control of Muslim organizations that are spreading in Europe and in the US, limiting activity on the Turkish border, and banning ransom payment for hostages, since this money finances terrorist activities and thus returns to us like a boomerang.

Let’s suppose that NATO is convening to discuss the threat presented by ISIS and other extremist organizations who are raising their heads. If you were a consultant, what would you advise them to do in order to uproot the problem and neutralize the cruel hatred on an international scale?

Answer: We can put the solution in one word: unity. If we don’t advance towards connection, towards a coalition of states that is so strong that it will eventually become one family, new resistance organizations will emerge and will surprise us anew in very unpleasant ways.

We should stop asking where ISIS was six months or a year ago, where it gets all the money for such widespread operations, where they keep their arsenal, where they get their medical care, etc. because, after all, it is impossible to fight in a desert without all that, and they need thousands of people to supply all their needs. Just like there is an immense mechanism behind an army that provides it with food, ammunition, logistics, medical care, etc. The armed gangs in the Middle East also need many people who serve the warriors.

Thus we speak about a huge organization with great resources and unlimited possibilities. It has already spread throughout the world, and with the help of systematic propaganda, is attracting many people, not only from the Middle East, but also in the developed Western countries. This international network operates very wisely. They are in contact with each other and have a serious leader.

Why have we just recently found out about it? If we hadn’t spoken about it now we wouldn’t have been able to discover and get to know them. Was no one on alert? Didn’t the Western intelligence services, that are everywhere with all the means they have including bases, agents, etc., know what was going on?

Are we so naive that we can be told fairy tales about the emergence of a new leader whose kingdom spreads all over the world and among its citizens, are people from different countries? It isn’t by chance that the man who cut off the head of the American journalist was a British citizen.

This means that we don’t understand the background for these events. I guess the Western leaders meant to quiet this problem down for a while. I doubt that they didn’t know of and hadn’t discussed it because such problems are always an issue for discussion.

We see that eventually, humanity depends on leaders who only think about themselves and how to stay in their position for as long as possible in order to enjoy the benefits of their position.

They were ready to carry on this way, and if ISIS hadn’t started with active conquests, they would have allowed it to continue to reinforce its network. No one cared. The world is destroyed by people’s egoistic attitude within every country. The breach in the connection between us is so great that no one even cares. We cannot think about what connects us. A person thinks only about himself and worries only about today or tomorrow, at the most, and that’s it. Our ego has become tough and intolerant.

Therefore, I don’t expect the world leaders to take any special action.The bombing will not help, since we all know it is impossible to defeat terrorist organizations.Their power is in their ideology and fighting against it with weapons is futile. Only another ideology works against a certain ideology. We do need to take military action in the meantime, but we shouldn’t think that this will bring victory and the end of ISIS. It will not disappear. Such terrorist organizations don’t disappear, but rather change form, merge, and split apart, but no one has ever succeeded in uprooting them.

We see this in Israel, in our war against Hamas, which proves that it is impossible to defeat it and to come to any agreements, since whatever is signed today is irrelevant tomorrow. We all know that, so any negotiations with them are nothing but deception.

This refers to all the terrorist organizations and there is no chance for peace unless a Palestinian leadership, like Jordan or Syria, for example, can at least keep an agreement. Only  then we will be able to talk about some stability and about a government that is responsible for what it says. In the meantime, new terrorists emerge in place of the ones that were killed, and nothing changes. Therefore, I have my own solution for the international community, and that is that only an ideology can be an efficient weapon, and this ideology is very simple.

What does ISIS actually want? It wants connection. They want to bring everyone together under their black flag. Therefore, the weapon we can use against it can only be an idea of connection between everyone under our flag. The color makes no difference. The main thing is that it will truly unite everyone according to the same principle ISIS believes in, that “everyone can join us.” This is what humanity should do and we should start now to work on the general connection.

When we do that, we will teach people to connect, tell them what an integral world is and how important it is to establish it in similarly to nature, since nature forces us to do just that. We have to deliver this message to people in different ways, through study, entertainment programs, video clips, etc. so that the message will reach every sector.

Then we will be able to say that we have started the fight against all the terrorist organizations, and in general, all the evil in the world. The only means to do this is through the introduction of a system of training and education, which explains the laws of a single, integrated world.
From the program “A New Life” 9/07/14

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Preparation Time Is Over–It’s Time To Act!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we understand, know, and feel the effort that we must make in order to connect?

Answer: We see what is happening in the world, and to some extent, we begin to feel that everything leads us forward and that there is one force leading us to one, unique goal.

How can we make an effort in order to ascend above all the strange thoughts that confuse us? We must understand that it all comes to us on purpose from the Creator. On one hand, He draws us to Him, and, on the other hand, He confuses us and keeps us away from Him so that we will be able to develop the right attitude towards Him and towards our nature so that we will connect to Him.

It is actually by our opposite nature from the Creator and by the confusion and lowliness of our level that we can clarify, discover, and reach adhesion with Him.

It isn’t easy, but we must clarify this process because this is how we grow. At the same time, we must be ready for even greater external problems that the Creator will present to us as we advance so that it will be increasingly more difficult to clarify our inner problems. As it is written, “He who is greater than his friend, his desire is greater.”

The Creator created such inner conditions for us in which we fall into our ego because of the most trivial things that a beginner wouldn’t fall into, but a great person does fall into them since, for him, it is a great problem.

For example, it makes no great difference if a manual worker who works with a heavy hammer digresses one millimeter in the wrong direction, but, for a brain surgeon, any slight digression may cost the patient’s life. Therefore, if we don’t go through the descents ourselves, we will not know all the subtleties since it is only by our progress that we become aware of them.

The Creator wants us to get close to Him, so we need support. We mustn’t forget that our progress is not in studying the material more deeply, but in the internal connection between us. If the connection between us is right, we will feel the filling of the inner force called Light, or the Creator, the Bore inside us, which means come and see. How do we do that?

I see that it is different on every continent. Israel is characterized by special problems, and, here, the Creator leads us in a cruel and serious manner, but, still, the Bnei Baruch group lacks the power to connect. If we speak about Israelis in general, they still think that missiles falling on their heads is normal and that it will all go away.

Along with the afflictions, people become numb and don’t understand what is going on. This is like a child who is beaten and becomes increasingly more stubborn as a result. The more he is beaten, the more stubborn he becomes, and nothing can be done.

Therefore, working with Israelis is not at all easy. Thousands of people go out to disseminate every evening, organizing discussion circles, giving out brochures, and doing their best to influence the public. These are the conditions that the Creator has arranged for us.

In South America, the groups are very successful, sensitive, and knowledgeable. There are groups who find it hard to go out to disseminate, but they get along well with one another. There are groups, on the contrary, that go out and disseminate our materials. I was in Columbia, Chile, and Mexico, and every group is unique. I believe that the goal should be that all of South America should connect because of their common language.The Creator has given them a very serious condition, and they must ascend above the different regions and not play the game of separation anymore, “We are here and you are there,” but rather establish one serious Latin American department, which means to direct all their efforts to establishing one whole.

The Mexico group had a very powerful convention of connection and understanding. People already have grown and they are well trained and organized. The problem is that spirituality is above the ego, and only if we connect above the ego, restrict it and build a Masach (screen) will we be able to feel the upper world, the feeling of the soul.

This is very serious work. During my trip, I was convinced that the preparation period is totally over. There are no people in Israel, Canada, and South America who know more or less than others, or people who don’t know the material as others do. We really have reached a certain common basis, and now we must work only on our connection, which is the most important thing. The preparation period is over. Now, we must work.

In Israel, the work on our connection is in a worse state since it must go through all 125 levels until we reach complete connection.

The question is how we can actually do that. I believe that we will not be able to control this from inside the Bnei Baruch Center since, despite the mentality that has very little effect on the fulfillment in spirituality and all the practical recommendations which are identical for everyone, the conditions do matter, and we must work together in any case. It is because it is the same rule for everyone, and the way you fulfill it is up to you.
From Meal 1 of the Convention In Toronto “Day One” 8/4/14

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The Unity Of The Nation And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the connection between the unity of the Israeli nation and the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is the same science that allows us to fulfill the unity and the connection between us. In this unity, we begin to feel the forces that operate in creation, in nature, and in reality. We are brought to the revelation of the one force called the Creator, which means “come and see” (Bo-Re), and the revelation of Kabbalah, which includes everything in creation. It explains how we exist and what process we go through in order to go through the beginning of creation to its end in the best and shortest way. Kabbalah tells us about the goal of our life and how to reach the one force, and it gives us the means to fulfill this goal.

The main thing is to acquire knowledge. If we already know how to advance toward the goal and how to use the forces of nature, our success is guaranteed because we are in nature, which is the equivalent to the upper force, the Creator, and we learn how to use this force.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to avoid the blows and get closer to goodness, how to perform all our duties in creation and how to attain the goal in the best and quickest way. After all, if it explains to us the whole system of creation and the forces that operate within it, there is nothing else we need.

Question: So, why, according to the system of creation, does it turn out that the whole world should unite against Israel now?

Answer: If the Israeli nation doesn’t fulfill its mission, then the entire world will undoubtedly take the side of our enemies. We see that all the world news channels show the Israeli-Arab conflict only from the perspective of the population in Gaza and never from the Israeli perspective.

They don’t even mention the fact that Israel is under missile attacks and that people are killed. This doesn’t concern them at all. They don’t hide these facts on purpose, but simply don’t feel them and don’t take them into account. They see that, at the same time, 1,500 people were killed in Gaza while, on the Israeli side, only about a hundred, and so they take the Palestinian side.

Question: You say that this is a war between good and evil and not between Israel and Hamas?

Answer: Of course! After all, it is written, “The hearts of ministers and kings are in the hands of God.” Hamas is merely a weapon in the hands of the upper force. The real war, which the prophets call Armageddon, is between good and evil. This war already is taking place in its fullest between the corporeal Israel and the spiritual Israel.

It is our internal war against our ego in which we will clarify whether we really want to ascend above it and control it, or if it will dominate us. It is a war between the forces of good and evil.

There is only one force that operates in the whole world, in all of nature, called the desire to receive. However, there is another desire among the Israeli nation other than this desire to receive, which is the desire to bestow. This makes Israel different from all the other nations due to the force of bestowal that is concealed within it.

Everything depends on whether Israel uses this force of bestowal or not. If it uses the force of receiving and the force of bestowal in a balanced matter, it attains wholeness and peace. However, if the force of receiving is greater than the force of bestowal, Israel feels this corruption according to their level.

The world aspires for a state of balance, and it is Israel’s duty to bring the positive force of bestowal to the whole world, which means to become Light unto the nations, to teach everyone the meaning of love and bestowal upon others. I hope that we finally will begin to engage in this work and understand what our mission is, and that all the disasters are sent to us only in order to bring us to unity and to set an example of unity for the whole world.

This is what the world expects of Israel. The moment the Israeli nation declares that it is starting to fulfill this mission and really wants to fulfill it, the nations of the world will immediately understand it. They suddenly will see that this is exactly what they want of us, which is an example of how to build a corrected world that is properly connected by the love of friends so that all of humanity becomes one whole.
From the program “A New Life” 8/12/14

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 13

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory”

Researchers of the past and present are unanimous.

The human being is a creature that emerged in a group, is developing and evolving in a collective.

Moreover, his social nature is inherent even in the very word “man.”

Literally, a man is a member of a tribe or family.

So, human beings, as well as animals, are creatures which are social, public, and one might even say, collective. The question is what is the difference between them?

In contrast to the “animal collective,” human society does not stand still. It is constantly evolving. In what ways?  An example is in the change in social formations.

A socio-economic formation, in the words of Marx, is a historically determined state in the development of human society.

What formation didn’t humanity endure?! Below are listed the brief definitions of basic social structures and systems.

  • The primitive communal society is a primary archaic formation characterized by common ownership of the means of production, collective labor and consumption, and the low level of productive forces.
  • The slave society is a formation characterized by private ownership of the means of production and direct producers; the main classes of slave society are slaves and masters.
  • Feudalism is a socio-economic formation, which replaced slavery, and was based on feudal ownership of land and the exploitation of peasants, who were in a condition of bondage.
  • Capitalism is the type of socio-economic system that emerged in the late Middle Ages, and is currently prevailing in most industrialized countries. The common features of capitalism are generally considered private ownership of the means of production and competition.
  • In the words of Karl Marx, socialism is the first phase of communism, a social system which replaces capitalism and is based on public ownership of the instruments of labor and means of production.
  • Fascism (Italian “fascismo,” from “fascio” – beam, bunch, association) is a form of movements and political dictatorship, characterized by violence against the masses through a comprehensive political mechanism.

Throughout history, humankind related differently to the change in the social scenery. In any case, many believe that the Jews have something to do with it.

Romans and their empire seem no more than a bubble compared to the Jews. They (the Jews) have given religion to three-quarters of humanity and have influenced historical events to a greater degree than any other nation, ancient or modern.

However, it doesn’t really matter whether or not Jews have influenced historical processes. What’s more important is that humanity is evolving and evolving continuously. The question is what awaits us? Abraham was sure that the endpoint is unity and an interdependent humanity. Sooner or later we will learn whether Abraham was right or not. However, today, looking back, we see an obvious increase of collective tendencies.

In the beginning, a person was associated only with his family. Then he “became connected” with the master, then the feudal lord, his country, and today with the whole world. The problem is that these processes occurred and occur unconsciously, under the influence of external conditions.

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Armistice Between The People Of Israel, Not Outside Of Them

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are you trying to say that rockets will not cease until I begin to love every Israeli like my own child? This means that this situation is absolutely hopeless because there is no chance that this condition can be carried out.

Answer: What if you suddenly discover that all the people of Israel are as close to you as your own children, that they are that closely connected to you and you to them? Suddenly, your vision would expand to such an extent that you would feel that they are a part of you and far more inseparable than your own children. If a miracle happens and a perception of this connection suddenly appears within you, would it be hard for you to love them?

Now, you love your children so much that they are more dear to you than your own life. However, suddenly, a feeling appears in you that you begin to feel other people, all the Jews living in Israel, like your own dear children. You would feel that they are closely connected to you, and depend on you and you on them.

It would be impossible to break this connection because they became closer to you than your own children. Also, you would always worry about them like they were your children. You would want to always be connected to them with your entire heart and soul. This situation simply would force you always to think about them and care for the love and connection so that everyone would be happy.

Today, you are driven by your love for your children, which was given to you by nature. Similarly, nature will beget a love for your entire nation within you, and you will care for every one of them and want to do well by everyone. At the same time, you will receive an opportunity to help everyone, and you will relax.

Every person will feel this way toward everyone else because they will perceive the others as a part of them. The fact that everyone is in his own body will not matter. Your children also have physical bodies, but you still care for them like for yourself. You want them to be happy and you will perceive everyone else the same way, in other words, to feel like they are even closer than that.

No one expects that you will make this happen immediately, but do not think that it is impossible. If our connection suddenly becomes revealed, this will become possible.

Question: However, human nature dictates that there is no one closer to a person than himself!

Answer: This is exactly why you will care for them once you feel like they are an inseparable part of you. Obviously, this is not a natural state, but it can happen just like when a woman births a child and begins to care constantly for him since he becomes her most dear part and more important than her own life.

Nature makes it happen, and it can make us love everyone else like our own self. This definitely will happen one day.

We must understand that the only way to end the Qassams is though the connection between us. Our unity will relax our neighbors and even turn them from enemies into our most loyal and closest friends, and the entire world, which is now standing behind them and will not allow anyone to touch them.

You soon will see how we will be required to cease fire and stop in the middle of this operation. We will not be able to complete it. The threat will remain, and tens of thousands of rockets will be aimed constantly at us.

However, if we unite, the entire world will change and say that they feel that we are their closest friends and that they want to be with us and will connect to us with their heart and soul. Through unity, we become the Light to the nations. We show them how to rise above their egoism, which never stops ruling over everyone and does not let go of entire nations and countries, this entire planet.

We can show everyone an example through our unity and teach them how to rise above their egoism. Then, our life will become peaceful and happy, and we hold the key to this life.

The nations of the world understand this subconsciously, and they blame Israel for bringing harm to the entire world and are to blame for all the world’s problems. The people of Israel do not see the connection, but other nations feel that this connection exists. To them, it is clear that Israel is the source of evil. This is their way of saying that Israel can be the source of all goodness, but is not carrying out its responsibilities.

The only way to disarm Hamas is by uniting between us within the nation of Israel. This way, we will stop supplying the world with an evil force. The entire world is blaming us for causing them harm. We are the channel through which bad energy flows out into the world.

People who have had no connection to Israel, who are on the opposite side of the world and do not share any borders with Israel, insist on this. They feel this subconsciously. This is their way of saying that Israel can be a source of good energy. If you want the wars to stop, to become the source of goodness, do good to the entire world.

The world only lacks connection, a friendly attitude toward other people: love. At least, do not do the things that you hate to others, and only Israel can bring this attitude to the world, under the condition that they follow it first. Let us begin with not wishing bad things to our neighbors!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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Unite Or Die

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Today there is a war; rockets are falling and Israelis are looking for shelter. This catastrophic situation is forcing many people, even those who are secular, to pray for salvation. This is happening on its own, naturally.

Answer: This is regular animalistic fear. A person wants to escape the threat, to save himself from misery, i.e., the lack of fulfillment, and the negativity that has been revealed. Essentially, if a person does not pray for unity, then he is no different from an animal, to whom it is also natural to strive to keep safe from disaster.

The addition of the human level is the ability to understand the cause of evil, ask for correction and a desire for unity with others. This approach is opposite to the usual egoistic state, and this will allow man to save himself from disaster. It can only be done through unity.

Question: The Creator says that He actually wins our wars, not us. What does this mean?

Answer: We do not have the strength to prevail over the current conditions and use them for the good. We only have enough strength to conquer, defy, and kill those who were assigned from Above to play the part of our enemies. However, this does not solve the problem or correct anything. If we succeed, it can raise our opinion of ourselves, make us more proud, and distance us further from the goal, which is self-correction. In this way, our success in a corporeal war does not lead to goodness.

But if after the combat, we use the lulls to “return to the source,” that is, to form the correct system of relationships between the people of Israel, as well as between them and all the nations of the Diaspora, then we will really use the war as intended.

But if we do not do this, then victory makes us live in a fantasy world and think that we are better than others. This will result in even greater disaster for us in the future, which will promptly follow.

Comment: The nations of the world blatantly criticize Israel for protecting their citizens from terror.

Answer: And this is just the beginning. Everyone in the world, including the Jews of the Diaspora, will eventually be against us. Everyone abroad fiercely despises those who live in Israel. And the people of Israel will divide.

Where does this kind of hatred lead? First of all, they will break all ties with us, and without them, it is impossible to exist in the modern world.

Then, they will demand that we do not touch the Arabs, and they will support them. And what will we do then? The global mass media do not forgive us for defending ourselves and they blame us for the death of innocent people. But when rockets fly at our civilians, terrorists are getting away with it.

Why is this? Because the world does not see us as innocent. They see us as guilty, even without any connection to the war. In essence, this is their message: “Either you correct the world or die. Otherwise, get out of here.” Moreover, I am not sure there will be a country willing to accept us. Who needs the Jews if they only bring misery to the world? Let them drown in the sea.

Comment: This looks like a war for survival.

Answer: This is a natural state, there is nothing new here. These laws were described to us a long time ago and we finally need to acknowledge them. Yes, we are die-hard stubborn and cannot be “broken,” but to what degree?

Question: Is there anything new about the current war? Does it attest to a new stage of development?

Answer: This new degree of development is in people beginning to feel helpless. Even if the current campaign gives us a break, there is no actual solution. The entire world is against us, all our neighbors are against us, and we will not even be allowed to fight them. There is no hope for a way out.

The Arabs, who lived here before our return, demand their land back, they disagree with this land becoming the home for Israel and ask, “What right did you have to kick us out of here 66 years ago? We disagree. This is our land.” Each of them can say this and will be right.

On what basis did we come here and exile them? Only doing it for their good can justify this action. And only the Upper Force gives us the basis to do this, because we must bring the entire world to correction. In this case, the situation is different because we act for the benefit of all the people, including those who lived here.

When we step on this path, we will see that they also see that we are right and will agree with it. And then,as the prophet Joshua said, the nations of the world will lift the sons of Israel onto their shoulders and carry them to Jerusalem. They will help us do everything.
Excerpt from “The Writings of Kabbalists. The Wars of Israel,” part 2, 07.18.2014

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