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The Specificity Of Women’s Work

laitman_560Question: Although we women actively work in the tens, awaken each other, without which it seems like something important is missing, at the same time, we are far from constantly dedicating ourselves to the benefit of the friends.

How can we come to the importance of this work and live by it? How can we acquire this sensitivity? How do I come to the fear that the Creator will leave me, not because I won’t be able to work in order to feel good, but because I won’t be able to become like Him?

Answer: The specificity of women’s spiritual work is also in the fact that she completely requires the men’s group and support. This relates to the stage before the Machsom is acquired. After that, a person’s soul will teach him.

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Men And Women: Overcoming Desires

laitman_628_4Question: Will men and women ever be able to overcome their basic desires and treat each other above their ego?

Answer: No, this can happen only when all of humanity begins to ascend to the spiritual level, when we exit the framework of life in a body and lose the sensation that we are living in a corporeal world.

Then, we will not be called men or women but particles of the one, general soul.

Question: Does that mean that a Kabbalist cannot relate to a certain woman as a friend and that they cannot have a common ten?

Answer: Never! There can never be a common ten. This will only divert them from the path, and it is better not to start that.

We will not be able to leap above our human desires for food, sex, family, wealth, respect, and knowledge. We can only use these desires, but we must not nullify the differences. What is more, sexual desires remain until the end because they relate to the connection between all of the created beings and the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Why Does A Man Need A Woman?

Laitman_632_1Question: Why does a man need a woman for his spiritual development so much?

Answer: On the one hand, a woman helps him; on the other hand, she completes him. A man is called, “Guf’s plague” (half a body) because without the female part, he is basically a half.

The woman is not a half, but specifically he is. Therefore, he must complete his egoistic nature through a woman to the degree necessary to rise and develop spiritually.

This is not necessary for a woman because by herself she is already prepared for spiritual development.

If a man wants to attain spirituality, he must be married, but a woman doesn’t need to be married, because it does not depend on her. But at the same time, she must aspire to have a family.

Being in a family unit both for men and women is the best situation from which a Kabbalist can grow. With a woman, it is as it turns out, while for a man, he must have a family.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Men And Women: Differences In Spiritual Work

Laitman_089Question: The nature of men and women is very different physically and psychologically and their spiritual roots are also different. Can these differences exist in the context of spiritual work and unification in a group of ten men in contrast to a group of ten women?

Answer: In spiritual work there are no differences between groups of men and women. The only condition is that their tens work separately, otherwise attraction to the opposite sex and so forth can be mixed with Kabbalah. It is impossible to do this in any other way. Men and women should each be in their own group while studying at events, workshops, and everything.

Question: How can we bring about the unity of the whole world if we separate men from women ourselves? Has the time come in which all of us, men and women, unite in our spiritual work?

Answer: When we stop feeling the ego and stop relating to our physical bodies, then the difference between men and women will disappear. Then the sexual attraction to women will not interfere with our attainment of the upper world because only that will attract us then.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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A Woman Who Supports Her Husband Will Achieve Spirituality

Laitman_631_3Question: In history, were there cases in which the man was engaged with the wisdom of Kabbalah and his wife sat at home with the children, but by supporting him she also reached spiritual attainment?

Answer: We have examples like this. Two thousand years ago, the wife of Rabbi Akiva, who helped him in everything, reached the greatest heights of attainment.

Question: Could there be a situation today where a woman who supports her husband reaches spirituality without opening a book even once?

Answer: If a woman supports her husband in everything, devoting herself with all her desire, the husband can even be lazy, but if she pushes him forward, obligates and helps, she can attain more than he. Everything depends on the yearning of the person. Moreover, a woman’s desire is more demanding and serious.

I cannot say what is preferable in our world, being a man or a woman, everything depends on luck. If a woman has a serious and proper yearning for the goal, then it could be that her realization as a physical woman and as a spiritual man will be more successful.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Men And Women, The Structure Of Humanity

laitman_627_1Question: How should a woman study the wisdom of Kabbalah correctly?

Answer: Spiritual and corporeal concepts of the male and female parts differ profoundly from each other.

A soul is a person’s yearning for love and bestowal above his egoism.

Thus, we cannot say that a man in our world is the part that bestows and a woman is the part that receives. There cannot be a distinction here because, in our world, both are egoists.

But whoever acquires the attribute of bestowal and love of others is called the male part in the spiritual sense, the one who bestows, and whoever is still in the egoistic desire to enjoy, to be filled, is called the female part.

Therefore, we are all women from a spiritual perspective. Those who transcend to the spiritual world, through what we call the Machsom (barrier), will be called men. Above the Machsom, everyone is a man. There, everyone has a female part, a desire, and a male part, a Masach, an intention, because you cannot have one without the other.

If I read a Kabbalistic book, and something is written about men and women, then it must be specifically imagined that a woman and a man mean the property of receiving or the quality of bestowal—in any of the people, regardless of gender.

As for our world, the physiological attributes are different, and we have a big problem with that.

It comes down to the fact that in our world, a woman differs from a man in her corporeal egoistic attributes. And so her entrance into Kabbalah is special, not like in men.

She should achieve the same state as a man, but move to this in a different way, providing great help to men, fulfilling her role as the one who continues the generation, takes care of the family and the home. A man should be the provider.  He must study, and a woman is responsible for the home. That is her work.

I am explaining how humanity was created, and there is nothing we can do about it. We cannot swap a man and woman, or destroy gender. No matter how developed we are, the male and the female natures differ externally in our world and we must take that into account.

We have different thoughts, different worldviews, different feelings, and different needs in the family. This is the reason that we must act accordingly, and not imagine that we are living above our world in a state where there is no distinction between the genders.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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How Should A Married Woman Advance?

Laitman_630_2Question: How should a married woman advance spiritually?

Answer: Being married has nothing to do with spiritual advancement. In regard to the spiritual, we are all “free birds,” and we each have our own soul.

If your husband doesn’t study Kabbalah or if you are single, then you should join a Kabbalistic group. You should start helping the men’s part in the group and working on connecting with other woman. Then, everything will be fine.

You will see how much more you will receive, feel, and advance in your understanding of the Kabbalistic materials
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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A Ticket To The Upper World

laitman_281_02Question: Is there a difference between the way men and women develop spiritually, and if so, what is it?

Answer: The Creator draws everyone to him, but women who feel an attraction to spirituality are in a preferable state compared to men, both qualitatively and in quantitatively. Women need to study just like men, but women should observe the appropriate separation between men and women; we have talked about it often.

Women don’t have to study TES (Talmud Eser Sefirot), which describes the upper system of the worlds if they are not attracted to it. A woman doesn’t need to undergo correction on such a level because her correction is achieved by helping the male part of the group.

Everything else is the same: women’s tens, women’s circles, women getting closer to each other, which is the most difficult thing for them, but this is actually what they should engage in because, in contrast to men, women don’t feel the need to be surrounded by other women.

A man feels the friends: they are all one group, embracing, advancing together in whichever direction they want. And women don’t feel that. They are by nature more individualistic, and so they need to draw closer together. Not to the same degree men do, of course, they are not required to do that. Women need to surround the men, help them, support them, and so move forward.

If a woman helps her husband and does everything so that he can advance spiritually, she receives through him to the degree that she helps him. If, in addition, she can work in a group of women and help not only her husband but the group of men, it provides her with an “entrance ticket” to the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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There Is No Coercion In Spirituality

laitman_600_02Question: I love a woman and I want to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. The woman I love neither supports nor objects to this, but I have a feeling that she has a point in the heart. It could be that she hides it deep in her heart.

Can I ask the Creator to strengthen and intensify the point in her heart so that we can advance together toward the Creator? How can I influence the Creator to impact her so that she will realize that our life together and the wisdom of Kabbalah are the most important thing to us and to the whole world?

Answer: Spiritual development depends on one’s desire so coercion is impossible and forbidden, as one either has a desire or not. You should think about yourself and perhaps her desire will awaken through you.

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/26/16

Laitman_630_2Question: Should a husband and a wife study in the same Kabbalah group or is it better if they study in separate groups?

Answer: They should study in the same group since men and women have different groups of ten any way.

Question: What is the right prayer for my husband?

Answer: Creator! I am asking you to help my husband be closer to me,” and that’s all!

Question: How should we avoid imposing our spiritual states, our egoistic assessments, and our personal views on to each other? How should I respond if my wife shares her feelings about the lessons with me?

Answer: You should treat her as your friend and not as your wife. When you engage in spiritual work, she is your friend and this is a small group for the two of you.

Question: Is the family at risk in the corporeal sense if a husband and a wife in the spiritual sense are both men?

Answer: No, they mutually impact each other each according to each one’s spiritual essence. What is more, their spiritual essence has nothing to do with corporeality. Therefore there is no nullification, but rather the opposite, they can express themselves better in the male or the female form, but it is important to support and keep the corporeal family life.

Question: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah explain unity and the struggle between opposites?

Answer: There is no struggle between opposites. There is only struggle for unity.

Question: Is the point in the heart a male or a female attribute?

Answer: The point in the heart is considered a male attribute. It isn’t a man in our world, but the attribute of bestowal, which can be typical of women just like men.

Question: Is there a difference between the words “friend” and “companion” according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No, friend, buddy, and companion are synonymous. What is important is the relationship, the connection, the yearning for a connection between you and the Creator.

Question: What is betrayal in the spiritual path?

Answer: A change of intention from bestowal and yearning for the Creator to the opposite direction.

Question: What are the criteria according to which a woman should choose a husband in order to build a family?

Answer: First, they have to be physically compatible to each other, and second, they have to have a desire to mutually concede to each other.

Question: What can you wish for our men?

Answer: Let’s learn to give in to our women, but I would also like to say the same thing to the women. Mutual consent is what builds the right connection between friends, in a family, and between our children and us. Let’s all learn this. Good luck and happiness to all of you!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/26/16

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