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The Purpose Of Creation And The Development Of Desire

laitman_548.02-jpgQuestion: What are the Creator’s attributes?

Answer: The Creator is the attribute of absolute goodness, absolute love. The thought of creation is the creation of a created being that can become equal to the Creator, to ascend to His level.

If we had the Creator’s attributes from the start, we would have existed in Him, not feeling that we exist. We have to feel our difference from the Creator in order to simultaneously feel both ourselves and our resemblance to the Creator: what are we and what is the Creator, and all this distance between us is like a sense of distance and contradiction, similarity and equality.

This is the reason that the whole system of creation, which operates on us in order to bring us to the level on which we resemble it, was created by the Creator.

The first thing the Creator created was a desire to receive.

The desire descended from the Creator according to five phases of descent until it reached the level of our world in which the desire develops and evolves and everything in the world is built: the universe, the earth, other planets, and us.

Now we begin to ascend back to the Creator. Eventually we will attain the state in which we become similar to Him and ascend to the His level. This happens in accordance to our ascent though the levels of five worlds or 125 levels.

Question: How have we discovered that our mission actually comes down to the ascent?

Answer: Being in the lowest state, we begin to feel a certain inclination to ascend upward. This inclination is called the point of the heart; it pulls us forward.

From that moment, from the moment the created being begins to feel a desire to ascend, he is considered a human being, Adam, according to his goal because he yearns for the upper point called Adam, which means to resemble the Creator (Domeh).

Thus, the thought of the creation includes five worlds, the descent of the created being downward, the creation of the soul, and finally its correction.

Question: It seems that our evolution should come to an end at a certain point?

Answer: Our evolution will come to an end and it will be quite soon. It is a constantly accelerating process. This is the reason that first space was developed and then the earth and then man. We develop in such a turbulent manner that each day is very different from the next.

The Creator created a desire to receive that develops, descends, and becomes increasingly more egoistic.

Then, when the soul is created, the desire acquires an intention. First, at the lowest point, it is an egoistic intention for my own sake.

Then the desire begins to ascend and it changes the intention to an altruistic one. The desire always changes according to the intention since in itself it is indifferent, it is just matter, all of the matter in nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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Does The Light Exist?

laitman_276.01Question: I do not understand: is Light is a desire or an intention? Is my desire to bestow a fulfillment and Light for the one I give to?

Answer: Light is what we perceive. We cannot say anything about something that is beyond us. This means we cannot talk about the Creator before He is clothed in us. What exists and is not clothed in us is called Atzmuto (His Essence), and we do not give Him any particular name.

Is there Light outside of us? This I do not know. I can say that it exists only when it exists inside of me.

We talk only about what we attain because Kabbalah is a science. What we attain in our internal “software” is what actually exists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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Perfection Of The Creator

Laitman_032.01Question: What is the perfection of the Creator?

Answer: The perfection of the Creator is expressed in His not being controlled by any force; He exists above all forces and simultaneously manages all of creation toward a goal that is known only to Him.

Question: Who feels His perfection?

Answer: Whoever attains the Creator feels Him to the degree of his attainment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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The Creator And Nature Are The Same Concepts

Laitman_712.03.jpgQuestion: What does it mean that God (Elokim) is the same as the concept of nature (Teva)?

Answer: Elokim (the Creator) is the name of the upper force, and this same upper force is called nature, Teva in Hebrew. The Creator and nature are identical concepts because there is no God as depicted in different religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is only the upper force.

Kabbalah is a wisdom that has nothing to do with religion. It tells us about the upper force that manages nature.

Nature is everything a person can feel, including himself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/5/17

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Spiritual Roots Of Our World

laitman_937Torah, Deuteronomy 28:02 – 28:03: And all these blessings will come upon you and cleave to you, if you obey the Lord, your God. You shall be blessed in the city, and you shall be blessed in the field.

There are five levels of egoistic desire: zero, first, second, third, and fourth. If you do the right thing, you will be able to interact with the surrounding nature on all these levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human.

The inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature are called a field, and a human nature is a city.

There are many additional complex laws of correct spiritual interaction in a city because the Creator is revealed there.

The priorities of the system of relations between people should be clearly set in the city: the judicial and legal system, the system of education and collection of taxes, the interaction between women, children, and men, and so on. This is a whole social system at the level of human.

It is in the city that we reach equivalence of form with the Creator. There is nothing in it that would have an aimless construction, unconnected to its spiritual root, structure, and manifestation of action.

If we had properly educated ourselves spiritually, we would have built this world as a complete copy of the spiritual world to the smallest detail. After all, our soul, residing there, consists of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human parts, including the root part. We would accurately build the structure of HaVaYaH both in the spiritual world and in the material world.

How, for example, did the architect Bezalel create the Temple, the holy of holies, and so on? A person is visited by a prophecy and he sees how everything is arranged in the roots that govern us. Like the projector shines on the screen and creates an image on it, the same thing happens here. He sees the root and creates in our world its consequence dressed in forms such as bricks, trunks of trees, vegetation, and houses.

If a person is connected with his spiritual root, then he does everything in our world in accordance to that root. He does not have to think about anything, just not to oppose but to match himself to it. Then it turns out that our world is completely similar to the upper world. This is the final correction.

Question: Does it mean that the great Kabbalist Ramchal portrayed the Third Temple based on his attainment?

Answer: Yes. His article “Mishkani Elyon” is about this.

But the fact is that as soon as we reached the level of the First Temple, we immediately began to fall from this level. Bloody wars began between us, huge opposing forces and various egoistic problems were revealed.

All this began to break inside with great speed. When the Jews cannot overcome their egoism and rise above it, then egoism begins to destroy them. Therefore, Nebuchadnezzar conquered the people of Israel and again led them into exile.

From that moment, it was impossible to say that everything among the people was in accordance with the spiritual roots.

The law is such that as soon as you reach a spiritual peak, you immediately come to the next degree, which is the manifestation of a huge hatred. If you cannot restrain it, then it crushes everything.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/23/16

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If There Is No Man, There Is No Creator

laitman_547.04Question: What is the thought of creation?

Answer: The thought of creation is to bring man to complete resemblance to the Creator, which means to be absolute, perfect, eternal, and able to attain the whole upper world.

The Creator wants to pull a person toward Him, to His level.

Question: What does the existence of the Creator depend on?

Answer: It depends on the degree to which a person reveals Him. If there is no man, there is no Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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A Single Force In The Evolution Of Nature, Part 3

laitman_756_2The upper force created us with the ability to feel ourselves as separate from it in order to give us the opportunity to come to know it as bestowing and benevolent, as our source.

Question: What do we need this for?

Answer: We feel this need because we are dependent on this force. We find that our lives in this world are very limited, and we suffer. This suffering makes us look for the cause, and the cause is within it, within that same single force. We want to uncover this force in order to improve our condition.

There are people who explore this general force of nature and discover that this is a force of kindness, a force that wants to bring us to perfection. But in order for that to happen, we first need to become aware of our evil. It is impossible to attain kindness without knowing its opposite, that is, evil. It is possible only through our own experience of the contrast, of the fundamental difference between good and evil.

We want to experience comfortable, pleasant conditions. As soon as we experience hardship, we immediately try to protect ourselves, to distance ourselves from it. Then, in addition to our feelings, we need to engage our intellect with which we can begin to figure out how to avoid these hardships. In this way, we develop emotionally and intellectually.

Naturally, we try to distance ourselves from unpleasant experiences and approach pleasant ones. For the thousands of years of our development, beginning with the most primitive forms of life to this moment when we find ourselves in the 21st century, we are gradually building within ourselves a new mechanism, giving us the ability to better understand and sense how we need to behave.

Ultimately, out of all that’s available to us, we try to build a maximally comfortable form of existence for ourselves. We try to use this general force of nature in which we exist in order to be comfortable, according to our understanding. In essence, this is our entire work in this life.

With this specific goal, we develop the sciences, culture, education, psychology, philosophy, and history. Basically, we just want to know how to feel better because the pursuit of pleasure is a basic human need, our natural desire to receive.

Kabbalah is physics on a higher level, from a more advanced perspective, the “physics of the future.” In ordinary physics, there is no talk of the observer having to change his own qualities. In the theory of relativity, the observer’s experience changes relative to time, speed, and distance. Nevertheless, he himself does not change. His psychological state remains the same.

The correct combination of physics and psychology is when we focus not on the perception of reality, but rather on who is perceiving it and what kind of corrections it is possible to make within him in order for him to experience a new world. This is the next stage of development for the theory of relativity because time, speed, and location do not change outside the observer. Rather, it is the observer who changes in his approach by correcting his own inner qualities.

Then, we find that there is nothing eternal that remains in our world; everything becomes relative and temporary. A person changes all of his qualities and changes reality itself. Then, we rise still higher. Kabbalah says that reality does not have any form at all, that everything depends on the perception of the observer. So, we can draw a conclusion: The force of development in nature is constant and eternal; we exist within it, possessing various changing qualities, and we must figure out what is constant and what is variable within us and within the reality surrounding us, having learned to differentiate between constant and variable.

The constant is the force of nature or the upper force, Creator, and the variable force is the person observing it. The entire reality that the observer perceives is a direct consequence of his inner qualities. If we change the person, then we change the world he perceives.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/27/17

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A Single Force In The Evolution Of Nature, Part 2

Laitman_707Question: What is the upper, absolute, force of nature that is controlling all creation? In what way is it different from the basic forces of nature that are known to science: gravity, nuclear, and electromagnetic?

Answer: All other forces that humanity discovered by means of intellect exist on the same level as the intellect where we also exist and study them. If we developed in a different form and on a different level, then we would have discovered different forces and a different world.

The difference between all of these forces and the upper force of nature is in the subjectivity of our perception of them. Everything depends on the individual, on the level from which he investigates and comprehends. Without the individual, there’s nothing and it is impossible to say that anything actually exists.

Question: But what if we are to look at it not subjectively, but objectively?

Answer: That’s impossible; we are incapable of objective observation because we were created with specific qualities by the upper force. If I am not observing some phenomena, then it does not exist. It appears only in my perception and in the form that I am able to perceive.

Question: Then what actually exists?

Answer: Nothing exists other than the single upper force that is the foundation of all nature. But we are only able to perceive this force as various forms and different qualities, depending on the form and qualities I create.

Question: So we perceive this one single force in the form of some fragments, depending on the level of our development? Will this perception change in the future?

Answer: Everything depends on the individual because the world exists within his perceptions, and other than him there is only one upper force, called nature, creating our entire life. All revelations exist within us as effects of this one force.

Everything that I see, sense, think, everything within and around me, all my emotions and reason, all these are revelations of the upper force. A person is given the ability to separate from this force and in that separation experience himself existing in a particular reality that we call this world.

Question: What is the quality of this single force?

Answer: Its only quality is bestowal, giving, emanation, a source that constantly gives, gives, gives… That is how we experience it. We do not reveal the force itself, rather its relationship to us, its bestowal.

And we realize that with the very first act of bestowal, this upper force created the ability within us to feel its influence and to differentiate between it and ourselves, experiencing ourselves as existing outside of it. This specific differentiation is what allows us to experience our own existence and a reality surrounding us.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/27/17

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A Single Force In The Evolution Of Nature, Part 1

Laitman_712_03.jpgQuestion: What is this force that compels the development of the entire world: all of nature and humanity?

Answer: We exist within a force field called nature, which includes within it a multitude of various forces. We divide this force into levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human, or according to the scientific approach used to study it: physics, chemistry, biology, etc. We define it, according to the trajectory of our development, as a cause and effect relationship.

Within this field there are areas that are completely unknown and incomprehensible to us. All of nature is a single force. The further we advance in our understanding of reality and the deeper we investigate nature, the more we are convinced that it is a single force.

Our perception becomes increasingly more integrated and global; we already understand that there is no separation between physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology; rather, each is an aspect of a single form. It is only due to the limitations of our perception that we are able to tune into a single reality that appears to us in the form of separate fragments. We are simply not able to see all of creation in the form of one picture, one force.

But gradually, according to the degree of our development, we begin to understand that this is actually a single picture, a single force, within which we exist. And this force develops us and gives us the possibility to get to know it. This force called nature, as if it itself, wants us to recognize it.

A person studies nature with his own abilities given to him from birth, and that is why, of course, he is limited by time, movement, space, and his own perceptions. He is not capable of clearing his brain and reprogramming it anew. This is because humanity is the result of a lengthy evolutionary process, which took place under the influences of various activities and forces extending over billions of years.

A person is a result of the development of nature. And that is why a question arises: being that man is an inseparable, integral part of nature, is he able to study it? Because in order to do this, it is necessary to rise above nature.

Only recently, on the cutting edge of science, we have begun to understand that time and space are relative, that instead of matter, there can be energy. But energy is something that disappears, which means that matter too can disappear.

It turns out that all the endless tons of matter that we see in the universe is not matter but energy, that is, something ephemeral and disappearing. In essence, our universe is empty!

Furthermore, cause and effect can change places, and that which seemed to us as being the cause, can be discovered to be the effect, and vice versa. It is possible that the event that needs to occur now, produces the cause for itself, and not the cause producing the event.

There is a phenomenon described in quantum physics where particles that are separated from each other by cosmic differences are observed to be connected to each other. And if one of the particles spins in a particular way, then the other particle, that is billions of miles away, spins the same way. And it’s not that one particle mimics the actions of the other, rather the two of them are bound together. Neither one of them is the cause nor the effect, but everything is a unified whole and is in such a form that we are unable to conceptualize it with our intellect because our intellect is so extraordinarily limited. It turns out that because of this, all of our investigation of nature is extremely limited.

Question: Do we have to admit that there is a great deal we don’t know?

Answer: We know almost nothing! Since our perception of mathematics and physics is also the result of the way we are made. And if we were made differently, we would have a different sort of mathematics and 1 + 1 would not equal two.

It is only an assumption that 1+1=2. If we replaced our sensory organs, then we would see a different reality. All of nature surrounding us would seem completely different.

But the force that develops nature can be accepted as absolute, existing outside of us. This force created nature and us in such a form that enables us to study part of nature, to a limited degree. And if we actually want to study nature, then we must rise to the level of this force, for which it is necessary to acquire new abilities.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/27/17

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A Gift, Not A Punishment

Laitman_154Question: If the Creator created the ego and He is also the one who supervises and manages everything, is He responsible for it’s manifestation?

Answer: Certainly. The Creator is to blame for all of our problems. He gives us these problems so that we will clarify them, and in that way, we will gain the upper world for ourselves. Only then will we see that He is doing this to us as a gift and not as a punishment.

Question: If the Creator created evil, then must we clarify who He is? What tools do we have for understanding this? Sometimes you say that the Creator is some kind of characteristic, a force. How can a characteristic create something like this?

Answer: You can attain the Creator only to the same degree that you attain, or it is possible to say, that you create, the characteristic of bestowal and love within you. Thanks to having been made up of only bad characteristics and now a good characteristic has also appeared in you, in the gap between these two characteristics (the right and left lines), you can attain what the Creator is, which is the middle line.

Question: Does this mean that the Creator, who manages everything, is an immense power, while I only attain a small part of Him, and this is also to the degree that I resemble Him?

Answer: You attain Him partially, to the degree that you resemble Him, but it is up to you to attain it all.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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