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What Fills The Creator?

laitman_239Question: What fills the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is filled with our empty desires. He has enough Light. He needs a desire, a request for fulfilment. For example, a little boy asks his mother and she gives to him. How does he give her pleasure? He pleases her by asking.

Question: Do I feel that the Creator is filled?

Answer: You feel that He enjoys your request.

Question: Isn’t the Creator just a system?

Answer: Yes, but this system reacts. It is a bilateral system: you affect it and it affects you with feedback. This is the same as cursing your computer when it gives you problems. You introduce elements of your character into it so much that you are ready to hit it. Why? It is because you are interacting with another object.

I am not even talking about the fact that a gardener speaks to the flowers and they answer him back because he feels them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/21/17

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The Creator Is The Source Of Everything

Laitman_049.01Question: If only the Creator exists and He is absolute good, who and what is the origin of all the suffering and deficiencies of the creature?

Answer: It is the Creator. He is the origin of everything. He says so, “I created the evil inclination” (Kiddushin, 30b). He doesn’t even ask for forgiveness. You will suffer thousands of years, but then it will be good for you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Why Is The Creator So Cruel?

Laitman_049.01Question: Why is the Creator so cruel?

Answer: I completely understand you. I would have thought that too, but the Creator is not cruel. When His loving attitude toward us is experienced in our egoism, it feels completely opposite to us.

I remember in childhood when my mother scolded me about low grades or something else. It caused her a great deal of anxiety and emotional distress, but she was expressing absolute kindness toward me even though I perceived it as cruelty.

The Creator is the altruistic quality of nature. But to the degree that we behave inversely compared to Him, we feel diametrically opposite to this kindness; that is, we feel bad, as though we are living in a bad world.

But He is not doing anything bad. He relates to us with complete benevolence, and we, relative to this, see ourselves and our world as completely evil. We do not need to blame Him or ourselves for this.

Question: But how does this kindness that comes from Him express itself as acts of violence in our world?

Answer: All this we do ourselves. People, with their egoism, make this world seem bad. The Creator gave us egoism and also gave us the possibility to correct it. He spurs us toward correction. We see what is happening in the world.

Comment: But He gives an ordinary person tremendous obstacles, creating terrible evil that is impossible to justify.

My Response: I completely agree. But when a person begins to become aware of everything that the Creator did for him, he stops blaming Him for anything. Then the opposite occurs and tremendous gratitude arises from within him.

But, for now, a person does not understand, similar to when he was a child and he did not understand why his parents were yelling at him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 186

laitman_622.02Question: If there is no Creator outside of a person, then “where” does the Creator suffer more than we do?, Also is it only within and not outside a person’s sensations?

It would follow that a Kabbalist would perceive in his senses that the Creator suffers more than he does, but this is basically a false sensation since the Creator does not exist outside of his sensations. Does the Creator “suffer” only when a person feels it?
Is the person truly capable of giving contentment to the Creator through spiritual advancement or is it self-deception?

Answer: The Creator exists above and outside of our states, but we talk about Him as about someone who is like us because we cannot imagine Him in any other way.

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Is God Good Or Evil?

laitman_566.02Question from Facebook: Is the Creator the Creator in order to create evil. If it is necessary to know God through misfortune, death, and suffering, then is He the Creator? Is this what people worship? Is the source of love and goodness in Him?

Answer: Under no circumstances does the Creator create evil. By revealing Himself to us gradually, He shows us how opposite we are to Him. And this is experienced by us as pain, evil, and suffering.

But, if we are developing correctly, under correct guidance, upbringing, and influence, then we experience His gradual revelation as an incentive to gain greater attainment of Him, not as evil coming from Him.

By revealing Himself, the Creator demonstrates to us the evil in our nature because it is opposite to Him. And by doing that, He pushes us toward the correction of our nature, toward greater likeness to Him. And when our nature becomes similar to the Creator, we discover absolute goodness, pleasure, and fulfillment.

Question: In other words, the evil that is seemingly coming from Him is actually the evil in me. And He is constant in this influence?

Answer: The Creator is constant in His influence, but does so in the following manner: He reveals Himself to a person in the smallest micro-doses. This is experienced as discomfort or pain by the person, but at the same time, there is also the possibility to begin to work gradually toward correcting himself to resemble the Creator.

When the person achieves equivalence of form to Him, even to that smallest degree to which the Creator came near to him, then the person discovers that the Creator is kind and is the only influence on him. After doing this work within himself, discovering a little of the Creator, drawing a little closer to Him, the Creator reveals Himself further. Once again, the person feels a negative sensation from the oppositeness of his qualities to the Creator, and again, he must correct himself in order to achieve similarity of form to reveal the Creator.

Question: When a person actually feels as if evil is coming from the Creator, what should he do first?

Answer: He must participate in the regular work of the group. There, everything will be explained to him. He will be supported and guided. Most importantly: find a group.

Individual advice will not help because each person exists under a specific type of influence from the Creator, and most importantly, these influences need to be addressed collectively.

Question: So you think that this is the action of the Creator, to push him to move toward others?

Answer: Necessarily. It is written so, and that is the way he must act, whether he wants to or not. A person may not understand this, but this the only way in which this is realized.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman,” 8/10/17

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To Whom Do We Pray?

laitman_562.01Question: If the Creator does not exist in the sense interpreted by religions and we create Him, then to which Creator do we direct our prayers?

Answer: It is to the one that you create, to the one you are addressing.

Question: From Kabbalah, I hear that if you do not pray for what you need, you are harming yourself. Is this true?

Answer: Yes. On one hand, if you ask for something for yourself, you only harm yourself because you are demanding egoistic fulfillment. But on the other hand, you are corrected; everything is forgiven, like a little child.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Elokim Is Nature In Gematria

laitman_275Question: You say that Elokim (God) in Gematria (numerology) = HaTeva (Nature). Why is that?

Answer: Elokim and nature are the same thing. All of nature in our world and in the upper world and everything that exists in creation, including us, is called “Elokim,” nature, the Creator.

Therefore, studying nature or studying the Creator is the same thing. It is not necessary to think about the Creator as something limited; it is a force that includes everything within it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Characteristics Of The Creator

laitman_567.01Question: What are the Creator’s properties such as power, pride, goodness, and kindness?

Answer: In relation to us, the Creator is the single property of absolute bestowal and love that is revealed in different ways. All of our characteristics arise and are developed under the influence of the upper Light. These characteristics don’t exist in the Creator. But when we attain Him, we attribute them to Him.

In relation to us, the Creator is absolute and the complete opposite of us.

Our main and only characteristic is a desire to receive, to have all kinds of needs that are awakened in us fulfilled, as if we lacked something, while the Creator has absolutely everything. Moreover, He doesn’t feel any lack, on the contrary, He is the absolute desire to bestow, to fulfill.

Even if He has a need, it is only a need to bestow, to fulfill. Like a mother who is constantly concerned about her child, constantly wanting to give him something, to help him with something, to fulfill something, that is how it is with the Creator in relation to us. This feeling is revealed in us when we attain Him.

Therefore, it is possible to say that He has a need to “pour Himself out” and cannot. From our side, we are the opposite; we want to receive and don’t know how, from whom, and in what manner. Therefore, there is a problem in creating contact between our desire to be fulfilled and the desire of the Creator to fulfill us.

This contact is possible only if our desires to be fulfilled is directed toward giving Him contentment and causing Him pleasure, just as His desire to fulfill us arouses pleasure in us.

So, it is up to us to correct ourselves. But this is not the correction of desire, for it must be as great as possible; it is the intention—fulfilling the desire for pleasure not for my sake but to give pleasure to the Creator.

In this case, the idea is not even about desires and intentions; rather, it is the manner in which we achieve resemblance to the Creator as the result of our correction. Then we rise to the level of the Creator and continue with our development beginning from this level. And regarding what happens later, we will talk about it when we attain it. This is talking about a completely different substance and completely different circumstances.

But even the beginning of the movement toward the Creator, from the first point upward, gives us a feeling of eternity, infinity, and absolute wholeness.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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Who Broke The Soul?

Laitman_702.02Question: There is only the Creator and the created being in the system, so who broke the general soul?

Answer: The Creator, He said: “I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah as a spice, since the Light in it reforms.” “Correct the breaking and you will receive a reward. I have created you small and you can reach My level, eternity, perfection, knowledge, and pleasure. Everything is before you!”

The Creator could have created us in the state of wholeness. But we are required to want to attain this level by ourselves so that we will use our free will.

Question: And what do we gain from our free will?

Answer: It will give us a feeling of attainment, revelation, and filling. It is all me!

Imagine a person who was born a prince, compared to a person who has attained the status himself and has become a king. That is the whole difference.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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Who Created The Creator?

laitman_239Question: Who created the Creator?

Answer: Man. The Creator is called Boreh, “Bo u-reh – come and see.” Everything a person attains in his corrected vessels (Kelim) is called the Creator. Therefore, the attainment of the Creator depends on a person’s actions. So the person creates the Creator.

I create either a small or large vessel on different levels into which the upper Light enters. The vessel with the Light that fills it—HaVaYaH that is filled with the Light of NRNHY (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, Yehida)—is called the Creator.

Who created the vessel? I did through my efforts. Therefore, the Creator is called come and see.

So, who is the Creator? The one I created. The force that exists above us and enables us to attain ourselves is called Atzmuto, that is, He is Himself in Himself.

Question: And this is the upper mind?

Answer: We cannot even speak about the mind. It is simply He.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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