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The Future In Groups Of Ten

laitman_934Question: Can a husband and wife discover the presence of the upper force together like in a spiritual group of ten?

Answer: I don’t think that this is possible today because the world has reached a state where we need to work in groups of ten and show an example to everyone. Becoming an example will allow us to carry out an application for all the rest of the world through ourselves.

So today such things no longer work. I have not seen an example of a husband and wife who have revealed the presence of the higher power. But in the past, 2,500 years ago, even before the destruction of the Temple, this was the case.

Question: Does this mean that you believe that future development will be through groups of ten? Will the entire world be divided into small groups of people within which they will attain their soul?

Answer: Every person will be integrated into groups of ten. Groups of ten could be arbitrary or assigned this way today and tomorrow differently—just like everything changes in a person’s body and is constantly in motion.

Question: Does that mean that we are not talking about ten specific bodies?

Answer: No, not necessarily. In the meantime, this is how we are operating, and later we will see that the groups of ten can be arbitrary.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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What is Reincarnation?

laitman_938_07Question: What is reincarnation or the cycle of the souls?

Answer: We can understand this by the following example: Suppose we attain a bit of ourselves while working in the group of ten, a section of our soul, and then we attach another ten to ourselves and begin to attain more; the transition from a small whole state to the next whole state is called reincarnation or the cycle of the soul.


This is how the soul seems to wrap itself with larger and larger clothing, with connections to other parts of the general soul until it attains the general common form that is eternal and perfect.

This is exactly where the cycles and the reincarnation of the soul are leading us. It has nothing to do with periods of corporeal life or the physical death of the body, or any of its conditions and development.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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How Is The Upper World Attained?

laitman_942Question: How is the upper world attained?

Answer: When ten people nullify themselves relative to each other and they do this together relative to the Creator by wanting to attract Him as Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) to correct them, that is how they create the characteristic of the Creator among them.

Through this action they create a Kli, which is a sensory device for attaining the next level. In this single desire they feel the Creator. After that, by uniting more and more deeply, they discover the Creator more and more.

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An Education In Common

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the education of the members in a group studying Kabbalah adequate, does it have a place and in which circumstances exactly?

Answer: We have an education in common: I with him, he with me, we, all of us are together! We don’t really educate each other. It is just called an “educational method.” It is actually an educational method for correcting a group of Ten so we form the proper connection between us!

After we create a group of Ten, everything else comes automatically. We discover the positive force in nature, it balances the negative force, creates the correct system of mutual connection between us, and we begin to feel a connection with the system of the world that until now was concealed. It is called the upper world or the concealed world.

We feel it in our desires through which we weave connections between the ten members. That is how we attain our soul, our eternal and perfect state! From this moment on, what happens in our earthly life, in our temporary body, no longer matters because we have already revealed the next state, the next level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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Gather The Parts Of The Collective Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it that when working in a circle, in a workshop, in a group of ten, I begin to feel a connection with the entire world soul, with people I don’t know?

Answer: The Creator created one big desire and then broke it into pieces.

In other words, the only desire that was created was shattered into billions of fragments under the influence of what is called the sin of Adam, because Adam introduced egoism into this desire. As a result, the connection between the parts of the general desire stopped, and each individual desire stopped feeling all the rest. To be more precise, it felt them, but wanted to use them for itself only.


The general desire to receive is called, “Adam” or “Adam HaRishon” (the First Man), or the “soul.” After the Shevira (breaking), the collective soul was divided into a multitude of individual souls.

Then, the individual souls fell even lower. In each one of them remained a small point called “Keter,” which is the beginning of a future soul. These points or sparks that remained unbroken, draw us toward reconnection in order to discover the Creator.

When they are ignited within us, we long to discover the entire system of the Creator. This is revealed in us as a longing to attain the meaning of life, and we find ourselves in some group.

A group is a certain part of all the individual souls that must now reach correction. People gather together into one group, without knowing why themselves, and begin to work on themselves in groups of ten, to transform the group of ten into one unit, one common whole. The moment that they attain this, they immediately begin to feel the Creator.

This is what we must do. So in every place, wherever it may be, you must find friends with whom you will learn to create among you a single whole according to the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then you will feel the upper world, meaning you will restore the connection between you called 10 Sefirot, a Partzuf, or a soul.

Through this structure, you will be able to feel the upper world clearly. “Soul,” “Upper World,” and “Creator” are the same thing; it depends on how we scrutinize this discovery.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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How Is It Possible To Discover The System Of Creation?

Laitman_524_01Question: According to what criteria is it possible to determine whether a person is going in the right direction?

Answer: If a person carries out what is written in the wisdom of Kabbalah—meaning that he works in a group correctly, making an effort to connect with his friends in order to attract the Upper Light—this means that he is going in the right direction.

With a good connection that is created between him and his friend, he discovers the system of higher management because everything that there is in creation is discovered between ten friends, only in miniature form. Their connection is built like a hologram. There is one big picture within which it is possible to take out some part and see the full picture within it, but on a smaller scale.

In the same manner, we take a group that is composed of ten people (ten small Sefirot), and they attain everything that exists in creation within it, but in a small form. Certainly, we don’t see details and particulars there, but if we join an additional group of ten with this group of ten, our field of vision will grow, and in this manner we can expand the perception of our reality. Our task is to discover the system of creation.

Question: Did you study in a group of ten?

Answer: I learned through a different method, one on one with my teacher. This was a different system through which, in its time, it was possible to prepare a person to continue the work. Studying alone is much more difficult and complicated than studying in a group, but this was necessary because this made it possible for me to acquire the training method.

Today, there is no longer a need for this method. I am sure that I was the last who received knowledge from his teacher like this, whereas now the world has crystallized as an integral system so that starting from our generation and on solitary Kabbalists are not required.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/8/15

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Repentance Before Rosh HaShanah

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to ask for forgiveness, we must know what love is for people like yourself and what it means by asking these questions, “What haven’t I done on behalf of this love? If it is necessary to feel that I have love for others, which is the main Mitzvah (commandment) of the Torah, do I or do I not feel it?” Many people think that it is enough just to carry out physical Mitzvot.

The Kabbalists advise us to unite into groups of 10, so that together we can check if we are truly treating each other well. Is everyone trying to distance himself from his ego and connect with others, become integrated with their desires and to feel love between us? If we understand that all of this doesn’t exist, we feel we are to blame, so we ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness is for not carrying out the main condition, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Today, this condition has become imperative for the whole world in order to come out of the global crisis. But the people of Israel must be the first to realize this, and we are not doing it. So we ask for the power to help us attain this love. We clearly see that we are not prepared to carry out this condition by ourselves, but we can ask for help. And we conclude the Selichot (forgiveness) by asking for the power to carry out the main Mitzvah and bringing people closer together. And through this getting closer we also get closer to the higher force, the Creator.

A person cannot realize this by himself, so we work in a group, which is how we check if we have attained mutual bestowal and connection or not. If not, we need to ask for the power to help us connect and reach unity. This common request is called prayer and it is derived from our connection, from the center of our circle, like a pillar that rises upward. When we examine our union, we reach Selichot.

From here we see that without studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is impossible to discover what to ask, towards what to be attracted, the purpose of Creation, and how the Torah is connected to the Mitzvot of love of others and love of the Creator through the entire order of correction. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to realize ourselves according to what is written in the Torah. The only Mitzvah is to rise above our ego and attain connection and unity between everyone. It includes within it all the rest of the Mitzvot, which are individual corrections of our ego. The egoistic desire is composed of 613 parts, each one of which we must correct, beginning with the easiest and moving towards what is more and more difficult. In this way it is necessary to carry out 613 corrections, which are called the 613 (Taryag) Mitzvot.

When we help each other we ultimately attain redemption, meaning that we discover the higher power, the Creator, within our correct mutual connection of bestowal and love. And this is the forgiveness before Rosh HaShanah. Certainly it is impossible to begin the New Year, the new beginning, the next level, towards which we must ascend thanks to our correction without clarifying all that we went through. And this is the essence of repentance, to ask with greater vigor for the Light that Reforms to correct us and make it possible for us to attain an even stronger union.
From KabTV’s “Selichot” 8/17/15

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A Good Example Of Education For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is so special about the education method that you suggest? After all they also speak about love of others in schools and about the need to treat friends nicely, but we see that it isn’t working.

Answer: Talking about how to behave has nothing to do with education, since education is based on learning from examples. Only examples operate on and influence a child. If we want an adult to be well educated, he too needs to have the right examples, just like a child. We have no choice. We need to establish systems that will set an example of the right relations between people. But from where can we take such examples if everyone mutually hates one another? Who will set the example for us?

Therefore it is necessary to organize special workshops in small groups called tens for all sectors and social classes within the population. We hold such circles all over the country in Israel: in Eilat, in the Tel Aviv harbor, in Tiberias, and in other cities. Many people already know us. If a person participates in such a circle, this circle becomes an example for him and he begins to feel that something special is going on within it.

Strangers who find themselves sitting next to one another by chance begin to communicate in the circle according to certain rules and about a certain topic and begin to discover feelings of connection, unity, warmth, and understanding. Their eyes shine and they look at one another in a totally different way than they did when the workshop began. People totally change during this 15-20 minutes. All this disappears, of course when they go home afterward. A person has to repeat this process every day and then after a week or a month he will change.

What I say is based on the great experience I have had. I have many students in Israel and all over the world who thus are changing and so are the new people who know what the success of the world depends on and how we can rise from the general global crisis that is founded on mutual hatred between all the countries, peoples, and individuals.

We can overcome it instead of advancing towards terrible destruction. The Torah says that we will reach a state in which “a person’s enemies are in his home,” which means that a person will see that everyone rejects him, is distant from him, and refuses to understand him, within his own home.

Is it possible to live this way?! After all, we know that our body lives and operates in harmony between all its parts while a dead body is destroyed. So let’s choose the right way!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/2/15

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A Game That Becomes Our Life

laitman_527Question: Why does a child play so naturally and truthfully while for a grownup a game is a lie?

Answer: It is because we adults have gotten used to living in a lie: our life is a lie and the game is a lie. It isn’t a crime but simply our nature. A game is always a lie and never the truth because after all, I don’t play myself but someone I would like to be.

We wouldn’t be able to advance without games. Children perceive a game as the absolute truth and therefore develop and grow. If we wholeheartedly joined in a game, like kids, we wouldn’t be able to leave it and would stay in it.

This is actually the tool that the wisdom of Kabbalah uses. I am told: “You need to love others, and in this love you will begin to feel the Creator! Here, you have a group that is made of ten people; start establishing such relations between you by pretending that each one loves the others. You have to create such an atmosphere between you so that each one will disappear in it and will melt in his love for others.”

I act out this love over and over again by returning to it a thousand times each day until I am incorporated in it to such an extent that I melt in this love and connection. Then I can attain the revelation of the Creator.

By being incorporated in love, I am incorporated in the Creator. This ceases to be a game and becomes the game of my life. But first I play it artificially: I pretend that I love the friends and annul myself before them without any desire to do so. I force myself and convince myself that I have to act this love, although I don’t feel it at all.

But I suddenly feel a warm feeling. The others influence me by setting an example for me by their alleged loving attitude; I see that they are loyal to this love and I feel ashamed that I cannot return the same love to them. I criticize and reprimand myself over and over again and once more force myself to love the others.

But when I annul myself this way, I suddenly begin to see how all the corporeal objects around me begin to disappear: the table, the chairs, and the walls. They all disappear from my perception and only one thing remains—the love that I feel. I also disappear. I become enslaved to this feeling of love, and there is nothing left but that feeling that is external to me since my “self” disappears.

My “self” is my ego, which disappears, and then I begin to feel how the upper force, the Creator, fills everything. It is because I have annulled myself and now I can feel Him. I have annulled my egoism and have received the attribute of the upper force, the attribute of bestowal, and this is the real game.
From KabTV’s “The Torah Chapters with Shmuel Vilozni” 2/2/15

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Mini-Model Of The Universe

laitman_934Question: It is said in The Zohar: “Happy is the one who was among the first ten in the house of meeting, because thanks to them, an assembly that consists of not less than ten people becomes complete and they are blessed by Shechina (Divinity).

After the assembly is complete, correction happens. It is written: “The greatness of the King is in the multitude of people.” So, those who follow the first ten are associated with the bodily correction, that is, with the correction of the congregation. ”

What does it mean, “the first ten followed by the entire nation”?

Answer: Any spiritual structure consists of ten Sefirot, no more and no less. By bringing together ten different properties, we form a mini-model of the universe, including the part of it that we do not know of or have any idea what it is.

The fact is that we are only dealing with our little world, but really don’t know much about it and we can’t fully understand it, not to mention the vast universe, comprising all the worlds. Therefore, it’s absolutely unimaginable to talk about the higher worlds, each of which is billions of times greater than our world.

At the same time, if we build a community of ten people that complement each other, this “vast impossibility,” fortunately, becomes very easy to comprehend. As soon as they connect with each other, the general force that embraces all the worlds starts influencing them. This force is called the Upper Light or the Creator.

By making attempts to maintain harmonious connections, staying in bestowal, and mutually complementing each other in accordance with the principle of “loving thy neighbor as thyself,” we immediately “oblige” the supreme power to impact our efforts to follow the law of similarity of properties. The upper force affects and helps us unite to the degree of our efforts to be connected.

When we comprise one system, we start feeling any commotion that happens between us: one clings to another and then connects with somebody else, and so on… In this case, we directly sense interactions among us. Suddenly, we reveal the powers and properties of the vast universe, including the higher worlds, which we currently have no idea about.

We see: “Oh, there are five worlds between us!” All of a sudden, we clearly perceive five levels, each of which is divided into sub-levels, and so on and so forth. One can explore the entire universe through the union of ten people (a Minyan) who are interconnected by complete bestowal and love. Their connection is sufficient; nothing more is necessary. This is the way we can start comprehending the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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