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Don’t Correct, Unite!

laitman_936Question: You say that we don’t need to correct anyone in order to unite, what does that mean? We have witnessed terrible atrocities by murderers and criminals lately. Don’t we have to correct these people?

Answer: No, we should only let such people understand that they need everyone else, and everyone should remain the way they are and should only have to connect and unite. If a person hates someone, he has to ascend above the feeling of hate and try not to remove it or get rid of it by killing others, since if he does so he doesn’t get rid of the hate, but rather intensifies it even more. It it is written: “love will cover all the sins.” Sins refer to the differences between us, which remain but which we cover by love.

See how nature works: minus and plus connect; molecules are formed and their combinations give birth to different creatures, protein bodies, etc. All the differences, the oppositeness and the contradictions between them remain, but they know how to connect correctly in order to complement one another. This is the whole secret.

We have to do the same on the human level, in our consciousness, and then our life will be wonderful. It is actually the connection between all of mankind who are so different from one another that the upper state is revealed. We will discover the future world, life according to the soul not according to our corporeal body, above our protein corporeal life. It is actually by our thoughts, desires, and our different attributes that the one body called the soul, which is one for all, is built when they complement each other in order to connect. Then everyone begins to feel the upper state, the upper world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/2/15

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In Harmony Between Good And Evil

laitman_557Question: Everyone is very familiar with opposite concepts such as light and darkness, love and hate, and other theories regarding human existence. Are these pluses and minuses really necessary?

Answer: The point is that we exist only in a minus, in the negative force, as it is written, “I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah as a spice.” The Torah is a special Light that is opposite from the ego, which we can draw and thus balance egoism.

Unfortunately, we don’t do that and this is the reason that our world exists only under the influence of the negative egoistic force. We have to complement our nature by discovering the other positive force that isn’t part of our world.

Our world advances only by the force of the ego, while we have to draw the positive force that balances it with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then in the balance and harmony between the two forces we will begin to feel the upper world, which means the next level of recognition and attainment of our existence. This is how we can reach a state that is beyond our body, which is called existence in the soul. Our body, on the other hand, is a form of existence in our egoistic attribute only.
From an Interview on RTN, New York, 21/7/15

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How Do You Discover Your Mission?

Laitman_003.jpgQuestion: Does every person have a unique mission, and how can I find it?

Answer: Every person certainly has a unique mission because each one has a unique root of his soul, and only this person is ready to realize it. Nobody in the world can complete his part in his place.

How do you know your mission? To do this you need to come and learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. Only you can discover your mission and no one instead of you.

Even if we see you have a high root of your soul and a unique mission, only you can discover what exactly that involves and realize it. Everything is in front of you!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 7/12/15

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Eternal Love

laitman_934Question: The Creator’s name is love, which tells us about Him. When we love, we become like Him. When we die, we disappear and cannot love anymore. Is the Creator’s love eternal or not?

Answer: There is no death but a change in our perception of reality from the perception through the body, seemingly as if through a corporeal body, to a direct perception in the desire called a soul.

When we acquire the connection with the soul along with this perception we smoothly transcend to the next form of perception. The connection with the soul is acquired through our love of mankind. But this is not what is meant by love now, in our egoism,; it is outside ourselves, outside egoism. Kabbalah teaches about love and it and the Creator are perceived (in the group of friends).

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Why Are We Afraid Of Death?

Laitman_504A person subconsciously thinks about death constantly. Everything that he builds and creates is intended to somehow nullify death.

He aspires to invent something, to build, to discover, to overcome, to do, and to hold onto his eternity. This is the fundamental motif that penetrates all of our existence.

If we were eternal or we had no sensation of the end, we would die and would not know that we died. Then we would live completely differently.

We would live full of inspiration, wholeheartedly, and we wouldn’t feel compelled to think about the end. Our subconscious feeling of the inevitability of death is very important to us.

Question: Is this good or bad?

Answer: It depends on how the person uses this reality. Without it, we would be beasts that are integrated completely in every moment of our existence because if there were no end, then the remaining sensation is, “If I exist only here, I must get everything out of this moment.”

But when we feel that the end is concealed somewhere, we try to abolish it. We distract ourselves, plunge headfirst into science, into creative search, into the creation of some works, etc., and all of this is to prove that we have overcome death. In principle, this is what drives us forward.

This is derived from the depths of consciousness and is realized not only on the level of the beast, but also on other levels, up to the highest spiritual levels in which everything is resolved in another form. There, a person begins to discover life within the soul, and therefore becomes independent of the life of the body.

If in addition to my physiological body I discover my spiritual body, called the “soul,” and begin to feel myself as existing within it, then simultaneously I feel how much my beastly body is temporary and finite and is obliged to ultimately die, again becoming inert matter.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/17/15

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The World Of One Soul

laitman_944Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: Thus, in our world, there are no new souls the way bodies are renewed, but only a certain amount of souls that incarnate on the wheel of transformation of the form, because each time they clothe a new body and a new generation.
Therefore, with regard to the souls, all generations since the beginning of Creation to the end of correction are as one generation that has extended its life over several thousand years, until it developed and became corrected as it should be.

And the fact that in the meantime each has changed its body several thousand times is completely irrelevant, because the essence of the body’s self, called “the soul,” did not suffer at all by these changes.

Question: How does the population on earth keep growing if the number of the souls that reincarnate from one generation to the next is fixed?

Answer: The souls are divided according to the number of bodies. Basically there is one soul that is divided into many parts, but this division doesn’t really exist and we only perceive it that way.

In fact, reincarnation is a change of form of the desire to receive. There are many such reincarnations at every given moment.

There is only one soul, which seems broken. We see that it is dispersed in different bodies and divided into seven billion people and besides there are also animals, plants, and inanimate rocks. The whole world is part of the desire to receive that undergoes changes or reincarnations in their desire.

A Kabbalist writes about the reincarnations of the corrected desire that is equipped with an anti-egoistic Masach (screen).

Question: So what is the meaning of the corporeal world that we see, changing it in time?

Answer: The meaning of this world is to use it correctly to ascend to the spiritual level, that is, to add the spiritual essence to the corporeal picture that we see. By that we sanctify this world and it becomes spiritual.

We discover the connections between all the parts of creation: the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and most importantly, the speaking that are increasingly more connected by ties of love and mutual support until we reach the picture of one whole reality.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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What Happens To The Soul After Death?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens to a person after he or she dies? What’s happens to their soul?

Answer: Those who are capable of perceiving their soul live within it because it is not connected with the death of the body.

And for those who have never attained their souls, there remains only a Reshimot (from Hebrew “roshem” – a record), which is a piece of information similar to DNA, a certain code that includes everything that a person had ever consisted of.

When the body dies, this informational part (Reshimot) must connect with a new body in this world and start all over. Every person has a Reshimot, which is the particle from which we eventually develop a soul.

Comment:  You have said that people who have a soul are only those who build it.

Answer: Yes, it’s true. They build it out of their egoistic desires that are based on Reshimot,  some particle of information that works inside the desire forcing people to build a soul.

Question: What do I have? What’s missing? What am I supposed to build?

Answer: Our egoistic will to receive is all we have. But it may be the case that suddenly a special desire sparks in us. This is a desire to perceive our soul and figure out why we live, what is the purpose of our existence and the source of life.

It means that a Reshimot, that tiny spark, the so-called point in the heart wakes up within us. At this point, we start contemplating what we should do next since this aspiration presses on us and doesn’t leave us alone.

Then, we address our egoistic desire and start searching for a place where we can realize this spark. Eventually, we come to a place where the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah is taught and where we receive an explanation of how to build a soul. Creating a soul means changing the will to receive for our own sake to being for the sake of others.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/10/15

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A Stream Of Goodness

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe weekly chapter of the Torah “Bambidar” tells us how the Israeli army was built. We learn how they gathered around the Tabernacle and what was displayed on the flags of each camp, etc.

This speaks about the building of the general soul: about the forces, intentions, and attributes of which it is made. The structure of the general soul reminds us of the structure of an atom, where only those parts that can withstand the radiation of the nucleus, the radiation of bestowal, can be close to the nucleus. It is according to this principle that the camps gather and are classified.

It says that it is forbidden to come close to the Tabernacle since one can die (“the stranger that approaches will die”). This means that your vessels, your desires, may not be able to hold on, and so become egoistic, causing you to die spiritually.

Comment: But all of humanity accepts these words as rigid laws and a threat of physical death.

Answer: The laws of nature are indeed rigid because the system that governs the world is very tough and uncompromising, but everyone still follows the stream of goodness.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/31/14

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Building Jerusalem Within The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanJerusalem is a spiritual concept, which means bestowal to the other. All spiritual definitions indicate different degrees of bestowal, exiting one’s egoism toward others, becoming included in the others and bringing them closer to serve them. Bestowal for the benefit of others is called the spiritual world of the human being.

Jerusalem is a special kind of bestowal. We bestow through our heart, our desires, of which there are 613. Together, they are all building our new desire for bestowal. One of its steps is called “Jerusalem,” a special relationship with others and the height of love.

Question: Why is this human quality called a city?

Answer: The human being consists of four levels, which are four degrees of bestowal: still, vegetative, animate, and human. Bestowal on the first still level is like a city, our world. Then, there are the vegetative, animate, and human levels.

The vegetative, animate, and human levels suggest changes, in contrast to the still level. But a city is a creation of human hands, and thus it also contains the vegetative, animate, and human levels within itself.

Everyone can find Jerusalem inside himself. In the Ari’s book The Tree of Life, it is written that if a person reaches the revelation of the upper force, attitudes towards others, which are love and bestowal on the degree, called the world of Yetzira, inside this state he discovers a special place that is the quality called Jerusalem.

Inside this property, he reveals subproperties: the Temple Mount, the Temple, the Holy of Holies. All of these are the properties of bestowal of a person as he exits himself towards others. Jerusalem is a person’s special attitude towards people, and therefore everyone must build this spiritual Jerusalem within his heart.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/7/15

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It Will Be A Day Of Rest For You

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus” 35:1 – 35:3: Moses called the whole community of the children of Israel to assemble, and he said to them: “These are the things that the Lord commanded to make. Six days work may be done, but on the seventh day you shall have sanctity, a day of complete rest to the Lord; whoever performs work thereon [on this day] shall be put to death. You shall not kindle fire in any of your dwelling places on the Sabbath day.”

Initially we deal with the egoistic desires of a person or the society.

The Torah tell us that all we need to do is overcome our ego and gather together above it into one single whole. So this Parasha (Torah portion), is called, “VaYikahel” (assembled).

It speaks about the gathering of all the separated, distant, and hostile parts of the collective soul, which are found in all of us and which we need to gather, like a puzzle, into one single soul.

Through the connection of these parts, we begin to arrange them under the influence of the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), the characteristic of bestowal and love of the Creator. If we try to be like Him, then to the degree of our efforts, He will influence us and help our gathering into a mutual, integral connection.

Then we will see how our mutual characteristics create something whole, some kind of complete image, which in the wisdom of Kabbalah is called a Partzuf, meaning a block or structure.

This Partzuf is composed of Sefirot: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, Malchut. In the first six Sefirot, that symbolize the six days of the week, we need to work in gathering the separated parts of the soul. If we succeed in this, then the Light will finish the complete gathering, working on our efforts throughout the six days of work. And then we do not need to do anything more, since on the seventh day our work is finished.

We make it possible for the Light to finish this welding between us in which then the complete unit of the soul emerges from the separated parts we gathered.

We finish a week, and begin a new week. A part and then another part is gathered, and in this way, we gather our entire common soul. Within a particular number of actions like these we attain the spiritual gathering of all the parts becoming one complete unit, the likeness of Adam (man), which means Domeh (similar to the Creator). With this, we attain the complete correction of humanity, which we must reach.

So Shabbat is the holiest day, for on this day the Light acts, influences our efforts, and finishes them. It is as if throughout the six days we create the work to be done, and on the seventh day the Light carries it out.

If on the seventh day we continue this work, then it is as if we are happy about this shattering of the soul of Adam because we are attempting to do the work instead of the Light. This is the greatest violation of the entire system of correction.

In general, we do part of the work and the Light does part of the work. If we do all of the work ourselves, we are adding even greater destruction into the system and even more strongly rejecting the reciprocity of all the parts that we gathered during the week. Generally, it is preferable to do nothing at all than to gather all week and continue this even on the seventh day. In this way, we would negate the entire method of correction of the system and all of its forward progress.

So prior to the seventh day, it is necessary to finish our efforts, meaning that we stop on the sixth day and make it possible for the Light to weld all the parts, sticking them together. It is said, “It will be a day of rest for you.” Basically, the person is doing work and not just resting. At this time, we finally feel the gradual unity of all six parts into one general whole and we finish the correction of the present spiritual level. And after that, we correct the next level and the next, and so on, week after week.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/10/13

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