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Is There Love In Our World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah relate to the concept of love?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah there are two types of love: love of friends and love of the Creator. All the other types of love belong to the physiological level and so from a Kabbalistic perspective it is considered affection, mutual satisfaction, and a person’s obligation to his family and children, but not love.

Love refers to what is above our egoistic level and is revealed to a person when he attains spirituality. By restricting the use of his ego and ascending above it, a person exits himself, enters into the group and those around him, where he discovers love.

The fulfillment of love is expressed by caring about those around you. What is more, these are people who are strangers to me, not part of my family, not my relatives, and I am not interested in them at all.

But the moment I begin to discover them as an essential component necessary for my spiritual ascent, I realize that I must care for them and love them, since by the correct connection with them, I attain the Creator. Then from the love of those around me, I reach the love of the Creator.

Today love is nothing more than natural physiological actions that are also instinctively found in animals. In humans, however, love isn’t an instinct and it has turned into almost anything you can imagine.

In other words, we can regard it as a sport, exercise, or pleasure, but it isn’t the love the wisdom of Kabbalah refers to. It has nothing to do with the self-sacrifice for a sublime idea, like in the spiritual feeling called love.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, love is incorporating the desires of those who are strangers to me inside me and caring about filling those desires more than my own desires. This becomes the goal of my life. I am ready to dedicate my whole life in order to fill the desires of others since this is what the Creator expects of me.

Question: Can such relations in a family also be called love?

Answer: Only if I transcend above the corporeal unity with my family and regard them as total strangers. If not, my relationship with them is on an ordinary physiological level.

Thus, there should be a strict understanding and division between the spiritual concept of love and the corporeal one. On the corporeal level the question: “Do you love me?” means “Are you ready to satisfy my personal desires?” It is an ordinary display of the ego. Therefore today we are witnessing an increase in the incidence of divorce and breakups of the family. But this trend is a sign of a reassessment of this generation’s values.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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The Nakedness Of Thy Father

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Acharei Mot), 18:7: The nakedness of thy father, and the nakedness of thy mother, shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.

“The nakedness of thy father and the nakedness of thy mother shalt thou not uncover,” refers to the prohibition of receiving the direct Light from the spiritual system of AVI (Aba ve Ima – Father and Mother). The Light that constantly descends from above is only in clothing that matches it.

In our world, for example, I can transmit a certain frequency over a great distance, but in empty space, my transmission only can spread out a distance of a kilometer or so.

If I wish to transmit sound to a distance of five hundred kilometers, or in space, I must increase the ordinary frequency by dressing it in a higher frequency. When one frequency rides on another, I perform modulation, and then the signal is transmitted smoothly.

In other words, the frequency of sound rides on the greater frequency of my generator. Thus, I thus transmit the sound. At the same time, the form of my sound is on a high frequency, and the transmitter that transmits it through a filter removes it, thus leaving only the voice frequency that enters the loudspeaker, through which the sound is heard.

Thus, the sound from the transmitter to the receiver is on high frequency and undergoes modulation and filtering. This is fulfilled according to the model of the passage of the Upper Light. The physical laws in our world are a result of the attributes of the Upper Light. If we wish to transmit something a great distance, we always transmit it through some environment or by riding a higher frequency.

It is the same in the spiritual world. If there is a signal from below, it must be dressed in some other Light, another frequency. The clothing is the Light of Hassadim, the Light of Hesed, the Light of bestowal that must come from the source to the receiver. The receiver must have the opposite attribute in order to receive this attribute and to separate the inner attribute of bestowal from the actual receiving.

The bestowal that descends from the system of Father and from the system of Mother (the Light of Hochma and the Light of Hassadim) is always dressed in such clothing. When they descend, we can connect them only in blocks that are similar to one another. Therefore, there is the restriction of “the nakedness of thy father…shalt thou not uncover,” which means that it is forbidden to uncover the Light of Hochma that is not dressed in the Light of Hassadim.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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The Prohibition Of Incest

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Acharei Mot), 18:6: None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness. I am the LORD.

There is a clear separation into the male and female parts in the spiritual system that descends from Above: the Light of Hassadim (mother) and the Light of Hochma (father).

The Light of Hochma descends through the father and the Light of Hassadim descends through the mother. They can intersect in the form of children but only in a certain combination and not randomly.

The combination can be when a certain amount of the Light of Hochma enters the Light of Hassadim, which it can contain. This means that the attribute of bestowal has to be in the amount that it can contain the Light of Hochma: pleasure in order to bestow, a filling for the sake of dissemination.

It is because every action has to be for love, for bestowal, and for the correction of others according to the rule of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Everything is directed towards bestowal since a person’s soul is external to him.

Actions that are directed towards my own benefit and which exceed the measure necessary for my existence are invalid, not kosher, and immediately destroy the souls. Thus a person has to advance within certain limits, understanding that he can only reach a certain limit and no more. How can he be shown this in advance? There is a spiritual system that descends from Above in order to enable him to properly focus only on bestowal and to advance properly as he understands the limits of the options that he has, and to determine them independently and use them freely.

It has to teach us and show us the options we have. When we teach a child, we show him what is allowed and what is forbidden, what is good and what is bad. First we show a child something and then we want him not only to perform what we show him, but to also make a half-step forward. Similarly, the spiritual system should teach a person skills by which he can advance independently. Thus the system of Adam (human being) has to develop independently.

In our world we develop only by blows and punishments. We see that humanity is constantly mistaken and that we cannot act properly because we grow in our ego. Such mistakes are impossible in the spiritual world.

In order to protect a person in his spiritual growth, a system of self-learning has to be created in him, not the type that we generally create from the top down, but rather from the bottom up when a person still doesn’t know what to do. This is only possible in the spiritual world, thanks to its attributes.

The word forbidden in the Torah means impossible. The prohibition of incest among relatives means that it is impossible to create part of the soul in this combination, since every action that we make is a consistent correction of another part of the soul.

It is impossible to correct a certain part by this action because a vessel that is not fit for correction is formed in that way. The Light descends from above in two lines. One is a piece called father and the other is a piece called mother and they can be combined only on certain levels.

The combination should be between signals that are absolutely disconnected that descend from a single part of the system. In other words, the attribute of bestowal and the attribute of receiving have to renew constantly in the totally new parts of the soul. Getting closer identically, which stems from one upper source, is impossible.

Question: Is there an example for that in our world?

Answer: Of course. Anything that exists in the spiritual world, in the form of roots, is revealed in our world in the form of their derivatives. Thus, there is the prohibition of incest between a father and a daughter, a mother and a son, etc.

These derivatives exist in our world and they lead to negative outcomes. The psychological and mental problems caused by the marriage of relatives of European monarchs and their offspring are well known.

Incest is only possible on the animal level, but the offspring of animals are totally detached from their mother and the biological, genetic connection with the parents disappears. Several years later they can easily come in contact with one another, not realizing that they are relatives.

This is impossible in a human being since he is connected to the Upper Light, while animals are on a lower level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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Guardians Of The Spiritual System

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah tells us how man gradually organizes the spiritual system in which the Light and the desire, that were created by the Creator, merge in the connection between them as Bina enters Malchut, Malchut enters Bina, and a mutual system is formed.

When Malchut enters Bina, which means when the desire enters the Light, it gradually weakens the Light, which results in the appearance of its different levels. When Malchut receives the Light, it simultaneously builds all the systems that will help it reach the level of the Light in the future.

The Torah describes the frameworks in which the Light can spread through the desire and the desire can resemble the Light.

For example, what do the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aaron, symbolize?

Aaron is the great priest and he symbolizes one of the guards of the system of Providence, GAR of Bina, which is not allowed to convey the Light of Hochma through it.

Aaron’s sons, Nadav and Avihu, who symbolize the attributes of that system, wanted to add the Light of Hochma into it, but they couldn’t bear it and were torn by the Light. At the same time, it is not the death of the system but the creation of a guardian, in which only the force of the Light that Aaron can convey will go through.

This is called the death of the sons of Aaron, which means not receiving in this desire, bypassing this guardian of the Light of Hochma, since a Light greater than the Light on the level of Aaron cannot pass below that.

It turns out that Aaron is a filter that shuts the entrance of the Light downwards, since the lower cannot accept it and perceive it. If someone wants to ascend to the level of the Light of Hochma, he needs to ascend to the level of Aaron.

Question: Does this mean that there cannot be another shattering?

Answer: This isn’t a shattering but an adaptation of the connection between the Light and desire. These two forces of creation must establish a symbiosis of mutual actions between them so they will correctly filter the Light and desire from Above and below in order to enable the souls to ascend properly from the bottom up, to expand, develop, and thus be filled with the Light.

Thus, Nadav and Avihu are systems that are created specifically in order to organize the frameworks in which the Light can spread inside the desire and by which the desire can resemble the Light.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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New Horizons Beyond The Finish Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the unification of the people influence its security?

Answer: The power of unification that we awaken is a collective force that acts and influences the entire world. All of the still, vegetative, and animate nature and humans are in the field of this upper force that links and vitalizes all parts of reality.

So if the people of Israel begin to unite, this force of unification will be awakened in all of the nations of the world. It is necessary to remember that the Jewish people left ancient Babylon where Abraham wanted to unite all of the Babylonians, which was the whole of humanity in those days. And now we must finish this work as this is what is talked about in the books of Kabbalah. Today we are at the final finish line of all of history.

Question: Many believe in the existence of the upper force, but others don’t. What is to be done with them?

Answer: It is not necessary to believe in any upper force. It is necessary to discover it! The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science for revealing the upper force, the Creator, to the creatures in this world. What we are calling the discovery of the upper force is feeling how it is extended among us, filling and connecting everything. We can feel how this upper force connects all parts of creation: the still matter, the vegetative, and the animate. It manages the whole world.

We don’t know what will happen with us in the next moment or the reasons for everything that happened in the past or is happening in the present. We don’t understand what is happening at all, and we only feel a very limited part of reality. Could it be that something exists besides our world?

Attainment, understanding, feeling the upper force, and its discovery open up new horizons in front of us.

Question: Where do we discover this upper force?

Answer: We reveal the upper force in the center of our circle, within the connection between all who are sitting in the circle.

Question: If this upper force and goodness exists, then why doesn’t it calm down all of the terrorists?

Answer: The goal of this upper force is to bring all of us to resemblance and equivalence with it and transform us into bestowers, just as He is. We must be linked, united, and love each other. This is how we rise to the level of the Creator, the giver, the lover. And then we feel reality just as the Creator feels it. This is the most perfect and best state.

The Kabbalists who discover this perfected state say that the goal of creation is to give pleasure to the creatures. And giving pleasure is possible only when we raise the creation to the level of the Creator himself.

So, the only thing that will help us now is disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah. The people of Israel must understand what condition they are in and what they must do. This is a unique people that are obligated to unite, and through this unity, they will heal all of the anti-Semitism in the world and will shield themselves from all enemies.

The moment the people of Israel unite, this unity will be extended to the whole world and compel all peoples to unite. The whole world will feel this subconsciously and they will stop blaming us and will even begin to help us. All of our previous haters will become our closest allies and helpers.

All that is needed is for everyone to join our circle, to connect to [Israeli] Channel 66. This is enough. If a person wants to know more and to be integrated more actively in the process of correction, to strengthen himself, and to hasten his development, there are all kinds of possibilities for this. All of our material is open to everyone and is completely free.

Question: Are you optimistic? Do you think that we will succeed in taking this new direction?

Answer: I am very optimistic. This requires persistent, difficult work, but I think that we are ready to move forward and improve the general situation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/2/14

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The Four Stages Of The Development Of The Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first stage is completely filled with Light, which comes out of the root, and it feels that it does not want to receive; this is how we get the second stage.

But then the second stage feels that this did not make it similar to the root. It may not be receiving anything, but it’s not bestowing either!

It only got worse because before I was attached to the Creator like an infant and I did everything that He wanted. I enjoyed infinitely, and even though I did it for my own sake, the Upper One was receiving pleasure from this!

Now, I supposedly got bigger and I do not want to receive from Him, but it turns out that I am not giving Him anything to enjoy, even the way an infant does, because He receives pleasure when I receive from Him.

So what have I done? I have gone even further away from Him! (And this is why the second stage is considered to be a stronger desire than the first stage, even though it does not receive anything.) It is as if I were neglecting Him…

An infant is closer to the mother than a grown child who feels independent and does not want to receive anything from her.

Then the second stage, Bina, decides that if it were to receive the Light from the Creator, He would really enjoy it; this is how we get ZAT de Bina.

The execution of this decision takes place in the third stage, in Zeir Anpin, who receives the Light for the sake of bestowal due to the strength of Bina. In other words, the upper determines this decision (Therefore it is considered that the head of Zeir Anpin is in Bina – ZAT de-Bina).

And then the fourth stage Malchut comes and sees how much pleasure there is… I am Zeir Anpin, who receives for the sake of bestowal, when I perceive the Creator and feel that I am just like Him!

I want to enjoy it both: the fulfillment that I am receiving and the equivalence with Him! I want to enjoy all the pleasures that exist in the Creator; this is called the fourth stage of development, Malchut.

A restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph) is done over this fourth stage, and we no longer receive fulfillment egoistically.


And then second restriction (Tzimtzum Bet) takes place, from ZAT de Bina to Malchut. Malchut penetrates all these desires and says: “Do not even think about reception! It is impossible to receive anything, you will not be able to!”

The fourth stage of desire penetrates the third and the second stages, and now there is a sensation in both Zeir Anpin and ZAT de Bina that any contact with reception of Light will be egoistic.

Previously, there was no feeling that the desire to receive pleasure is so opposite to the Light! But now it is there. But still this prohibition only exists because of Malchut and not because of Zeir Anpin, and especially not because of Bina.

After all, Zeir Anpin is planning on bestowing, but the question is: in which desires is he planning on doing it? Is it in the desires that he had before the fourth stage appeared or is he now planning on receiving for the sake of bestowal in the fourth stage, in Malchut?

And this confusion consequently leads to the breaking, when they were not able to understand why this is impossible. After all, if we are planning on receiving the Light for the sake of bestowal, like in the third stage of Direct Light, then this is an altruistic action.

But it turns out that the fourth stage has already penetrated these desires, and once you get to feel what Malchut is—pleasure from being equal to the Creator—you no longer can refuse it, you desire the taste. You have the fourth stage within you, and you cannot receive for the sake of bestowal!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Feeling The Common Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We felt a special state when we delved deep into the workshop and lost track of time; time passed and we didn’t even notice it. Does that mean that we drew the Light?

Answer: I don’t want to disappoint you, but this wasn’t the Light. Of course, if you were busy with something else that interested you, you would feel the exact same state. You shouldn’t care whether everything around you disappears or not, it is meaningless.

Do you see yourself inside the friends? Do you feel their movements as your own: their desires, intentions, direction, and changes? Do you feel the same inner sensations that the friend feels because there is one common heart beating inside you? We should try to examine this.

Question: The Creator waits for us to turn to Him. And turning to a friend, bestowing to him, should I expect something in return?

Answer: When you turn to a friend, you turn to the Creator. What do you expect in return? What do you want from Him? Do you want a certain inner connection and adhesion in order to attain the upper root and to discover how you delight Him by that? Everything is already included in such an action, but it should be dressed on specific figures, and in specific clothing.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 2

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Equip Yourself With The Higher Power Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A regular person doesn’t even suspect that there is some kind of higher power that is approaching us and summoning problems in our lives. In ancient times there were prophets who told the people about the actions of the Creator. But who will explain to people today what is happening with them?

Answer: The role of Kabbalists is to explain what is happening to everyone, and the main thing is to say that there is a remedy for correcting the unpleasant situation we find ourselves in. We have the possibility of transforming all the negative phenomena into positive ones, transforming darkness into Light.

Question: For this, what kind of change must happen in us?

Answer: All the changes are directed only towards connection. We don’t feel anything else. We need to overcome the rejection, the hatred of one towards another, our indifference, and to understand that only through connection between us do we bring the higher power closer to us in a good way. This force will be clothed in us and then we will merit the most wonderful life.

Everyone will need to study the method of connection and unification in order to understand what must be done and how. In this manner, we merit a wonderful life and remove all of the disasters, problems, diseases, wars, and anti-Semitism.

A powerful weapon like this is in our hands, but we haven’t even suspected this, and this is the whole problem. People must discover and know what this higher power is and how to use it through our connection. The war is not conducted with an external enemy, rather within the people of Israel.

In the meantime, mentioning the Creator, the higher power, frightens a person because he connects these concepts with religious stereotypes he is accustomed to. Nobody knows exactly what is standing behind these words, but each one has his concept, and it seems to him that he supposedly understands.

But essentially, the Creator is the collective power of nature. There are many forces we learn about in physics, chemistry, biology and zoology. These are the laws of all kinds of natural systems. But the collective power that includes all the rest of the forces within it, the general system that includes the other systems within it, this is called the “Creator.” This is everything!

The Creator is not some kind of mystical image but the collective power that holds within it the entire creation that was created by it. Therefore this is what is called.

Besides that, the Creator (Boreh) symbolizes “Bo Reh” (come and see). This means that we can “come,” advance in our correction, and “see.” We approach this higher power through connecting with each other, and in this manner we form the ability to feel the Creator within us.

The law of equivalence of form exists according to which we can only feel such a phenomenon we have common characteristics with. So how can we acquire common characteristics with the Creator in order to feel Him? We attain characteristics like these through our connection with others.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: Preparing the People of Israel for Light” 8/20/14

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Come Close To Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe song “For You Have Saved My Soul” (Ki Hilatsta Nafshi) is a song of gratitude of a person as he has ascended to the level on which he was created, above our world, and who has finally found the answer to the meaning of life.

Our soul is formed on the upper levels of knowledge, just like the body of an embryo inside its mother’s womb. The soul is gradually formed and begins to descend and to become coarser, dressed in attires that are increasingly closer to matter until it enters the corporeal body.

Spiritual attainment is ascending to the same levels where the formation of your soul began. You begin to attain its root there, the basis, and discover why you have a certain fate, what has been prepared for you not only in this life but in a whole series of lives, until you fulfill your spiritual potential to the fullest and bring your soul to the state that was predetermined.

Attaining the root of the soul provides a person with an answer to the question of how he should live. This is very important, especially today, when we are totally lost, and don’t know what to do with our lives.

This is a song of gratitude to the Creator for having raised you to the root of your soul and for allowing you to attain your soul.

This song is about getting closer to the upper force, to the root of the soul, to the upper attainment, when a person begins a dialog with the Creator and hears the Creator calling him: “Come close to me.”
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 2/09/14

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School Instead Of Prison

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we look at the problems that are ripping modern society apart, how is it possible to believe that there is any chance of reaching mutual Arvut (mutual guarantee)?

Answer: In society, what happens is what the Creator arranges for us from above, even the most negative things. Believe me, everything is sealed by the Creator Himself and not by any Prime Minister, President, head of the American Congress or the European Union. Everything, down to the last atom, is managed from Above.

Question: Even if there is a feeling that half of the nation should be in prison?

Answer: Not half of the nation, rather the entire nation. Half of the nation are thieves and the other half are to blame for the first half being thieves. So everyone should be in prison, including the police.

If all of us must be in mutual mutual guarantee, then each is responsible for the other. But because we don’t influence the others as is needed, they don’t receive enough influence. So what can be demanded from us?

Only on the condition that we influence others correctly and are concerned that our influence will succeed, can we rest assured that we will see the right response from the others. But if in the meantime, their response is incorrect, then our influence is incorrect.

So the Torah has a completely different approach to punishments in comparison to what is accepted in this world. The punishment must be correction, first and foremost through the environment.

Indeed, a person is a product of his environment. The legal system must be part of the educational system, but punishment must lead to correction. In contrast to this, our prisons are universities for training criminals.

Question: What does this mean: “After all, in your eyes all of Israel are guarantors for each other, both on the positive and negative side?”

Answer: This means that the influence of the environment completely determines human behavior, both positively and negatively. It follows that if the citizens of a nation behave inappropriately, this says that the nation is in a crisis of education. Other than education, nothing else is needed.

The only thing that a nation needs, besides the ministries of defense and health, is the ministry of education. And if the educational system is correct, then we don’t need the military or medicine.

If a nation were to function according to the laws of mutual Arvut, it would not need the military or the police—nothing. They would organize everything that is necessary for material existence for themselves, and they would direct everything else towards spiritual development.

Besides education, nothing is necessary. This stems from the law of mutual Arvut, which means that you are responsible for every resident of the nation and for his behavior as a person. And if he does something that is not good, this means that you have not influenced him positively, you have not given the feeling of love.

Indeed, if he were to feel the love of everyone, this would silence his evil inclination. He wouldn’t need anything and he would feel like a fetus in his mother’s womb, that he has everything: “A lamp is lit above his head, and he looks and sees from one end of the world to the other; and they teach him the entire Torah.”

This is truly an amazing state. Indeed, we are all connected in a single network and this is now being revealed more and more. If you think about the other and influence him, whatever your influence is, this is what will be in him. And as much as your good influence is lacking, you will see this according to his behavior.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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