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Escape From The Angel Of Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Passover Haggadah tells us that a person has the opportunity to plan his life and become its master. It explains the goal that he must achieve, the means of accomplishing this, and what he needs to change within himself. It gives us all the details.

The Passover Haggadah, in the first place, gives a person the means to understand what his life is today and how much it is limited and dead.

It reveals how one can make a breakthrough and escape this dead life and rise to the state above our current nature in order to achieve the perfect level of freedom.

This is called liberation from the angel of death because we rise above death.

Question: What does it mean to rise above death?

Answer: It means to live an eternal life.

Question: Does this mean that I will never die? I have not seen a single person who has lived forever.

Answer: Only bodies die. But we discover another entity in ourselves, which is the inner human being, my “I.” This inner “I” is removed from my body and does not feel death.

Anyone who really wants to obtain freedom and eternal life can learn how to realize this using the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is quite possible, as it is written: “You will see your world in your lifetime,” that is, we are able to reveal in it the upper force, the Creator. Everyone is able to achieve this since the doors are open to everyone—only a desire is required.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/15

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Everything About The Revelation Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that only the wisdom of Kabbalah has an answer about the meaning of life?

Answer: We look for answers in a clear, scientific manner and don’t believe what someone has written in some books. I have to attain the answer by myself. The wisdom of Kabbalah is based on accurate attainment, as it is said, “a judge only has what his eyes can see.” Attainment is the clearest understanding a person can have. That’s the way it should be.

Therefore, when we engage in the Kabbalistic method, we acquire scientific research tools and discover everything until we have no doubts remaining. It is through the wisdom of Kabbalah that I discover the tools, opportunities, and attributes inside me, by which I can reveal the Creator, the network that connects all of creation and the upper world.

I live in two worlds. My body lives in this world and at the same time I feel an upper reality. But only I feel it since only I attain it. Anyone who wishes to feel the same thing has to undergo the same path of study and exercises, and then he will gradually reach the revelation of the upper reality.

Question: You always talk about revelation, the revelation of the force that surrounds everything, the one force that operates in nature. Does that mean that there is something that exists now but I simply don’t feel it?  What does it mean to reveal?

Answer: There are many phenomena that you are not aware of and that you don’t detect. Do you perceive or receive radio waves? No. There are many phenomena taking place around us, but we don’t perceive or receive them. We have simply built different instruments by which we can detect such phenomena. But according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we cannot build external devices. We are the ones who have to change internally; because our perception, our mind and our feelings are limited, we have to expand them. Because we have to discover the general force of nature that is called the Creator, which stands for Bo-re, (come and see), we have to attain the state in which we will see Him, which means to reveal Him and reach attainment.

Question: What do I have to do when I attain the revelation of the upper reality?

Answer: The revelation itself obliges you just as any revelation in this world that obliges you to behave differently, because you actually change according to it. It is then that new knowledge and feelings fill you.

Question: But how does the revelation of the upper reality, of the Creator, fill me?

Answer: You feel that you are filled with love of others. It is an immense change a person undergoes. It is because love thy friend as thyself, the law of mutual guarantee, is the general law of the upper reality, and we have to ascend all the way to it and exist within it.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 1/18/15

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The Law Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the unique force that connects all of the forces of nature within it, that manages this entire game called our life. How is this law felt when a person begins to recognize and attain it?

Answer: This general law is called Arvut (mutual guarantee). All of the parts of nature, the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking, all of the forces, all of nature in its fullness and completeness are connected within a single system, and all parts support each other to construct a complete form.

Question: This law also acts on the human level?

Answer: Yes. But the problem is that humanity needs to fill its niche. This is done intentionally so that we will attain the level of this unique power, becoming its partners.

This sole power contains all of reality within it, all times and all worlds, except for our world. It is above time, place, motion and above our consciousness, an immense sphere in which only one force operates. We can not only discover this force, but also can rise to its level.

We must attain this goal here in our lives. Then we become free from all the limitations of time and distance, life and death; for us, none of this exists. We attain our world in this life.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 1/18/15

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The Disappearance Of The King Of Egypt

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati 159, “And It Came To Pass In The Course Of Those Many Days:” This is the meaning of “the king of Egypt died,” that all the dominations of the king of Egypt, which he was providing for and nourishing, had died.

The king of Egypt died inside us and  the control of the ego upon us disappeared. Therefore, we were not able to work anymore. We were always working in order to receive and then to bestow in order to receive.  And suddenly there is no one to work for since the desire to receive disappeared. And if there is no desire, then there is nothing to do, no desire to bestow or receive. The ego disappears, we come to despair and don’t know where to go.

We don’t have a reason to move; we feel disconnected from life, which suddenly becomes in vain. But, clearly this is exactly the passage to the next degree. If at this moment we are powerless, it precisely indicates our dependency on the force of desire and how it held us in its complete control.

“The king of Egypt died,” that is, our ego stopped being important to us. We no longer try to fulfill it as before, nor do we feel that there is any vitality in this fulfillment.

In ordinary life it is clear to us that if I we are fed up with a game, it is not as important as before, that is, that the king of Egypt, the ego, that was part of the game and fulfilled us, does not fulfill us anymore. Therefore, we look for another game, changing our place of work or lifestyle.

But, in spiritual work we don’t know how to change a problem. In regular life we have TV, the Internet, advertisements, and we constantly choose where else we can find enjoyment and what else can be experienced. We enter the supermarket and see endless varieties of wine, cheese, and meat on the shelves. If you don’t want one thing, take another one. This confuses people and creates an illusion of a variety of pleasures, and this calms people by showing them that there is always something to fulfill them. Nevertheless, we see that with all the sufferings, a large percentage of people suffer from depression, complete despair, and drug use.

Because we progress toward mutual spiritual work, today in our world people do not understand where the king of Egypt disappeared to. Before he provided aspiration for work from which we received different fulfillments. But today, everything has disappeared and this is a problem in our lives.

We understand that we cannot change jobs anymore; there is no place to where we can escape, and we will need to concentrate on finding a new king. Meaning, we must receive the control of the force to bestow without any reward, to receive force from above and perform actions that are directed upward and toward people outside of us.

We only need to request to disconnect from any self-benefit, from our future, from fulfillment, and from good or bad feelings within us.

And afterward, when they walked in the desert and came to a state of Katnut, (smallness), they craved the servitude that they had had prior to the death of the king of Egypt.

When man had previously disconnected from working for his ego and had risen above it, he again is brought back to the feeling of the desires, intentions, pleasures, and fulfillments he had in the past! This is done so that above his feeling of disconnection, he will build the same state on a spiritual level.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/14, Shamati #159

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Discovering The Origin Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that in our time every person needs to become a Kabbalist, as it is written, Jeremiah 31:33: “…’Know the LORD'; for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them…” and  Isaiah 56:7: “…for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” What does it mean to be a Kabbalist?

Answer: Every person must have a revelation of the Creator, the higher force.

Question: What is this higher force?

Answer: This is the general power of nature. We don’t find it now because we operate only according to a single sense, the desire to receive and enjoy.

Question: Is it possible to discover this power scientifically?

Answer: From all the observations within our senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching) we create the physical sciences. But a richer knowledge is hidden in the wisdom of Kabbalah, because in it we don’t just discover the phenomena around us but the origin of life itself.

And then we can answer these questions: from where, why, and for the sake of what goal did the higher force create us? What do we go through in our lives from the moment of our creation until today? What is expected for us from within? We can disclose the entire way that is before us and see where something might harm us and how to correct it.

Question: When you talk about the origin of life, do you mean only the creation of the world or also what happens in my everyday life? What does it mean to discover the origin of life?

Answer: A person who discovers that he is connected with the higher force sees how much that higher management influences all of humanity, the entire environment, his family and himself, and in this case it becomes possible to organize our lives correctly.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 1/18/15

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Complete Freedom!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “BaHar” (On Mount Sinai), item 85: …“And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified.’” “And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant” is the degree of slave, left line, Malchut. “Israel” is the degree of son, right line, ZA. When they are included as one, it is written, “In whom I will be glorified.”

The two lines: the left, the level of the slave (Malchut), and the right, the level of the son (Israel), have to be united and glorified, which means to be revealed.

On the one hand, we have to totally submit and enslave ourselves to the upper leadership. We can say, of course, that now He governs us and that we are totally enslaved to Him and cannot do anything without Him, but this is the attribute of a bad slave.

The left line has to be loyal to its master by stating, “I want to be His slave. I want Him to govern me internally through the desires over which I have no control.” This is my freedom. My freedom is in choosing whether to remain under the domination of the Master or to leave Him. I choose His domination because I cannot feel any freer than when I am under His leadership.

Later, when I ascend higher, the level of the slave enters to the level of the son. The difference between the level of the salve and the level of the son is that I do everything my Father desires and not my Master. Now I want to carry out all His actions consciously, even if He doesn’t force me to do so. And, even if He didn’t know about it, here I work without connection to Him, and am like Him.

These two states have to be clearly felt by a person and then the third state appears between them, the middle line, when I am neither a slave nor the son. The middle line doesn’t exist in nature and is created and appears in the connection between the right and left lines, giving a person a feeling of complete freedom. It is like being in a vacuum, where the first condition of the slave doesn’t operate or have any impact on me, but neither does the second condition of the son.

I can totally disconnect myself from any connection with the Creator and be independent in all my actions, desires, and thoughts. Complete freedom!

This is what the thought of creation is all about, which is bringing a person to the feeling of freedom that leads to his choice of the state to be where the Creator exists and to yearn for Him. If I yearn for that myself by 10%, 15%, or 20%, I gradually turn myself into that exact image, the same replica, and to that extent I am called Adam, a human being.

I disconnect myself from the Creator in the middle line because otherwise I have no freewill. This isn’t an illusion of freedom. I need to feel that I am totally free. Moreover, this feeling comes against a cacophony of all kinds of egoistic desires, urges, and temptations. Pride, envy, the desire to do whatever he wants, and to be the master of the universe grow in a person.

Imagine that you are immersed in water and on the surface, instead of clear water, turbidity from the bottom suddenly rises, and it is all yours, the waves of your egoistic thoughts and desires. It is actually on this background that you begin to make a human being out of yourself.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/18/14

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Desire Is A Person’s Only Image

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus,” 25:6 – 25:7: And [the produce of] the Sabbath of the land shall be yours to eat for you, for your male and female slaves, and for your hired worker and resident who live with you, And all of its produce may be eaten [also] by your domestic animals and by the beasts that are in your land.

Everything that belongs to a person, to his vessel, which is made of the parts of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels, divided horizontally, vertically, and upwards, has to be included in his work. He has to prepare his desires so that they are ready to be filled with the Upper Light. A servant, a maid, cattle and beasts are all parts of a person.

When we reach that state, we will see that all the other parts of nature (the still, vegetative, and animate), which we feel externally to us, will be filled with the same Light and it will be clear that they are not external but all exist inside. We will discover that our external and internal world is one whole, general world. This means that my animate part and the whole animate world that surrounds me, my vegetative part and the whole vegetative world that is external to me, the part of the still nature in me and the whole universe, are actually one unique whole.

It turns out that the one, unique human figure that we create when we fully connect includes all of creation inside it, which we feel as one whole. There is no division into I and others. Humans, animals, plants, and inanimate nature all become one unique desire in which the concept of the one Creator is attained, which is the one force of nature. This is typified by the seventh millennium.

And the Creator’s attitude to this—the attainment of the thought of His creation, the plan, His actions, His main initial desire to create the created being in His form and image—is already the next three thousands: the eighth, ninth, and tenth. Then it is all locked into one unique whole that is not divided into thousands of years, and the created being enters another dimension, which we know nothing about. But he exists, since we have clues to that in the writings of great Kabbalists, but nothing more.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/13/14

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A World With The Dimension Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Introduction to The Book of Zohar, Item 40:  And I know that it is completely unaccepted in the eyes of some philosophers. They cannot agree that man, whom they think of as low and worthless, is the center of the magnificent creation. But they are like a worm that is born inside a radish and thinks that the world of the Creator is as bitter and as dark as the radish it was born in.

But as soon as the shell of the radish [of one’s egoism] breaks and it peeps out [comes out of the egoism, of the intention, “for his own sake,” and enters bestowal and love for others], it wonders [in awe of the upper world that it revealed] and says: “I thought the whole world was the size of my radish, but now I see before me a grand, beautiful, and wondrous world

This is what we feel when we discover a hidden treasure that was always in our possession without our knowing about it. Now we can open the gate and see what is happening beyond the limits of this world in which we have reached a blind alley. When the exit from it is discovered, we see before us a “grand, beautiful, and wondrous world.”

Question: What did the worm see when it came out of the radish?

Answer: It saw the sun, the flowers, and the blue sky. Imagine what a difference this was compared to the dark and bitter radish! We are like this worm when it is disclosed that the world is infinite, that death does not exist, that life here is worse than death, and that we’re in it. The world is revealed before us with absolutely different dimensions. We begin to see the world in a dimension of bestowal and love, and then its boundaries are changed.

We now perceive our world in a rather limited form and our possibilities within it are limited, our lives are so short. Suddenly all of these limitations disappear and the boundaries are expanded. Before then we existed within our ego, and there it was possible to receive only as much as it succeeded for us. But for the characteristic of bestowal that we acquire in place of the ego, there are no limitations and borders. Therefore we feel life as eternal and not limited by anything.

For this we only need to come out of the radish and see the true world.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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Ending The Old Myths About The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My acquaintances tell me that it is dangerous to study the wisdom of Kabbalah because you can go crazy. Is it true that it is so dangerous and what should one beware of in the study?

Answer: In the “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot,” the main textbook for studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is written that the Kabbalists intentionally spread the rumor that it is dangerous to study the wisdom of Kabbalah because they didn’t want people to come to study. So the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed from the time of the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) almost until our day.

This had to happen because humanity had to develop and the people of Israel had to go through exile. The exile is also detachment from the wisdom of Kabbalah, from knowledge of the system, and a sinking into darkness. So we were in darkness for 2,000 years and this myth has existed about the wisdom of Kabbalah until today. But it was spread by the Kabbalists themselves to keep people away from the wisdom of Kabbalah until its time would come.

And today everything is precisely the opposite. Just as our entire world has transformed, so has the attitude towards the wisdom of Kabbalah changed. The Kabbalists write that from our day and onward everyone must discover the wisdom of Kabbalah and see what it gives to the people of Israel. This is because we cannot solve our problems nor exist any longer without it.

So there is nothing to fear. It is possible to open the book and study, and there are plenty of books that are appropriate for beginners, men and women.

Question: So it follows that in recent years humanity has reached a stage in which the wisdom of Kabbalah must be studied by everyone? Previously this wasn’t so and there even existed a prohibition on its study. But today humanity is found in such a blind alley that the only exit from it is to learn about life existing beyond these boundaries?

Answer: It is specifically the same outlet that is revealed to us through the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah that takes us out of the blind alley in which we are now found.

Question: What do you mean by “beyond the boundaries of life”?

Answer: This is life beyond the boundaries of our corruption, a life in a corrected world. The world continues to act according to determined laws and nothing is changed other than our attitude. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us how to manage the forces and the network of connection between us so that everyone will be connected in the right way.

We reach such a harmony, such a unity, in the relationships between us that we discover a unique force between us that helps us rise above this life that is within the body and only for its sake. We begin to feel life on a higher level, and in this manner we go out beyond the limits of this world, this life.

Question: Doesn’t one have to be a great sage for this?

Answer: This is accessible to everyone. In our house there is a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave; do you know how they work? Even if you don’t it doesn’t keep you from using them.

In the same way there were wise Kabbalists who created the method, like a microwave. And there are ordinary people for whom it is enough only to learn to use it. Each one must learn to some degree, similar to how we need to know how a microwave works, in terms of what buttons to press and how to change its states.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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The Thought Of Creation Through The Figures In The Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanAdam HaRishon (First Man) is the structure of the only soul that was created and which has undergone great changes after the shattering. First, it existed in the state of Hafetz Hesed, and didn’t receive anything and didn’t want anything for itself.

This state is called the Garden of Eden (heaven) or an angel.

An angel is a force that has no ego at all. He performs all the work that is necessary for the general force of nature. It is said that an angel is part of the Creator.

He is managed by the upper force that operates and advances all of creation toward the goal, toward attaining the attribute of love and bestowal.

Question: Is there a Reshimo (reminiscence) of the state of Adam HaRishon in us?

Answer: There are Reshimot, spiritual genes, of all the states in us. It is because we have descended into our world from the spiritual level of absolute wholeness, and now we must ascend once again by ourselves using the Reshimot that were preserved in us, but we must do it consciously through drawing the upper force and correcting ourselves by it. This force is called the Torah, stemming from the Hebrew word, “Ohr” (Light).

We gradually accept the Upper Light because it arrives gradually, according to our ascent. The upper system of illumination formats and affects us, raises us, and corrects us by reintegrating everyone into one general structure that is the same general soul that was initially created.

This sums up the entire history of our descent from the top down and our ascent from the bottom up. The ascent from the bottom up began when the general soul called Adam was shattered and discovered that it was absolutely egoistic, and that it wasn’t ready for the contact with the Light, with the Creator. This is called Adam HaRishon’s sin and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

The Creator disappeared from people’s feelings, and they were left to roam the earth in the corporeal darkness. This is the reason that we all are totally shattered, separated, and distant from one another in this world.

Twenty generations of Kabbalists after Adam tried to correct this situation, but the first ten generations understood their problems and that they couldn’t do anything until Noah appeared. Noah was saved during the flood while most of the people died.

This wasn’t death and loss, but purification because there is no actual death. People who died symbolize the egoistic desires that we cannot use at a certain time.

This is the reason that they are considered dead. However, later, they come back to life in the correct form and, thus, seemingly appear in the next generations.

They are the same desires that underwent phases of purification through death in their earlier egoistic form and then come back to life in an altruistic form. Thus, the ten generations that followed Noah are already generations that are closer to Abraham, to the recognition of the right spiritual advancement.

The last level before Abraham was his father Terach. Terach is the feeling of the ego that we want to use and to enjoy, while Abraham is the recognition that this ego is evil, which means its opposite side.

Abraham and Terach are one single whole, but the part called Terach wants to work with the ego and the part called Abraham already understands that it is forbidden to work with the ego and that it means death.

This is why they break apart. Abraham changes his attitude toward life, toward the world called Terach and becomes Abraham, meaning the father of the nation in Hebrew. This means that he becomes the father of all the desires that eventually will be corrected.
From KabTV’s Secrets of the Eternal Book 6/18/14

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