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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/31/17, Part 1

laitman_547.04Question: Does the soul have volume?

Answer: The volume of the soul is measured by the degree of its bestowal above egoism. If a person’s egoism is great and he has the ability to transcend it and bestow through its help, it is valued as a great soul.

Question: How much time is required to ascend the spiritual levels if we are regularly studying the wisdom of Kabbalah? Is there an average or is it all individual?

Answer: There is no such measure. It is an individual ascent that depends solely on your efforts.

Question: Why is it that on one hand I know that the Creator exists and is hiding Himself from me even though I do not feel that, and on the other hand, I feel what happens to me directly and do not connect it with the Creator?

Answer: The Creator does not hide from you, rather it is you who are hiding Him. Everything that happens to you is done by the Creator.

Question: Where does the “self” come from? What is the reason for its creation?

Answer: The “self” is simply an egoistic desire, a feeling of self that is revealed through the four phases of the Ohr Yashar (Direct Light).

Question: Is it possible to develop and improve on one’s own?

Answer: No. If you are alone, you have no connection with the Creator.

Question: If the world exists only within me, do all of the sciences. including the wisdom of Kabbalah. also exist only within me?

Answer: Correct.

Question: I read that the Creator suffers much more than we do because He is forced to move us through suffering. How should I understand this?

Answer: Indeed, our sufferings are felt more in the Creator than in us because He is the totality of nature, while we are only a small part of Him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/31/17

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Faith In The Spiritual And In The Material

laitman_567.04Question: Is there a correct method of working with doubts in Kabbalah?

Answer: There can be no doubts in Kabbalah. Rising above them, we come to the spiritual quality of bestowal, the quality of faith, and there is no room for doubt in it because there we reveal the Creator, the upper Light.

Faith in the spiritual is the feeling of the Creator. And the spiritual quality of faith is the complete opposite of the material where you close your eyes and imagine that this is so.

In Kabbalah, on the contrary, you open your eyes and begin to see.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/10/17

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Taste For Beauty Remains

laitman_600.02Question: Why did the Creator create so many interesting, amazing and beautiful things in this world? A person has a desire to try and taste everything. The Creator gave both opportunities and desires. Why go against this?

Answer: We do not need to resist. But when a person wants to master his exalted mission, he loses interest in everything else. As it is written, “The big fish swallows the little ones.” (Zohar for All, Chapter “VaYikra,” item 185)

Therefore, if I engage in attaining the meaning of life and understand that I need to reach it via a certain path, then everything else on the way is nothing more than a means.

Question: Is the taste for beauty in this world taken away from a person?

Answer: Nothing is taken away from a Kabbalist. On the contrary, he gets even greater tastes, desires, and yearnings. I still like good music, nature’s beauty, and travelling. I like watching the National Geographic channel, the animal world, and the ethnography and culture of the peoples of the world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/28/18

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According To The Laws Of Our World

laitman_567.04Question: If someone is hurting me in our world, is it necessary to settle the conflict with love?

Answer: No. In this world we act according to its laws. The action is equal to counteraction. A person must be educated, knowing not to harm others.

The Torah says: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Many people had problems in the passage through the Sinai desert, and Moses always punished them. Correction by punishment lasted for 40 years, until the generation was completely replaced by a new one, ready to enter the land of Israel.

The Torah does not speak about forgiveness. And we don’t see it anywhere in the world! That is all just beautiful words and lies! Why should we act like this if our nature does not take it at all?

Question: What then does the phrase mean: “To love good and to hate evil”?

Answer: True, we must love good and hate evil. But this does not mean that if you are hit on one cheek, that you turn the other. This will never make an individual a person. You yourself are doing harm to him. He will see that he receives a reward for bad actions and will act this same way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/10/17

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/7/18

Laitman_510.01Question: What is the reason for confusing people who are not spiritually developed in the beginning of their path?

Answer: Kabbalists don’t confuse anyone. They explain what the wisdom of Kabbalah is with complete precision and how a person should study.

Question: In the Kabbalist’s worldview, how is the perfection of the world expressed? What do you see that I don’t see?

Answer: I see the reason for everything that happens, how to act correctly in this context, and the result of everything that is happening as well, even if it is not realized in our world.

Question: What is the spiritual source of unsolvable financial problems that endure for many years? There is a feeling that we are under the control of an evil fate. How does a Kabbalist relate to a situation like this?

Answer: A Kabbalist feels this as pressure from the Creator acting on him so that he will be engaged with solving his problem in our world and will simultaneously elevate the attainment of the spiritual goal beyond it.

Question: Is your consciousness in the upper world 24 hours a day?

Answer: In principle, yes, it is. More precisely, it is in both worlds.

Question: Is the choice of a profession and changing the type of work that one does connected with the growth of the ego or the influence of the Light?

Answer: Certainly everything is determined by the Light that acts on and influences a person. Nothing is by chance in the world. But a person who is involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah tries to find work that will provide for him materially and simultaneously will make it possible for him to study systematically.

Question: If fate is a program that comes from the Creator, then what is luck? Is it a failure in this program or a reward for the right connection with it?

Answer: This concept of luck exists, but it is possible that it is also from above in the program of spiritual ascent. The intent here is spiritual ascent and not winning the lottery.

Question: Is it possible to say that all of us are in exile in our world?

Answer: Yes, it is also said that we are in exile. But this exile can continue for thousands of years, from one life cycle to another life cycle, and it could continue for many years until you attain the upper world while you are in this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/7/18

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If You See Negative Qualities In Yourself …

laitman_276.04Question: What should we do when we discover negative qualities in ourselves that we did not previously perceive? How do we work with that?

Answer: Don’t be afraid! The Creator reveals only your inner, true essence to you. Thank Him for everything that occurs.

The revelation of the growth of egoism we call “rising along the left line.” Accordingly, you need to work with the right line in order to balance the left.

When the left and right lines become very strong, relative to one another, between them, you will discover the Creator, the quality that controls you, and upon which you are entirely dependent. Uniting with Him, you will be able to affect Him and in this manner determine all your future states, your fate.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/10/17

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/31/17, Part 2

Laitman_177.13Question: What is happiness?

Answer: Happiness is a state in which I can fulfill others and fulfill the Creator through others.

Question: The material world constantly pulls me in. Why did the Creator create it?

Answer: He specifically created it so that it would pull you in, so that you would oppose it and try to act such that the upper world would pull you in.

Question: What is the role of human diversity in this world?

Answer: We are fragments of one general system of the soul, Adam, and therefore we are different. From this state, we need to connect together again into one common general system.

Question: Is it possible to coax the higher forces so that I can be at the right time in the right place?

Answer: It depends on a person’s destiny, which is determined according to many parameters, especially his soul, how much it was developed in previous states, and how much the general soul that is called Adam requires his or her participation in the general correction.

Question: Do all the higher forces support us equally? Is it possible to create a connection with everyone?

Answer: There is one higher power, the Creator, and the rest of these forces are derived from Him; therefore, it is necessary to take account of Him alone. All the rest of the forces are called Malachim (angels). They have no freedom of choice.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/31/17

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A Kabbalist’s Perception

Laitman_113Question: Do all Kabbalists have this dual perception of me and my egoism?

Answer: That depends on what the individual associates himself with: the point in the heart or his egoism. If with one and the other, then he really feels himself in a dual state, divided into two parts.

Question: Is this a good state?

Answer: It’s very good! At any point in life, in any state, you hold onto the thought that you consist of two parts: one is the desire of your egoism and the other is your desire as a human being.

At the very least, it is best to separate yourself from your egoism, to look as if from a distance, and convince yourself as to what egoists we all are. Juxtaposed with the good, realize what we can all be. However, egoism will not disappear, and we are not suffering from it in the least. We treat it completely objectively. This is a great, natural quality that helps you to rise higher.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/4/18

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The Connection Between Personal and General Governance

laitman_275Question: There is personal and general governance. How do they fit together?

Answer: General governance descends on the people and the world, and personal governance descends on a person or his small community. At the same time, both types of governance may contradict each other.

Remark: You said that the Creator does not relate personally to a man in any way, only through the whole of mankind.

My Comment: It does not matter. If the Creator affects a person or if people want to selectively affect one another, then it is a personal impact. For example, in creating a mutual guarantee (Arvut), we want to selectively influence our friends.

The Creator has no personal claims to a person. A person is a product of his environment, and therefore, the Creator treats him as a part of this environment.

Question: Our body consists of billions of cells. Can I say that as I do not show my attitude to each cell individually and I cannot even discern them, in the same way, the Creator looks at us and does not see? Does He see only the general picture?

Answer: The fact is that the general system is completely deterministic, interconnected. There is nothing in it to make it necessary to watch selected cells.

We exist in the ideal world that from our perspective looks corrupted, egoistic. The problem of governance is to force us to reveal this ideal world. Therefore, general and individual impacts are connected to each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/10/17

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Right And Left Lines

laitman_558Question: In the book Shamati (I Heard), the term “right and left line” is often encountered. In which states are we in the left line and in which ones in the right?

Answer: These are quite difficult concepts.

The right line, as a rule, is bestowal, love, emanation, Light.

The left line is egoism, reception, attraction to yourself.

We must remain in two lines because a connection with man or with the Creator is built on the interaction of bestowal and reception.

The combination of both lines creates a middle line, the correct combination of properties of giving and receiving. In it, we build up a dynamic system of interconnection. For example, I receive as much as I give you, and you receive as much as you give me. By correctly adjusting our connection, we begin to feel the Creator between the two lines.

In other words, the middle line is the Creator Himself. His disclosure is built on two opposite properties, but these properties do not have anything to do with Him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/10/17

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