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Good Intention Defines Everything


What is this like? It is like a wealthy man who had an old father whom he did not wish to support. He was tried and the verdict was that he would support him at least as respectfully as he supports his own kin, or he would face a harsh punishment.

Naturally, he took him into his home and had to support him generously, but his heart was grieving. The old man said to him, “Since you are already giving me every delight that you have on your table, what would you lose if you also had a good intention, which is reasonable in the eyes of every sensible person, to be happy with having the opportunity to honor your father, who had spent all his energy for you and made you a respectable man? Why are you so obstinate that you afflict yourself? Can you rid yourself even slightly because of it?”

So it is. At the end of the day, we bestow upon society, and only society gains from our lives, since every person, great or small, adds and enriches the treasury of society. But the individual, when weighing the sorrow and pain that one receives, one is in great deficit. Hence, you are giving to your fellow person, but painfully and with great and bitter suffering. So why do you mind the good intention? (Baal HaSulam. The Writings of the Last Generation).

The parable talks about the fact that we must change our attitude toward all people in the world from contempt, hatred, distance, and rejection, to love. By caring for the father, the parable means that the same care for the whole world is as for the people closest to you.

Everyone knows that the Torah commands “to love your neighbor as yourself,” but no one is eager to fulfill this single commandment in any religion or culture till today. Everyone fervently utters words of love and then sticks a knife into their neighbor’s back. Thus, a person does not have neighbors. The only person close to one is oneself.

Question: In the parable, the father says: “You can rejoice that you have the opportunity to show respect to your father.” How is it possible to switch to sudden joy?

Answer: We must understand the depth of this story. A person makes a calculation: If I can show respect to my father to the extent that I will deserve to enter the Garden of Eden (paradise), then I should do it because how long will my father live… I will formally show him respect, I can’t change my heart.

Or maybe I can? If I begin to imagine the paradise that is being prepared for me in the other world every day, then, of course, I will have certain feelings for the Creator because I earn this paradise with His help.

But in any case, this is a very difficult deal, even in the egoistic sense, because paradise is waiting for me in the future world, but to make an effort, I have to sacrifice myself in this world. Only a few are capable of this. Where are they, these people who would do good for others for the sake of entering paradise? I would like to see them, be among them, and let them earn paradise with my help.

A person is made in such a way that no tricks or any persuasion can affect his egoism. It is very difficult for one to change one’s attitude even toward one’s own parents, relatives, and friends, and even more so to society, which consists of the most diverse people, those opposed to oneself, including one’s enemies. Change in attitude is realized only with the help of the science of Kabbalah.

Baal HaSulam wrote: “So, what difference does it make if you have a good intention?” When a person asks this question and begins to understand what it means to change one’s attitude, one sees how it is not easy, because actions have no value, but intention defines everything.

The right intention is the transition from our world to the spiritual world; this is the revelation of the upper world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 10/9/17

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The Goal Of The Future Society

laitman_938.03Question: If ordinary people understand that they should unite for the importance of the goal, they will be able to work correctly with their egoistic nature. What is this goal?

Answer: Many people restrain themselves somewhat in order to work with others to achieve a beneficial goal. If I enter into a partnership with someone, I understand that I limit myself, my opinion, possibly the result, my profit, etc. I have no other choice. There is a very clear, direct egoistic benefit.

In the beginning, it should be that way in both ordinary and Kabbalistic relationships. There is no difference between them because both always start with simple egoism.

But then, by working together according to the Kabbalistic method, I gradually start to feel two opposite forces in this work.

On one hand, my ego greatly resists moving forward. On the other hand, in business, it may not be so. To the contrary, in business, my ego agrees that we should unite and go forward because the ego always weighs the possible future outcomes, such as wealth or completion of a project.

In our case, it doesn’t work that way. We feel increasing resistance from the ego. Why? It is in order to elevate the goal in our eyes—that the goal will always be a level higher than the ego’s resistance. Meanwhile, we reach a state where we try our best to elevate the goal and struggle to make it more important than our ego.

Here, mutual guarantee and the influence of the surrounding upper force are very important. By acting correctly, we receive the strength to remain connected with each other until we are transformed into one common desire, one common intention, in which the sensation of the upper force appears according to the extent of our unity.

This sensation is the action of this force. We connect with each other and with this force. This state is called the next, spiritual level of our existence.

Question: Who can tolerate this, except a person with a point in the heart?

Answer: Everyone has a point in the heart that will gradually develop. In addition, a person sees what is happening in the world around him: constant stress, failure, drugs, and so on. Kabbalah provides us with a profound science about humanity’s ascent.

Question: Is the seriousness of this science understood through a person’s efforts to unite? In business, everything is clear: millions, billions of dollars attract people to it.

Answer: Here, too, we can measure the greatness of the goal in millions and billions, but in relative units, not money.

Question: What does the measurement of the goal mean for a Kabbalist?

Answer: There are 125 steps to achieve this goal. At each step, it is achieved at a certain degree. The ultimate goal becomes increasingly clearer with each step. It is felt qualitatively higher and the aspiration to it grows accordingly.
From Kab TV’s The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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New Lifestyle

laitman_222.0There are already people among us who use their singularity in forms of bestowal upon others. But they are still few, as we are still in the midst of the path of development. When we come to the Highest point of the degrees, we will all be using our singularity only in a form of bestowal upon others, and there will never be any case of any person using it in a form of self-reception. By those words, we find the opportunity to examine the conditions of life in the last generation—the time of world peace, when the whole of humanity achieves the level of the first side and will use their singularity only in the form of bestowal upon others, and not at all in the form of reception for self. And it is good to copy here the above-mentioned form of life so it will serve to us as a lesson and as a role model to settle our minds under the flood of the waves of our lives. Perhaps it is worthwhile and possible in our generation, too, to experiment in resembling this above form of life. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World“)

We have to create small communities that can demonstrate individual principles of the future generation. We need to advertise them so that people come, study, take courses, and try to put these principles in practice by moving with their families to such communities for at least a couple of months.

All forces that are manifested in the person, nature, and the world around us push us to rise above our egoism and to exist on a completely different level—the level of the Creator, the total power of nature and altruism. The problem is in how to do it.

For this, there is a special group of people in our world called Kabbalists who, due to their unique internal development, which was independent of them, they received a push to a new lifestyle.

They study how the system managing our world is organized, how we can come to it, adapt it to ourselves, and change ourselves for it.

Therefore, the masses have someone to learn and adapt this method from, because Kabbalists realize it in their own experience.

Most people, however, know nothing about it, nor do they understand it, and are egoistically against it. After all, we are talking about a special inverse change within our nature—a change from someone who desires to receive and enjoy at expense of others to one who gives, where another becomes closer than himself, or at least like his only beloved child who he constantly thinks about.

It is almost unbelievable and imperceptible in a person. But nature will pressure us with great suffering if we do not voluntarily move toward it.

Kabbalah explains how one can make small steps to the biblical principle of “love your neighbor as yourself” so that although not by your own choice, but still not very restrained, one can learn these principles in advance, try to absorb them, and even begin to translate some elements of the main commandments of the Torah “love your neighbor as yourself” and “the unity of all people.”
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 10/23/17

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Screen And Social Responsibility

laitman_608.02Question: Kabbalah uses the term “screen” on the desire to receive. So a person always wants to receive something.

Is it possible to equate a concept of social responsibility or responsibility to society with the concept of a screen?

Answer: Yes. The screen is an absolutely clear anti-egoistic, anti-individualistic social orientation in a person’s actions and thoughts, i.e., actions for the sake of society in spite of egoism.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/20/17

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The Importance Of Social Connections

laitman_269Question: How can we educate people so they feel the importance of building social connections?

Answer: The Soviet regime attempted to educate people in this regard, but they failed. The people leading these efforts were egoists. They used the carrot and stick method in pursuit of their goals and thus, their attempts were coercive.

Education must be guided by people who correctly perceive the global system, who know how to guide people to connect, who can work on connection, see the integral nature, and understand that it is necessary to be in adhesion with it.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/17/17

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Education In The Society Of The Future

laitman_942Question: What should the educational environment of the society of the future look like?

Answer: It will need to consist only of tens in which people learn how to connect with each other and solve all problems and study all subjects together.

Question: The classical structure of the educational system includes students, teachers, and the subject of study. How do these three components fit into the concept of the ten?

Answer: The teacher is the organizer who asks the students a specific number of questions and gives them a specific amount of information. The students must then, with the help of this information and their connection, solve the questions.

First, they practice connecting with each other. Let’s say they need to study some topic in physics. Before they start studying, they connect with each other such that they become as a single unit with one desire and one mind. They can then start studying physics correctly.

Naturally, they will experience the subject in a completely new way.

Question: In the groups there is usually a differentiation: one is a better writer, another reads, etc. Is differentiation allowed in a ten for the sake of achieving a common goal?

Answer: Of course. It is even written in The Book of Zohar. One reads, another writes, the third discusses, and the fourth prepares the solutions, excerpts, citations, and so forth. Each person’s abilities are gathered into a unified whole.

Furthermore, no one is told in advance what to do. There are no set limitations nor any specific roles assigned. On their own, through their connection, the students find their individual places for maximal contribution to the group.

Question: Do you place importance on knowledge?

Answer: The new level of knowledge is not egoistic knowledge, but what is gleaned from the integral spiritual system being revealed. This knowledge is beyond the limits of Einstein’s theory.

Question: So there are ten students who know the problem they need to solve. Do they formulate the goal themselves, decide which abilities are needed to reach this goal, and then delegate tasks and move toward that goal also through mutual decision?

Answer: They must solve any and all problems only from their unity. They will have a new mind, new sensations, new interconnections—a ten, as one shared structure.

Within this structure of connection, call it a “matrix” or Partzuf, they will find the solution to any question: technical, biological, whatever. Other methods for finding solutions do not exist.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/17/17

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A Kabbalistic Guarantee

laitman_265Question: When you talk about the future society, you mention the word “commune” (a collective farm). After the bloody and violent seventy-year attempt to impose the ideas of communism on one-fifth of the world’s population, what guarantees do Kabbalists give that it won’t produce an even worse totalitarian system?

Answer: Nobody intends to entice humanity into communes. A person who is ready to live in a truly altruistic community lives in absolute freedom. He strives to maintain altruistic spiritual relationships with others and to provide mutual spiritual help where people become united into groups of ten and groups of ten into hundreds, thousands, and so forth in order to fill the space between them with the quality of bestowal. With the quality of bestowal they establish, they discover the higher power that will fill them with love. This is the discovery of the Creator.

Question: So this is meant for someone who has been prepared for it through the appropriate education and wants to do it? It’s not about someone being forced into it?

Answer: Certainly. You cannot obligate anyone by force here. There must be absolute freedom of choice, which requires education.

Question: Baal HaSulam writes that with altruistic communism, people will stand in line to enter such a society, and it will be determined if one is ready to enter it or not. So there won’t be any coercion at all?

Answer: Correct, because a person needs to be ready to connect with others properly. People who enter this community and who are included in these reciprocal relationships immediately discover Ein Sof (infinity), the limitless creation, the higher power they are in, and they will feel that they exist eternally.

Remark: When Baal HaSulam tried to explain this, they accused him of being a communist. After all, the discovery of the Creator, the disclosure of the quality of bestowal within me, and as a consequence, its manifestation similar to communism in our world, cannot be comprehended in the mind.

My Comment: No, this is not the same communism as in the past. The essence of the commune is that there will be inner connections with each other, not connections through money, communal life, or small villages.

When there is the right inner connection, each person thinks about his interconnection with others. Only this creates a common connection among people on the level of the soul in which they discover their higher life. In other words, even if I were to be separated from my physical body today, I would remain spiritually alive.

Relationships are based on a clear understanding that we are in an eternal, perfect, and reciprocal system. These are not ordinary human feelings. This happens within the same network we exist in today. We don’t need to create anything. We only need to discover this network.

Question: What is it like when I feel that another person is a part of me?

Answer: Let’s assume you discover that you depend on us. Then you will begin to relate to us differently because our existence determines your existence. This is no longer called egoism because you begin to relate to others in the same way you relate to yourself. Everything begins from egoism. If I depend on others, I must act in a way that is good for them so that it will also be good for me. This is a very precise and completely egoistic act.

But this is only the beginning. After that, from Lo Lishma (an intention only for myself) we move to Lishma (an intention for the sake of bestowal). When I work like this, it becomes clear to me that bestowal itself provides me with a higher level of existence. In other words, I begin to understand within my egoism that it is worthwhile for me to be released from the ego. This is called, “the angel of death becomes the angel of life.” The ego overcomes itself.

Question: Is it possible to bring large numbers of people to these relationships through education?

Answer: The entirety of humanity. This is our mission.

Question: Do you have an education plan for 2018?

Answer: Yes. But it is not something to discuss. It’s something we need to apply! Entering a state of a spiritual Ubar (embryo) is the first step in our program, and we will achieve it in the coming year.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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Society Of The Future: Conflict Resolution

627.2Question: How will a person in the future society resolve conflicts at work?

Answer: Everything is solved only through unification and people coming closer together.

When people get closer to each other above conflicts, they begin to perceive the next level of comprehension, insight, and understanding.

In nature, everything exists integrally. If we become more like nature, then our solutions will always be correct: we will extract them from nature and adapt ourselves.

Question: Will there be a difference between industrial and social conflicts?

Answer: No, all conflicts are social. If we solve conflict on a social level, we can then be error-free in any production.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/17/17

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Multifaceted Integral System

laitman_929Question: Many scientists conduct their research through trial and error.

Will the individual who begins working with nature also do so by the method of blows and rewards, or will the warning bells begin to work, letting him know whether he is progressing correctly so he won’t need to go by the path of blows?

Answer: When we check to see whether our interactions are structured correctly, a multifaceted system appears. These interactions, even when we are not yet consciously aware of our efforts, are being corrected from above by the controlling force and we don’t even suspect it.

Even though we say that this is so, we still do not experience it consciously. We cannot determine this force in us because we do not yet have contact with it. But gradually it shapes us.

The main thing for this controlling force is to make one united desire, one united intention out of us so that those people who enter this system are as one united organism, one structure. Furthermore, individuals still remain distinct, in no way erase their individuality or lower themselves to zero. Quite the opposite, they develop egoistically even more, but in doing so, they complement each other.

This, in essence, is the strength of such activity: when opposite elements develop more and more and complement each other specifically because of their opposite natures.

In this manner, the entire system becomes powerful because it has a plus, a minus, and a tremendous amount of interesting interconnections built on a multifaceted foundation—pros, cons, all kinds of connections, and so on. Also, this system is completely integrated. That is how it appears within us.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 8/16/17

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Group Or Individual?

laitman_947Question: What will the future education system look like in terms of “constructing personality”? How will the results of education be assessed?

Answer: The system has to be developed. We have to implement training in groups, and a person should be judged by how much he coordinates, merges, and unites with the group.

Question: What will be considered important at the end of the training: individual or group achievement?

Answer: Individual achievements are not taken into account at all, only teamwork. A person should not pay attention to individual differences or achievements. Group achievement is the maximum unification between all in one desire and one mind that people will clearly feel.

Life already gives us pragmatic tasks that we should solve from an integral state.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/17/17

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