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Who Can Engage In Spiritual Work?

Laitman_032.02Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: Not everyone must delve in spirituality, but only a chosen few according to the changing needs. There will be a so-called Supreme Court and all who wish to participate in the spiritual life, must first be permitted to do so by this court.

Permission to engage in spiritual work must be issued by a court comprised of people who see that a person is worthy of it. For example, today, the doors of our organization are open to everyone who wishes to come. But in the future, it should be more limited.

It is impossible to call all people to engage in spiritual development because this is not according to the framework of the development of society. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that there are such people who are not fit for this. They have an undeveloped soul  or more precisely, they have different kind of soul. They do not need Kabbalah. We see that today, only a few thousand people out of seven billion are attracted to it

This is the way it should be. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly limit the reception of people who are trying to engage in this wisdom. Although there are no restrictions in principle, among them, there are those who simply do not need it. They are just deceiving themselves.

Moreover, not only students, but teachers as well—everyone up to the very last, highest instance—will need to receive permission to be in their spiritual role.

Question: If I, as a resident of the last generation, have some ideas as to how to raise the society to a higher level, do I need to turn to the highest court in order for it to consider my proposal?

Answer: Obviously, yes. However, in principle, you do not need a higher court for this. After all, you exist in a certain framework; you study somewhere. Contact people at that place. You do not need to go immediately to the Supreme Court. The local court will be enough, as it is in our time.

However, a person must go through the inspecting body because the court directs, supports, obliges him, and gives a basis to anyone who wants to progress spiritually by engaging in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Otherwise, there is no other way to reach the revelation of the Creator. The goal of spiritual life is the attainment of the Creator by a person in this world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/12/17

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Raise The Ideal Above The Material Level

laitman_214.01Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: Ethics cannot rely solely on education and pubic opinion, because public opinion necessitates only what is in the public’s favor. Hence, if one comes and proves that morality is harmful to the public and vulgarity is more beneficial, they will immediately discard morality and choose vulgarity, as Hitler testifies.

This is a very simple and practical attitude. We must raise the ideal above the material level. Humanity must work not for itself and its society because we will not find truth inside society and inside ourselves. It can only be found in rising above ourselves, that is, in unity with the upper force of nature.

If we strive for the ideal in the plane of our world, then Hitler will come and everyone will follow him because in our world there is no ideal that stands above us.

Question: Is this so even if we wash society with education and ethical ideas?

Answer: There is nothing that will help. We need the upper Light for this, and its influence we can attract only through the correct connection according to the Kabbalistic method.

Question: Doesn’t Baal HaSulam completely deny education on the level of this world. He believes that it will still lead to Nazism one way or another.

Answer: Yes. We see that today everything once again turns to this. Especially in our time when egoism, while constantly working, leads us back to Nazism.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/26/17

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Obtaining Freedom By Becoming A Slave Of The Creator

Laitman_712.03Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: There are two enslavements in the world, either enslavement to the Creator, or enslavement to His creatures. One of them is a must. Even a king and a president necessarily serve the people. Indeed, the taste of complete freedom is only to one who is enslaved to the Creator alone, and not to any being in the world. Enslavement is necessary, for reception is obscene; it is beastliness. And bestowal, the question is “To whom?”

It is very clearly and sharply said. By our nature we are opposite to the Creator. Egoism limits us and reduces us to one small animalistic point.

Therefore, only if we enslave and tame it, bind it within ourselves, make a restriction on it and build our existence above it, do we achieve the quality of the Creator. In this case, nothing stops us; we become limitless and absolutely not subjected to any kind of restrictions.

This is indeed the achievement of infinity because if I rise above my egoism, then nothing restricts me and I continue advancing only in the attainment of the Creator. And the Creator is the entire universe: both from the point of view of matter and from the point of view of its filling.

Question: However, a negative connotation prevails in the word “slave.” Why must a citizen of the last generation feel like a slave and not like an accomplice of the Creator?

Answer: This state cannot be expressed in any way other than as a slave of the Creator.

Today we are slaves of our egoism, and even double slaves because we are not aware of this. Egoism enslaves us so much that we do not feel our slavery.

Imagine that there is a planet where people work all the time for an evil master who sits on the top of a high mountain; they, drugged with laughing gas, are full of happiness, and work for him with pleasure and great devotion. This is us today.

We do not feel our slavery to egoism, and we are pleased that we are working for it more and more. We work hard in order to enjoy and it looks like we do enjoy, we just do not see where it all disappears. Yet, everything goes into egoism and along the way there is practically nothing left for us.

Therefore, the realization that you are a slave of egoism is a great insight that does not come to a person easily.

To exit ignorance is possible only with the help of the upper Light, the special energy that allows you to rise, exit your egoism, and feel that you are suddenly leaving it. Previously you did not imagine that it was in you or that you were in it. You worked for it constantly and all your thoughts, feelings, and senses were completely in it.

It is like leaving the atmosphere. You never lacked the feeling of it and suddenly you feel that you can exit it. This is when you begin feeling: “Yes, I was a slave.”

Even in our world it is not simple to feel slavery. People who were slaves in previous generations did not consider their lives to be bad. They thought it was right, that they were born this way and they will die this way. They fully agreed with this until egoism itself began to grow and lead them to the next state.

The development of egoism occurred under the influence of the upper force, the Creator, since the Creator wanted to take humanity through the stage of physical slavery.

Now we have come to a state when we must fully understand our internal spiritual slavery that forces us to correlate everything only to egoism in all our sensations and to understand the world in which we live. Egoism commands us in everything: how to feel the world, how to interact with it, and what to want.

A question arises: How do we remove this egoistic program from ourselves and begin to look at the world correctly? How to replace egoism with a different slavery and become slaves of the Creator and nothing else? After all, what can we do? We can only replace one thing with another because the point of choice is between these two states. And we begin to feel that by choosing slavery to the Creator, we chose freedom above egoism.

Thus, the last generation is the transformation of society and consciousness, the liberation from its previous program of functioning in thoughts and feelings, like in the computer, when you completely erase the previous program in yourself and begin loading a new one.

Question: So the ultimate skill is that I begin to feel as a slave to my egoism?

Answer: You begin to feel this way because the previous program suddenly stops working; it is obsolete and already cannot solve new problems. It impedes your existence and needs to be changed.

This is why today we feel ourselves and the world in crisis. “Crises” translated from in ancient Greek is “birth.” This really is the birth of a new program.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/19/17

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Birth Of A New Program For Life

laitman_537.jpgQuestion: You said that we are actually twice over slaves of egoism. Why twice?

Answer: Because we carry out all the demands of egoism and we are not aware of being slaves to it; that is, we are in double concealment.

Question: Why does a person gain absolute freedom when he becomes a slave to the Creator?

Answer: The thing is that we are not speaking about our animal body. Because if you are merely a creature consisting of desire and reason, of heart and mind, then there is no program of independent action that exists in you.

But when I ask: “Why do I exist?” then that is no longer a question of the body; it is a question that comes from something higher than animal existence. Asking myself that question, I think about which program am I realizing, which program am I choosing for myself, for what?

Egoism is built only for the purpose of keeping me in a lower animal existence and it says: “You exist in order to fulfill your material desires as long as these desires exist.” And I continuously fulfill them. But with time, that program begins to dim smoothly, slowly lowering in importance and a person begins to feel that his life is ending.

In reality, nothing ends. The egoistic program is simply designed in such a way that little by little it brings us to a state where we no longer want to fill ourselves and that is why everything ends. The only thing left is death, in other words, the end of the desire to continue to fill ourselves.

But there is also another program, when I initially don’t want to live by fulfilling the desires of my body because I understand that this makes me a slave to these desires. I don’t see the point of existing this way and feel that my life is meaningless.

As the egoistic program develops, it purposely leads me further, showing me its meaninglessness, and I begin to feel that it is not worth it for me to live. We see this in the new generation that searches for anything that will let them forget themselves.

That is why we need to discover the true meaning of life for ourselves. If that meaning is false, then it can be found in anything because that same egoism will help me find some amusement, like football, and I will fall into minor pleasures of our world and become their slave.

Or I continue to develop further with a desire to find the truth—something that is above my sensations. I don’t want to fill myself with material pleasures and see the meaning of life only in them. I want to know that I exist above them. And then I am left with one big question: “What am I to do, how do I achieve this?” In other words, I need to reprogram myself, rise above the preprogrammed egoistic program within me, and only focus myself on the achievement of the goal.

The new program really does allow you to achieve a new goal, a new state, and I am obligated to carry it out. It is built atop the rejection of the previous program and that is why in the counterbalance between the two programs, in the difference between them, I experience my freedom as I rise above the old program and engage in the real one.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 6/19/17

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Education In The Society Of The Future

laitman_265Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: They have many methodical books of wisdom and morals that prove the glory and sublimity of excellence in bestowing upon others, to a point where the entire nation, from small to great, engage in them wholeheartedly.

We are not speaking here of the general ethics, which is a part of psychology or philosophy. These are not beautiful words and all kinds of behavioral principles that humanity has raised to extreme heights and demands that we be on their level, but it is what we must achieve under the influence of the hidden force of nature.

First of all, behavioral practices must be a result of our correctly organized efforts by which we awaken the surrounding Light, a particularly force of nature, that forms, unites, and leads us to mutual inclusion into each other where our individualities disappear. Then we begin to feel others more than ourselves, above ourselves, as more important.

Like a mother treats a baby as more important to her than herself, that is how a person should come to the upper force that forms the relationship between the mother and her child so it would do the same to us. That is what we should ask of it, demand of it, call for upon it.

That is why we need to exert a certain effort so that the upper force would start changing us in regard to absolute strangers that are removed and opposite to us and later to the whole world. And so we start from a small circle that is closer to us in spirit, in understanding, by awakening the same force to the most outer circles that are not in contact with us.

Baal HaSulam emphasized that everyone should study the methodological texts “from small to great,” i.e., at all levels. We are not speaking here of the actual age of a person for it is impossible to coerce a baby, a small child, or a teenager to grasp the greatness of the highest goal and the ways of achieving it.

For that we need to work amongst ourselves and prepare the next generation through day care centers and schools so that in the teenage years they will begin to understand the virtue of their behavior in the society.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/26/17

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The Basis Of The Future Society, Part 4

laitman_934All For One – But For What Purpose?

Question: The Kabbalistic group is based on a special connection between people where everyone thinks not about themselves, but about others. How does it differ from the Mafia where people unite for a common goal?

Answer: The difference between a group of Kabbalists and a Mafia group is in their goal. The Mafia is united in order to gain strength and achieve a criminal goal, for example, to hack a safe or rob a bank. And everyone is sure that if some of them get caught, the rest will do their best to save them.

The Mafia unites to achieve an egoistic and materialistic goal at the expense of others. They can even justify themselves by restoring public justice because they steal from rich people, but their actions are dictated by their egoism nonetheless.

On the contrary, the group of Kabbalists unites so that everyone could annul himself. As a result, they do not gain the power of reception as the Mafia does, but the great power of bestowal, which helps us to reveal the higher reality that is hidden from us and to begin to explore the spiritual world.

We call the Creator Bore, the upper force that acts in us. It means “come and see” (Bo-re) because we attain it inside our connection and reveal the reality that governs our material world.

Question: Why do criminals in the Mafia group not reveal the upper force if they also unite and annul themselves before each other?

Answer: They do it for a purely egoistic goal. The goal of the Kabbalists is to gain the power of bestowal, and the goal of the criminals is to achieve a greater power of reception, which is aggressive toward others.

Question: In the final analysis, is it not enough just to unite and take care of each other on the principle of “one for all, all for one”?

Answer: When we unite in our world, we try to strengthen our common egoism by connecting with others. On the contrary, in the Kabbalistic group, everyone annuls his own egoism, and therefore we achieve the common power of love and bestowal.

Only through such a connection in the group can we achieve bestowal; there’s no other way. A Kabbalistic group is a gathering of people who become one person with one heart. They acquire the altruistic force called the upper force or the Creator. They reveal the higher reality that is hidden from everyone else in this world through this force.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/4/17

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Freedom In The Last Generation

laitman_961.2Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: The freedom of the individual must be kept if it is not harmful to the majority of the public.

The last generation is a concept that is extensive with respect to time, development, and the process of internalizing the spiritual laws. It is a gradual, consistent liberation of society from all egoistic connections. This concept includes family, relationships between spouses and between parents and children, the education of the next generation, and so on.

It is not so simple to implement. Taking into account that all of humanity is very heterogeneous and needs to be brought to a state of unity, equality, and being a global circle, this is a big and complex job.

Question: When a person is removed from the society of the last generation, in what way does he harm society?

Answer: These are specific individuals who are not able to accept the methodology of the correction of their nature with the ordinary methods provided by the leaders of the last generation. These individuals are removed from the general masses and are dealt with separately. But no one, under no circumstances, judges them negatively.

Everything comes from the structure of the spiritual form in which there are four egoistic levels: zero, one, two, and three. Each requires a specific method of correction. That is why different methods are implemented with each of them.

Besides those, there are also people who are outside the parameters of these levels of egoism—they are the so-called Lev HaEven (the stony heart). They cannot be affected by any method of correction and ultimately fall outside of the general population. They must be dealt with separately and be influenced in special ways.

Question: What is freedom of individuality? How is it expressed?

Answer: We have no right to force any methodology of correction on a person; we can only do whatever is possible so that the individual would want to implement it himself, come to accept it himself, and master it himself.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 6/19/17

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Society Of The Future: The Path To A High Position

laitman_293.2Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: Each person who is appointed to an important position must first graduate a special training in the above mentioned teaching.

A person can not get an important and high position in the society of the future if he does not comply with it.

Meeting the requirements of the post in the future generation is complying with its moral conditions. That is, the higher a person is on the “love your neighbor as yourself” ladder and the further from his ego, the more he can stay on this level and even teach others. It also depends on his inclusion in studies, society, and implementation.

Question: Is a person obliged to take a certain course to take an important and high position?

Answer: To say this is to say nothing. This course with such internal and profound transformation can take many years. He must master this technique both theoretically and practically: to study, write works, and take exams.

This is a very serious study that changes a person and gives him completely new internal qualities. He begins to see the world as global. He sees it through others and not through himself, like a woman who has become pregnant or has already given birth and sees everything through the love of her baby: it is good or it is bad for him.

This is how each of us should look at the world. We must be constantly “pregnant” with all humanity.

Each of the members of the last generation must see the world, the goal, the path, and everything that happens only through others.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/26/17

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Do We Know Our Thoughts?

laitman_764.3Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: It is important to make such a correction that no person will demand his needs from society. Instead, there will be selected people who will examine the needs of every person and provide for every single person. Public opinion will denounce one who claims something for oneself, such as today’s thief and scoundrel. Thus, everyone’s thoughts will be devoted to bestowal upon one’s fellow person, as is the nature of any edification that calculates it, even before one feels one’s own needs.

Question: Who will be inquiring about the needs of each person?

Answer: No one. Today we are in physical communication with each other. However, when our connection moves to the level of thoughts and desires, they will be understood by everyone. All thoughts of the mind and desires of the heart will be revealed to everyone, and you will begin to feel them, to feel this degree.

Question: Once you asked me: “Are you ready to have your thoughts broadcasted right now?” And I thought …

Answer: There is nothing to think about. Today, a person does not know his thoughts yet. If they really were revealed to you, you could not endure them because of the horror. Everything is not that simple; we must prepare for this.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/5/17

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Do Not Punish, But Encourage

laitman_263Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: There is no such word as “punishment” in the laws of the court, for according to their rules, the guilty ones are always the ones who gain the most.

In the future society, it is believed that proper encouragement affects a person far more than any punishment.

What does “punishment” mean? Perhaps a person did a good deed, but then found he was doing it for himself. The act itself is good, and the intention is bad. And how do we evaluate it?

For the present, we still live in the material world. And when our actions help us move to the upper world, we stop seeing the material world, our bodies, and we communicate and feel our desires only as virtual forces and properties. It all depends on which level we are talking about.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/12/17

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