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Dispersion Of The Jews Among Other Nations

Laitman_419Question: What is the spiritual meaning of the dispersion of the Jews among other nations following the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans?

Answer: The spiritual meaning of the Jews’ dispersion is for them to dissolve in the other nations, as written in The Book of Zohar. This refers to the spiritual and mental penetration, rather than the physical one—it refers to culture and one’s approach to everything.

The Jews are not a nation, but parts of all the nations living in Ancient Babylon. Those that Abraham gathered comprised only 5% of the people of Babylon. The other 95% of the residents of Ancient Babylon dispersed across the whole world.

Now, after the Jews have gone through great suffering in the Egyptian and Babylonian bondage, the destruction of the First and Second Temples, and 2,000 years of exile, their mixing with the nations of the world is complete. In the process, their Reshimot (spiritual informational data) have completely dissolved in the other nations. This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is already being revealed as the method of correction of all humanity.

It is open to any person who asks the question about the meaning of life. And there is no difference between people of different nationalities.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian on 7/16/17

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To Shake The Jews

Laitman_510.01Question from Facebook: Why do you constantly put Jews above other nations?

Answer: I do not mean Jews by nationality. A Jew is someone who passes from our world to the upper world. The word “Jew – Yehudi” in Hebrew comes from “Yihud – unity.” It is a person who aspires to unity. Israel (Yashar El) is someone who is directed to the Creator.

We do not speak of ethnicity. Jews have no nationality. They are special and unique people and do not genetically originate from one’s parents like other nations.

Jews are representatives of various ancient nationalities that inhabited Ancient Babylon, Mesopotamia 3,500 years ago. Abraham gathered them in a group and started teaching them Kabbalah. That is how people that he called “Israel,” which in translation means “straight to the Creator,” appeared. They were people who wanted to attain the Creator.

Question: So, you only have a demand to this group, who does not want to return to its original state, called “the group that followed Abraham”?

Answer: Of course. I do not extoll this group, but on the contrary, I would like to sort of shake them so that they would come to their senses and understand that they face a huge task. I also do not want them to be self-satisfied and think that they have already fulfilled the commandments and the program of creation that was assigned to them.

They should show an example of true unity to the whole of humanity and become the “Light for others.” Then the people of the world will stop treating them with disdain and hatred. They will understand that this group of people, called the Jewish people, will bring the whole world closer to its best condition by performing their function.

Remark: In fact, the phrase “God’s chosen people” irritates everyone.

My Comment: But God’s choice is that we must fulfill a certain task! And nothing more.

And if today any Frenchman, Spaniard, German, Russian, Tatar, Englishman, etc., wants to become a Jew, then please, he can become one. To do this, he must only recognize that he is striving toward the Creator. That is all. So, try to think: do you need this?

Aspiring to the Creator means that someone wants to be like Him, that is, to gain an ever-increasing quality of bestowal and love for one’s neighbor.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/2/17

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While It Is Not Too Late

laitman_293We are facing a task of double complexity. First, we must convince the people of Israel that we need to achieve unity, even though they are opposed to correction and unification.

Apart from this, it is also necessary that people understand that unification is only possible through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Reforming Light that is attracted by this study. That is, the problem is to convince them to accept both the goal and the means.

The goal is that “All Israel are friends,” in other words, the complete unification of the people within which the Creator will be revealed. Not only is it necessary to achieve love between us, but also through the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this is even more repelling. However, we need to understand that our unity is an absolute necessity if we want to avoid extermination.

Remark: When the situation becomes threatening, then the people of Israel will rise as one man and unite.

My Comment: Then it will be too late! Why didn’t the Jews escape this way during Hitler’s time? Today the fire can flare up instantly, as if on dry chips. Back then Hitler’s plans were implemented over several years. Laws against the Jews began to emerge about ten years before concentration camps appeared.

The situation was getting worse gradually, but no one rose to protest. The world turns a deaf ear and heart to what is happening to the Jews. This deafness comes from nature, from the side of the Creator in order to oblige the Jews to fulfill their mission. The Creator does not consider animate bodies and egoistic desires; the most important thing for Him is the desire to bestow that is called a soul.

However, we can avoid blows through awareness and understanding in order not to receive them physically. It is written that “Everything will be clarified in the thought.” If we are aware of our mission, then this is enough and we will no longer need suffering. A clever child understands everything through one glance of a parent and there is no need to shout at him and, all the more, to beat him.

Therefore, it is worthwhile even now to think where the blows come to us from and their cause. Who controls this world and sends us these sufferings? If the people want to sort out this question and listen to the opinion of the Kabbalists who wrote about this at all times, then they have an opportunity to reveal the truth.

We all witnessed the conflict that erupted around the metal detectors installed by Israeli security services on the Temple Mount, which eventually had to be removed. However, in fact, they were not at all important to Arabs, for them this was just a reason to protest.

Look how they united around this trifling reason and inflated a big flame from it. However, we have nothing to say, after all, we passed them the reigns of control of the entire universe. We give the Arabs the right to control the world by our disunity.

If we continue in this way, it will become worse. The UN, UNESCO, and various commissions will start issuing anti-Israeli decrees one after another. First, they will tell us to leave the Temple Mount, then Jerusalem, and then the land of Israel. We will have nowhere to go, nobody will accept us, just like it once was in Germany. After all, we have not learned from the past mistakes.

The entire universe is one spiritual system and the people of Israel can only affect its head. It is not without reason that Israel is called “My head” (Li-Rosh). If we start to perceive current affairs correctly and influence them wherever we can, then we will be able to change reality.

This is the only way to correct the situation. We rely on our missiles, weapons, and strong army, but this will not help. It may happen that with all our military power, arsenal of rockets, and atomic bombs, we will not be allowed to take a single shot from the smallest pistol. Therefore, we must explain to the people that we do not have any other way to save ourselves from this dangerous situation, except for unity.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/17, Lesson on the Topic: “On the Merit of the Study of Kabbalah, Israel Will Come Out of Exile”

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Two American Tragedies And The Parallels Between Them

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Manhattan terrorist attack occurred not far from where the twin towers used to stand. A few years after their destruction, conspiracy theories about the Jews’ involvement in the incident started spreading around the world.

In every evil the world tries to find the “Jewish trace.” I would not be surprised if this too will be blamed on us, and maybe even faster than in the past. Why?

It is written in the tractate “Yevamot” 63, “No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.” From the point of view of common sense, it sounds religious, mystical, and even absurd. But the fact remains that this is how the world “traditionally” perceives the role of the Jewish people. No matter our contributions to the world, it doesn’t see any good in us, only harm.

This attitude comes through in social media, politics, official documents, decisions of international organizations, even in Google searches. We keep being assigned blame for things that do not have the slightest relation to us. And it becomes even more urgent after tragic events.

The real cause behind all this is really us. But just not in the sense that it seems to the confused the world. It is just that the Jewish people are the carriers of the methodology for unity, the potential for peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding that everyone needs today.

But we ignore this treasure; we pretend that it doesn’t even exist. And then calamities come to remind us, and the world, that it is the nation of Israel that has the ability to give an example of healthy social connections, an example of rising above hatred to unity.

Of course the Jews did not plan the terrorist attacks. But we did not prevent it either, although we could have. This is our responsibility. This is why we are hated now and will be loved when the people will see good progress on our part.

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The World At A Crossroad, Part 8

Laitman_049.02As soon as a country moves from liberalism to Nazism (which occurs naturally) and begins to unite within it on the basis of egoism, it immediately turns against the Jews.

This is because the Jews, by their inner nature, belong to the way of correction that goes above egoism. Since Nazism unites people on a natural, egoistic basis, it immediately feels something in the Jews not acceptable for a human.

Even if a Jew wants to join them and also become a national-socialist, he will not be accepted because within him there is a seed, an inner basis that is opposite to the egoistic unity. The Nazis feel it immediately and instantly become anti-Semites.

There is no anti-Semitism under democracy because it does not act for the public unity, but on the contrary, promotes separation. The democratic, liberal system allows everyone to do whatever they like. That is “Democracy”!

However, when democracy ends and unity begins, anti-Semitism immediately arises. Therefore, pluralism in the US ended, and there either will be a rigid Nazi regime, much worse than it once was in Germany, or a correction.

Question: Why don’t the Jews feel that they must bring the method of correction to the world and Nazis are developing rapidly?

Answer: It is because the Nazis are developing inherently, by nature, according to the general program of creation. Nature does not promote the way of correction; we ourselves must pave it.

Nature develops only naturally, by the way of suffering: egoism grows all the time and takes different forms along the way. Therefore, there was slavery, then feudalism, capitalism, democracy, socialism, and Nazism. This is the usual way the development of egoism.

Kabbalah is a method of uniting human society at a certain stage when it reaches the dead end of its egoistic development. Society already must connect, but egoism does not allow it. Then the wisdom of Kabbalah, which provides a method of uniting above egoism, is revealed. Therefore, there was a period when this wisdom was hidden, and now it is permitted to study it.

The method of Kabbalah is implemented in a circle. When we connect into a circle where everybody is equal, we as if build a special device from our desires that captures the hidden force of common nature. After all, nature is global and it is one system. Therefore, by making a circle, we, like a magnetic coil, attract the special force from nature that unites us.

If we start working correctly in the circles, we will begin to generate the positive, kind force of unity inside them and we will want to correct our society accordingly.

The method of the circle teaches that the center of the group is more important than each of us individually. Therefore, we annul ourselves in order to get into the center of the circle and dissolve in others. If a person receives such an education and feeling, he will want to build his society according to these principles for himself and for his children. We correct the stone inside the fruit, and therefore the fruit itself also changes from the outside.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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There Is No God

laitman_546.02Question on Facebook: If God exists, why did He allow six million people from his chosen nation to perish during the Second World War? Why does He allow others to attack His chosen people today too? I know you will not answer this question, but I am asking anyway.

Answer: I will give you an answer. But maybe you will not see it as one.

Everything that happens in the world, including the extermination of the Jews during the Second World War, was and is carried out by God, who actually does not exist.

There are two forces in the world: the negative and the positive, and they are initially mutually balanced. We are between them in order to constantly support their ongoing development. These two forces develop in such a way that the negative force is constantly growing—this is the growth of egoism within man and humanity. On the other hand, the positive force must be brought into the world by us through the positive interactions between us.

These positive interactions between us can be generated only in the midst of the Jewish people and then spread from it to all the other nations of the world. This is called “being a Light onto the nations.”

Question: So only the Jewish people are able to generate this positive force?

Answer: That is right! And if we don’t do this, all the nations of the world unite against us because they see us as the source of evil. We do not deliver to them the goodness that must come from us to them and that is equivalent to causing harm.

This is why they think that the Jews are the source of the greatest harm in the world and that things would get better by exterminating us. There are many theories about this topic, which come from within a person who experiences suffering caused by the Jewish people.

Therefore, there is nowhere for us to hide. We constantly have to balance out the positive and negative forces and by that we—and through us all the nations of the world—will attain the full correction, meaning the proper connection between the positive and negative forces. Then people will love, respect, and appreciate us. This is our mission.

Until we do that, we really will be the most horrible people on earth. Everyone will want to exterminate us, instinctively thinking that it is possible to destroy us, and that this will bring goodness into the world. But it will not.

That is, all the punishments and attempts to exterminate the Jewish people are intended only to force us, a stiff-necked or stubborn people, to fulfill our mission and promote the whole world toward a wonderful future.

Question: Supposing that the Jewish people will want to unite and will begin this process, will other people welcome it?

Answer: Of course. It will be the most welcomed and respected people of all. Everyone will venerate the Jews.

Question: So, does God exist?

Answer: The middle line, which balances out the right and left lines, is called God.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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Jerusalem, Built From Our Hearts

laitman_947Jerusalem is an indicator of the spiritual state of the people. That is why, there’s no place with greater disunity and hatred between all the currents of people than in Jerusalem.

It is a very rigid city because it manifests the true state in everyone’s heart toward unification. Jerusalem can either be the center of separation for the people of Israel or the center of its unity.

In the times of the Second Temple, people practiced the Torah and commandments and engaged in acts of charity, so why was the Temple destroyed? Because there was unfounded hatred (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate “Yoma”).

In those times, the commandments were meticulously followed, the Torah was studied, philanthropy was spread; there was only one problem that people did not get along with each other. It is just like today: there are a lot of religious people that scrupulously follow everything; however, there is disunity among them, distance, antagonism, and hatred.

And that is why everything collapses, as it is written: “The day the Temple is not rebuilt, it is as if it is destroyed again.” Until we unite above our differences, we cannot achieve the corrected state.

That is why correction is not conditioned on the observance of the Torah, the commandments, or engaging in charity but only on the connection of the hearts. We need at least to turn toward loving your neighbor, and then Jerusalem will be rebuilt, and everything in it.

Question: Does charity not mean mutual bestowal?

Answer: Charity is when a person is really ready to help another, give away everything he has—but his heart. He is not ready to connect in his heart. What is his intention for giving the charity? For the life of his children, reward in this world, and the future world.

Without studying the science of Kabbalah, it is impossible to achieve the state of bestowal, the quality of Lishma, because a person does not attract the Light that reforms, which is called the Torah. He is not trying to change his egoistic desire. Therefore, his charity is purely for his own benefit.

That is why the Temple was destroyed, despite people following the Torah and commandments and engaging in charity, because it all was for their own sake. The people were divided and that is what led to the destruction of the Temple.

We are unable to connect to be in one desire, in one heart, which is called “being under one blanket,” a single anti-egoistic screen.

Love of all has to be the purpose of our existence. Without this, there will be no nation of Israel, no country of Israel, no land of Israel. That is why it should become a national program. All efforts should be made to educate the people in the spirit of brotherly love, and naturally, Judaism has to lead the way of being an example of such love for the entire nation.

As it says in the book Sefer ha-Middot (The Book of Character Traits) in the chapter, “Importance of Faith”: “Jerusalem will not be rebuilt until peace reigns among the people of Israel.” Achieving peace within the people of Israel and committed, friendly relationships is what it means to rebuild Jerusalem: not from stones, but from our hearts.

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Canadian Anti-Semites


In the News (JTA): “Canada’s largest private sector labor union adopted a motion in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, or BDS.”

Question: The question is what Canadian trade unions have to do with this?

Answer: First, in Canada a huge part of the population is anti-Semitic. They are former immigrants from the Ukraine and France. A particularly strong anti-Semitic part is Quebec of French Canada. For many years it has been anti-Semitic, anti-American, and anti-Canadian, against English-speaking Canada.

Now they are actively opening their doors to Arab immigrants. By this they are creating a very unpleasant future for themselves: Canada will gradually turn into an Arab region.

The vast territory of Canada is home to only thirty million people, so the immigrants from Arab countries, Maghreb, etc., will happily settle there. All the more so, the immigrants from Africa will be drawn there.

So an unenviable future awaits Canada. Once it was a very attractive, decent country, especially for Jews. But it is all over now.

This, of course, was destined to end; everything ends for Jews because they have to fulfill their historic mission, and they are not. Therefore, they will not have a good life in any country, including the United States, Canada, and other states. They will gradually feel very serious pressures and troubles until they stop hating Kabbalah and realize that it is their salvation.

Question: Do you think that all the exits for Jews will practically close?

Answer: Absolutely all of them. Hatred of Israel on the part of all countries of the world will be enormous. We will try to keep up Israel so that it does not crumble and does not cease to exist, although it is also possible.

If we do not represent Israel as the source of the correction of humanity, there will be no meaning in its existence, and it will cease. And it will naturally be filled with neighboring peoples. It is not a problem.

Question: Don’t you think that Jews will still understand their mission and will begin to move toward it?

Answer: I do not see it yet. There is still some time left; we continue working on this, but it is possible that everything will turn out in a different way.

I will not tire of talking about this because there is no other way out. I am obliged to spread the science of correction among the masses all over the world through Jews. As far as possible, I will bring this to the point that I will be allowed to reach. But in principle, our situation is deteriorating from day to day because the Jewish people are still resisting the realization of their historic mission.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/11/17

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Resistance To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 2

Laitman_060.01The wisdom of Kabbalah and Kabbalists have undergone special development throughout history because the desire to enjoy needs to grow and thus show that material progress is useless.

And every time, the wisdom of Kabbalah must adjust itself to coincide with those people in whom it is revealed, that is, with the people of Israel, the group founded by Abraham.

We see that the wisdom of Kabbalah was available for use by all people only for a limited time when it was revealed inside the people of Israel in the time of Moses. And this was accompanied by numerous arguments, clarifications, and wars within people.

Then, after entering the land of Israel—when Moses left the people and his pressure disappeared—the people of Israel began to descend from their spiritual height. At that time, religion and rules of behavior in the material world emerged, which copied spiritual Kabbalistic laws in matter. People began to create “idols” and “holy things” for themselves.

People went more and more into material traditions, and as it went, the wisdom of Kabbalah came out of it and disappeared. After the destruction of the Second Temple when people fell out of brotherly love into unfounded hatred, Kabbalah completely went into hiding.

One must understand that no one teaches love for one’s neighbor except the wisdom of Kabbalah. Although the principle “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the main rule of the Torah, the Torah itself—which is the wisdom of Kabbalah and the wisdom of Light—no longer exists in the people of Israel. It turned out that the people are in exile from the method of love and unity. The understanding of what the upper force is—the people of Israel, and their mission and development goal—has vanished.

Today, we are already in the very end of days of the genuine exile and on the verge of liberation. In each generation, Kabbalists were revealed that were suitable for that time or for the next generation. We need to understand that the actions of Kabbalists and resistance against them is a consequence of development.

Cruel forces rose against the wisdom of Kabbalah. But, there was a division between religious people. On one hand, there were Hasidim and, on the other, their opponents the Mitnagdim, and many other branches and movements. Kabbalists were also divided into those who were more concerned with the right line or the left, according to man’s nature.

Before the time of the Ari, Kabbalists followed the school of Ramak. Then, Ari’s method was popularized. The next important stage in the development of Kabbalah began with Baal HaSulam because there is a big difference between what was before and after him. Then, Rabash (Rav Baruch Ashlag) developed Kabbalah further. Baal HaSulam and Rabash prepared the method of Kabbalah for our generation.

Each time Kabbalah’s method improved and consequently, its opponents rose, rebelling against the new method, the “new Torah,” and the “new religion.” After all, people do not understand what Kabbalists’ actions are based on. It is very important to learn what claims are raised against Kabbalah to understand what to resist and how to turn these supposedly evil forces into good and useful ones. All this should help us realize the general process by which the Creator leads the created beings to bring their desire to complete correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/17, Lesson on the Topic: “The Resistance to Kabbalah”

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The Reason For Anti-Semitism’s Growth

400Question: Anti-Semitic speeches, statements and actions are spreading in America. Jewish cemeteries are vandalized in Philadelphia and St. Louis. There is an increase of anti-Semitism among university students. Why is there so much pressure on Jews?

Answer: Jews are carriers of the method that will correct the world and bring humanity to one single entity: an integral and global small village. And this exterior form of humanity demands internal cohesion of all into one single whole, into a single system.

One system cannot work with such great egoism that has developed in humanity. We reached its critical point and came to a crisis where a person cannot get along, not only with children, the family, and all the others, but even with himself. Of course, this does not apply to all people because everyone is on a different level, but, in general, this is so.

When we think about how to proceed further, we begin to connect with each other by creating common markets and various alliances between countries.

This makes things even worse for us because we reveal how much we are unable to connect. When we sign an agreement, it is already not valid on the second day because we see that we are still torn in different directions. A man marries, but not for a long time. He creates a family, but also for a short time. Children cannot communicate with each other or with their parents.

Egoism led us to such a state where we are distant from each other; everyone wants to put themselves in a “cocoon,” communicate with others on the phone or via the Internet. We want to estrange ourselves even more, to be isolated from each other. And here the problem arises: how do we become one single entity, because nature is pushing us toward it?

There is an antagonism between the inner human nature, which separates us from each other, and the exterior nature (inanimate, plant, animal, and human) that has to gradually unite us into one single community so that we harmoniously complement each other and  do not destroy each other, as it happens today.

This state should be allowed. It can only be done by man as the highest in the biological chain.

How can we solve everything? There is a program in humanity that can help evoke the supreme power of connection, love, and unity. It can perform such an operation on us and lead everyone to unity. We are even unable to understand how this can be done.

And the upper power is able to do this. This force is called the upper force because it is above our egoistic nature and comprises all of nature within itself.

The method of attracting the higher force has been in the hands of Jews for many thousands of years. However, except for Kabbalists, they do not know about it. Although there are a small number of Kabbalists among them, they are the carriers of this knowledge and are ready to share it with everyone because this is what determines our future.

In any case, we will have to fulfill our mission. There is no other way, we have to unite. That is why we now have a question before us: can we do this?

There is a certain feeling that Jews are to blame for what is happening in the world: They have all the wealth, they are pioneers of “high-tech” and other things, they rob humanity, and moreover, they know how to harm everyone. This underlying, subconscious feeling, even certainty, exists among all nations to a greater or lesser degree. They compose legends and speculations on this topic. From Kabbalah’s point of view, purely a Jewish knowledge, they are absolutely right, because they instinctively perceive it this way.

Question: Does it mean that terrible blood libel are their feelings?

Answer: Yes, they express their feelings in such a way. But there are grounds for this. Of course, there are no conspiracie because the Jews themselves do not know what is happening to them, but, in general, the basis of the other nations’ feelings is purely spiritual.

Therefore, the hatred of the nations of the world is justified. And there can be only one way out for the Jews, which is to recognize the task that confronts them and to begin to implement it.

Question: Now you have described the way of the upper force, which is to force the Jews to fulfill their task through anti-Semites. But probably there is also a straight path, direct path for the Jews, without anti-Semites?

Answer: The upper force offers this way through Kabbalists. Kabbalists do everything in their power to explain it. But no one hears them.

Question: So, there are two options: through Kabbalists or through anti-Semites?

Answer: Or the common way. I hope for the middle way: anti-Semites will pressure Jews so that Jews will be very frightened and will want to hear what the Kabbalists tell them. Let’s hope for this option.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/1/17

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