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CNN’s Lies About Israel

Laitman_421_01In the News (The Jerusalem Post): “Following Wednesday night’s terror attack in Tel Aviv’s Sarona market that left four people dead and 16 wounded CNN inspired outrage with its headline when it put the word ‘terrorists’ in quotations on its Facebook page.

“Additionally, the news agency failed to mention terrorism even once in the article reporting the ordeal. …

“CNN swiftly removed the tweet and issued an apology via Twitter on Thursday evening, calling their use of quotation marks around the word terrorist in their news headline ‘a mistake.’

“‘The attacks were, without question, terrorist attacks,’ the news agency said in a press release.”

(The Jerusalem Post): “CNN has updated a graphic it featured this week listing some of the deadliest terror attacks that occurred throughout the month of Ramadan to include reference to the July 8  [sic] shooting attack in Tel Aviv.

“An advocacy group for Israel, Stand With Us, pointed out the update on its social media, claiming that ‘criticism’ led to the change. …

“But the graphic does not include reference to several other attacks that have occurred within Israel and the Palestinian territories, including the fatal stabbing of a teenage girl in her bedroom and the murder of a father in front of his wife and kids.”

Comment: CNN constantly lies about Israel. For example, they constructed a map of terrorist activities that occurred during the last Ramadan fast and updated it to include the June 8th attack in the Sarona district in Tel Aviv, but didn’t mention anything about what happened in Yehudah and Shomron, where a 13-year-old girl and later a Rabbi were murdered. CNN did not consider these acts of terrorism.

Researchers conclude that Israel, during the period of state formation, was constantly explaining its morally correct behavior to the world, and now we have stopped doing this. They think that it is time to understand that this is the wrong approach and we should start explaining our rectitude.

According to them, something will change as a result.

My Comment: Without a doubt everything would change if our government understood that it is imperative to publicize our rightness in order to educate humanity. I relate to publicity as part of our educational work that we must conduct with humanity, to be a “Light unto the nations” (Isaiah 49:6). We must show this to them, not so CNN will have a good opinion about us, but so the world will know why the Jewish people were created and exist in the world, how humanity must interact with us and we with them, and how the Jews must understand their task and their mission.

Question: Does this mean that you don’t agree when they say that if we were to explain our justification something would change?

Answer: What kind of justification do we have? We have no justification. Was anybody living here when we arrived 100 years ago at the end of the 19th century? People lived here settled throughout the territory. We cannot claim that we didn’t expel them. They left and moved to Jordan and other places. Whether they want to come back or not makes no difference. We came to their place.

And since then, there has been a problem. It is true that there are those who have inflated the problem artificially, but the problem existed and it has not been solved to this day. How can it be solved? This can only be through educational work and an explanation of why we have the right to settle here, why we have the right to live together with our “cousins”—the Arabs?

If there were peace and security here, we would be happy to live with them. Our religions are similar in their basis, their roots are close, we have one “father.” Therefore, we must take into account that they were here. In this respect, I don’t belong to the right wing camp that says, “This is ours alone!”

We need to convince everyone that this is our territory. This will happen when we show and prove that this is the program of development of the world and that our presence here is imperative for all of humanity and not for us personally because it is specifically from here that we can show everyone in what manner we must create a new world!

Only then will the whole world, including those who have been living here, understand everything and help us instead of trying to annihilate us.

This is the real propaganda when you bring everything to a very serious basis! The main thing is that Jews must be allowed to live here because without them, the world will not be able to reach its proper state. Jews must live here for the sake of the world, for the sake of the Creator, for the sake of implementing the program of creation into life.

And then everything will be changed. If we prove our right to live here like that, then everyone will agree with us.

And if we just say we need to live somewhere… What, all of a sudden we are coming back after two thousand years?! Imagine how many claims against each other have accumulated and how much has happened in the world during this time—what a shuffle, a great migration of peoples. Take out the maps from the archives and see what it is!

Therefore, so the problem of redrawing the world map does not erupt, we need to get rid of all borders. But this must be through bringing people close to each other, not as was done in the European community by force with the stroke of a pen.

I don’t see another way out, from both the point of view of human development and the need for humanity becoming closer to each other. There is no other way out besides education! If we remove the internal boundaries, then the external borders will be eliminated by themselves. This can be achieved only through proper education.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/21/16

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New Life #571 – Why Don’t Protests Work

New Life #571 – Why Don’t Protests Work
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Question: Why don’t protests, which are a perfectly democratic tool, work in Israel?

Answer: Because different laws work in Israel.

The nation of Israel can only be based on the rule of “love thy friend as thyself.” Connection is our foundation.

Protests will not solve our problems because the solution is in establishing a new connection between everyone. Crying out in the streets will not work; the only thing that will work is the gradual study of the reasons why we don’t succeed in building a better society here.

The connection between us has to help us learn something about connection every day, about the love of others, about the correction of our relations. We have to connect in order to solve our problems, to unite our hopes, and to stop treating others with disrespect.

Protest is connecting against someone. We, on the other hand, have to protest against our egoism, the force that separates us. Connecting is ascending above all our differences, above our opposite views, spreading an umbrella of love above everything.

We have to promote actions that will lead to connection with the people: workshops, debate circles, sing along, etc. The reason is that a very powerful force is revealed in the connection between us, the positive force that is concealed in nature, the force that balances everything.

Connection summons the force that builds instead of the force that destroys. We protest against the egoistic force in us. It is only when we change that the Israeli society will change and life in our country will be better.
From KabTV’s “New Life #571 – Why Don’t Protests Work,” 5/17/15

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New Life #570 – Social Frustration

New Life #570 – Social Frustration
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


If we thought there were some kind of anchor in Israel to rely on, today we see corruption is ubiquitous. There is general frustration and it is good that we have come to this. It reveals a truth that was not clear to us before.

Everything has become rotten from the ground up. Every politician promises, “I will fix it for you/for all of you/for myself,” and it is clear that he will not be able to do anything.

You cannot say that there is a loss of direction, for in fact there never has been a nation on the right path. The only way possible in Israel is the way of “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) and mutual responsibility.

The positive change that is hoped for can happen only through a change in the person. Corrected people build a corrected society. Only through connection between us will we discover the force of good, the power of love, that can correct everything.

A general social education is required for the people of Israel, an education for connection and mutual love. Without this we are not a people. Since the destruction of the Temple, unfounded hatred has been destroying us. “And you shall love your friend as yourself” is our only future. Even if this sounds naïve, the forces of nature are directing us toward that. That is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us.
From KabTV’s “New Life #570 – Social Frustration,” 5/17/15

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Resolution No. 2334 – Reasons And Implications

Laitman_175In the News (The Jerusalem Post): “Resolution 2334, approved 14-nil by the UN Security Council on December 23, 2016 with only the United States abstaining, has generated a tsunami of media comment.  …

“The truly unique aspect of resolution 2334 is that it seeks to modify Security Council Resolution 242, the accepted and agreed basis for the Arab-Israel peace process.  …

“Emphasizing the need to establish ‘a just and lasting peace in the Middle East,’ it maintained that Israeli armed forces should withdraw ‘from territories occupied in the recent conflict’ and that there should be an ‘acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area, and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.’…

“These areas, now referred to in resolution 2334 as ‘Palestinian territories,’ were governed by Jordan and Egypt respectively for 19 years ­– from 1948 until 1967 – without any attempt by either Arab state to establish a sovereign Palestine.  Then, as now, recognizing a sovereign Palestine in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza meant recognizing a sovereign Israel outside those areas – something the Arab world was not prepared to do at the time.”

Question: Fourteen states voted for the resolution and one state abstained. It seems that the whole world is against Israel. Is that really so?

Answer: The whole world has always been against Israel, ever since the days of Abraham. Once the Jews left ancient Babylon and the split between the nation of Israel and the whole world occurred, the hatred of Israel emerged.

Resolution No. 2334 is an example that the whole world is against us. No one supported us; all the nations of the world united against Israel and unanimously accepted the resolution. If all the nations of the world, billions of people, censure us, claiming that we don’t behave properly and in a desirable manner, we should look deeply into this matter since perhaps something is indeed wrong.

Imagine what would happen if the UN proposed to vote for or against the establishment of the State of Israel today, just like it did 67 years ago. If they had to vote on Israel’s right to exist today, the outcome would probably be negative.

The UN would probably vote on totally detaching all ties with Israel and we would not be able to do anything about it. How could we exist after such a resolution? It is impossible to exist alone in the modern world. Such isolation would ruin the state even without war. We have to take such an option into account and find out the reason for the general hatred the world feels toward Israel.

The great minds of humanity looked for the reason for the hatred that has been felt toward the Jews for ages, but only the wisdom of Kabbalah provides the reason and the solution. We have to unite and it is our duty to pass on the method of unity to the whole world. The world desperately needs it and is waiting for us to do so. As long as we don’t do it, the world will unite in its hatred around us more and more and will not accept our existence.

Let’s hope that in 2017 we will acknowledge our duty to the world and fulfill it! Then the whole world will calm down, as it is written in the prophets, it will reach the wonderful corrected state.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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Food Thrown Away

laitman_627_2In the News (Times of Israel): “Israel is throwing away approximately 35 percent of the food it produces, to the value of an estimated NIS 18 billion in 2015, according to a report released this week by Leket Israel, the National Food Bank.

“The food waste in Israel has far-reaching implications, especially for the 17% of Israeli society considered ‘food insecure’ — those who are not sure that they will have enough food over the course of the month.

“‘There are things that we can do with very minimal effort to rescue food, but we need to have policies that will direct this, policies that come from a government level,’ said Gidi Kroch, the CEO of Leket Israel.”

My Comment: I think that it is much more than that. But even this would be enough to feed all of those in need.

Comment: Many steps are being taken to avoid throwing food away.

My Comment: Nothing will help with this or automobile accident fatalities, problems in schools, the family, and every possible place. Only the ascent of a person to the next level of development will help solve all problems.

People throw food away because what happens to others doesn’t matter to them. If you knew that your children living a few kilometers away from you were now starving, wouldn’t you bring them food?

We lack a sense that we are one family. So, it is necessary to revive this feeling between us. Then there will be plenty of everything for everyone. Otherwise, it will not be possible to solve this problem.

I am not saying that it is necessary to run and distribute food. But anyone would willingly set aside all his surpluses. So this is not even about sharing with someone, but simply about giving them the surplus we are throwing away.

Then all would be well and rational related to food. We cannot imagine the quantity of food that is thrown away in stores, supermarkets, wedding halls, and restaurants. We throw away more than we eat.

What this means is that we must organize special distribution systems. Then people will not starve and there will always be enough for everyone.

If we felt that those who are hungry were our relatives, this would push us to set our surplus aside and create a system for collecting and distributing it. The same could be done with clothing and everything else, meaning the immense surpluses of products we have manufactured.

It is possible to achieve such a feeling only when we begin to implement the great general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), or at least when we feel that we are one people.

But we can achieve this only with the help of serious re-education and in no other way. It is impossible to solve problems like these differently. We must speak and write about this so much that everyone will understand how they are living and who they are. Then it will be easier to explain to people that we need to do something about ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/11/16

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Babel—Second Round, Part 3

Laitman_931-02Question: Inside the narrow family circle, a person feels warmth and protection because there is no egoistic struggle between relatives. What would happen if this circle expanded and covered many people not connected by family ties?

Answer: The positive force of nature will be revealed between these people. If they try to maintain good relationships, the force hidden in nature will be revealed. There will be a place for it to be revealed because they will want to connect above their egoism.

The distance between the force of such connection and the egoism that resists it will be the place where the positive, anti-egoistic force of nature can be revealed.

There are two forces in nature: the negative that separates us and the positive that connects us. The positive force appears if we try to connect. We become its detector, creating conditions for its revelation.

The family is too small a group, hence it is difficult to feel the manifestation of this force in it. But a tribe that unites many families provides a place for the revelation of the positive force of nature.

Abraham spoke precisely about this in ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago. He said that we have no other choice but to unite despite the egoism that erupted and the social crisis that it caused and despite the mutual misunderstanding, what is called the confusion of language.

We must rise above this misunderstanding, that is, mutual aversion, so that love will cover all transgressions of our egoism.

If we cover egoism with love, we will discover the good force hidden in nature to the extent that we can overcome our evil inclination. Egoism will grow more and more in all possible shapes and forms, and we will have to overcome it more and more.

After all, evil is revealed only so that we can connect more strongly above it and uncover the positive force even more until we feel that we live in the ocean of goodness.

And who helped us? It was the same evil egoism that was constantly growing in us. And so it is called “help against it.” So we find ourselves in the world of absolute goodness, but it is built above our egoism, above the evil forces. Now these two forces begin to work together, helping each other. The evil force helps the good force in which we live.

This method is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It teaches how to use the revealing evil egoism correctly, every time rising above it through the good force. This is impossible to do alone, as it is written “They helped everyone his friend.”

Therefore, we should go back to this brotherly love when we all felt like one single tribe.
From KabTV’s, “A New Life” #794 11/29/16

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The New Exodus

Laitman_727In the News (Haaretz): “Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman lashed out Monday at France for its attempt to organize an international peace summit on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and urged France’s Jews to come to Israel.”

My Comment: Lieberman is absolutely right. France is a very religious Catholic country where at one time they carried out pogroms and wars. Of course, it is not for the Jews. It will be get worse and worse.

It is possible that they will issue laws forbidding Jews to export capital or preventing them to settle in other European or American countries. Then only Israel will be left for them.

But today there are difficulties with work and housing in Israel. And the French Jews are mainly people with quite moderate means and so they will have to start from scratch.

The fact is that the departure of the Jews from France will throw the country to the level of a third world country, both spiritually and financially. I am sure of it! The exodus of the Jews from any country has always been a disaster for the country, and it will be a disaster for France.

Question: I would like to ask you as a Kabbalist: will the action of the upper force, the Creator, lead the people of Israel from all countries of the world?

Answer: Eventually, of course. And it will happen in a heightened state of hostility and hatred toward Israel. The nations of the world will make Jews leave their homes; they will be squeezed out. So they must leave while it is possible. By and large, the exodus of the European Jews has begun.

Question: Is this an optimistic note?

Answer: I am always an optimist. If the end is good, everything is good.
From KabTV’s program “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/16

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A Hundred Million For Security


In the News (Jewish Press): “Israel’s two new ‘Adir’ F-35 stealth fighter jets landed in Israel on Monday evening, with great pomp and circumstance at Nevatim Air Base in the Negev. They were received with great ceremony by Israel’s leadership, including President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, Israel Air Force Commander Amir Eshel and top IAF officials.

“’The Adir aircraft redefines Israel’s abilities of deterrence. It re-defines the IDF’s long arm. It redefines the realm of our ability to operate,’ noted President Rivlin.

“’Anyone who thinks to destroy us puts himself in danger of extinction,’ the prime minister said during the welcoming ceremony for the ‘Mighty’ Adir aircraft.”

Question: What is your opinion of the great hopes that are hanging on this acquisition?

Answer: I don’t think that any great hopes are connected to this. These planes constitute a deterrent, just like a nuclear weapon. On the other hand, it is dangerous because when you have a weapon of this kind, it encourages you to use it. But a deterrent like this is truly imperative to have with you and not with your enemies.

In principle, it doesn’t indicate anything. We will become stronger only when we strengthen our spirit. After all, the people of Israel survive not because we have a foreign weapon or something similar, but because we are connected with our roots, which we must bring to their final state, meaning that we must bring all people in the world to a good connection between them.

So the planes will not help us; the proper understanding of our ideological tasks will. If we specifically go out with this weapon and with the power of the spirit, we can win against all the evil forces and bring the world to the correct state.

Comment: In spite of everything, this relaxes a person somewhat. He thinks, “We already have airplanes, we have the Iron Dome. Generally this is some kind of protection.”

My Response: Indeed, but this is a very small compensation for spiritual damage we are causing ourselves. We cannot cover this up with that because we need to bring the world to a good connection anyway. 

And we are doing just the opposite. So the hatred toward us will grow, our opponents will become stronger; they are getting closer and closer to our borders and are equipped no less well than we are. So we need to think about what we are doing with all of this. I would turn the one hundred million dollars that has been wasted on the plane toward education. This would yield much greater benefits and security.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/16

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Hundreds Of Circles, Thousands Of Melted Hearts

laitman_938_03In the News (JPost): “’Each and every one of us has the responsibility to act toward a mutual guarantee to save the rare fabric that our people have.’

“‘I am whole because of the unity of the people,’ said Capt. Ziv Shilon, who lost his arm in a Hamas terrorist attack near the Gaza border in 2012.

“He made these comments at a rally on Saturday night in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, where a couple of thousand gathered to project unity and call for an end to the divisiveness plaguing Israeli society in the wake of Sgt. Elor Azaria’s manslaughter conviction. …

“Late Thursday night, Shilon, who has been an inspiration to many Israelis due to his optimism in the face of great adversity, took to Facebook to decry the ‘hate’ which has divided the nation.

“’I feel that our people are divided, hurt, hateful, disappointed, discouraged,’ he wrote.”

Question: Ziv appealed to anyone, who wants to show their commitment to unity and solidarity to gather on the square in the evening. Thousands of people responded to the call. The Arvut movement took part in the rally and organized hundreds of round tables. How important do you see this action?

Answer: Of course, it was a very important event. After all, the people of Israel were created from a group selected by Abraham from all the inhabitants of ancient Babylon, that is, of the entire human civilization at that time, 3,500 years ago. This group was dedicated to connection as their ideology. Fifteen hundred years before the destruction of the Temple they were able to live in unity as much as possible.

But then this union collapsed and they fell into egoistic desires, in which we are to this day. The sense of the upper reality, perceived only through the forces of bestowal and the desire to connect, disappeared from our senses and from our lives. We must renew and awaken this feeling. Every day the world and each of us need it more and more.

Therefore, everything directed to the connection is very important to us. This is the mission of the Bnei Baruch organization. We want to be the link that unites people and leads to unity, bringing the correct form of connection to the people.

Unfortunately, there are many methods that just confuse people. We want to bring the correct method of connection described by Baal HaSulam. Initially, we all are egoists and are unable to unite. No attempt will succeed, as can be seen from the entire path traversed by humanity. The only way is to attract the positive force of unity hidden in nature, so that it will dress in us and implement our connection.

We all bicker with each other like quarrelsome children. Yet this force, like a cloud, suddenly descends upon us and gives us the opportunity to think well of each other and to treat each other kindly. Suddenly everybody calms down and sees each other as friends that are worthy of our friendship.

Such a force exists in nature; we just need to awaken it. It is possible through certain actions of connection. This is not a simple connection as has been attempted many times in the world. In order to attract this special force that can unite us, we need a special method. And this method exists! It is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The method of Kabbalah or the method of connection can attract the positive force of nature that will dwell within us. It is absolutely necessary nowadays. Judging by the demonstration that took place at Rabin Square on January 7th and what caused it, we can see how urgently it is needed.

Only by attracting the Reforming Light, the positive force of connection that neutralizes the negative effect of our egoism, can we advance to a good future. Otherwise, our state can become very dangerous, threatening the very existence of the people of Israel. Therefore, it is important to hold such events and organize roundtables that allow a person to feel that it is possible to realize the connection, possible to sit together in a circle and unite.

I would put people from the opposing sides, right and left, together in a circle so that they would try to talk about something that they have in common rather than their differences, “How can we reach unity? Is it possible? What forces do we need? What kind of future awaits us if we don’t reach unity?”

A person must consistently go through the entire path and find the answer. This isn’t simple; after all, the people of Israel are called “stiff-necked” for a reason. But we have to work on it because our good future depends only on it. This is our only hope.

Comment: In the evening at the square, I met two young men from the United States who come to Israel for the seventeenth time. After sitting in a circle they said that they always wanted to see exactly such an Israel, and this is the first time their dream finally came true. That is what they were looking for every time they came to Israel.

During the evening many people spoke about the same thing, wondering how they had never heard of the Arvut movement and roundtables, which provide the unusual experience of warmth and the feeling of unity. Many thanks to all the participants of the Arvut movement who gathered for the meeting from across the country and organized circles in order to melt and connect the hearts of the people of Israel.
From the 3d part of Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/17, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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This Is A Sentence For All Of Us

Laitman_004Question: Day after day, Israeli society receives new blows that split it more and more. The latest example is the verdict of the military tribunal of the soldier who shot and killed a terrorist.

This blow was so strong that it shook the very foundations of the country of Israel and divided society even further. How do you assess the state of Israeli society after this event?

Answer: I can’t evaluate the actions of the military tribunal, the army, the judges, and the right and the left. I look only at the harm caused to the people of Israel and to Israeli society. Unfortunately, no one else is considering it, and this is a huge problem.

The people of Israel must understand that our mission is to unite. All of our strength is in unity, and all our hope is in the connection with each other. We can’t afford to harm our connection, even if it is a purely physical one.

If there is no spiritual unity, then at least we must take care of the physical framework in which we live together that it does not lead to hatred, division, and alienation in any form. Yet, exactly such a division has occurred now between the media, judges, police, army, people, the right and the left, and between different parties.

This is a huge problem for parents and children. Parents now don’t know what will happen when their children go to the army. It is such a blow to our nation as has never happened before. It hits the heart of the nation: the army that has always been sacred to them. However, today this attitude is changing, especially after such a case.

It is a real pity that the division has reached such proportions. It is all because there is no organization responsible for the unity of the people. And it is only from this main point—the need for the people of Israel to be in unity—that we need to check any decision, to approve it or not.

Everything that leads to separation of the people must be stopped at any cost. It was possible to deal with this matter so that it wouldn’t shock people and divide them into opposing camps. We received a very strong blow. Hopefully, it will help to recognize the evil and understand the lack of unity.

What kind of division do we need to reach in order to finally discover that it is necessary to unite? No one even mentions it; no one cares. Some people hate others, the others hate someone else, and everyone thinks it’s normal. Every day, the hatred is revealed more and more.

The media acts only to increase the hatred. They are called a means of “connection,” but what kind of connection is there? Who and how do they connect? This is a terrible state.

Question: The Internet is full of complaints with expressions of distrust of the basic systems of the state and the legal system. Mothers are refusing to send sons into the army. There is sharp criticism of the media. How can this situation be fixed?

Answer: We are not an ordinary nation, and if it continues this way, the country will simply collapse and cease to exist! The people of Israel are not just ordinary people.

We, so far, were given an opportunity to live in this land, and only due to the upper grace do we still exist here and somehow connect. But if this continues, we soon will not feel any connection with each other. Then, why would the young people go into the army? They wouldn’t feel obligated to anyone in any way.

There will be a complete disregard of the governmental systems; it is already happening today. This will be our end. The situation seems simply terrible, and the problem is that no one is explaining to the people and the government that connection is the foundation of the people of Israel.

This can’t happen with any other nation. Even if there would be a fratricidal war, they would still remain one nation. This isn’t so for the people of Israel. We will just scatter because we are not a nation. There is no biological connection between us, no inner instinctive feeling that we come from the same father and mother.

Abraham gathered the Jews from all of the Babylonians, and we remain this way. There is no instinctive communication between people, and it is natural and correct. There should be a spiritual connection instead. But even this small connection that we have received due to the opportunity to live in the land of Israel as granted from above is breaking as a result of such actions.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/17, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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