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Stress Makes You Sick

Laitman_022Question: A few weeks ago, a father in the village of Migdal near the Kinneret killed his wife, their small children and the neighbors’ son. This is the third incident since the beginning of the year in which parents murdered their children. In Jerusalem, a mother killed her four daughters and in Acre a mother killed her five-year-old son. How can we explain the fact that a parent who is supposed to protect his child becomes his murder?

Answer: People find themselves under such pressure, such circumstances that pressure them on all sides, until they begin to think that it is actually their children who are the main liability in their life, and thus they sentence them to death. They believe that if they had no children, they wouldn’t be under such pressure and would not have to care for anyone and would be relieved.

These are exceptional tragic incidents. I believe that the cause for such incidents is the fact that life has become too stressful for people and there are those who cannot take it and are willing to free themselves from it at any cost.

Question: How does that happen, because we always use parental love as the closest example of true, unselfish love?

Answer: Love of parents for their children is a natural emotion that is typical of both humans and animals, but when parents find themselves under pressure and don’t know what to do, they lose their mind. If someone had stopped them at that moment, and then told them what they had intended to do, they would of course have been shocked. This is a situation of temporary insanity.

Question: So who is insane, humanity?

Answer: Today, people undergo very strong pressures and so, unfortunately, such cases will reoccur.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/30/17

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New Life #825 – Democracy, Law, And Education

New Life #825 – Democracy, Law, And Education
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Why does it seem that the rule of law does not protect us anymore? How can we adjust to the laws of the system of nature of which we are part, and why is it essential that we undergo a process of re-education in order to achieve that?

Only laws that stem from our understanding of nature and its goal with regard to mankind will be able to establish a good society. As long as we don’t accept the law as our internal law, we need a system of rules.

In the ideal state, everyone needs to receive all his basic necessities from society and to contribute to society as much as he can. We will ascend to a state of connection only through education, only when we feel equal, and no laws will help us do that.
From KabTV’s “New Life #825 – Democracy, Law And Education,” 2/7/17

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What The Official Definition Of Anti-Semitism Will Improve

Laitman_417In the News (BBC): “British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday will deliver a speech in support of the official definition of anti-Semitism, which, in its view, makes it easier to prosecute the perpetrators of crimes motivated by hatred of Jews.

“A clear definition of what should be considered anti-Semitism will help the police, municipalities, universities and other organizations, according to the government.

“International Alliance Memory of the Holocaust (IHRA) hopes that this official definition, agreed only in this year, it will be taken at the international level.

“In this formulation, anti-Semitism is called ‘a certain attitude toward the Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews’.

“Further, the text states that ‘Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews or non-Jews, and (or) their property against the Jewish community institutions and religious buildings.’”

My Comment: It could be that an accepted official definition for anti-Semitism will make it possible to denounce people more concretely for relevant activities or statements, but it will not “cure” them of anti-Semitism!

The origin of anti-Semitism is in the appearance of the “point in the heart” in Jews, which is the budding of the altruistic characteristic that appeared in them at the time of Abraham until the destruction of the Second Temple, meaning for the 1,500 years in which the Jews existed within the framework of the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) or fought for the sake of realizing this principle. The destruction of the Temple was the moment the Jews fell from the level of altruism.

Human nature is opposed to the principle of altruism, so when they feel that it exists in a particular group, they hate that group of people subconsciously. In the Torah it is said that this hatred was born in humanity when the Torah was received. It is a method for correcting human nature from egoistic (all deeds intended for oneself) to altruistic (all deeds intended for the sake of others).

Human nature will certainly not change due to the adoption of an official definition for the term “anti-Semitism.” The (special) natural negative attitude of anti-Semites toward Jews will not disappear. In the Introduction to The Book of Zohar it is said that hatred toward the Jews will exist in all generations, until the period when all the nations of the world will begin to change their egoistic nature to an altruistic nature. The crisis in development that is beginning to be revealed in our times will force them to this more and more.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method for changing human nature, is being revealed in our time. The Jews are required to be the first to learn the method. Their role will then be to reveal it to the entire world. In that way, mutual relationships in the world will begin to improve. Without accepting this method from the Jews, the world will achieve this change as a result of world wars.

From the introduction to The Book of Zohar, it is absolutely clear that the appearance of anti-Semitism among the nations of the world is a natural phenomenon, a law, whereas the uprooting of anti-Semitism from the nations of the world is possible only if the Jews will adapt themselves to the correction of their nature and give an example to all the nations of the world this way, becoming a “Light for the nations” (Isaiah 49:6).

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New Life #824 – Democracy And The Rule Of The People

New Life #824 – Democracy And The Rule Of The People
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Human nature is egoistic and everyone has his own interests, so there is no chance that we will ever reach the state in which the people rule.

States were established because strong individuals wanted to build a mechanism to help them control the people. In the past, the elite ruled directly; today they rule through the media. Everything is managed as a fixed game.

It is only by ascending above egoism that the people can become sovereign and replace its leaders and advance toward connection. In the connected state, there is no minority or majority, there are no interests, and everyone aspires to greater connection and mutual love.

Society will make sure that every individual receives all that he needs according to the rule of “love thy friends as thyself,” and everyone will contribute his share to society.
From KabTV’s “New Life #824 – Democracy And The Rule Of The People,” 2/7/17

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Reverse – Return Back To Nature

Laitman_414We need to understand that the method of connection offered by Kabbalah does not obligate a person, but rather, and in a very real way, brings him benefit. It makes it possible to avoid blows and achieve a good life because there is nothing better than being in balance with nature.

Let us say, right now I am cold, and someone next to me is hot. Animals have almost no such sensations: they do not need to dress or undress in +100 degrees to -100 degrees temperature.

We need to bring ourselves into compliance with nature, but instead we rush in any other direction. This is the whole problem. A person needs to understand that it is best to exist within clear laws of human development because in this way we are always swimming with the most beneficial current.

Nature is one system and therefore relates to all people as to one person. And the less we are scattered between different goals and different opinions and the more we are aimed at one goal, at one opinion, in one direction, the closer we come to nature, to its current, and to this extent we will begin to receive all the benefits from it.

Right now we cannot even imagine what laws and opportunities we will uncover. A person will not need to exert any effort in the material world. Already we are discovering that with the help of simple methods, it is possible to acquire many times more energy than what we are able to now, greatly expand stores.

Hidden in nature are such possibilities and nothing is required of us. It is like we do a “reverse,” returning back to nature, and in the process find ourselves in the most positive and beneficial state.

Everything that has occupied us up to this point is the need to protect ourselves from all possible blows and threats and to provide ourselves with what is necessary. But when we achieve balance with nature, we will no longer need such protection from it. Nature will become friendly toward us, rather than being as hostile as it is today.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/16, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?

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New Life #821 – Democracy And Equality

New Life #821 – Democracy And Equality
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


By teaching people to be mutually connected, we achieve equality and the ability to be considerate of others.

We are all connected by one system, and every individual is like a cogwheel without which the system cannot function. True equal rights are expressed in giving equal opportunities to everyone and bestowing goodness unto others. Our problem is education. At school today, children’s attitudes to each other and to the teachers is very bad. Democracy, equality, and a true relationship between people are the result of feeling that we are all one family.

Eventually we all have to feel that we are all one family, and this will make us feel what everyone needs and we will give it to them. When each one contributes as much as he can to society, it will be a true egalitarian democracy.
KabTV’s “New Life #821 –  Democracy And Equality,” 1/21/17

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Scholarship Instead Of Welfare For Unemployment, Part 1

laitman_220Question: One of the problems of the modern world is mass unemployment. Thanks to the development of newest technology, the job market is going through significant changes. Slowly all professions will become unnecessary: computers will replace human beings at the workplace.

How do you feel about the implementation of universal basic income independent of whether an individual is working or not, which is being discussed all over the world and is already being introduced in several countries?

Answer: Sooner or later, based on the prognosis, and as soon as in a few years, the world with come to the end of its egoistic development. The end of the development of egoism is demonstrated by the elite taking 99.9% of all money for itself, leaving nothing for others. And in addition, the need for billions of people is also disappearing.

The elite no longer need them, but what is to be done with them? This is why, through the mass media, the masses are being persuaded to no longer desire to marry or have children; same-sex marriages are being advertised. But still, there is a need to somehow feed those who are still living, and that is why a decision is made to introduce guaranteed basic income.

That is, we see how capitalist countries are becoming almost socialist, since, excluding the financial elite, the rest of the government is becoming a system of welfare distribution. There is no way out, the population needs to be supported somehow. Even if they do not have work and have nothing to do, they still need to exist somehow.

I don’t know if these reforms will pass quietly and peacefully. Essentially, the money the elite have, they took from the people. And now they want to pay-off and return pitiful crumbs to the people? They will still be presented with a bill.

I have a great sense of foreboding in response to the possible development of events if the population is not given integral education and is not appeased. Even though calming them down can be done in various ways, perhaps the elite will decide to pass out narcotics so the people no longer need or demand anything.

Here arise such problems that eventually will still bring humanity to the need for correction, which is only possible through integral education. Even though, of course, it will not be easy to convince the elite of this.

It may be possible to begin in smaller countries by introducing integral education in some form: through educational facilities, systems of education for adults and senior citizens. And gradually develop this method of education until the entire society begins to feel what a huge benefit it brings.

Question: So you support the implementation of guaranteed base-level income?

Answer: I do not support it in the form in which it is now proposed. I would attach mandatory integral education to it. And this basic income would not be welfare benefit for the poor, but a scholarship payable to students. It should be received only by those who are enrolled in the course of study of integral education.

Question: How long will an individual be able to study and receive the scholarship?

Answer: Their entire life! In our global world, it is possible to pass such laws around the entire planet, so that not a single person could avoid them. We are talking about saving the world from a global catastrophe. Of course, it has not yet materialized and its development may still take several years, possibly being inherited by our children. But, it will inevitably happen. Already today, in Italy and Spain, the unemployment rate is about 30%.

Therefore, governments have no way out; they will have to begin introducing integral education. Otherwise, what will they do with the masses of unemployed people? They do not want to see their countries turn into wild jungles.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/16,Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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ISIS Executes A Hundred-Year-Old Sufi Sheikh

Laitman_153In the News (Al Arabiya): “Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis – ISIS-affiliated extremist group in Egypt – has released images purporting to show the execution of a 100-year-old man.

“The group, who rebranded as ISIS-Sinai when they pledged allegiance to the extremist group holding swathes of Iraq and Syria, killed Sheikh Sulaiman Abu Haraz after kidnapping him earlier.

“Abu Haraz, considered one of the symbolic Sufi clerics and elders of the Sinai Peninsula, was taken by the group from in front of his house in Arish city under gun point.”

My Comment: Sufism is Islamic Kabbalah. They live their lives in exile from their nations because they are hated, similar to the attitude toward Kabbalists in Judaism. Likewise, Sufism calls for everyone to achieve unity through limitless love, as a fundamental principle for all of humanity.

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New Life #820 – Democracy And Individual Freedom

New Life #820 – Democracy And Individual Freedom 
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Democracy will remain nothing but an imaginary philosophical concept unless human nature is corrected.

Man’s nature is the desire to be free and that everyone will serve him. This leads to clashes with others, and so true democracy, which will actually promise freedom to the individual, can only be established through educating people.

Only after every individual in society learns to feel that his own good and the good of the society are one will we be able to live in a democracy.
From KabTV’s “New Life #820 – Democracy And Individual Freedom ,” 1/31/17

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Enflamed Egoism – The Cause Of Global Warming

laitman_293From “The Crisis and Its Solution” (Forum in Arosa, 2006):

Utilizing all forms of mass media, advertising, persuasion and upbringing, the new social perspective must:

1. Condemn egoistic activity openly and firmly;
2. praise altruistic activity as being of highest value.

The topic of “giving back to society” must resound as the only and the highest social value.

Of course, had we received this kind of upbringing from childhood in kindergarten, school and onward through all forms of mass media—newspapers, radio, television— with the topic of giving back to society constantly resounding above the background noise of all other events, then all of humanity would have acquired a completely different form.

We have to come to this through the realization of evil, always revealing to a greater and greater degree that not one of our plans will be realized.

Man will not be able to realize even his most simple egoistic plans: the desire to succeed, to win, to delight in something. A question arises: Why? First, it is necessary to understand that nature has its own plans, according to which we develop. There is nothing to be done about this; we have to follow them instead of trying to create our own.

Suddenly a group of people gathers who want to take power. They organize a party and present their program of change for the world, the country, and the people. But where do they get these plans that seem so right to them? Does human society not need to develop according to nature? And would going against it not condemn us to suffering?

And still we continue to see in our world how each party and each ruler who come to power for several years ruin what can be ruined, and leaves. And he is replaced by a new party with new pretty promises to fix everything, but it only completes the destruction. No one cares what happens after they leave. There is not enough responsibility or understanding of what needs to be done.

There is no awareness that within nature is a specific program of development for human society, just as for every other part. All our research in nature proves that she knows what she is doing and develops everything in accordance with a clear plan, which has been in effect since before the appearance of humans on earth.

Planet earth evolved according to the laws of development of the inanimate level of nature, after that, the vegetative, animal, and finally, human. The entire evolution was programmed.

Inanimate nature plants, and animals suffer only as a result of human beings, and if not for us, they would not be suffering. Because there are no egoistic forces in them, they do not resist nature’s program, but instinctively obey all her laws.

But a human comes to this world in order to develop his egoism and to understand that by doing this he puts himself in opposition to nature. This is done on purpose, in order for him to compare his nature with the rest of nature and come to his own desire to follow her program, which is called the adhesion of creation with the Creator.

The work of a Kabbalist is to bring this knowledge to all of humanity. Today all conditions are available for this, both positive and negative. Negative conditions are revealed in the shattering of humanity, the global crisis.

Positive conditions are revealed in the global system of connection, the Internet, the ability to influence people outside the usual channels of mass media that follow their own selfish goals and propagate the viewpoints of those who pay them.

All that needs to be done is to “condemn egoistic actions openly and firmly, and praise altruistic actions as being of highest value.” Slowly it will reach humanity.

The most important point to convey in this explanation is that this comes from the laws of nature, from which we cannot escape. It is not a plan or principles dreamed up by some political party, but are the result of an intensive investigation of nature. And so we are not being asked if we agree with it or not—we are obliged to bring human society into agreement with the laws nature.

If human society enters this process, which is followed by the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, then all levels will begin to function correctly. Therefore, if we correct the human being, then there will be no climate catastrophes, threats of global warming, or ice age.

Global warming does not depend on the external actions of people or exhaust fumes in the atmosphere, but only on the rise and fall of man. The cause is not in the development of our industrial technology, but in our egoistic interactions between each other—namely, it is the flame of our egoism that is raising the temperature in nature.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/16, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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