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Competition Without Losers

Laitman_506_5From “The Crisis and Its Solution” (Arosa Forum, 2006)

As a result of society’s purposeful influence, everyone will aspire to receive only what is necessary for his existence from the society and spare no effort in his work for the society’s welfare.

To consume only “necessary for the existence” doesn’t mean to lead a meager life and subject ourselves to limitations. However, gradually due to integral education, the better understanding of and researching of our lives, we will suddenly realize that 99.9% of all goods that we produce only do us harm.

After all, the human body is an animal. We can’t feed a cow with cakes or accustom a horse to drink champagne. Similarly, our body requires simple, healthy, and varied food, that is most suitable for it. We must come to this through integral education.

Therefore, necessary for existence means all that is required for our animalistic body. We need to find out what is the most beneficial for it, and then include this in the educational program.

This opinion is passed to a person gradually and without any pressure. Perhaps it will take one or two generations, but in the end, humanity will switch to healthy consumption.

Question: How is it possible to decide what food is considered healthy because different things are suitable for different people?

Answer: All the advices about healthy food that we receive today come from the desire to sell something. Don’t forget this. Thus, it is obvious that all the products we buy, having believed advertisements, are useful only to those who sell them. We’ve never read a piece of advice that is really intended for our benefit.

Now all the lies about global warming are revealed. There is a group in the UN that fuels rumors around global warming and receives billions of dollars each year to allegedly fight it. But in fact, all these measures don’t give any results.

And everything is this way because our egoism can’t do anything good. It is obvious that a huge supermarket can be replaced by a small store, and that will be enough. A person doesn’t need a hundred kinds of cheese; there is no need for this.

Of course, there should be healthy products, several varieties for different tastes. But this diversity shouldn’t come from competition, from someone’s desire to earn.

Competition should be in who produces the most healthy and delicious products. That is, the original motive for competition is completely different. The product should be the best, most delicious, yet cheap, and should not harm the environment.

Nobody is going to forbid and limit anything. We just need to eliminate this principle of competition for the sake of profit and to develop competition around who brings more benefit to people. Nothing more is required! Everything is determined by the upbringing of a person, and as a result of integral education, his head will gradually begin to rise above material interests.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/17, “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “The Desirable Result”

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The Annihilation Of Aleppo

laitman_286In the News (Huffington Post): ”If ever there was a conflict in desperate need of intervention by the United Nations, Syria today is it. …

“The five-year civil war has already claimed nearly 500,000 lives and driven over 11 million from their homes, leading to a horrific humanitarian disaster across the region. The Assad regime has used chemical weapons on its own people, and its forces have flagrantly violated the recent cease-fire. With the escalation of Syrian and Russian air strikes on civilians in Aleppo, and a potential ground invasion by regime forces, the region is descending deeper into chaos. And due to Russia’s involvement in the Syrian crisis, diplomatic relations between the world’s two nuclear superpowers ― the U.S. and Russia ― have dangerously deteriorated.”

Question: Is there a way to stop this?

Answer: What can be done when the UN itself is not lifting a finger and neither are Europe or the United States? Nobody is doing anything.

Everyone is watching calmly, adding fuel to the fire and supplying weapons to all sides instead of signing a memorandum that would prohibit the supplying of weapons. The city has become rubble reminiscent of the last days of Pompeii.

Question: In the future will there be empathy between one person and another?

Answer: There won’t be and especially not between the Shiites and the Sunnis. Moreover, these are battles between Arabs and Arabs. Imagine what would happen if this were not about Shiites and Sunnis, but Arabs and Jews? The Arabs, with such weight, would conquer Israel. After that, nothing would remain to be done.

Question: Do you think that the world would remain silent in this case?

Answer: The world would help everyone except the Jews. We saw this during the Second World War. So we need to understand that what is happening in Syria and in the world is also the fault of the Jews. Because we are not bringing the method for the unification of people to the world, they cannot unite.

It is up to us, the people of Israel, to understand it depends on us to calm the world, its rise to a good, correct, and properly united state. Only we have the method of unity for all the nations of the world, and it is up to us to take this upon ourselves, understanding that we are responsible for the present situation and that we must invite humanity to follow the method for unification.

As soon as we begin to apply it to ourselves, the world will immediately feel calm, will turn in our direction, and will be amazed: “What are the Jews doing that it is suddenly calmer and better for us?”

As they now blame the Jews for all of their problems, they will suddenly begin to say: “What did the Jews do so that now there is peace?” As soon as we begin to do good, the nations of the world will immediately turn their faces toward us and begin to help us.

Question: On Facebook they call you a science fiction and fantasy storyteller. People consider it unrealistic for changes to happen in the world or that the Jewish people will change. They write: “It would be good if it were to happen that way, but is it possible?”

Answer: If it doesn’t happen, then we will “devour” each other and watch depictions of lawlessness. This is still happening outside of our borders, but this is only up to a certain point.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/16

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The Plan For Exiting Crisis, Part 6

laitman_268_01What will be the replacement for democratic populism?

Question: What should be the next step after democracy?

Answer: The next step is that instead of “democrats” chosen by the public from those who are better at giving out beautiful promises and smiles, more serious and responsible people will come to power. They will do what is truly needed by the public, country, and the world, instead of accommodating populism and self-advertising before the masses.

Responsibility was in deficit during the whole previous period of so-called “democratic” ruling. An example of that are leaders of European countries, who opened their borders for refugees to enter freely.

All these decisions were made without any prior analysis and consideration for the right priorities of values. European countries simply destroyed themselves this way.

Question: Democrats asserted that people are their top priority.

Answer: A “person” in democracy means the masses, but the masses are incapable of making the right decision. I heard from one candidate for prime minister that he needs two billion dollars to accomplish this. If he had the money, the rest is a matter of technique. They buy off the media: television, radio, and newspapers to advertise, and after the elections this money is made back and doubled.

This is how we choose rulers in our times—everything depends only on advertising since the public chooses according to a simple number of votes. Don’t you think that this system is flawed? Democracy is possible if the nation is educated and knows what they’re doing. There can be dissidence among them, but completely acknowledged one, rather than evoked by advertising that determines whom to allot the public’s sympathy.

Right now this whole democratic approach is subject to verification and will be amended. In the future people will elect those who are in contact with the upper force of nature, the Creator. No one will be able to rule the world except those in spiritual attainment. Who else can know how to govern this world, especially during our times, when it is becoming one system?

The society can elect democratically, but for that it needs to be corrected. For now personal freedom means being able to do whatever you fathom.

True democracy assumes an educated public who understand in what world , in what system of nature they exist, and what is required in order to advance correctly to a more loyal connection to the system of nature called the “Creator.”

Baal HaSulam writes in his article “The Last Generation”: “One should not be confused in regard to modern democracies since they use various gimmicks to trick the electors.

And until the masses smarten up and realize this lie, the majority will continue to elect according to what is ordered from above. And the main trick is that first the candidate is praised, his wisdom and righteousness are advertised, and the masses believe the lies and elect him. However, this lie never becomes the truth.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document)”

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Means Of Mass Isolation

laitman_202_0In the News (Hearst):  “Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace allow you to find and connect with just about anyone, from a coworker in a neighboring cube to the girl who played Emily in your high school production of ‘Our Town’ thirty years ago. Browsing these sites can make you feel connected to a larger community, but such easy, casual connection in an electronic environment can also have its downside. …

“According to Cornell University’s Steven Strogatz, social media sites can make it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the numerous casual relationships formed through social media. By focusing so much of our time and psychic energy on these less meaningful relationships, our most important connections, he fears, will weaken.”

Comment: According to current research, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks do not actually represent the connection between people and are more like a greenhouse for different undesirable phenomena. They say that they even bring up terrorists.

Answer: The media are the means of mass division and of keeping people apart from each other. There is nothing more divisive and harmful for everyone than the media and especially when they are called channels of communication. What communication? Who are they connecting to whom?

Those who know how to speak nicely and to beg or actually to entice people against each other, thus bring up ratings in the media. They care about nothing other than the ratings!

Question: How do you see the media and connection that aim at a positive beneficial direction in life?

Answer: As long as they are not the way that they are today! In any way whatsoever!

Even those working in scientific media channels that belong to universities and research institutions are professional go-getters and all the more so in the other media whether printed or not. Everything is sold and bought; there is no ideology. Everything is aimed only at harming people.

Question: But still, on the whole isn’t the media created according to people’s demands?

Answer: No. It is the media that create the demands in society and it isn’t society that demands from it. Unfortunately, they educate society this way over several generations in a sequence, so we witness regression and it is already impossible to go on!

Question: Does this mean that you believe that society doesn’t demand something “off color” like rumors, gossip, etc.?

Answer: Society demands whatever you feed it with, and what you get people used to. Everything depends on what is on the Internet, and with such promiscuity, what future awaits our children and our grandchildren?!

I see what they engage in and I feel pity and am sad to see what is happening to them! There is nothing we can do about it. They are in such a society that we cannot expect anything good of them.

Question: You find the media more responsible than the governments that are in charge of the media?

Answer: Yes, because there is a very interesting connection between the media and the government. The government funds the different media channels, each of which receives money from someone and publicize his views. Consequently only a couple of major directions are formed: the right, the left, colorful, etc. and it is all only in order to make a greater profit. Unfortunately today’s journalists are the most corrupt people.

The media need to be totally detached from any other goal except developing society.

Journalists have to be educated so that they will become independent. They have to depend on nature’s law and be independent of the government and business.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/23/16

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The Plan For Exiting Crisis, Part 5

laitman_600_04Altruism—Genuine or Irresponsible

Question: There are many people in the world today who can call themselves altruists. Why do you think that the crisis resolution is possible through altruistic education?

Answer: We are not talking about altruism as customarily understood in this world, but about the Kabbalistic meaning of it. Altruism is the perception of the whole society as one system in which the wellbeing of an individual is equivalent to the wellbeing of society; therefore, he must include himself in the society and treat it as he treats himself.

I do not know if various altruists and humanists think the same. If any of them treats society this way, then it is close to what the wisdom of Kabbalah demands from us.

If a person sees his life as a part of society, like an embryo in a womb of his mother, receiving everything from her; then he realizes that everything depends on the wellbeing of society. And that is why he gives everything to the society and takes only the bare necessities for himself. Through this behavior, we guarantee our spiritual life without any restrictions.

A person will treat society this way if he receives an integral education. With the help of this education, he will begin to understand and feel what “integrality” is and what it means to be all as one man. Without this, the world cannot exist. The global crisis and the numerous problems that modern world is experiencing today lead us to this.

The world is in the transitional period when the era of “democracy” and “liberalism,” which led society’s leaders to irresponsible management, is nearing its end. If all management is carried out exclusively in a “democratic” way, then the results are the most disastrous.

After all, who chooses the leaders? This is the public who makes their choice based on which candidate screams louder, looks prettier, and is more like the Hollywood icons..

We can see the results of this populism all over the world. The leaders of European countries destroyed Europe with their liberal course. Perhaps, it is not clear to everyone yet, but very soon it will manifest itself to its fullest.

And most importantly, the harmful influence of the mass media determines public opinion through the speeches of famous artists and popular figures who know how to convince people.

It turns out that the leadership of countries is chosen not according to their professional leadership qualities, but according to their public speaking skills.

The public, impressed by performances, chooses their leaders, who then come to power and start doing whatever they want. All of this is the result of populism, liberalism, and democracy. The problem of modern leadership is its incompetence.

The revision of the entire previous approach is beginning now, and we hope it will lead to correction.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “Plan for Quitting Out of Crisis”

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End Of The Liberal Idea

laitman_220In the News (The New Yorker): “Humans think in stories rather than in facts, numbers, or tables, and the simpler the story, the better. The story that has ruled our world in the past few decades is what we might call the Liberal Story. It was a simple and attractive tale, but it is now collapsing, and so far no new story has emerged to fill the vacuum. Instead, we get Donald Trump.

“The Liberal Story says that if we only liberalize and globalize our political and economic systems, we will produce paradise on earth, or at least peace and prosperity for all. According to this story—accepted, in slight variations, by George W. Bush and Barack Obama alike—humankind is inevitably marching toward a global society of free markets and democratic politics.

“The plot line of this story, however, began to lose credibility starting with the 2008 global financial crisis. People who, in the nineteen-nineties and two-thousands, expected that playing by the rules would allow them to rise and flourish suddenly began to fear that they had been duped, and that the system did not work for them. The Arab Spring has turned into an Islamic Winter; authoritarian regimes in Moscow, Ankara, and Jerusalem are abandoning liberal-democratic values in favor of chauvinistic nationalism and religious extremism; and even in the liberal strongholds of Western Europe people are having second thoughts. Now the tidal wave of disillusionment is making its way to the very country that has pushed the Liberal Story to the rest of the planet, sometimes at gunpoint—the United States. As American citizens feel let down by decades of promises and assurances, their disenchantment may sweep Donald Trump into the White House, to the horror and astonishment of the established élites.

“Why are people losing faith in the Liberal Story? One explanation is that this story has indeed been a sham, and that, instead of peace and prosperity, the liberal prescription has produced little more than violence and poverty. …”

My Comment: The victory of Donald Trump suggests that the Creator is making it possible for us to move to development by the way of Achishena (I will hasten it), a reasonable way of development by resembling the laws of nature and not laws that were invented by people or the liberal elite.

The correct use of this development will teach us how to become an integral society with intelligent patterns of consumption, a society that learns how to cooperate mutually, and in this way we will move from “liberal permissiveness” to “conscious unity.” To succeed in this transition, all of us must go through a course of “new education.”

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The Regularity Of Happiness

laitman_549_02In the News (The New York Times): “Alone with his psychiatrist, the patient confided that his newborn had serious health problems, his distraught wife was screaming at him and he had started drinking again. With his life and second marriage falling apart, the man said he needed help.

“But the psychiatrist, Dr. Donald Levin, stopped him and said: ‘Hold it. I’m not your therapist. I could adjust your medications, but I don’t think that’s appropriate.’

“Like many of the nation’s 48,000 psychiatrists, Dr. Levin, in large part because of changes in how much insurance will pay, no longer provides talk therapy, the form of psychiatry popularized by Sigmund Freud that dominated the profession for decades. Instead, he prescribes medication, usually after a brief consultation with each patient. So Dr. Levin sent the man away with a referral to a less costly therapist and a personal crisis unexplored and unresolved.

“Medicine is rapidly changing in the United States from a cottage industry to one dominated by large hospital groups and corporations, but the new efficiencies can be accompanied by a telling loss of intimacy between doctors and patients. And no specialty has suffered this loss more profoundly than psychiatry. …”

My Comment: Everything develops under the influence of economists because they are considered the ones who humanity needs, but their calculations are too simplistic. They will begin to mix drugs that invoke happiness with water or anything else and everyone will walk around with a happy smile on their face and will not think about anything else.

It will seem that everything is fine: We will become friendlier; give our seat on public transportation to each other and put an end to wars. Everything will be great!

Why don’t we behave this way? Simply because there is an upper force that does not allow us to do so! It does not allow us to do so even now. It is against this and will not allow us to fall asleep. The Creator keeps tripping us by not allowing us to be happy.

Question: Where is He pushing and driving us?

Answer: To happiness by a stick. Happiness is a state in which we resemble Him, which means that we become totally different from our current nature. We love each other, unite and become friendly with each other by giving everything to others. Eventually, the upper Light, its filling, will gradually appear in us according to our egoistic actions.

Question: And what if we do that under the influence of medications?

Answer: The medicine will not work and neither will you. This isn’t the whole problem, so we will not be able to feel anything. The difference is that you have to want it yourself. You would do it by yourself if you could by taking a pill, and the problem could have been solved long ago.

It is about a very complicated system that has to descend unto us from above.

I hope that we will still be able to draw it toward us to a certain extent, so that it will fall on us and begin to format people similarly to it, to oblige them to be compatible with each other. Then we will begin to feel to what extent a new feeling can emerge out of the mutual compatibility between us, a new, perfect, eternal infinite world that keeps awakening us and pulling us upward.

We have to act like little children with wide-open eyes and not like tired old men who peck with their noses just as all of humanity does today: they exist and that is it. I look at people and see that they all live as if they are half-asleep, without choice. In spirituality there is a totally different incentive to life and we will show that to people. This is actually the difference between antidepressants and the Creator, our own yearning forward, as you are burning with enthusiasm, not when chemistry is pushing you.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/16

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Money Or Love

laitman_565_01Question: Will one leader rule the whole world in the future?

Answer: One leader does lead this whole world now: money, greed, and power. Love manages the other world. We have to choose who will lead us: love or money.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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Terrorist Attack In London


In the News (The Guardian):“’Yesterday, an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy. But today we meet as normal, as generations have done before us and as future generations will continue to do, to deliver a simple message: we are not afraid and our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism. And we meet here in the oldest of all parliaments because we know democracy and the values it entails will always prevail,’ the prime minister [Theresa May] said.”

My Response: In the heart of London under Big Ben, in the middle of one of the world’s most famous landmarks, terror struck a new blow.

Unlike other Europeans, the English with their “island” mentality are less ready for change. That is why they were the first to decide to leave the EU. Officially, the initial stage of Brexit starts on March 29th.

In general, exiting the agonizing union will ease life for England; it will retain its control over the country’s borders and the flows of immigrants knocking on its door. However, although the threat of radical Islam will weaken slightly, this still won’t ensure a quiet life for its citizens.

Therefore, an active struggle against the weeds would now be a right step. It is necessary to uproot the network that promotes radical attitudes and terrorist activities. and to do it in such a way that it would be an example to everyone.

But this won’t solve the root of the problem. After all, it is not limited to politics or ideology, its underlying cause lies deeper, in human nature itself. It is egoism that separates people and puts them on different sides of the barricades. In the most natural way it awakens and intensifies the lowest impulses that require domination over others, incites hatred, and generates terrorism and wars.

We must fight on this front too, and not less actively than in the security field. A negative tendency should be balanced immediately and compensated by the opposite trend. Egoism is inherent in us from the beginning, and a positive tendency must become the fruit of our common purposeful efforts.

Only healthy human connection can radically change the situation. Terror, this formidable sign of disunity, must be counterbalanced with unity. Not just words “we are not scared,” but the spirit of cohesion, solidarity, and willingness to overcome conflicts and contradictions.

This will not only save people from death, it will arrange and improve their lives. By taking such an anti-egoistic direction, England will become an example not only of the fight against terrorism, but also of the correct approach to solving pan-European challenges.

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President Trump’s New Decrees

laitman_202_0In the News (The Washington Post):”President Trump’s executive order temporarily prohibiting entry into the United States for migrants from seven mostly Muslim countries and refugees from around the world fueled confusion, angst and a wave of protests across the country Sunday.

“Even as administration officials tried to clarify the reach of Trump’s action — ‘This is not a Muslim ban,’ the president said in a statement — the exact limits of its scope and legal questions over its constitutionality remained unresolved. So did the question of whether the administration would comply with orders from federal judges to temporarily halt the travel ban.

“Raucous protests erupted in airport terminals from coast to coast. Tens of thousands of people protested outside the gates of the White House, in Boston’s Copley Square and in New York’s Battery Park, with its views over the Statue of Liberty.”

My Comment: If Trump doesn’t limit the entry of immigrants it is quite clear that things will be much worse in the future. What we see in Europe is a warning sign for him.

Question: Does he understand that he is playing with fire? After all, the streets are full of demonstrators.

Answer: If a person is elected democratically and the democracy belongs to the young and liberal, why don’t they act according to the same democratic order? It turns out that democracy is only what they side with, and if not, then it isn’t democracy anymore but fascism. Why do they believe that there is no room for other views?

Question: What new level can we refer to with regard to the US and to the world? Trump has brought along a totally new approach. Europe would also like to be similar to Trump.

Answer: Of course. The more we delay the development of society, the more it will deviate to the right, which will lead to fascism and ultra-right parties that no one will benefit from. If the left-wing parties in Europe continue to hold power by any undemocratic means, ultimately, the extreme right will come into power.

Trump personifies moderate US, both from a business and financial perspective. He must do that. There are great forces behind him that will not give in. What is more, Trump has the nerve. He is a man who has already undergone everything, so for him the demonstrations are small chips.

The US has to simply say that although no one forces us to, we will allocate the means to build a normal state, normal districts for millions of people from Iraq, Syria, and other regions. We will do that, but we will not allow such great numbers of people into our country in total disorder as Obama did.

I believe that Obama let close to 10 million people into the US. No one knows what time bomb is ticking under the surface and how it is going to explode. We can already see the signs of that in Europe.

In 20 to 40 years, these millions of immigrants with their tendency to multiply, their influence, and their desire will become such a power in the US that they will change everything. They have a totally different mentality, religion, and nature. The US first needs to figure out what is going on with it. It is a country that now is in the midst of a destructive process compared to what it was 50 to 60 years ago.

Question: The same thing is happening in Europe now. What does this step require?

Answer: Europe needs to disperse quickly. Divorce can sometimes prevent many problems, since otherwise the two sides begin to hate each other, to hit and destroy, to take expensive lawyers only in order to prove to each other who is right. Eventually the two sides go broke and are left with nothing, as often happens in a divorce, and the children also suffer. This is the reason that Europe has to get “divorced.” Then the change of power will be more or less peaceful, and each state will exist relatively independently. The democrats and the liberals will reach a dead end, so they must do it. If they continue to hold on to power, they will invoke the emergence of radical right fascist regimes, totally opposite from them. I advise them to implement a peaceful democratic change of power today, the way they and the Europeans really want.

The time of a united Europe has passed. It has been untied not according to the principles upon which the EU should have been based. We have talked about it many times. Now Europe has to split up, and then it will be able to reconnect, but only after the whole population has been educated and learned the reason for all the troubles.

Question: What qualities do the leaders of Europe need now?

Answer: The European leaders today should be people who aim at the right liberalization according to which people are friends, comrades, and brothers; when everyone supports each other, when there are good relations between people, above their differences.

Religion, economic status, or origin should not affect the mutual relations between people. People have to work in order to achieve that, to change human nature, and this requires decades of hard work. This is exactly what needs to be done in Europe. Then it would be possible to open the borders for those who have been re-educated and they will be able to enter Europe.

Question: Do the same requirements apply to the US?

Answer: To the US and to the whole world! People need to start a re-education process and only then will they truly be able to establish a good common world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/30/17

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