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My Blessing Before The Upcoming Convention

laitman_938_03Studying and perceiving the wisdom of Kabbalah means to unite, because when we connect through our attributes, our desires, and our internal yearnings, each of us feels huge new capacities. This strength is not only in the mind or heart, but in our internal attainment of matter, of its internal feeling.

Therefore, try to be free so that you will be able to feel the need to connect with everyone who follows our way. It makes no difference how you perceive the friends as long as a yearning for them flows from you. Then you will begin to feel the next level of your spiritual development through them.

Let’s prepare for the convention in this way and we will succeed. I personally constantly work on it, and so before the convention I am always a bit confused internally. Then during the convention, I connect with everyone. Thus I have an opportunity to see our new level through you and you can see it together with me.

A revelation is an amazing wonderful sight!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/4/16

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How Can One Sense That The Creator Is Enjoying?

laitman_527_03Question: How can we sense that the Creator is enjoying our actions?

Answer: For this you have to sense the Creator. Then you will sense how much He enjoys what you do.

In essence, you have to believe that if you are looking for Him, trying to find the source in everything that is happening with you, this already brings pleasure to Him. After all, you are searching for Him.

Whatever you do, whether you in your thoughts, actions, or aspirations, you should catch yourself at every thought, every action, and every desire even before they appear within you that it was an action from the Creator that triggered this consequence in you. Try to capture Him this way. Then you will start sensing.

However, this path will not result in success unless you do this in a group. This is because the increase of strength, search, and similarity can be achieved only through the connection with others.
From the Convention In Prague, Day One 9/10/16, Lesson 2

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Fidel Castro Is Gone

My only interaction with Fidel Castro was a meeting and conversation with his daughter Alina Fernandez Revuelta on June 7, 2007 in an interview on radio WQBA 1140 am Univision in Miami, in relation to the publication of my book Your Goals in Life in Spanish. Alina fled from Cuba and for many years has been exposing the actions of her father and his brother.



The Jewel In The Necklace Of The Common Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is said that every person who comes to a group is chosen by tweezers as a precious stone and is inserted into a common necklace.

Answer: Each person who feels that he is attracted to Kabbalah must realize clearly that he was really selected by tweezers from the general mass of humanity and like a precious stone was inserted into the necklace.

He didn’t just turned up in this group at this time along with these people. There are specific reasons  for everything according to the root of his soul. He’ll find out about this later.
From the Prague Congress, Preparatory Lesson, 9/9/16

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Praying For The Creator

laitman_534Question: What is “a prayer for the Creator?”

Answer: To pray for the Creator means to do everything with the purpose of giving Him the opportunity to be revealed within the creatures. This is what He wishes and the reason He created a single desire, i.e., the entire universe.
From the Convention In Moscow, Day One 5/2/16, Lesson 3

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On The Spiritual Map of the World

laitman_254_03Question: Perhaps for the correct prayer we lack the desires of the lower ones?

Answer: Certainly. I stay in contact with all groups in the world. This is a broad geography covering practically all the territory of South and North America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, European groups, and groups from Africa.

We have to be in contact with one another because the lack of the outer desire relative to every ten limits it and it does not feel the ability to advance further.

I purposefully try to be in some connection with everyone as much as my time allows me. After all, I don’t have more time than anyone else does, but I try to absorb desires, sufferings, and the doubts of the groups.

I do not attempt to enter someone’s private life. It does not give anything. In spirituality, one can sense only the common state of the group, its common opinion, and its aspirations. This is what becomes inscribed on the spiritual map!

However, if it is not a group, not an assembly of at least a few people, I am not interested in them even if they are some great individuals. I do not become included in them because their desires do not exist in the spiritual world.
From the Convention in Moscow, Day One, Lesson 3, 5/2/16

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How Can I Reveal The Creator?

laitman_628_2Question: Why hasn’t the Creator revealed Himself in such a long time?

Answer: We exist in a clear physical world! If you wish to attain the Creator, you have to be in the desire to reveal the property of bestowal and love!

If you have such a desire, it means you are obliged to love and bestow. To love means to take others’ desires and fulfill them.

Do you have such a desire? No. So it means you have nothing with which you can reveal the Creator!

The Creator is not hiding. Our nature is such that everything is revealed according to the law of similarity of properties. I cannot hear with my eyes, but I hear with my ears because the waves are different for vision and hearing. It is the same with the Creator. If I do not have an organ that can sense Him, it means I do not sense Him! He is here, but I do not sense Him!

You have to create a new sense organ within yourself. This is what we are doing. This is why we are called Kabbalists, which comes from the word “Lekabel = to receive.” We wish to receive a sensation of the phenomenon that exists around us. It is the force that governs and fulfills the entire Universe, all of nature!

Then we will find out the purpose for our existence, what happens to us every moment of life, what was, what is, and what will be. After all, everything is inherent in this force!
From the Convention in Moscow, Day Two, Lesson 5, 5/3/16

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From The Physical World To The Spiritual

Laitman_524_01When I begin working with the group I gradually encounter all kinds of problems. This is how the Creator reveals the area of work for me so I will resolve all problems that come up, cover them with bridges of love, and create conditions for His revelation within the group.

So I tie myself with the other group members, as the ten Sefirot, and provide a place for the Creator’s revelation between us.

Therefore, we constantly have to remind one another about this. After all, the Creator constantly resets us in our earthly philistinism, and we have to rise from it toward the spiritual tuning, to the correct view of the situation.

This is our constant work. We rise to the new spiritual state from the earthly, confusing world that the Creator makes for us on purpose.
From the Moscow Convention, Lesson 4, 5/3/16

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The Remedy For Slander

laitman_571_06Question: At what point does slander appear? How can I not miss this point in order to avoid entering it?

Answer: Slander comes from the sensation of one’s pride. If you say only good things about everybody you won’t be able to elevate yourself. The need to rise above others forces a person to slander others.

As a general rule, we have to try to talk only with the Creator.
Congress in Moscow, Lesson 4, 5/3/16

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Who Is A Kabbalist?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At what point does Kabbalah become a science?

Answer: Kabbalah becomes a science when a Kabbalist is engaged in it.

A Kabbalist is one who has achieved the state of “receiving for the sake of bestowal.” A person who possesses such properties understands the Creator’s actions within himself and in the universe. He becomes a researcher of the entire space revealed before him.

Therefore he is called a Kabbalist. Those who study Kabbalah are the students of Kabbalists for now since they are on the path to the attainment of the spiritual world.
From the Convention In Moscow, Day Two 5/3/16, Lesson 5

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