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Why Do We Like Movies?

laitman_922Question: Why do people love to watch movies and TV shows and to get caught up in the feelings of complete strangers? Is it because of a lack of feelings and experiences of their own?

Answer: No. These are not someone else’s feelings. I feel the same emotions myself, and then identify with the heroes of the movie. People pay a lot of money to experience feelings that make them cry. For example, people fly to Germany to see an opera, etc. There is a Rabash article where he wrote that feelings a person isn’t currently experiencing, but has either experienced in the past, or they come to him in a state called “empathy” from the compassion that he feels for others, and although bitter feelings may be aroused in you, it is a pleasant bitterness that only enhances the sweetness. That is why we like to cry a little and dwell in sorrow a little because this further emphasizes the possibility of enjoyment and happiness.

Question: In the past, you said that movies were invented as an art of empathy. What about horror movies? Why should a person watch them?

Answer: These films nevertheless expand the limits of a person’s imagination and shake him a little. We have very few emotions in life. In our daily lives we are “frozen.”

Remark: There is a theory that if a little child watches action and horror movies, these experiences and impressions will be enough for him and he will not actualize them in life. There is another opinion that claims that this will influence children negatively and they will become violent.

My Comment: Certainly, they will get used to cruelty. Likewise, a bad example is contagious. I believe that this should not be allowed at all.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Lie And Truth, Part 5

laitman_547_01Question: Our entire world is based on lies that initially come from human nature. We trudge through it as if through a dark jungle full of deception, not knowing if we will get out. Are we always going to live in a world of deception or will the world change in the future?

Answer: Development brings us to a point where we can no longer live in lies. We can only lie to a certain limit, and then we begin to hurt each other so much that we can’t put up with it. We simply cannot continue to exist because there isn’t a drop of truth remaining in our relations.

We can then no longer communicate with each other nor conduct any kind of business. In a world built on complete deception, there are no connections left between people and so it falls apart. This is exactly what is happening to it today.

Question: How will the world be able to go forward?

Answer: The world will reach the recognition of evil, that is, it will understand that we live in lies and must reach the truth. The truth is correct, kind connections between us: authentic, not false ones.

We will stop deceiving each other; we will learn to say the truth, and will educate our children in the spirit of truth. We will want to be sincere with each other, and in these qualities we will discover the upper force that is the absolute truth.

It is with this goal in mind that we are placed into deception, initially finding ourselves in the shattering, in the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, under control of the serpent, and in complete lies. There is not a drop of real pleasure in our life—it is all only to escape from suffering. Even rest is just recovery from prior fatigue.

This is how it is with everything. We experience false pleasure because we just want to get rid of the suffering we previously experienced. Therefore, there is no good without evil first. In the world of tomorrow where there will be no lies, one good is replaced with another greater good, and everything becomes better and better.

It already seems to you that the previous good was not so good; after all, there is a better one. Today we choose the lesser of two evils, and in the corrected world we will be replacing a smaller good with a greater one.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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Group Or Individual?

laitman_947Question: What will the future education system look like in terms of “constructing personality”? How will the results of education be assessed?

Answer: The system has to be developed. We have to implement training in groups, and a person should be judged by how much he coordinates, merges, and unites with the group.

Question: What will be considered important at the end of the training: individual or group achievement?

Answer: Individual achievements are not taken into account at all, only teamwork. A person should not pay attention to individual differences or achievements. Group achievement is the maximum unification between all in one desire and one mind that people will clearly feel.

Life already gives us pragmatic tasks that we should solve from an integral state.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/17/17

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Love On The Physical Level

laitman_959Question: Can we see examples of true love anywhere so we can understand the possibilities of realizing it?

Answer: An example of true love is the love of a mother for her child.

This is love on the physical, beastly level, which can be seen in a limited form in animals and in a more extensive form in humans. If we were to cut off the connection between a mother and her child, there would not be any love between them.

Therefore, in our world, what we call love is simply an egoistic attitude toward a source of pleasure. It is nothing more than this. If I love you, then I receive pleasure from you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Actions Of The Fathers—Sign For The Sons

laitman_292Question: What is the right way for someone to relate to everything that has happened to them in life?

Answer: From the experiences we live through, we must learn how to make fewer mistakes and from this moment onward to aim ourselves toward the most elevated goal in life.

Question: And what if a person lives in the past? For some people, it is very difficult to let go of the past.

Answer: Maybe in that case they need the help of a psychologist. I can tell you about myself. I am only directed toward the future, not toward the past. I draw conclusions from the past to guide me in the future, and after doing that, the past no longer exists for me. For someone to be immersed in past memories is a big problem. I do not allow myself to go digging in the past if there are no constructive reasons for it.

Question: How can someone tolerate and prevail against the negative experiences from their past?

Answer: I don’t fight the past. Instead, I exchange it for the future. We need to occupy ourselves with our future achievements, not bury ourselves in the past. Battling the past is not the right approach.

I erase my entire past, and if it doesn’t happen easily, then I forcefully strike it out. When the moment is past, it is already in the past. It is not possible to return to it. Then, why should we attempt to return to it? It’s already dead. Why do we need to raise the dead?

Question: Then, why did it occur?

Answer: The past occurred in order for me to draw conclusions from it, to learn something from it, and to continue on a corrected course. The past occurred only for the future.

The elderly enjoy reminiscing about how good it was in their youth or what suffering they had to go through. But, it doesn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately, for many in their senior years, there is nothing left for them in life other than their memories.

I think that while the individual is alive, he has things to do in order to move toward his goal in life. I live in order to use each day, to always add more and more toward the goal of revealing the Creator within me. Personally, this is my goal by the end of the day to reach an ever greater revelation of the upper Force.

Each individual has their own goal and needs to check that it actually utilizes his abilities maximally, or even a little more.
From KabTV’s “New Life #942 – How To Treat The Past,” 1/7/18

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Change Rather Than Coercion

Laitman_120Question from Facebook: How can you talk about unity? In the days of Stalin, the government and society seemed too united. Hitler also united and educated people. You didn’t clarify exactly what slogans and ideology the government should adopt in order to unite and educate us, society.

Answer: Society must be educated. The problem is that in the past, nobody was taught how to be a member of society. A person can be manipulated by any education system with any doctrines, but a person must change, not be coerced. This has never been done before. A person has to become a social being.

By nature, a person is an egoist. Throughout human history, all attempts to change humanity and build a correct, good society managed by the people themselves have failed. People (even socialists) appoint representatives who with slogans of unity, nationalism, etc. still take everything for themselves and ultimately become capitalists. Therefore, the people always suffer.

An ideal and correct society can be built only by changing human nature. The method of Kabbalah exists for this purpose. It attracts a unique energy that is concealed in nature and is able to give form to a collective being. It enables a person to think about the whole society and not just about himself. Then we will truly be able to build a society in which people act willingly, thinking about the common good of the entire society.

I am sure this is possible because I know these hidden forces are waiting for us to use them and realize this idea.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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Upbringing By The Surrounding Light

laitman_940Question: Baal HaSulam writes that people need to undergo upbringing to develop the desire for spirituality. He goes on to explain that a person who considers the life of society more important than his own life is called a spiritual person.
But how can an egoist be brought up so that he will suddenly start treating others this way?

Answer: The fact is that we are all being brought up in the field of the upper Light. Therefore, if people gather together, then by influencing one another, they create a field that sustains them.

Similar to how a magnet holds a piece of metal above a surface, this field created by society can hold an egoistic individual from falling back into his egoism so he exists above it. This is the mutual guarantee.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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Loving Yourself

laitman_571.03Remark: People have a popular view that loving themselves isn’t simple; there are complexes, low self-esteem, etc. Some say, “To love yourself is to love the whole world.”

My Comment: It is truly so. After all, who am I indeed? A person should understand that what he now believes himself to be is not him, but is a small, selfish animal that exists for a certain number of years and that is it.

In fact, the substance of “I” is deeply hidden in him and it must be developed, pulled out, raised, and straightened so that a person gets up, raises his head, and begins to grow.

It is about the point in the heart of a person that can develop.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/23/17

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Humor Is A Brilliance Of Mind

laitman_285.06Question: Humor is a gift that is impossible to develop. Is it inherent only to developed people?

Answer: Naturally. For example, animals have no sense of humor. They have a desire to play, or perhaps to imitate someone, but not a sense of humor.

Humor is inherent only in humans, but in a developed human. Humor is a conjugation of opposites that aren’t connected. But a person finds a special way to tie them together in the most unexpected way. And in this he sees a special charm, a brilliance of mind.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Integrated In Nature

Laitman_715Question: What can you do if you see that people in this world are completely not connected?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is so. But all of nature—inanimate, vegetative, and animate—is already beginning to close. It is revealed to us as more and more integral. Everything without exception enters into one system.

And nature has always been like this, but now it is approaching man, wanting to include him within nature and cannot. We oppose all of it degrees and are unable to be integrated in it because we are not integrated within ourselves and between us.

It is possible to disagree with this and say, “Is it true that the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature is integrated? We see how the animals prey on each other.” But for them it is a means of existence. They have no intention of causing harm to each other, only to co-exist correctly.

But we do not see it because we look at them through our egoistic point of view. If we could look at nature correctly, we would understand that they do not destroy each other, but only act in symbiosis.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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