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New Life #405 – An Ideal Society

New Life #405 – An Ideal Society
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Does a person have a conscience, what are the values of the ideal society, and how do we reach rules of ethics so it will be good for everyone?

The nature of the child operates according to what is good for his body. Later, he considers the bodies that surround him. This is already an ethic.

Some say it is not ethical to eat animals; others think that this is completely moral. So morality is something relative. Even the Nazis thought that they were building a society with high morals.

Only by transcending the ego do we achieve a higher morality. This process begins through the recognition of the evil in our nature.

Only if we change the nature of humans so that one will feel others instead of himself, will he relate to them well. This is a reversal of the worldview; instead of feeling what is good for me, I feel what is good for others.

In such a situation, society will seem like an ideal mechanism, each doing only what is good for everyone.
From KabTV’s “New Life #405 – An Ideal Society,” 6/15/14

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New Life #322 – The Desire To Succeed

New Life #322 – The Desire To Succeed
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Why does a person aspire to succeed, how does this affect our values, is it possible to succeed alone, and is there success that is eternal?

Our foundation is the desire to enjoy. There are six kinds of desires: food, sex, family, wealth, honor, and knowledge.

We are in constant competition with our surroundings. Each success is relative. There are special people who designate a very limited goal for themselves in the fields of science or the arts. But most people move with the majority with the popular goals such as wealth, control, and honor.

The big question is what it is it to really succeed in life?

Our problem today is that we don’t build a person. Young people go out in life without understanding what success really is. And so we uselessly spend our lives running after imaginary goals that were sold to us.

“For each person who passes away there still remains half of his desires unfulfilled.” There is a constant pursuit after success that always slips away from you.

The younger generation knows in advance that it isn’t worthwhile to work hard. They are narcissists; they want everything here and now.

There is a difference between the desire to enjoy and the desire to succeed. Success is when someone builds himself up through his own efforts. To this end, a person needs to set goals and work very hard to achieve them, and then it is considered success.

The investment builds the person. People who have set different goals in life turn out different from each other. So sometimes it is impossible to explain your feelings concerning your own success to someone else.

Currently, scientific success is attained more through teamwork, through the cooperation of a team of researchers.
We are gradually approaching the desire to succeed as a group. And when you see one star, behind the discovery there stands a great team.

The philosophical question, looking at life overall, what is considered success in knowledge?

What kind of success doesn’t dissipate and in retrospect won’t disappointment me for investing my life for it? We run away from the big questions concerning the meaning of life because we don’t have answers. So why suffer?

Through the generations, only a few succeeded in cracking the secret of life. Today these questions bother the masses.

Is it possible to reach eternal success? Or is it all just “eat and drink since tomorrow we die”?

We should find out a noble goal because if we succeed in attaining it, we will never be sorry.
From KabTV’s “New Life #322 –The Desire to Succeed,” 3/20/14

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New Life #321 – Humility And Pride

New Life #321 – HumilityAnd Pride
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


What power is there in the attribute of humility, how do humility and pride affect all aspects of life, and how does one properly use these attributes to benefit the society?

There are several degrees of humility. At the simplest level, we speak about a modest life without being proud and patronizing. A higher level is to face life humbly and understand that I am not an all-powerful hero who controls everything.

In the past there were great rulers like Napoleon and Alexander the Great. Today a ruler could find himself in jail. There is no respect today, not for scientists or artists, really not for anyone. There is nothing left for man to be proud of.

Imagine that the still, vegetative, animal, and man were sitting together talking. The still would say, “I am the basis of the whole world. There would be nothing without me.” The vegetation would say, “I give life to all, all the oxygen comes from me, without me there would only be lifeless stones.” The animal would say, “I fill all of nature, ranging from microbes to huge elephants, with life.

And what about man? The other creatures in nature are connected to nature and fulfill their orders with humility. And man as if wants to control everything, to change everything in his favor, not to be dependent on nature. This is pride.

Man is missing humility. If we would bend a little to nature, we would find its inner strength. If we had humility, we would be able to arrange all of our lives to be much more comfortable.

Today, people work very long hours, barely see their families, working just to attain all kinds of false goals. Think about it, how are we happier than the previous generation? Our pride is bringing us to total destruction.

Humility is to learn the laws of nature and to try to fulfill them. Animals don’t exaggerate at all.

Once we descend from the artificial level of pride toward humility, we will discover why nature awakens pride in us.

The Sages said that humility is the most important measure because it enables a deep penetration into nature. The reversal of great pride to humility builds the perfect life for man and enables him to touch eternity.
From KabTV’s “New Life #321 – Humility and Pride ,” 3/18/14

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Education – The Solution To All Problems

laitman_552_02Question: The year 2016 was a year of European fragmentation and division. How can Europe be united correctly?

Answer: This is not fragmentation and division, but the discovery of what has always existed in Europe; it has remained as it always was.

It is possible to unite it only through education! This is the only thing that the world needs. The biggest and only problem of the world is the education of people! But nobody has ever dealt with this!

This is because education represents an approach toward understanding and the possibility of loving others and connecting with them, even though according to our nature, we don’t love each other. The wisdom of Kabbalah shows us how to carry this out in spite of everything. A person must become an Adam (Man) , understanding the system of nature he exists in.

This is a closed integral system that constantly develops, changes, and moves forward! Today, we are on the threshold of very serious changes: both in human society and in the nature of the environment. Let’s discover and learn how to carry out what depends on us. It all depends only on the person!

Question: In other words, would you want to add a profession in a school that studies and teaches about the inner world of a person, about his situation?

Answer: Not only his inner world but also the outer world. I want to give a person an understanding of the world in which he is living!

Comment: But even today he gets that in school when he studies the natural sciences.

My Response: I don’t see that anyone knows about the system he exists in, including the media. If politicians and public figures, no matter who, were to understand the world they are living in, would they behave the way they do?! They are so short-sighted that on their own they will ultimately destroy everything for themselves.

Question: But there was a similar attempt; Karl Marx wrote an excellent book Das Kapital. But it was implemented and distorted so much that the essential idea of fighting poverty was transformed into a struggle against wealth. We know what the result of that was. Where is the guarantee that something similar will not happen in the future?

Answer: Marx was a genius in his own way; I have no argument about that. He understood everything except for one thing: that people needed to be educated for this.

Even though this also appears here and there in his writings, it is just not in a clear and distinct form. He was lacking an emphasis on this. In order to change society, a person must be educated.

Therefore his expectation that capitalism would annihilate itself was his predictive genius. Indeed everything is happening this way in our time. Today we see that even though there has been no effort to disguise this for the past 50 years, capitalism has exhausted itself!

The problem is what is next? And here it is truly necessary to work according to Marx, but it is not possible to bring humanity to a socialist regime or even a communist one about which he spoke.

We need to realize this, but only through education, with the help of the unique energy that exists in nature! Then we can change human nature, because otherwise we will not get rid of the ego, it will devour us.
From the Webinar 12/26/16

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New Life #811 – The Right Attitude To Parenting

New Life #811 – The Right Attitude To Parenting
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


“Teach a boy according to his way.”

We should not force a small child to share something with others because it is against his nature. Until the age of two children actually don’t understand that they should be considerate of other people around them. We can give a child examples of how we are considerate of others, but not expect him to behave that way.

We should combine the middle line and the measure of judgment, which means our expectations of the child and the measure of mercy, which is our love for him. When we don’t give a child something, he screams. We have to show him that it doesn’t affect us because the reason for our behavior is above us, as a law.

We have to act according to the approach of “teach a boy according to his way,”because one kid is slow and another is quick etc. Instead of requirements we should give more examples. “Teach a boy according to his way” means letting a child choose what he wants to be in life according to his inclinations.

We shouldn’t try to develop a child’s confidence by challenging him and forcefully putting him in stressful situations. The feeling of confidence is built by a balanced attitude to life, when a child decides what he can or what he cannot do by himself.

The most important thing is to let a child develop the right relationships with others. This is the precondition for success in everything in life. When a child succeeds you should compliment him on having thought and planned his actions in advance, which has led to his success.

You shouldn’t call a child a prince or princess because it makes him or her feel superior to others and this will hinder the child through life.
From KabTV’s “New Life #811 – The Right Attitude To Parenting,” 1/12/17

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Learning About Life

Laitman_407_01Comment: You have said that robots will soon replace people. The decline in the price of energy leads to the fact that every object will soon be worth the price of the energy it takes to produce it and will be totally worthless, and therefore robots will also become cheaper.

In addition to that, robots leave us much free time and we will have nothing to do but to study how to be human and improve the technology that will leave us even more free time. American youth today are getting more and more education because they cannot find jobs, and education provides them with a framework, progress, a perspective which they live for.

The trend you speak about, that humanity will begin to study how to be human, has already started.

My Response: We are not talking about studying simply in order to make more advanced robots and computers. We want to teach people so that they will understand what they are living for, why man evolves, and where evolution is leading us, why we have undergone such transformations, and what we have to attain in the future.

We have to realize that and look at the whole process from above, from an upper perspective, not from within ourselves, to establish a balanced society now and not by trial and error as we have done in the past through suffering, revolutions, and wars. We can use all that as a model and reach the right conclusion.

Comment: Humanity can reach this on its own. Kabbalists don’t necessarily need to guide it.

My Response: No, if humanity goes through the natural way, it will be a path of terrible suffering once again. What is the use of inventing more sophisticated machines that can replace people? What will happen to billions of people?

Comment: They can spend their time in continuous studying the structure of the world, geography, or history, what’s wrong with that? It is better than sitting at home or demonstrating and going wild on the streets.

My Response: It is pointless. Suppose we force millions of people to study, what will happen to them in the future? A person cannot engage in something that is pointless and that he doesn’t feel he needs. After all, he will not be able to use it anywhere. We have to see a beneficial outcome, at least some payoff. Such studies will bring no gain.

Question: What will they gain if they see or study the goal of life and about being human?

Answer: They will know that they are doing it in order to ascend to the next level of existence and will begin to feel that they exist in a different reality. They need to be taught this.

Question: And what if they have no desire for it?

Answer: We can gradually develop it because the bud of this desire is in everyone, but in some it is deep inside, whereas in others it is closer to the surface. We can quite easily awaken this spark called the “spark of the Creator” because the suffering that stems from not knowing one’s destiny and the fact that everything is going to end and we are facing death exists in everyone. We just suppress it. And here we don’t need to suppress anything, but quite the contrary, we should stimulate hope and progress and choose life instead of death. We offer life.

Every individual has an internal element that enables him to understand what the true, eternal, perfect life or inevitable death is.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/16

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New Life #810 – A Parent’s Influence On His Or Her Children

New Life #810 – A Parent’s Influence On His Or Her Children
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


Education is only through example. We cannot influence innate characteristics, what depends on us is the education that is given and an understanding of life. If parents understand the great goal of life, this influences a child and helps him in life. All education takes place through the example that must be given to a child.

If a child scatters his games around and doesn’t want to pick them up, turn picking them up itself into a game. If a small child doesn’t want to go to sleep, so you should go to sleep. He will be left alone, become bored and go to sleep. If a child doesn’t stop playing with the electric outlets, seal up the outlets.

Treat the child like a small friend, reach a mutual understanding about what you are doing with each other. Show the child that you love and respect him, but demand a similar attitude in return. Explain to a child everything that you are doing even if he is small and doesn’t understand. It is most important to be friends with the children, and each party would be uncomfortable not to have what the other wants.
From KabTV’s “New Life #810 –A Parent’s Influence On His Children,” 1/12/17

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A Network Of The Right Forces

laitman_934Question: Can you detail the basic principles of the educational methods of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The first principle: a person cannot educate himself on his own, and the teacher or educator cannot raise him! To do this a group called a “group of Ten,” of which he is a member, is needed. A guide who is outside of the group explains in how they should interact with each other to strive for the positive upper force. The negative higher force already exists in us. It is our egoism.

How do we attract the positive higher force? This occurs as a result of the correct interaction within the group, as much as ten egoists long to unite with each other. Along with this, each one nullifies himself with respect to the others and tries to increase and elevate the importance of the other nine people in his eyes. He tries to make an equivalent connection with all of them, thinking about them equally and absolutely balanced.

All ten people build a mutual connection between them on equal terms: Each one is higher than the others when he shows how he wants to give them everything that he has, and each one is lower than the others by demonstrating a desire to listen to each and every one of them equally in that he wants to create the correct network of mutual links between them. That is how there are three forces present in this network, positive, negative, and neutral.

So to the extent that they are ready, they gradually cultivate and shape everything and weave a network from the correct forces. Along with this, they pass through ascents and descents on the way and overcome every possible problem together. The Light then works on them in a positive manner because they are longing for it.

The Light eventually begins to be revealed in them and basically each one gives a negative force from himself, and all of them receive the positive force together. They begin to exist within a sandwich of the common collective positive force and the common collective negative force, which balances them. In this manner, from the two forces, they create a balanced system called a soul.

Within it they feel the upper world and the flow of special forces, emotions, and characteristics. This is the implementation of the method.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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New Life #806 – Good And Bad Qualities

New Life #806 – Good And Bad Qualities
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Don’t take care of yourself; take care of your relationships with others.

• How is it possible to determine which qualities are considered good and which are bad?
• There are no good or bad qualities that we are born with, but only a lack of understanding of how to implement them correctly.
• A successful person is one who knows how to integrate with his environment correctly.
• Not much of our innate characteristics can be corrected and we don’t know why we received particular qualities from nature, we just need to find how to use them properly within an environment.
• We were intentionally created differently from the start so we would complement each other in the connection between us.
• Our entire lives depend on the correct use of our qualities within an environment, meaning within the relationships between us.
From KabTV’s “New Life #806 – Good And Bad Qualities,” 12/29/16

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Only Education!

laitman_232_06Question: In my opinion, humans are a bunch of well-dressed savages. This is proven by the experience of the Nazis being cultured, informed, and educated. How many blows of fate are required for us to become human from the viewpoint of Kabbalah?

Answer: I believe that the blows will not help here. Only education will help,  in which we can attract the positive force of nature. This is the only problem!

We can talk, discuss, think, and philosophize about the necessity to somehow balance a person to make him good or maybe beat him with a stick to drive him toward happiness, but this won’t help! All of these methods have already been tried!

Without the positive force of nature, the negative force cannot change anything by itself. You can drive a person in a corner, sitting there trembling with fear and continue to beat him, but this will not change his nature! It is impossible to demand that a person change his nature! It is only possible to offer to show him how to awaken and attract the positive force to balance the negative force, but not destroy it! Nothing in the world was created without a reason! We just need to awaken and attract another force.

We will not accomplish anything with the blows! Humanity has already gone through enough suffering so that with the help of Kabbalists they will also understand that what we need is for the positive force to operate in balance with the negative force.

Question: I understand how electricity or electromagnetic waves appear. But how does the positive force of nature appear? How will I know that I have attracted it?

Answer: A person begins to feel that he only wants to use a positive attitude toward those who are near or far, toward all of humanity, and toward all of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate.

In the first stage of correction, he puts the positive force into his life. In the next stage, he corrects his negative nature with the positive force because it is not only necessary to bring out the positive force, but he must also correct the negative force with its help.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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