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What Language Did The Babylonians Speak?

laitman_933.jpgQuestion: What language did people in Babylon speak and write?

Answer: Babylonians spoke Aramaic. We use this language in Kabbalah along with Hebrew. Only those who attained the upper world spoke Hebrew because it is the language of light, and Aramaic is the language of the Kli (vessel), meaning desires that reveal the light.

Both languages are completely identical and at the same time completely opposite to each other. Let’s say “light” in Hebrew is “Ohr,” and night in Aramaic is “Orta.” That is, both languages use the same word but with completely opposite meaning.

Question: What language did Terach, Abraham’s father, speak?

Answer: Terach spoke Aramaic, and Abraham switched to Hebrew. They knew both languages.

As modern publications confirm, from these two ancient languages, which complement each other, a global script developed. After all, both languages are built on coincidence of two forces, bestowal and reception, plus and minus. Precisely from there came the horizontal and vertical elements of the letters that are the basis of the writing in any language.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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The Method Of Nimrod And That Of Abraham

Two MethodsBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”:  Separation between people is the source of every calamity and misfortune.

But with concepts and ideas, it is the complete opposite: Unity and lack of criticism is deemed the source of every failure and hindrance to all the progress and didactic fertilization. … The more contradictions there are between opinions and the more criticism there is, the more the knowledge and wisdom increase and matters become more suitable for examination and clarification….

Thus, evidently, the whole basis of physical success is the measure of unity of the society, and the basis for the success of intelligence and knowledge is the separation and disagreement among them.

In ordinary human society, the more peace and agreement the better, as between good kids. But if we want to grow, this growth is possible only if contradictions, mutual criticism, and disagreements intensify too, and at the same time, “love should cover all transgressions.”

We have to understand that we argue only because bigger desires are revealed in us, which prevent us from uniting with each other. Consequently, we demand unification above all disagreements.

An ordinary connection is possible in a family or among primitive peoples who existed before the Babylonian shattering. In ancient Babylon, many nations used to live as one family and spoke one language.

But all of a sudden, egoism sprung and it turned out that their desires contradicted each other. They began to quarrel, which resulted in the construction of the Tower of Babel. Two methods to solve this problem emerged since then. The first method was proposed by Nimrod who said: “Let’s divide and disperse in different directions, as far as possible from each other.”

Later on, egoism in us grew even more, each group started fighting again, and we divided further. New fights led to new separations. And so we arrived to the contemporary world where everyone lives for themselves and do not want to see anybody near them. Cell phones and computers—that’s all we need. We want to be left alone in our homes and not to be bothered by anybody.

Soon, food will be delivered to us by helicopters, biomass with any taste on demand, so we don’t even need to leave the house. This is Nimrod’s method, which came into being in ancient Babylon and has reached its final manifestation nowadays.

There was also the method of Abraham, who taught to unite above all these disagreements. That is, differences in opinion should remain and the more they are revealed the better, the stronger is the connection that could be built.

The followers of Abraham, who called themselves the people of Israel, succeeded in reaching the peak of unity called the construction of the First Temple. But they were not able to hold on to it. This was not possible since and they had to go through shattering and disperse among the nations of the world in order to pass to them the willingness to unite.

According to the method of Abraham, the disagreements remain but “love covers all transgressions.” Thus, we come to true freedom, when we are free from the rule of the angel of death and rise above it. Specifically due to egoism, we unite with others on an ever higher level.

Thanks to unification above disagreements, we start to understand, to feel, to attain the difference between darkness and light, which gives us the sensation of spiritual reality, although we ourselves are completely corporeal.

This is the essence of Abraham’s method. There are no other methods but these two: either distance from each other, according the method of Nimrod or unite above differences, according to the method of Abraham.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/17, “Education for Concession”

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Aspiring To Advance

All Roads Lead To “The House Of Abraham”

laitman_937Starting with the first man Adam and onward through twenty generations until Abraham revealed the shattering, all this time humanity was seeking connection with the upper force and with the purpose of creation.

It took twenty generations to come from the point of shattering that was manifested in the first man to the true revelation of the upper force that Abraham accomplished.

Abraham discovered the correct method of work that allowed him to reveal the Creator and also to realize himself by becoming similar to the upper force and adhering to it.

Question: At what point does Abram, an ordinary person, become the forefather Abraham?

Answer: The moment when he begins to attain the program of creation, he turns into the foundation from which starts the new stage of development in a person.

A person was looking for the purpose of creation and of his life and found some deceptive values, which is called, “he was creating idols and selling them.” He sought in what form it is possible to advance, for what it is worth living. However, then he breaks all his fantasies, one idol after another, because he understands that they are incorrect and for them it’s not worth living.

He moves on until he finds the correct, final method and form of advancement. That is, he already has an understanding of his foundations—a good inclination and an evil inclination. He knows how to connect them in the middle line and to bring them to correction, to adhesion with the Creator by uniting, bestowing for the sake of bestowal, and later receiving for the sake of bestowal.

When he finds these foundations for his spiritual work, this means that he revealed Abraham, the father of the nation (Av HaAm) in himself. From this moment onward, he begins to build a new spiritual form in himself.

Abraham is a symbol of spiritual work, a force that is capable of leading some of the desires out of Nimrod’s power, out of egoism. All other Babylonians remain in Babylon, and later we will have to correct all these desires. Today, like in the time of Abraham, humanity must break all the false idols that it created for itself, reduce their value to dust, and then build a new correct form from them.

The world is gradually moving toward this correction. The whole history of humanity unfolded only for the sake of final correction. It seems to people that the events occurred by chance, but this isn’t so. The informational genes, Reshimot, have unwound this way from the first man Adam and on.

The same processes are happening inside every person, inside the people of Israel, who are “the house of Abraham” in relation to the whole world and in the entire world in general. It’s like nesting dolls that nest inside each other. The main thing is that there is one upper force that brings good.

The evil that rises against it also comes from the same source and is created to teach us to distinguish between good and evil, between light and darkness. When we will be able to connect these two opposite forms, then precisely between them we discover ourselves and contact with the Creator.

The middle line connects the Creator above with the man below. And the other two lines, right and left, are required only in order to build the middle line, which is the connection between us and the upper force.

Each person must find Abraham within himself, meaning the foundation for spiritual work that allows him to reveal the Creator and adhere to Him. This is the purpose of creation. And also, it is necessary to bring the whole world, all of humanity, to such a connection into one whole, so that this force, this idea, will unite everyone together.
From the Lesson “Preparation for Pesach” 3/28/17

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Education Determines A Person’s Fate

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion from Facebook: You keep saying that education is the answer to all the problems both of the individual and the world. But people have been saying that for decades, and despite the many organizations that engage in education, life goes on according to its own laws.

Answer: Life goes on according to the laws of egoism. And we must act so that it will flow according to the laws of altruism: love, bestowal, and unity. No one does this and no one can.

The only one who succeeded in this 3,500 years ago was Abraham when he called all those who wanted to overcome the universal social humanitarian crisis that broke out in Babylon. He founded a group of people who joined him and clung to him, and he called it Israel or the Jewish nation.

Abraham became the first father of the new system of education of unity. This group has existed since then for 3,500 years, and cannot be divided or disappear! It stands against all the other nations of the world, the same Babylonians who spread and settled all over the world, and everyone feels that there is something special about them.

All we have to do is to start teaching this method to the entire world because the world already understands that there is no other choice and that the main thing is unity since, otherwise, people will destroy each other.

Question: Are you referring to the entire Jewish nation when you speak about a group that knows this method?

Answer: No, all the Jews have lost this method, except for Kabbalists who have been leading and implementing it from one generation to the next based on their own experience. If they lead this education system and supervise it, humanity will reach its good end. It will reach complete unity.

Question: Do you believe that people will listen to that?

Answer: If they don’t, there will be several serious wars that will involve such sufferings that they will have to listen. But the wise foresee these sufferings from afar and does not enter them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/13/17

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What Does The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Say About Goyim?

Laitman_507_05Question from Facebook: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah say about Goyim?

Answer: In the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person is considered a Jew not according to nationality, but according to the yearning to truly attain the Creator, meaning according to the degree of equivalence with the characteristics of the Creator, which means according to the acquisition of the characteristic of bestowal. If he doesn’t have an inner movement like this, he is called a “Goy,” meaning a nation.

Those inhabitants of ancient Babylon who felt a yearning like this and gathered around Abraham, who taught them about union and attaining the Creator through union, began to be called “Goy Kadosh (holy nation),” meaning a holy people. Holy means people who operate according to bestowal and love between them to attain the Creator.

Therefore, in the word “Goy,” there is nothing bad or pejorative; it simply means a people. And Goy Kadosh are special people who are naturally attracted to attaining the Creator. That is what the wisdom of Kabbalah says.

Religion doesn’t affect us at all, it is a departure from the wisdom of Kabbalah into the physical world, a kind of additional accompaniment to our world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/1/17

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“I,” “We” And Social Systems

Walking through the WallQuestion: In the past, did people feel “we” but not their “I”?

Answer: That is what was happening in ancient Babylon before the crisis and what was called the confusion of languages (building the Tower of Babel). But it was not because people were connected and united but because their egoism was very small, on the level zero.

The ancient societies in which everything was shared, lived under a primitive communist regime.

With the growth of the ego, five systems (configurations) of rule gradually appeared until capitalism. Now the time has come for socialism, and after that the time of communism will arrive.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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Returning To One Language Of The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe live in a special time when the entire world is going through very big and rapid changes. What used to happen in a decade some fifty or a hundred years ago now happens in a year. Each person feels as if caught in a cycle of constantly changing and moving events.

Today here are almost no people in the world who would not be affected by the ongoing changes. They have reached even the most remote areas and small villages. As Kabbalists explain, this is a sign that the world is approaching the general correction.

This is why we organize international Kabbalah conventions that symbolize the entire world wishing to unite. Thousands of people of various nationalities and cultures come from all over the world in order to connect together.

The only remaining obstacle is language. If we do not speak the same language, it is difficult to communicate because we are still in Babylon. The ancient Babylonians started with one language, then began to speak different languages, and as a result, ceased to understand each other. We, accordingly, have to come from many languages to one.

It is when I sit with unfamiliar people with different mentality, the shattering, which occurred in the ancient Babylon and is being revealed only today, manifests even more clearly. This will further push us to unite. After all, we have to return to Babylon so that the entire world becomes one village.

At the convention, we feel as if the former Babylonians gathered from all over the world in order to unite back into one people, one humanity. Now we need to do the very same work that Abraham wanted to do in ancient Babylon. He did not succeed back then because the evil still had to be revealed.

But three and a half thousand years have passed since, and during this time the evil has gradually become revealed more and more. As a result, it reached such a scale that the whole world began to realize what slough of despond it finds itself in. Therefore, now it is ready to begin to unite.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/17

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Babylon Of The 21st Century

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe crisis of modern society is a very real problem; it announces itself every day announcing through newspapers, radio, and television. It began with Europe and now is spreading to America.

The entire world is entering a new era and on the verge of large changes. The hope is that these changes will be realized through governmental and financial reform and not through world war.

For the first time in history, the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed and is entering the process that is taking place in the world because Kabbalists are the only ones who understand what is happening, unlike all others who are in turmoil. The world acknowledges that it cannot understand not only the present situation, but also what prospects are available for the future or what means are possible for future progress and development.

All this is very difficult to come to terms with, especially when we realize that we are talking about such huge masses of people, so different and distant from each other. All of Babylon, where Abraham once began his work, today begins to be more and more connected in all possible egoistic ways, one more explosive than another.

Babylon is a symbol of huge egoism, the “anti-Creator,” revealing itself between all creatures. Therefore, it is very hard for a person to understand how this egoism can be subject to any correction. But as the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, it explains that it can be corrected, and we are obligated to do so.

If not willingly, then by the path of suffering, but humanity will need to return to the state where it is once again as one body, one soul, one system, like the first man, Adam. This system will draw the entire Upper Light of Infinity and all of creation will reach adhesion with the Creator.

This final state cannot be changed; there can be no compromises. The only difference lies in how much of its own effort humanity will put into achieving this, how much it will understand the essence of the process, and how much will it desire to participate in it.

Some people should lead this process and this part is called “Israel,” which means “Li Rosh” – “I have a head.” And all the others act in relation to the head as a body and receive from it what has already been prepared for them; that is, they aren’t obliged to perform such difficult work. Of course, during this process there will be many questions and problems that will need to be resolved with the help of integral upbringing.

It is impossible to make a single change through force but only by an internal change in an individual. There is nothing to change in the world—no external changes outside of a person will help because the external world is a reflection of our inner qualities.

Therefore, the only thing needed is to correct the individual and by doing this we correct the world. This is our entire work: building such systems through which the Reforming Light will reach to the last human being. At the head of this system will be the Kabbalists who have a connection to the Creator and can make themselves a channel for passing the Light to all of humanity, to all the nations.

This process is beginning to be realized in the world, and therefore the world is quickly adopting new contours. Whether we want it or not, the upper governance is preparing humanity to receive integral upbringing. It is the call of the times.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/2/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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The Spiritual Roots Of Nations And Peoples

laitman_749_02Question: What are the spiritual roots of nations and peoples?

Answer: A spiritual person is composed of seven Sefirot: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut. The seven Sefirot are each composed of ten sub-Sefirot, making a total of seventy spiritual roots of people in this world, which are called the seventy nations of the world. The group of people who detached from the seventy nations, rising above themselves to the Creator are called Yashar-El (Isra-El) – straight to the Creator.

But in principle, that group is not a people but a group composed of different tribes that broke away from the seventy peoples who lived in Babylon. All seventy nations scattered throughout the world, and today, it is not even possible to say to which of the ancient Babylonian tribes the modern peoples belong. Not one of these people who lived in Babylon have remained in their pure form. All of them became mixed together. The enormous egoism that awakened in them scattered them in different directions. Each of these people were drawn to a place that corresponds to their souls. Later, they began to mix together and the people migrated.

In The Book of Zohar, it is written that if we correctly compare the land of Israel geographically with its spiritual root, it precisely matches the five parts of a spiritual Partzuf. Hermon is Keter, the Galilee is Hochma, the Jordan that connects Jerusalem with the Sea of Galilee is Bina, Jerusalem is Zeir Anpin, and the Dead Sea is Malchut.

This indicates the imprint on the geographic area in the nation of its higher roots.

Question: Can a person who visits these places feel something like the “Jerusalem Syndrome”?

Answer: Yes, particular people, when they move from one part of the country to another part, really feel sensations like these. They are either Kabbalists or people with high sensitivity.

Question: Is it possible to use this for spiritual advancement?

Answer: No. Our world is like an open map. If you have particular sensitivities in regard to it, you will feel where you are.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/14/16

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Babel—Second Round, Part 3

Laitman_931-02Question: Inside the narrow family circle, a person feels warmth and protection because there is no egoistic struggle between relatives. What would happen if this circle expanded and covered many people not connected by family ties?

Answer: The positive force of nature will be revealed between these people. If they try to maintain good relationships, the force hidden in nature will be revealed. There will be a place for it to be revealed because they will want to connect above their egoism.

The distance between the force of such connection and the egoism that resists it will be the place where the positive, anti-egoistic force of nature can be revealed.

There are two forces in nature: the negative that separates us and the positive that connects us. The positive force appears if we try to connect. We become its detector, creating conditions for its revelation.

The family is too small a group, hence it is difficult to feel the manifestation of this force in it. But a tribe that unites many families provides a place for the revelation of the positive force of nature.

Abraham spoke precisely about this in ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago. He said that we have no other choice but to unite despite the egoism that erupted and the social crisis that it caused and despite the mutual misunderstanding, what is called the confusion of language.

We must rise above this misunderstanding, that is, mutual aversion, so that love will cover all transgressions of our egoism.

If we cover egoism with love, we will discover the good force hidden in nature to the extent that we can overcome our evil inclination. Egoism will grow more and more in all possible shapes and forms, and we will have to overcome it more and more.

After all, evil is revealed only so that we can connect more strongly above it and uncover the positive force even more until we feel that we live in the ocean of goodness.

And who helped us? It was the same evil egoism that was constantly growing in us. And so it is called “help against it.” So we find ourselves in the world of absolute goodness, but it is built above our egoism, above the evil forces. Now these two forces begin to work together, helping each other. The evil force helps the good force in which we live.

This method is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It teaches how to use the revealing evil egoism correctly, every time rising above it through the good force. This is impossible to do alone, as it is written “They helped everyone his friend.”

Therefore, we should go back to this brotherly love when we all felt like one single tribe.
From KabTV’s, “A New Life” #794 11/29/16

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