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Babel—Second Round, Part 3

Laitman_931-02Question: Inside the narrow family circle, a person feels warmth and protection because there is no egoistic struggle between relatives. What would happen if this circle expanded and covered many people not connected by family ties?

Answer: The positive force of nature will be revealed between these people. If they try to maintain good relationships, the force hidden in nature will be revealed. There will be a place for it to be revealed because they will want to connect above their egoism.

The distance between the force of such connection and the egoism that resists it will be the place where the positive, anti-egoistic force of nature can be revealed.

There are two forces in nature: the negative that separates us and the positive that connects us. The positive force appears if we try to connect. We become its detector, creating conditions for its revelation.

The family is too small a group, hence it is difficult to feel the manifestation of this force in it. But a tribe that unites many families provides a place for the revelation of the positive force of nature.

Abraham spoke precisely about this in ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago. He said that we have no other choice but to unite despite the egoism that erupted and the social crisis that it caused and despite the mutual misunderstanding, what is called the confusion of language.

We must rise above this misunderstanding, that is, mutual aversion, so that love will cover all transgressions of our egoism.

If we cover egoism with love, we will discover the good force hidden in nature to the extent that we can overcome our evil inclination. Egoism will grow more and more in all possible shapes and forms, and we will have to overcome it more and more.

After all, evil is revealed only so that we can connect more strongly above it and uncover the positive force even more until we feel that we live in the ocean of goodness.

And who helped us? It was the same evil egoism that was constantly growing in us. And so it is called “help against it.” So we find ourselves in the world of absolute goodness, but it is built above our egoism, above the evil forces. Now these two forces begin to work together, helping each other. The evil force helps the good force in which we live.

This method is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It teaches how to use the revealing evil egoism correctly, every time rising above it through the good force. This is impossible to do alone, as it is written “They helped everyone his friend.”

Therefore, we should go back to this brotherly love when we all felt like one single tribe.
From KabTV’s, “A New Life” #794 11/29/16

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Babel—The Second Round, Part 2

laitman_933Question: What is the special force of attraction in the tribe?

Answer: A tribe is a womb, a mother, and a place where I can feel confident and secure. We are constituted by nature so that when we are among relatives we don’t worry about anything. Even if there is nothing to eat and the future is unknown, even if there is a war, I am inside the general force of nature that protects me.

This is also a psychological protection anyone understands. It is felt even if we come from a big city to a small town. Apart from this, the sense of security comes not from people, but from nature in general. Nature is like a big mother, and I am inside a little mother—my tribe.

Family is the smallest tribe. A person comes home into a warm family atmosphere and all the troubles and problems of the big world calm down. At least for an evening he can forget about all his problems and enjoy family comfort and companionship. He was stressed, but here he as if lands on a cushion of air, on a warm, calm, soft cloud.

This feeling is necessary for a person, especially for a man. A woman, because she is closer to nature, can deal with problems more easily than a man. Men are brave and eager to fight, but it is from fear of the problems and insecurity.

The woman in the family, although she can appear worried externally, in fact is the source of strength and calmness. Man receives the feeling of calmness in the family from a woman, and it helps him balance his life and relieve pressure and stress.

The tribe is exactly that shell, that frame, that is specifically designed for a person to live inside of and not to come out. The exit from the single tribe and division into many nations happened in ancient Babylon when great egoism erupted in people and they could no longer understand each other. Then they began to disperse throughout the globe, increasing the distance from each other because they began to quarrel.

If at that time they could have overcome their increased egoism, they would have retained their tribal ties on a higher level, above the increasingly growing egoism. Then they would have discovered the inner force within themselves, the positive force of nature that balances the negative force of egoism.

This is the secret of the mother’s womb; there is a positive force that we have yet to discover. If people followed the advice of Abraham in ancient Babylon, they would have discovered the upper force, the positive force of nature.

But since they followed their egoism, they dispersed from Babylon in all directions and until today each nation feels itself completely separated. Even among the people who initially lived as a single tribe, no unity remains.

The more egoism grew, the more a person instinctively moved away from others so our egoistic interests wouldn’t face each other. This is how the the modern world was created.

However, in the last 30 to 40 years, the world became global and integral like a small village and our egos our pushed together again. So what have we achieved over 3.500 years? We thought we were making our lives better and more comfortable, but it turned out that we returned to what we left and it became even worse.

Instead of few million Babylonians, today there are billions of people on Earth who can’t get along with each other. Our egoism won’t allow us to live in peace. It turns out that we will have to follow the advice Abraham gave in ancient Babylon and build the tribe between us that has to exist even if it was destroyed 3,500 years ago.
From KabTVs Program “A New Life” #794 11/29/16

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Babel—The Second Round, Part 1

Laitman_115_05Question: The word “tribe” has a primitive, savage tone, but, at the same time, it speaks about a special connection between people that has been lost in the modern Western world.

No wonder the books of Sebastian Junger, American journalist, author, and filmmaker, who traveled to the most dangerous hot spots of the world, including war-torn Afghanistan and Sarajevo, have become so popular.

Upon his return, he related that the strongest feeling he brought from there was the sense of “tribe” and mutual support. Most of all he was impressed with the peace and confidence that he felt there despite the war and gunfire.

However, once he returned home to New York he began to suffer from fear and post traumatic stress disorder. He understood that while being in the dangerous zone he was experiencing the special feeling of unity that protected him, and when he returned home he became depressed due to the loss of this feeling and the sense of inner emptiness.

What have we humans lost by distancing from the “tribal clan”?

Answer: Humanity came from the womb of nature. We all are the descendants of a single couple that later reproduced again and again. All the couples that came from the first one never left each other. The connection between generations, meaning between parents, children, and grandchildren was preserved. Parents love their children and even their grandchildren more and it strongly binds us together.

We don’t notice it in modern times, but people felt a great closeness to their relatives: uncles, aunts, cousins, and so on. By nature we are created in such a way that we would have continued to live together if not for our egoism that alienated and divided us.

When growing egoism wedges between us, it breaks our natural connections and replaces them with the business relationships: “Go and earn from one another.” Then instead of being connected through the hearts, we seek to connect our pockets in order to earn more.

So we are interested not in the warmth of our relationships, but only in the size of gain or loss in our own primitive, direct, and egoistic benefit.

So it is not surprising that today children don’t feel affection toward their parents, but remember them only to the extent they can use them.

And parents, because of their big egoism and the influence of society also don’t pay much attention to their children; they send them to be educated at school and in various circles. When a child grows up, he is released into life and in the best case, parents talk to him on the phone.

It turns out that we have lost not just the sense of the native tribe, a big family, but also the sense of family in general, even the smallest one. A person comes home from work and there is no one there. He sat alone at work in his office and he is alone at home. He communicates with the world through the screens of the phone, TV, and computer and doesn’t need anybody around him.

We don’t understand how much surrounding ourselves by four cold walls as in an “iron cage” separates us from the native tribal connections, family, human contact, warmth, and engagement. 

It started when our egoism became more important to us than the natural ties between us. It began thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon and spread around the world. People began to lose the feeling of unity and connection.

In ancient Babylon, people lived who understood and felt each other. However, when egoism flared up, it began to divide people into family clans. So many different nations appeared. Egoism began to demonstrate its force of separation. First it separated people into families, and in our time it breaks the bonds even within the family, separating people from each other.

We are now at the second round of the Tower of Babel. In the ancient Babylon, people felt they were trapped inside one city, and today we are locked on Earth. The same phenomena has returned, but now at a global level.
From KabTVs Program “A New Life” #794 11/29/16

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Hundreds Of Circles, Thousands Of Melted Hearts

laitman_938_03In the News (JPost): “’Each and every one of us has the responsibility to act toward a mutual guarantee to save the rare fabric that our people have.’

“‘I am whole because of the unity of the people,’ said Capt. Ziv Shilon, who lost his arm in a Hamas terrorist attack near the Gaza border in 2012.

“He made these comments at a rally on Saturday night in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, where a couple of thousand gathered to project unity and call for an end to the divisiveness plaguing Israeli society in the wake of Sgt. Elor Azaria’s manslaughter conviction. …

“Late Thursday night, Shilon, who has been an inspiration to many Israelis due to his optimism in the face of great adversity, took to Facebook to decry the ‘hate’ which has divided the nation.

“’I feel that our people are divided, hurt, hateful, disappointed, discouraged,’ he wrote.”

Question: Ziv appealed to anyone, who wants to show their commitment to unity and solidarity to gather on the square in the evening. Thousands of people responded to the call. The Arvut movement took part in the rally and organized hundreds of round tables. How important do you see this action?

Answer: Of course, it was a very important event. After all, the people of Israel were created from a group selected by Abraham from all the inhabitants of ancient Babylon, that is, of the entire human civilization at that time, 3,500 years ago. This group was dedicated to connection as their ideology. Fifteen hundred years before the destruction of the Temple they were able to live in unity as much as possible.

But then this union collapsed and they fell into egoistic desires, in which we are to this day. The sense of the upper reality, perceived only through the forces of bestowal and the desire to connect, disappeared from our senses and from our lives. We must renew and awaken this feeling. Every day the world and each of us need it more and more.

Therefore, everything directed to the connection is very important to us. This is the mission of the Bnei Baruch organization. We want to be the link that unites people and leads to unity, bringing the correct form of connection to the people.

Unfortunately, there are many methods that just confuse people. We want to bring the correct method of connection described by Baal HaSulam. Initially, we all are egoists and are unable to unite. No attempt will succeed, as can be seen from the entire path traversed by humanity. The only way is to attract the positive force of unity hidden in nature, so that it will dress in us and implement our connection.

We all bicker with each other like quarrelsome children. Yet this force, like a cloud, suddenly descends upon us and gives us the opportunity to think well of each other and to treat each other kindly. Suddenly everybody calms down and sees each other as friends that are worthy of our friendship.

Such a force exists in nature; we just need to awaken it. It is possible through certain actions of connection. This is not a simple connection as has been attempted many times in the world. In order to attract this special force that can unite us, we need a special method. And this method exists! It is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The method of Kabbalah or the method of connection can attract the positive force of nature that will dwell within us. It is absolutely necessary nowadays. Judging by the demonstration that took place at Rabin Square on January 7th and what caused it, we can see how urgently it is needed.

Only by attracting the Reforming Light, the positive force of connection that neutralizes the negative effect of our egoism, can we advance to a good future. Otherwise, our state can become very dangerous, threatening the very existence of the people of Israel. Therefore, it is important to hold such events and organize roundtables that allow a person to feel that it is possible to realize the connection, possible to sit together in a circle and unite.

I would put people from the opposing sides, right and left, together in a circle so that they would try to talk about something that they have in common rather than their differences, “How can we reach unity? Is it possible? What forces do we need? What kind of future awaits us if we don’t reach unity?”

A person must consistently go through the entire path and find the answer. This isn’t simple; after all, the people of Israel are called “stiff-necked” for a reason. But we have to work on it because our good future depends only on it. This is our only hope.

Comment: In the evening at the square, I met two young men from the United States who come to Israel for the seventeenth time. After sitting in a circle they said that they always wanted to see exactly such an Israel, and this is the first time their dream finally came true. That is what they were looking for every time they came to Israel.

During the evening many people spoke about the same thing, wondering how they had never heard of the Arvut movement and roundtables, which provide the unusual experience of warmth and the feeling of unity. Many thanks to all the participants of the Arvut movement who gathered for the meeting from across the country and organized circles in order to melt and connect the hearts of the people of Israel.
From the 3d part of Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/17, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Was Adam HaRishon Phoenician?

laitman_747_01Question: There are scientists who believe that the Hebrew alphabet was originally created from Phoenician, a language that existed a long time before the Hebrew alphabet. Could it be that Adam HaRishon (the First Man) was Phoenician?

Answer: I cannot say whether Adam HaRishon was Phoenician, but he was the first person in our world to discover the upper force and describe it. I don’t know if the Phoenician people existed 6,000 years ago; I have not come across historical documents that would prove this. I rely upon the writings of Kabbalah and the Torah.

It could sound like my words are unbelievable and unproven, but the wisdom of Kabbalah confirms and verifies these things, and I rely on that.

Question: Does that mean we don’t know the nationality of Adam?

Answer: In the time of Adam HaRishon there were no nationalities. Nationalities appeared 3,500 years, after humanity’s exodus from Babylon. Before then, as the Torah says, there was one people composed of different tribes, and they all lived together in ancient Babylon.

Only after the Babylonians dispersed and settled all over the face of the Earth did various peoples and nations appear.

Comment: Scientists have studied the Jewish genome and determined that it is absolutely identical to that of the Iraqis. In fact, the Jews were also emigrants from Babylon, emigrants from Iraq.

My Comment: Iraq is the territory of ancient Babylon. But in principle this doesn’t matter because the Jews are not a nationality. They are a group of people Abraham gathered to be his students who united around him according to the principle “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18).

They had to do this to attain the upper world. After they began to realize the law “And you shall love your friend as yourself” and through it attained the upper world, the upper management system, they began to call themselves Jews (Yehudim). The word “Yehudi” comes from the word “Yichud” (Unification), “Achdut” (Unity), and the word “Ivri” (Hebrew) means a transition from feeling our world to feeling the upper world. So Jews are not a nationality, but an ideological group,

As for the Iraqis, in a sense, they may be the former Jews who either remained in Babylon or separated from Abraham’s group along the way. But it doesn’t matter! The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t belong to any one nation.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/17/16

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CNN: Are Jews Human?

laitman_933In the News (The Huffington Post): “CNN host Jake Tapper was on vacation Monday when his show outraged many viewers who thought the program was normalizing anti-Semitic comments.

“During a segment led by guest host Jim Sciutto about Donald Trump’s transition into the White House and whether the president-elect needs to distance himself from the blatantly racist and Nazi-sympathizing ‘alt-right,’ a chyron appeared at the bottom of the screen characterizing recent hateful comments made by white nationalist Richard Spencer.”

A CNN spokesperson told The Huffington Post, ‘It was poor judgment, and we very much regret it and apologize.’”

My Comment: The truth is that the Jewish people are not ordinary people like the rest of the peoples, so there is room for a question regarding them. But this is in an entirely different sense than the question that anti-Semites ask.

The Jewish people are an unusual group of people among the nations of the world. They are active, advanced, developed and possess initiative, but their uniqueness is deeper than that. In fact the Jews are not a people, but a collection of many people who populated ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago. In fact, in those times all of humanity was concentrated in Babylon. The Babylonian society experienced a crisis when people became egoistic and stopped understanding each other as described in the Bible.

Their spiritual leader Abraham advised them to get closer to each other in spite of the egoism that grew and separated them. He gathered a group of several thousand Babylonians who wanted to unite above the ego with a demand, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), and he led them to the future land of Israel.

The word “Israel” is composed of the words Yashar-El, straight (Yashar) to the Creator (El). In other words, their goal was to reach and discover the Creator, the positive force of nature, with the help of their exaltation of love over the ego.

This group that was called Israel developed for 1,500 years. Two thousand years ago, the ego increased sharply, toppling the same level of love to the level of hatred in which all of humanity is found. The group has existed on this level among the nations of this world to this very day. Although they no longer knew what their uniqueness was themselves, that uniqueness was still felt by everyone. The thought of creation is to bring all of humanity to a state of mutual connection and complete love. The Jewish people must provide an example of this by returning to this way of life. Therefore, humanity expects and demands this from the Jews and they exhibit hatred toward them without knowing the reason why themselves.

The reason for the hatred is not religious, even people who are not Christians or Muslims, like the Korean people, for example, feel hatred toward the Jews. The demand from the Jews is to draw all of the peoples after them toward complete unity in which our next level of development will be revealed.

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History Of Humanity – A Look Inside, Part 2

laitman_749_02During its evolution, humanity has gone through many preliminary stages of development. It is trying to connect in order to become one man, Adam, like the upper force.

The first time such an attempt was made was in ancient Babylon. Rambam writes the patriarch Abraham gathered many Babylonians around him and organized them into a big group that he later led to the land of Canaan.

Under Jacob’s leadership, they moved to Egypt from the land of Canaan, went through Egyptian slavery, and exited from it under the leadership of Moses. But since they exited ancient Babylon, this group had one constant motto: unity and love your neighbor as yourself.

These weren’t just movements from one country to another. These were stages of development. Their egoism grew and developed, demanding a new method of connection. Abraham’s method wasn’t working anymore because it was suitable only for the period of the forefathers.

This period was over, and a new time had come. Pharaoh symbolized the huge egoism that the group of Abraham had accumulated, and therefore a more effective method of connection was required that was stronger and deeper than the old one.

And then they received the Light that Reforms. In other words, they began to work with the upper force, attracting it through practical attempts to unite. The condition for receiving this force is mutual guarantee. If we are ready to become guarantors for each other, meaning to connect, then we create the quality of unity and love between us, similar to the upper force of nature.

And then on the basis of the principle of similarity and equivalence of qualities, they could attract the positive force of unity, hidden in nature, called the Creator. Although all of nature of this world is based on a negative force, we can attract the positive force and include both of them within ourselves.

Symbols of the negative force that are revealed between them are the golden calf and the numerous other problems and troubles that the Torah tells us about that are haunting them constantly during their wandering in the desert. Despite this, they attract the positive force more and more, until they compensate the entire negative force that is revealed between them with it. It means that they have prepared themselves for the next stage.

This whole process is called forty years of wandering in the desert; it is the acquisition of the positive force that will cover the negative force. In all the egoism that was revealed in them in Egypt, they were given an additional force to enable them to treat each other with compassion. This is called the preparation for entering the land of Israel.

Obviously, we are talking about a new internal state, not about geography nor history.

Entering the land of Israel means that much stronger desires are revealed in them that were not revealed during the previous stage, called the desert. Much stronger egoism is revealed that is called the seven nations inhabiting the land of Israel, which must be destroyed or banished.

Of course, we are not talking about the people, but about the destruction of the egoistic desires inside a person and inside this entire group that is entering a new state, a new level of development.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/16, Writings of Rabash

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Sunset Of The Great European Civilization, Part 1

laitman_755_2Question: Europe is going through difficult times: an economic crisis, refugees problem, the spread of Islam, and resurgence of fascism and Nazism; all these problems are snowballing very rapidly.

Yet Europe made a great contribution to the development of humanity, probably greater than all other continents. What is the reason that such a high civilization developed in Europe?

Answer: Ancient civilization emerged in the Middle East, in ancient Babylon, Persia. But then it all moved to Europe, to ancient Greece and Rome, which built European civilization.

From Greece to Europe came science and philosophy that Greek scientists received from the Jews during the period from the First Temple until the destruction of the Second Temple, a thousand years before our era. European scientists and philosophers write about it themselves.

The Romans gave the social system that developed Europe. After all, when the Roman Empire was at the height of its prosperity and power, Europe was totally barbaric. If the Romans didn’t conquer Europe, crossing it all up to the northern borders and down, it’s hard to say what would have happened to the European civilization.

The Romans gave Europe a state system; they laid and paved the roads. The Talmud writes that when Judea fell, the Roman Empire took over its power and wisdom and rose upon them. Eventually everything came out of Israel, from the destruction experienced by the Jewish people. The spiritual knowledge of the people of Israel, their spiritual attainment and strength, were exhausted, and only pitiful crumbs were left from them.

The people of Israel didn’t know how to use them because they were not created to build something in this material world, but only for the spiritual work. The Romans adopted this knowledge and used it to build the material life in European countries.

The campaigns of Alexander the Great really contributed to it who stated that he sought to convey this modern, scientific, developed public method of existence to the entire world. This was the purpose of his conquests.

In addition, Christianity was a great help in spreading the Roman influence over Europe. It was adopted from the Jews and grew on the basis of those remains that were left after destruction of the Second Temple. The first Christians were Jews that turned Christianity into a new religion, after the destruction of the Second Temple.

Christianity obliged its followers to develop this religion, to spread it further and to add new souls to it. This is what inspired ancient Rome to conquer Europe, bringing science, philosophy, and religion there.

Prior to it, barbarians that worshiped spirits inhabited Europe. Christianity gave them a system and books. Art began to develop since people were illiterate and drawings were required in order to explain this idea to them.

Religions and philosophies blossomed on the ruins of the Jewish Temple due to the impossibility of continuing the spiritual idea that fell and shattered. The entire European civilization grew from the few crumbs that were left from the hidden wisdom that the Jews had.
From KabTV’s “New Life #762 8/18/16

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The End Of The Money Era, Part 4

Laitman_115_04All of the destructions are a preparation for correction. The first destruction, the very first sin of Adam was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Later, as a result of this fundamental sin, there were many separations from generation to generation.

In every generation, more and more divisions were revealed until in ancient Babylon, it was revealed so strongly that it separated the people of Israel from the nations of the world. This does not speak about people, but about two methods of correction. One method says: “We will go the way nature shows us. The Creator created us with the desire to enjoy and succeed in life, and we will fulfill this desire.”

The second method says: “The Creator created a desire to enjoy not in order for us to succeed in life. Nothing good will happen if I follow my egoistic desire. After all, life will end one day. I must use my desire to enjoy in order to rise above it. If I make the correct effort to act against the desire to enjoy, then from above I receive the highest force of nature. It is a miracle. It is enough to do some work on my egoism by resisting it and trying to unite with others, and a great Light will come to us and help us connect above our egoism. In this way, we begin to reveal the Creator.”

So, there are two methods. Either we work on the egoism and with its help we will organize ourselves and the world, or we want, due to desire to receive pleasure, to organize the higher level, using egoism only as means.

Question: If any destruction is a preparation for correction, then which division better prepares the world for correction, an American model or a European one? Which continent is closer to the realization of its evil and to correction?

Answer: America is an initial stage with a touch of egoism. It once brought people of different nationalities from different countries together, people who had nothing and began from scratch to build the country according to a single principle—the power of money.

And consequently American culture is close to all the world; it is possible to export it anywhere. After all, people everywhere understand what money is. Whereas in Europe it was different. Europe is proud of its individual, special culture, which it tried to introduce in all of its colonies.

The lack of unity was revealed much faster in Europe. In it, there are conflicts between countries, governments, including territorial claims. According to the program of creation, they must discover that the American project that translates everything to money can’t be realized, especially in Europe where it is necessary to weigh the many parameters that do not have a cash equivalent.

As a result, it will lead them to understand that they are going through suffering. Any program that they offer now will result in great suffering.

Question: At what point will the group of Abraham and the group of Nimrod meet again and unite?

Answer: The group of Nimrod, beginning from ancient Babylon and onward, acted only according to one principle: the power of money. This approach is ingrained in every nation to the present day with small differences according to the national character of each one.

The group of Abraham began to connect between themselves not on the basis of money, but on the principle of unity. So, in their attitudes, money did not dominate, but mutual bestowal did. It means that to unite, the efforts can come from the pocket or from the heart.

This group managed to build the Temple and reach unity, but then it shattered. Now, the group of Abraham finished mixing with the group of Nimrod. Nowadays, Jews, especially in America and Europe, want to connect to the group of Nimrod as much as possible, but they will discover that it does not work.

They really would like to dissolve in all of humanity and adopt its customs, but they will not succeed. After all, humanity doesn’t want them. It despises and hates the Jews and pushes them away. The Jews don’t realize how much they are hated by all the nations of the world.

These two groups can begin to work together only on condition that, as a result of the work of Abraham’s group, that is, the Kabbalists, the Upper Light will be shed on Nimrod’s group and enable them to understand that they must join Abraham’s group, the method of connection. This method will be spread between all nations. Only in this form will it be possible to make the correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/16, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The End Of The Money Era, Part 3

Laitman_115_05Question: Can there be any other common denominator, apart from money, that could unite Europe?

Answer: It is impossible to find another standard that would be accepted by everyone. Therefore Europe will stay divided. It wanted to follow the example of America and so it decided to unite.

But this obviously won’t work since it is impossible to overcome the existing differences, to rise above hatred, difference in languages, religions, attitudes, and contradicting mentalities of the peoples.

The unification of Europe is a complex recipe that requires a very skilled chef who adds spices to this dish and knows exactly which country can be combined with another, what exactly to combine and in what amounts. Therefore, there is no point even dreaming of uniting Europe.

They wanted to unite to become like America against America, but it didn’t work.

Question: Is it possible that Europe will be able to unite around the common problem of radical Islam?

Answer: Radical Islam is another additional problem for Europe. And soon it will appear also in America, once radical Islam will be imported there with the help of its high-ranking supporters like Obama. He doesn’t hide his plans to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States during the year. It is his program and it is very important to him.

Today, both Europe and America show us their disappointment. It is possible to ignore it and continue to enjoy life, but there is a clear negative trend in society, in the economy, and in the family. The trend is simply terrible in both Europe and the US.

They are similar to a terminally ill person who just before death suddenly starts to feel better for a few days, seemingly comes to life and becomes healthier. However, it is just before he dies.

The unification of Europe is not sustainable. It is a direct consequence of ancient Babylon.

The group that followed Nimrod that selected money as a standard of measurement and dispersed all around the world now, after all its history of egoistic development, is discovering that this principle stopped working.

There is nothing wrong with it. After all, they have done their job in order to finally discover this. Meanwhile, Abraham did his job with the second group, finished it, and also prepared everything that is necessary.

Today the group of Nimrod is in a helpless state. But the group of Abraham is also helpless. The time has come for it to reveal his method. It is clear that we can’t be successful any other way.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/16, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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