How To Rise Above Time

laitman_744Question: How can I rise above time?

Answer: In order to rise above time, you need to tell yourself that you do not have a next moment—everything is in this instant. You should live this way; there is only one instant. In each moment, you do not transfer yourself into the next one, but at this instant, you start and finish as if life is really ending.

Then you suddenly feel that this same moment begins to expand and there are an enormous amount of actions, thoughts, and deeds in it, but time disappears.

After all, time does not exist; it is our subjective feeling.

Question: What, then, is the future?

Answer: The future is completely unrelated to time. The future is what happens after the action I now perform. It is a different dimension in which the axis of time is nonexistent. After all, the axis of time assumes that regardless of whether or not I exist, whether or not I do something, time passes independently of me.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, however, says that this is not the case. It states that you must give up such an attitude to life and decide that only you create your own states. If you do not create them, then time does not move, nothing passes by itself from one moment to the next. If you did something in this instant, it is then called “a moment,” and each subsequent moment carries out in this manner. 

We live in the world which, according to Kabbalah, is considered illusory and imaginary. The main lie we live in is that we exist in time.

Therefore, Einstein indeed made a revolution by declaring time a subjective concept, with nothing absolute about it that would happen with or without a person.

Time is a person’s inner sensation. If we rise above our egoism, then there is no time.
From the Talk on the subject of “Time” 2/5/18

For Those Who Pray

232.1Question from Facebook: According to you there is no God. If God doesn’t exist, to whom and for what do people pray?

Answer: A god that we can imagine and depict to ourselves does not exist. God is the force of bestowal and love that exists around us, but we don’t feel. We need to discover it within us to the degree that we become equal with its characteristics, then God will exist for us.

Question: What is prayer for you?

Answer: Prayer is a request to the Creator that He correct you and make you similar to Himself, i.e., bestowing and loving.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/23/17

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Why Are There So Many People?

laitman_423.03Question from Facebook: Why does the Creator need so many people on planet Earth?

Answer: The number of people on the planet, including those who have died and those who are yet to be born, is strictly predetermined because it depends on the volume of the egoistic desire we must correct. And each of us: living, dead, or yet to be born, carries that desire.

Following this process, we are nearing the end of correction. The desires are becoming greater and that is why they need to be divided into a larger number of bodies. That is why the population increases.

Question: Does it mean that if there were fewer bodies, they would not have been able to bare the egoistic pressure?

Answer: Of course. It is all strictly regulated.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/23/17

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Body And Soul

Answers To Your Questions, Part 215

281.01Question: I am writing about changing the name of your organization. I live in Russia and people relate negatively to the word “Kabbalah.” No explanations relying on the Hebrew language help me….

Answer: Unfortunately, I have no right to change the name of the method for revelation of the Creator.

Question: What is sound? Why is any manifestation of sound (even of an inner voice) connected to the alphabet (letters)?

Answer: It is because this is a means for communication, connection.

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New Life #213 – Turning Relationship Education Into A National Mission

New Life #213 – Turning Relationship Education Into A National Mission
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi


The distance between people is the root of all kinds of crises in life including depression and many other health problems. Without connection to others, we feel abandoned like orphans. Correcting the morbidity of modern society should begin with the couple and family units. People need a supportive and warm environment in which they can continue to develop throughout all stages of the lifecycle. People no longer want to marry, but they must be in long-term, committed relationships in order to raise their children properly. We need to create a social-educational process that teaches people how to love and build mutual support as a national mission.
From KabTV’s “New Life #213 – Turning Relationship Education Into A National Mission,” 7/22/13

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My Facebook Page: “Bnei Baruch Filmed By Channel 9”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/18/18

Israel’s Channel 9 is currently working on a documentary film that will present Bnei Baruch’s activity over the past 20 years and the World Kabbalah Convention that is taking place this week in Tel Aviv. Here are some photos from the shoot.

Details about the convention

What Am I Living For?

Laitman_198Without the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is impossible to answer the question about the meaning of life. After all, we exist in the desire to enjoy, which is our entire nature, and so we always serve only it.

Our ego immediately answers the question “What am I living for?” with “To feel good in your desire to enjoy!,” i.e., inside your nature, not above it.

It turns out that my whole life is to guarantee my egoism’s fulfillment. That is, I serve my animalistic body. I do not exist above the animalistic level, but within it.

Only under the condition that I give my animalistic body the most necessary things, like to an ox, a donkey, or a horse so that they would serve us people, then I use my body for the needs of a person who is above the animalistic body. This means I scrutinize the question: “What am I living for?” Not the ox or donkey, but the person within me: What is the purpose of his life?

We then find out that life is not in the desire to enjoy, which lives and dies, but above it. It means that we should search for the meaning of life above egoism, where there is only the force that created the desire to enjoy: the Creator.

It turns out that the answer to the question about the meaning of life cannot be found inside oneself, in one’s animalistic body, but only in the examination of the force that created us and led us to this question. I must discover the Creator, and then I will understand what I am living for.

The attainment of the Creator takes place in 125 degrees. In each degree, we discover the Creator more and more, understanding what we are living for. When we complete all our corrections, that is, the entire attainment of the Creator, then we will uncover a complete answer to the question about the meaning of life.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/26/18, Lesson on Topic: “What Am I Living For?” (Prep for Convention 2018)

Answers To Your Questions, Part 214

712.03Question: When I was on vacation in the mountains, I experienced something unbelievable and amazing. I enjoyed looking at the view and didn’t notice that I had entered an inexplicable state. I saw that the entire world is interconnected, that all people, animals, the plant world, and the earth itself are one single whole and living body! I stood and cried from joy. I had chills all over my body and my hair was standing on end. I had never felt such happiness. This continued for about 10 minutes (maybe, because I didn’t feel time). Later, it happened another two times, but this was in a city.

Dear Michael Laitman, why was this shown to me and for what purpose? After all, isn’t that the way it is? What should I do with this information? I found out about you by chance.

Somehow I saw your program on YouTube, the “Echo of Moscow” with Dorenko, where you claimed that the world is a single whole body.

Answer: Your feeling is correct and sometimes it is discovered among many other people. But this is not a revelation of the upper world. It is only the feeling of the connection between the nature of our world. But it does give a sensation of harmony and union. The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible to attain this harmony, expand it, study it, and live within it!

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The Difference Between The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Psychology

Laitman_088Question: It is very difficult for people to perceive the difference between the wisdom of Kabbalah and psychology and philosophy. Can you explain the difference?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about the structure of the system of creation that is based upon opposites and the connection between two forces: the properties of bestowal and reception, the positive force and the negative force, and the material that exists between them that is managed by the two forces.

This method explains the four phases of the extension of the Ohr Yashar (Direct Light – the characteristic of bestowal) on the property of reception and how both properties interact with each other, producing different variations of integration of all the forces, elements. Kabbalah proceeds from the most simple, true, elementary beginning and explains how everything is extended and developed into our world.

Psychology and philosophy have nothing to do with this. Kabbalah is not a speculative science, it is immensely logical. A person who is involved with it, even if he or she doesn’t feel these forces or doesn’t reveal the upper world, the knowledge is still very interesting.

Therefore, many come and just study Kabbalah as a theoretical science even though they don’t understand what is spoken about. And there are people who want to develop themselves and master the wisdom in a practical way. Everything depends on the goals a person pursues.

We teach both these and those. It doesn’t matter to us why a person studies Kabbalah, we teach him or her everything. The first course “The Structure of the Upper World” includes the study of the system of creation. The second course “Practical Attainment of the Upper World” includes a person’s work in a group.

In principle, the wisdom of Kabbalah is designed to elevate a person above the egoism that prevents us from uniting, and psychology teaches a person how to get along within egoism. Psychology and philosophy cannot go beyond egoism.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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New Life #943 – History In The Light Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

New Life #943 – History In The Light Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Historical development occurs according to five stages that repeat themselves at different levels.

You can look at the history of the human race as a person whose life (or egoism) has evolved over the generations. The human ego has developed through the Stone, Copper, Iron and, now, Plastic Ages. Today, we face a state of despair as we are on the cusp of a new level of spiritual existence. Since God was revealed to man for the first time 5,778 years ago, the human race has been in the process of becoming a spiritual creature in consciousness and feeling. We are about to acquire new forces such as the ability to feel things with the desire to love rather than the desire to receive.
From the KabTV’s “New Life #943 – History In The Light Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah,” 1/7/18

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