What Is Truth?

laitman_527_03Question: What is truth?

Answer: Truth evades us all the time as a result of our great efforts to attain it. As soon as we try to attain it, a greater depth is revealed to us based upon the contradictions that exist in the previous truth. So, we try to find it again.

This truth is the middle line and is found in Ein Sof. The entire movement in our development and yearning is aimed toward attaining what we call truth.

In general, truth is the starting point of all of creation and it is only when we attain this point that we reach the truth. We indeed make tiny steps of discovery on the way toward the truth, but they are not absolute. Even though the absolute truth can be attained, it is still very far from us.

Question: What do you mean when you say that it is necessary to yearn for truth?

Answer: What I mean is a state in which all of humanity is found in absolute adhesion with the upper force, when the Creator is fully attained within the creature.

The Creator is the root, the fundamental principle, and the creature is secondary.

Question: When we are talking about attaining the Creator, do we mean His characteristics?

Answer: When we are talking about the Creator, we mean His characteristic of bestowal and love toward the creature, and about Him with respect to Himself, not the creature, that obviously is also revealed in Ein Sof.

Adhesion with the Creator is resemblance and equivalence of the characteristics of the creature with the Creator. Through this equivalence, attainment of the Creator is realized, attainment of His thoughts in relation to us, attainment of what was before His thought, His decision to create us and even the attainment of the state before this decision, meaning the state in which only He is found within Himself.

If we yearn for this, it is almost certain that we can attain even this in our spiritual development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/18/16

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