Will Donald Trump Determine The Fate Of Israel?

Laitman_409In the News (HAARETZ): “Trump Says Israel Will Be Destroyed Unless He Is Elected President”

“Donald Trump said if he is not elected president, the Iran nuclear deal will destroy Israel.

“Last year’s deal, which trades sanctions relief for a nuclear rollback, ‘is going to destroy Israel – unless I get elected,’ Trump told Cleveland-area labor leaders on Monday, according to The Columbus Dispatch. ‘Then Israel will be just fine.'”

QuestionTrump is clearly saying, “Jews be with me, vote only for me.” Could it be that the Jews in America are such an influential power? After all, great masses of Muslims and other peoples live in America today.

Answer: The Jews in America are very powerful for the time being despite the fact that they are greatly divided into many sectors, extremely fragmented. I have heard that some even refuse to take part in the elections. I hope that before the elections there will be some changes that will shake them up. Generally speaking the future of Israel directly depends on whomever is the next president, whether it is Mrs. Clinton or Donald Trump.

President Obama became a huge destructive force that stirred up the world as much as possible. Humanity doesn’t understand the extent of the damage yet. And Clinton, a protégée of Obama, will continue to implement his ideas, especially because it will be easier for her to do. Her policy will be managed in a totally different manner; it will be much tougher and not hidden.

I believe that Donald Trump has a better approach to the correct development of the world than Clinton. He is not the ideal candidate, of course, there is no argument about that, but compared to Clinton, he is more suited to revise the world paradigm and to change its vector of development instead of continuing the same problems that have arisen with the Obama government.

In recent years, there have been titanic shifts in the political and economic map of the world. And in this we can not blame anyone but to the head of the most powerful countries. By the way, during his reign, America has ceased to be the most powerful and rich, but is showing all its weakness and decline. Therefore, neither Obama nor his successor Clinton deserve to continue.

Comment: On the other hand, you keep mentioning the upper influence, the upper force, that controls the hearts of leaders and which through them pushes humanity by suffering.

Answer: We can choose not to follow the path of suffering. One of the options we have is to choose the path of goodness, the fast way of smooth development.

If the Jews want to advance along the right way, the upper leadership will appoint a leader that will seemingly lead the world to the goal in a good way. But if they don’t want to advance to the goal along the good way, the upper leadership will accordingly appoint a leader who will manage the world so that we will have to follow the path of suffering.

No one in this world determines anything. Unfortunately or fortunately, everything is determined only by the Jews and everything comes down to them, including the elections in America and all over the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/7/16

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  1. The united states in America is going down. just watch. trump is trapped in his egoistical frenzy but he already knows that he can not be a president. in fact he really doesnot want to be elected and hismain concern is to lose without showing it. whoever of these two is elected, heor’she will collide strongly against reality. This is just the story of a fall.

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