Do American Jews Need Israel?

400Comment: A recent study indicates that Jews in Florida are not concerned about the fate of the State of Israel and they support Mrs. Clinton (Forward).

Answer: I remember when I gave a lecture to American Jews, the people who came said frankly: “We are in favor of the State of Israel ceasing to exist; it serves as a bad example to the whole world. The Jews are not behaving correctly and they should give up the place for the benefit of the Muslims. We don’t care what will happen to the nation; rather, what concerns us is the shadow that the nation casts upon us. So everything that we do is only to prove that we have no relationship with that nation. We vote and present ourselves in every way that is in opposition to what works for the benefit of Israel.”

That is the way people who were born immediately after the Holocaust speak. On my tour of the coast I did not meet a single Jew who expressed sympathy for the State of Israel. At best, they were indifferent, considering Miami their home.

Not only is Israel not home for them, it is a place that is necessary to leave, and even wipe off the face of the Earth! This suggests that we are advancing very rapidly toward a solution of the ultimate world question. Either the Jews themselves will carry out their mission, or the law of nature will force them to carry it out. The Jews of Miami, through their behavior, are forcing the Jews of Israel to carry out their mission.

Question: Didn’t you try to convince them to the contrary?

Answer: Absolutely not. For me, the main thing is that they must understand what the mission of the Jews is and that Israel must exist to realize it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/31/16

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