Destructive Freedom!

laitman_232_10In the News (Vedomosti): “At the Republican convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump – a populist without a political history – won by democratic means the nomination for US president of the Republican Party.

If only Trump! In Austria, half of the voters voted for – almost – a fascist. In France, according to polls, in the second round of presidential elections Marine Le Pen runs confidently … In the UK, democratic procedures have made it possible to take a completely suicidal step. In Hungary – Orbán, Greece – Tsipras.

“What is wrong with democracy? For the first time in many years, people in such large scale enjoy the freedom to restrict their freedom. …

“Democracy functions well in periods of relative stability; at a time when the world is changing so fast, it has started to falter, to work against the principles underlying it… .”

My Comment: What should replace the existing “world order”? We must pay attention to nature and follow it. Nature is pushing us toward interdependence, globalism, and integration. The future world will be more and more “compressed, nations and peoples will be closer.

What this means is that we must think about mutual closeness, about the education of peoples for unity within a system that is similar to all of nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the system for transforming a person from egoistic to for the public.

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