A Period Of Instability Is The Beginning Of Sobriety!

laitman_283_01In the News (The Globe and Mail): “Anger and fear drove Brexit just as Donald Trump fans the flames of a disenfranchised America, which as Baton Rouge proves, is as racially and ethnically divided as Europe, which is dealing with mass immigration, an attempted coup in Turkey and seemingly relentless terrorism borne out civil war-torn Syria. …

“All of us – including and especially the political and economic elites who have long stood atop this suddenly wobbly pyramid – have been left reeling by events.

“A ‘period of instability’ is upon us, historian Margaret MacMillan told me this week, one that has parallels to the pre-war periods of the 20th century that she’s written acclaimed books about.

“Future historians are likely to judge today’s leaders on whether they seek to calm – or simply take advantage of – the choppy waters that we’re in.

“Rarely, it seems, has the world spun so rapidly, have events felt so out of control.

“The headlines blur into one another, feeding the sense of a world in chaos. The war in Syria bleeds into the refugee crisis. The refugees’ march into Europe boosts politicians on the nationalist right. The truck attack in France is followed by the shooting of police in Louisiana. Then it’s a man with an axe on a train in Germany. On Friday, it was a shooting at a mall in Munich. ‘Brexit’ in the United Kingdom is knocked from the top of the news by a putsch attempt in Turkey.

“They seem like disconnected events. But what links the British who voted to quit the European Union with the Turks who gathered in a public square on Wednesday to cheer the imposition of a state of emergency is their anger at how the system has worked until now. …

“What was most shocking about the recent spate of headline-seizing events – and deeply unsettling when you consider them as a chain – was how no one seemed to have seen any of it coming. …

“‘We’ve had a number of shocks,’ said Prof. MacMillan, the warden of St. Anthony’s College at Oxford University. ‘Some of it is coincidence, but I think it’s making everyone rather jittery, thinking is everything coming unstuck.’ …

“the old world order has come unglued. Globalization led and regulated by the U.S. is now considered a failure. People around the world are seeking the safety of their tribes.

“‘In troubled times, there’s a tendency to turn inwards and say “at least we understand our own people.” There’s also a tendency, which is very unfortunate, to demonize others for whatever reason. It happened in Germany in the late 1920s and 1930s, and it happened in other times in other places,’ said Prof. MacMillan, …

My Comment: I was the first to speak about this process decades ago. But there is no need to panic, it is all for the best. The instability should teach us and help us understand the situation, the reason for it, and how to regain stability.

Stability is gained only by the right relationships between us. Therefore, we only depend on ourselves and not on our relationship with God or with super powers. We depend only on the mutual relations between us. You can learn how to improve the relations between us and how to ensure ourselves a safe future in our introductory courses.

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