Who Will Win The Election, Trump Or Hillary?

400Comment: Presidential candidate Donald Trump publicly declared that he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and that if he is elected, he is ready to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. On the other hand, the democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, who is a Jew, wanted to pass legislation regarding the “end of the occupation and the illegal settlements in Judea and Samaria.”

Answer: There are no greater anti-Semites than the Jews themselves.

Question: Does Trump rely on the support of the Jewish lobby?

Answer: If all the conservative circles who made America the America that it used to be in the past, and the Jews who hold high and influential positions, support Trump, he will surely win and they will be able to restore some of the past American greatness. Otherwise, it will be its end.

Question: Do you think that Trump feels that?

Answer: He is not the only one who feels that. Now with the coming elections everything is accelerating, is being revealed and renewed, and can strike so hard that Trump may certainly be elected,

Comment: Amazing, it is unbelievable.

Answer: It is indeed unbelievable. Even the Americans I have spoken to are afraid to vote for him. He is a very determined man. I have no doubt that Trump is better for Israel than Mrs. Clinton, who in her current post seems to be even worse than Obama. She will continue Obama’s policy to the fullest, unashamed and without hiding! She is Christian, white, and her daughter is married to a Jew, and so she feels she can speak against Israel. Therefore, if possible she must not be elected. I don’t believe that the fact that Sanders joined her is in her favor. He is so far on the left side of the map and his policy is so different from Trump’s that when Clinton comes to her voters with Sanders’ ideology she will seem very one-sided, but everyone plays their electorate.

Is it good for the Jews? I can only say that in both cases it will bad for the Jews if they are bad and good for them if they are good. The only difference is that it will be much harder with Hillary to enter the leadership system of the world correctly, while with Trump it may be easier. We have to realize that eventually everything depends on us Jews. What should we do so that we can influence the upper leadership in a good positive way? It is actually the Jews who elect the president of the USA both physically and spiritually and not the other millions of people. They don’t do anything in the world.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah the masses of the nations of the world depend on several millions of people who aspire for the goal of creation. They are the only ones who have relative freedom of choice, each on his own level, and only they will determine how the world will advance. In fact they are the ones who can tilt the scale so that the world will advance in a good way.

Comment: But still, people who hear these assertive declarations may think: “What is this pride!”

Answer: This isn’t pride! The masses themselves accuse Israel of managing the world, that they have overtaken everything and that they are cosmopolitan! They manage the world through their banks and through other channels!

I, on the other hand, say that it’s much higher, look up and see where we are! We don’t sit in banks or in secret communities, in the chambers of Masonic lodges or other places! This is all nonsense. We sit much higher than that. Let’s hope that our influence on the highest level of leadership will do the job, and the world will feel how it turns towards the good. This is the only choice that we have, so that we will change the method of leadership, so that we will affect the world. What is more, anyone who wants to will be able to join us and affect the system of the upper leadership. And not Hillary, or Trump, no one, only we! Who are we? All those who only wish!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/3/16

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  1. None of them are good. Whatever the result it will be a catastrophe for the American people and for the world in general. Trump obviously says what is required to say to be endorsed according to the people he is facing. Clinton is as flawed as Trump is. Mostly the USA system is flawed, having become a bi-partisan dictature with a sense of kingship (two Bushes, two Clintons) The US presidents are becoming more and more unfit and dangerous. Both Clinton and Trump can say whatever they wish to be elected, once in place they will face the reality of the state of their country and will act accordingly in a US centered way. And because they went so high in their declarations (Trump’s “America great again” and Clinton’s “Everything is fine and we can do it”) they will both face a terrible backfire in the early months of their presidency, as liars usually endure once facing the expectation they generated. Maybe Clinton will safeguard the US women, at least, which is less than sure. As of Israel (the land) the problem is complex and requires precise and complete actions to be made. But as we know, it is all good anyway.

  2. Why is it that the Jewish pro-Zionists do not know that Zionism is a Christian Protestant programme that was initiated by Cromwell who wanted to deport the British Jewish community to Palestine, then it was Napoleon who wanted to send the Moroccan Jewish community to colonize Palestine for the French Empire. Now we have the Zionist State of Israel serving the US Empire. No?

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