Mrs. Clinton And The Muslim Brotherhood

400Comment: US Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s campaign vice-chair Huma Mahmood Abedin, although born in Kalamazoo, Michigan moved to Saudi Arabia when she was 2. Her late father Syed Abedin, a university professor, founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Ms. Abedin was an assistant editor for its journal from 1996 – 2008. The journal and her family have been linked with others in association with the Muslim Brotherhood organization. There are claims that Ms. Abedin served as a bridge between Mrs. Clinton and the head of al-Qaeda.

Answer: Basically there is no doubt that the American government is connected to radical Islam, which today is the main militant force that wants to conquer and to overtake the whole world.

Therefore the Americans are in communication with them. It is beneficial for the US and they do everything they can in order to die, so to speak, last; first you die and then me.

Along with Europe, Islam will gradually also conquer America, especially after Obama has filled the country with a huge number of Arab immigrants. And Mrs. Clinton intends to continue this policy. He will undoubtedly stand behind her, vital and full of energy with his hands untied. Therefore, if Mrs. Clinton is elected, we will face terrible, frightening years in which Obama will operate through her without any constraints.

Comment: In light of recent events, she will probably be elected.

Answer: The Jews in America have been preparing their own “Auschwitz” in the simplest, fastest, and surest manner!

While the Arabs, or those whom they manage, penetrate all levels of power, they will completely remake America into a caliphate. They will overtake Europe in a different manner, each county in a different way. They know how to do it, while they will overtake America through the government.

Question: Do we feel an upper scenario here that is managed in a perfect accurate manner?

Answer: Of course, if the Jews don’t embody a scenario that enables them to lead the world to the right state in a good way, it will be fulfilled in a bad way. There is nowhere to hide, but how long and what afflictions will the world have to undergo, including the Jewish people, in order to reach a brighter future?!

Moreover, very soon Israel will encounter bad times. We will not be destroyed, but will be scattered all over the world and will not be allowed to start a war, since there will be no point in it. The other nations will give an order to annul our state and everything will be given to the Arabs, which as they say, are the legal landlords of this land. We have been pampered long enough.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/21/16

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