“If Trump Wins, I’ll Leave”

Laitman_419Comment: Donald Trump is leading in the race in the presidential election in America. This has led to close to 19% of Americans saying they will emigrate to Canada if Trump wins. In truth, even if Mrs. Clinton wins, 15% of Americans are getting ready to move to Canada. In light of what has been said, it seems that neither of the candidates inspires confidence among the citizens of that nation.

Answer: For the first time in history, the Americans don’t see hope for the future. They are not proud of their nation. They understand how untenable the presidential candidates for the presidency are. And in truth, what can they change?

Here we encounter the problem of the general system of government: the communist, dictatorial types, through every type of liberal government. All of them demonstrate their absolute inadequacy. For humanity no escape is left; what is there to choose?

No matter how we juggle, whatever way we replace presidents, all of them are puppets on strings who ultimately don’t decide anything.

Comment: Nevertheless, in America the “do it yourself” spirit dominates….

Answer: That is long gone, at least since the middle of the last century is began to disappear. The American approach has exhausted itself because it was established on the basis of huge self-interest of an immense self-interest, a huge “cowboy” inspiration of the pioneers. But it is all gone!

So what is next? Salvation is very simple: take only the true Kabbalistic teachings What must be instilled is the study of the only correct method derived from the wisdom of Kabbalah. If all of us understand that there is no other way, then we will resurface, and if not, all of us will drown.

Comment: But there must be some desire to understand the wisdom of Kabbalah so that it does not remain just a slogan.

Answer: No one can understand and comprehend anything! Only feeling at an impasse will give people a glimmer of hope that there really is a special method of study. Adam, the founder of humanity, discovered the wisdom and passed it on to Abraham. This is the method that is found among the Jews. The Jews must link everything together so that there will be a good and orderly method, and everyone will understand that the solution is concealed in it.

And we should care only about how to plant the seeds that will give them more glimpses of hope.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/16/16

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