The World Is Building Fences

laitman_438Comment: While space ships are streaking the cosmos, the world is building fences.

For example, US presidential candidate Donald Trump promises: “I will build a fence the length of 1,600 kilometers and the height of 10-12 meters between us and Mexico.” Spanish territory within Morocco is separated by fences. Greece built and continues to build fences along the border with Turkey. Hungary surrounds itself with barbed wire to keep the immigrants out of its territory. Ukraine tried to build a fence between Russia, and Israel, as we know, is building fences around the country between itself and the Palestinians.

Answer: It’s a very interesting trend. At the end of the 20th century no one even thought of such a thing, and the 21st century is characterized by building the “great Chinese wall” around our borders.

Everyone is beginning to fence themselves in from one another. People are purchasing weapons and closing themselves off, installing armored doors and windows. This is a natural reaction of the developing ego. We have reached a state where the ego feels completely individualized. It wants to feel secure, provided for, and able to defend itself from harassment by strangers.

Question: Are the fences between countries also the wish of egoism to enclose itself and to be differentiated?

Answer: Of course, I want to be the owner of my country. A few years ago there was a wave of opening borders, and, as if, for some time they disappeared, but now they have returned and there are those borders that are impossible to pass through or over.

Question: Do you think that within countries various regions will appear or would such divisions no longer exist?

Answer: I think that there will be divisions since we see a trend of the emergence of countries. There are more countries today than there were 100 year ago. The trend is very interesting. It should show the world how it is headed toward extreme individuality, and on the other hand, how nature “shakes us” and forces us to unite, since the general direction is to turn ourselves into one small village. All of us together are moving toward the trend of becoming a civil, social, human society.

What is clear is that we will not be able to do this without first educating people. We are egoistic, and the divisions between us are the result of the breaking of the general soul into pieces. We imprison each part deeper and deeper within itself like a cocoon, and nature, on the contrary, hits us so that we connect and get closer to each other.

On one hand, this trend of nature will continue to push us until we connect into one general soul, and on the other hand, we object to this with all our might, which will bring great suffering and terrible conditions. By our fencing ourselves in, we will recognize the futility, the extremism and the finality of our egoism, which brought us to this, and then we will be forced to “blow it up.”

Then people will see and discover that only Kabbalah, the wisdom of connection and unity, can save them and prevent the continuation of the decline to suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/3/16

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