A Muslim Running For Mayor Of London

Laitman_419Question: For the first time in Great Britain’s history, a Muslim by the name of Sadiq Khan, from a Pakistani family, announced his candidacy for the position of Mayor of London. In his speeches, he stresses that London is a wonderful, international city and that it should stay like that, meaning that it should be a city not only for the rich, but also for the poor. He mentioned that he is not pleased that Trump doesn’t want to let Muslims enter America.

Answer: I remember that a little over 40 years ago Great Britain was enthusiastic and excited that inhabitants of her former colonies arrived from India and Pakistan. It was proud that it had not only planted its culture in these countries, but that they were importing these indigenous cultures into the country.

In one way or another, the world is going toward the mixing of cultures. The process of world history confirms that if one nation conquers another, it gives the conquered nation a reason to conquer in return. This was true for the ancient Romans and Greeks, and actually for all of those who wanted to influence others, that fell under the influence of those same nations. In the end, the conquered nations were able to come back and conquer, and thus everything was completed.

Question: Do you think it possible that it can begin with the conquest of London?

Answer: Europe has been conquered for some time, and I am not speaking about Paris, where hardly any French are left. This phenomenon is neither good nor bad. It’s a trend that can’t be stopped. It was foreseen, and there is nothing to be changed. The world needs to be uni-polar so that everywhere and in every country there should take place a complete mixing of traditions, culture, and mentalities—of everything

Question: You mean that the countries won’t succeed in secluding themselves?

Answer: Not only can’t they seclude themselves, but they will mix to such a degree that you won’t recognize any city personally. You won’t be able to say anything about a city in the world, about a country, or a nation in the world, concerning its nationality or its religion. Everything will change drastically.

Question: That’s a fantasy.

Answer: It’s not a fantasy. Babylon is returning, and the world is becoming like it was in Babylon. This is the way it should be according to the laws of nature: complete diffusion, that is, interpenetration of all cultures, religions and everything else.

Question: And then what? At that time, Babylon fell apart, and the people were dispersed all over the world.

Answer: Now everything is reversed. For the nations that are already mixed, there is no place to disperse. Thus, a huge tower will be built in Babylon, and people will understand that instead of trampling on each other, they must begin to relate to each other differently and reach a life of social and cultural cooperation and normal human relations. Everything is going toward enlightenment.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/28/16

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