Women in Kabbalah

Women in KabbalahKabbalah is called “the science of reception” because it leads us to the attainment of eternal happiness, tranquility, serenity, peace, fulfillment, knowledge, and boundless love.

How can we make our lives like this? This is the very question that this method – the science of Kabbalah – should give us a clear answer to, by becoming our teacher and helping us reach this state. It is said that Kabbalah is primarily intended for men. This was, however, only the case in previous generations, which preserved and developed this method in order to bring it to us and make it suitable for use in our time.

Today, we see that women have suffered from the world’s development far more than men. Woman lost her home, which protected her, and her children, who lived nearby and stayed close to her. She has lost her ties to her parents and grandchildren. Woman, representing ‘‘home,” has lost her entire foundation, and is far more empty than a man in her present-day life. Man, on the contrary, became free from the family, and received a bunch of ”toys” and opportunities to fill his time.

It’s not surprising that out of the masses of people who suffer from depression, women make up the majority. After all, a man receives pleasure simply from looking at women, whereas a woman experiences no such pleasure from looking at a man. She needs a deeper connection with him.

Since it’s difficult to answer women’s deeply internal demands, they thus suffer more. A woman’s ability to tolerate is much greater than a man’s, which is why we don’t feel women’s suffering in its true form.

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  1. Both men and women need to recognize their distinct roles. 

    Women, consider the wonderful men in your life and how you couldn’t do without them!

    I feel so much love and gratefulness for my Father and brothers– I was the only girl and had experienced the happiest pleasures of grown up feet to dance upon and laps to sit on because I came to our family very late– nine years after my youngest brother  …as I grew, amidst these wonderful men, I found this place– so different than man’s and I’m thankful to be a woman.  It couldn’t be any other way. 
    My prayer is that other women can come to this discernment and call forth to our men– this great desire within our hearts.  Let us celebrate our differences and unite in this perfection.

    Love to you World Kli,


  2. Divorce courts in the USA are filled with women who gave up their lives for their families and didn’t pursue careers, whose husbands divorced them for another woman, squandered their savings and got away with a seasoned well paying job and the 401k.  The women are hence, underemployed and burdened with half the bills of a divorce they didn’t want and are rejected from the former husband’s family whom she likely served as well. She may work outside the home for the first time in her life and has lost her position in society as well as her peace of mind. She is most likely underpaid and has no medical insurance and if she has children …they are usually angry at her which she accepts because she is used to listening and soothing. It is not uncommon that her own family of origin ostracizes her because of the enormity of the grief of her situation and their lack of skills to handle the depressing situation. Yes, she looses her job, her position in society, love and support and becomes much less desireable as a mate in the future. What is the answer for this? Can women help each other? Our task is so huge and our persecution can be intense.

  3. Chanah, I know where you have been, but it is like a blessing too…otherwise we probably would not be here on this site. We now have more freedom for a different life and rapid change.

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